A Devon stay, and upcoming deals!

Had a flying visit down to Devon this week where I really enjoyed catching up with old friends and thank goodness for good weather, because it meant going outside was nice and easy. I had several meetings with most of my besties: hi in particular to Alix, Caitlin, Jennie, Sheena, Barry and Tom, Sheila, Chris and Jane, as well as Sian. I didn’t stop!

55% of all of Devon (all the population, not just adults,) now have had at least one vaccine, and the figures are lower than ever. It was nice to make the first trip in five months, and even nicer to see that my place was so well looked after by my team. The holiday lets start in earnest at the end of May, and I have family and other friends visiting in between now and then, as obviously, people can go on staycations. Sheepwash Square house is going to be very busy this summer!

I decided to bring home a couple of the plants for my balcony and I also had some seedlings that I am taking to Lauren and Phoebe – sunflowers!

Never enough time, but it was lovely to have a comfortable night’s sleep in my old bed in the massive room on my original Sealy mattress.

Went off to Sheena and Alan’s for an outside “chilly” con Carne, (!) and a catch up with the doggy, Riley. Took this picture of them from the door, we were smiling because Alan‘s hair has never been so long, Sheena said he looks a bit like Ken Dodd, ha ha!

Lovely to see Jennie’s dog Gerald as well. When the door opened he was around looking for Daisy, bless him! I will have to take her for a little trip this summer, if she can bear the journey.


Blake and Nan-nan

I still managed to fit in a trip to see three and a half-year-old Blake, in my bubble, in Fulham on Monday. She loves the local playground, so we went off again and she made another friend.

She is getting very inquisitive now and understanding more about the world and about things. We had a great game on the miniature climbing frame where I showed her how to hang upside down on the apparatus by her knees, and her fingers just about touched the floor. Plus, she loved the Snow White dressing up outfit I got for her online. It was a 7 – 8-years-old size, and Blake is only three and a half, so I think she’s going to be tall! Like her dad, auntie, grandma and Lauren, even though her mum Kari is only 5 foot tall! Lovely family times. And more in next week’s blog from Wales!

Mahussive boiled egg

Oh my goodness, look at the size of this one! My mum did not buy a small egg cup… no, indeed, it’s the most mahoosive duck egg! She over-boiled it and it came out too hard, she said, but that’s a meal in itself, isn’t it?! I wonder what it tasted like. Have you ever tried any more unusual eggs in your life? My dad used to have chickens when he was a school caretaker in the early to mid 70s in Morden in Surrey, so we have had the freshest of fresh eggs, just laid that morning. But I can’t remember ever having anything weird. You?

Dyson purifies this out of my air!

Thought I would post this again – it’s the purifier filter I took out of my tall Dyson hot/cool/purifier down in Devon over a year ago, after 12 months purifying the air where the dogs used to sleep. So worth trying, especially if you have problems with particles flying around in the air! Here’s our whole range of Dyson purifiers, just think what instalment payments, a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, and zero postage offers can do. Why not try one?


Have been watching some podcasts about science and entertainment. But, Jennie recommended ‘My Octopus Teacher’ or some such on Netflix. She showed me a clip and it looks fascinating. It’s kind of info-tainment as it’s a real man and his relationship with real octopuses (octopii??) and how his relationship with them, diving every single day for a year, helped to change his relationship with the human race. I will definitely seek it out. 🙂


This week, Will sat down with founder of new-to-QVC Freya + Bailey, Abbie Oguntade. Next week, he’s chatting to our very own Kathy Tayler. You can listen to them all here.


Look at this one, just a few moments of relaxation in my back garden in Devon last week, in the sunshine, listening to the birdsong! Lovely. 🙂

Book of the week

Just finishing the wonderful Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘What Abigail Did That Summer’. Not a fan of the narrator sadly, whose intonation was very amateurish, but another excellent imaginative and then detaining tale, with a little bit of magic thrown in from the author of the Rivers of London series. Just recommended it to my friend Jennie too! I now have my eye on ‘The October Man’ by Ben, just debating whether or not to take a punt on it as it has yet another narrator for this spin-off – a novella again. But it’s a stand-alone, which is appealing.

“This is a tale about the Queen of the Harvest, the October Man, and the little-known time the vineyard around Trier started to eat people… Winter may be P. C. Peter Grant’s German counterpart, but surviving this investigation is entirely down to him…” Will report back next week!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – the Garden Reflections Today’s Special Value sold out very quickly today. Did you manage to pick up the expandable faux leaf privacy trellis? It’s still a massive gardening day, so don’t miss out! You can shop the rest of our gardening range here.

Saturday – already on sale here is the Amazon Fire HD 10, 32 GB tablet with SD card, really good value!

SundayLaura Geller’s fabulous make-up is back, this time in a four-piece Face it All deal – also on sale here right now, get it early. 🙂 Plus, I will see you at 9pm with the launch of the new Prime Fifty TSV set, particularly to help hair and nails, see below.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Cozee Paws Fluffie Odorology pet bed
Liz Earle six-piece Complete Botanical Beauty Collection
Kipling Hadiza medium satchel shoulder bag
Set of two varifocal sunglasses
Michele Hope long sleeve jersey cardigan with double chiffon trim hemline and camisole set
Dune Lyss Leather sandals
Prai 24K Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair three-piece collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 25th at midnight:

Attitudes by Renee Como Jersey sleeveless maxi dress and solid Como Jersey cardigan
Elemis three-piece Pro-Definition Lift & Firm collection
Cozee Paws Fluffie Odorology pet bed
Homeworx by Harry Slatkin four-piece “Best of” collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayPrime Fifty Skin, Hair & Nails anti-ageing supplements, a two-part daily regime, which will really help if you’re looking to up the ante on your supplements this spring.

Tuesday – time for summer sandals from Vionic with the built-in orthotics! Good pricing so a nice way to introduce yourself to this brand, with the Indie design sandal.

Wednesday – it’s WynneLayers with a patch pocket maxi dress, can’t wait to see this one!

ThursdayPrai return with another beautiful jewelled collection featuring their Ageless Throat & Decolletage Collection. Plus, the Prai two-piece Scent of a Woman collection is back on offer, order yours here.

FridaySBC are here with an absolutely enormous four-piece Hair and Body Propolis collection, I cannot believe the value and look forward to bringing it to you with an hour at seven and Friday night beauty at eight!

Friday 9pm – going on sale earlier in the week is the Innovators collapsible double cocoon chair, it’s an investment but an incredible offer for summer! As is the Ultrasun TSV for Sunday, going on sale mid-week as well.

Next week – a lovely journey to Wales to see my beautiful two and a half-year-old granddaughter Phoebe, and Lollipop! Can’t wait! 🙂

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie

    Gosh – I remember you from the summer of 1986 when you presented CBBC.

    You look exactly the same!

    Hope you are keeping well!

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks Debbie. Fun blog with useful info! Got my eye on the Michele Hope Cardigan and the Laura Geller set.

    Marie B-F

  3. Hi Debbie. Lovely to see you in Devon again I am in Torquay and born here. I love watching when you are presenting and reading your blogs. Have fun with your grandchildren. Carol x

  4. Hi Debbie.

    Really enjoy your weekly blogs. They bring a ray of sunshine into a somewhat overcast world.

    Take care.

    Graham x

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