Wildlife, sleep-filled nights and prizes

I hope all’s as well as can be…

As I sit here writing my blog, I can’t believe how far into January we are already and that Andi Peters and I have already had our first two hour Food Fest of 2021. As usual Andi and I were touched by all your lovely messages welcoming us back to your screens.

If you’re as interested in attracting more birds to your gardens (or keeping those already there well-fed) as I am, I can recommend both our Deluxe Fat Balls Gardening Pick of The Month from Grumpy Gardener and Richard Jackson’s Premium High Energy Bird Food. I’ve recorded a video of how the birds in my garden have enjoyed both offerings over just one weekend:

As you can see they loved both! Wild birds bring immense joy to us and it’s great we can supplement their natural diets in these cold months as a wet and/or cold winter can greatly affect their chances of surviving through until the spring – it also sets them up nicely for the rigours of the breeding season ahead.

Can I also remind you of our Great QVC Giveaway prize draw, which started earlier this month. It’s the first time we have ever done anything like this before and it’s great to see the messages running along the bottom of our screens from people sharing what they have been lucky enough to win so far!

It’s really simple to enter – once you’ve completed your purchase with us just head over to new website, qvcwin.com, where you’ll be asked to enter your Order Number, Postcode and House Number. Read the T & C’s and “spin the virtual wheel” and you could instantly land one of 1000 great prizes. Whether you win or not, you will automatically be entered into a grand prize draw and the lucky winner will win £10,000! What a way to start off a New Year! I understand there’s well over 300 winners already and remember you can enter up to three qualifying order numbers per day!

A New Year brings lots of well-intentioned resolutions to get fitter or perhaps eat better or simply to be kinder to ourselves and others.

I find that one of the best ways to help me feel brighter and healthier is to make sure I try and get a good night’s sleep (not always easy I know). As regular readers will know, we have had many Silentnight products over the years in our house. You may recall even Toby and Ellie sleep in the comfort of Silentnight dog beds! As we all know, time flies by and it’s easy to forget how long we’ve used our pillows etc. (noooo, it can’t be that long!!) but it is really important to change your pillows regularly, particularly if you’ve been unable to properly clean them.

I’m pleased to see that our Today’s Special Value (TSV) for Wednesday 20th is Silentnight’s Airmax Super Support Pillow. Our TSV is the new, improved design for 2021 and features a ventilated foam core surrounded by hollow fibre for added breathable support, as well as the airman mesh sides to help with air-ventilation of the pillow. Silentnight use both anti-bacterial and anti-allergen fibres in the pillow’s construction too, that can help reduce bacteria growth and dust mites – the anti-allergen fibres are approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

We’ll have a pack of two or four to order and I was lucky enough to try them out at home. These pillows are soft rather than firm but offer really comfortable support with plenty of bounce. Rest assured (see what I did there!), you’ll get up to 60 days (or sleep-filled nights) to try out your new Airmax Super Support Pillows in your own home – so you can be the best judge. QVC are part of the launch of this latest design so it’s a great opportunity to be amongst the first in the UK to try them out.

So that’s all from me at the moment, enjoy my little video and I’ll keep my fingers firmly crossed for all who enter The Great QVC Giveaway prize draw!

Until next time, stay well rested, be lucky and stay well…

Dale x

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  1. Thank you for sharing your brilliant video of all the wonderful feathered friends visiting your garden. Its lovely to see different species sharing a feeder at the same time – they are a joy to watch 🐦 😀
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Jules – putting the video together takes quite a bit of time – but it’s a labour of love for me – I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend than watching wildlife 😀Dale x

  2. Hi Dale. Wow what a fantastic video !! Feeling stressed out as I’m sure a lot of people are in these strange time. But that video really lifted my mood. Absolutely stunning. You are fantastic at photography, please do more on your blog’s here. Always watch qvc.
    Good wishes to you and your family, that also obviously includes your lovely furry friends. Stay safe and well.

    1. Thank you Freda, that’s very kind of you to say – I do enjoy my photography and describe myself as a happy amateur – I love watching the amazing wildlife programs on the box, especially any of the wonderful Sir David Attenborough series, that then show how the incredible shots were captured at the end – it puts my weekend efforts into perspective 🙂 I’ll do my best to lift your spirits again with more photography in the future ! Stay Well ! Dale x

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