A new London home? And Miceal is back!

First just to say welcome back to my lovely mate, our colleague Miceal, who returns to the studios for some fabulous offers, including on Friday at midnight with a super new smartwatch from Garmin. So lovely to have him back after his 12-week absence.

New London base

As you can see in the top photo, my mum, sister and niece live in a lovely place in Surrey, and having enjoyed visiting them for many years, it is time to get a bathroom of my own! Having not had one (or my “own” place) for three and a half years, I figured it was time to become a grown-up (I share a bathroom down in Devon with the guests, and in London I share one with the nieces!) Fingers crossed the finances stack up, after a bit of a rejig in Devon, and I can get a lovely flat with a balcony near to Mum and Sister in a beautiful development in Banstead, for when I’m working at QVC. (I will be keeping Devon on, but going there less, considering there are no retreats at the moment and going forwards – most have been postponed already. Also, see previously about having a bit of a re-evaluation during lockdown, and coming to decision about what I really want for myself at this stage… having more time rather than being in the car driving!)

Now I don’t know about you, but decluttering has regularly got the better of me over the years. But considering I am about to have an influx of guests this summer down in Devon, I think it was time to get serious with the whole chucking out process. Then I could take those lovely pictures! I found all sorts of things I had forgotten about and even an envelope with some money in, lucky me! Plus, a friend of mine runs a women’s refuge in Redhill, so I have found a home for lots of my good as new items, and the chance to get a bit of a feel-good factor into the bargain.

Fingers crossed it all goes through smoothly and I can be near Mum and Sister more often in London, with somewhere the kids can come and stay once again. All change!


Clear out, light up, write down

Having a major tidy up so I could take some pretty pictures to put online, I found getting the right look was a lot more problematic than I thought. Turns out if you get a selfie light and strategically place it, then you can light up the fireplace, and even the wood burner got going, specially ‘for the close-up, Mr DeMille.’ Lighting is everything, don’t you think? Particularly to make somewhere warm and cosy. So is the angle.

Having spent half an hour looking for the clever little attachment for a mobile that gave a wide angle shot, I realise that my iPhone 11 actually has a built-in wide-angle function! We sell mobiles on QVC. Another reason to use QVC – trying an investment purchase before you commit. Also, note to self – listen to the demonstration accurately and you realise that you have more functions than you thought!

Eventually, I got all the rooms done and I was so impressed, I thought I might live there myself. Haha! Seriously, as the retreats have been non-existent, hopefully this move will help. A holiday let wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I moved to Sheepwash, but hey, needs must! And the new flat in London will keep me busy this summer anyway. I hope it all goes through 🙂

Beautiful blooms

Tending the garden at the little place I’ve been lodging in temporarily has started to pay dividends. Beautiful sweet peas, hydrangeas, lilies and more. These are just a few from this week! And in the balmy weather, the aroma was fantastic.

Night 90 of #singalongadebbie

We got to another watershed this week and had a nice evening of Elton John. Also Roy Orbison featured this week, as did 60s and 70s tunes, on my nightly live Facebook sing-a-long. Sometimes from my kitchen, sometimes from the presenter lounge at work. Go to my Facebook page below and see them all! On catch up 🙂


Ozark has kept me busy this week. It’s been highly recommended, it’s like Breaking Bad but in a water-based island community in America. The local low-lives mix with the aspiring-incomers who are full of hope, and multiple subplots intertwine. I like Jason Bateman and this is full of characters you root for, even the baddies. Netflix is just too tempting nowadays!

Salisbury Poisonings

This was only three episodes on iPlayer, (as opposed to 3 seasons like Ozark). Riveting and well-made dramatisation of accounts in Salisbury when Novichok nerve agent infiltrated the community and upset the apple cart. Highly recommended.

Book of the week – Little Fires Everywhere

This has been made into another compelling TV drama series, starring Rees Witherspoon. I always look out for her work – I think she’s great. I loved Big Little Lies for instance, if you loved that, you will love this. Watch it on catch-up, or get the book. The audiobook is also available and of course you get all the introspection from inside the characters’ heads if you listen to the book version. Looking forward to downloading this at some stage.

The Next Seven Days on QVC (w/c Friday 26th June)

Friday – Today’s Special Value is the innovative LAB Fat Freezing EMS Belt – go here to see and buy it before it sells out! And join me at 9 pm for the launch of the…

Saturday TSV – the Garmin Smartwatch 4S with GPS and wi-fi. Crazy price! Plus Miceal is back!!

SundayAustralian Bodycare return with a three-piece Supersize Skin Wash and Wipes collection on auto-delivery. Anti-bacterial properties galore in the tea tree formula.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Silk’n USB rechargable Pedi Vacuum Callous Remover
Powerbeats3 wireless in-ear sport headphones with microphone and remote
Ultrasun three-piece Tinted Glow collection
Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 24cm & 30cm shallow frying pan set

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 28th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Decleor Supersize Prolagene Gel trio
Prices Candles 14-piece Citronella collection
Davina Fitness folding magnetic exercise bike

Davina brings us the new exercise bike Big Deal, and features on Will’s latest podcast too!

And from Monday, the Today’s Special Values are…

MondayTweak’d haircare is back with a two-piece super-sized Restore, Cleanse and Strengthen collection. And our chance to see Denis and his wonderful studio in his home garage in Canada!

TuesdayIllamasqua return with a five-piece make-up collection with a bag, go here to see and buy it as it launches early.

WednesdaySkechers bring us another Go Walk design, this time the sparkle crochet slip-on trainers at a super affordable price.

Thursday – lovely Dominic from Shay & Blue will be presenting the four-piece Summer collection, really good if you want to freshen up your fragrance wardrobe!

Friday – is Ultrasun, and our once a day SPF brand is here for another outing, perfect timing for the fab weather! The six-piece collection appears at another super low price, as Friday’s deal of the day.

Friday 9pm – Watch out for Russell Bristow and another super Gtech Air Ram Mk2 cordless vacuum cleaner offer, the affordable replacement for your upright for carpets.

Next week

The first family get-together for ages as little niece Izzy has a birthday in very unusual times. And more clearing out down in Devon. I know how to live, haha. We countdown to the 100th #Singalongadebbie, which will theoretically be the day before lockdown relaxes. Could not have planned that! Join me nightly until then on my Facebook page live!

Best wishes,



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14 Responses

  1. Lots of news here! This lockdown has led to lots of people thinking of new ventures. Wonder what we all will be doing this time next year?

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I just wanted to say I’m so happy for you! I’m actually a bit relieved if I’m honest! I really worried about you living a split life almost half here half there. You were travelling so much and not getting to see your family and really you can burn yourself out! I hope the sale of the flat goes through. It’s a lesson for a lot of people that life can be taken from us in a heartbeat. I don’t understand though, are you closing book retreats and just doing holiday let then so not living in it yourself? All happiness for your new flat!!!x

  3. Debbie I do hope you will be very happy living closer to your family and work. Been a long time coming
    All best wishes
    Linda x💐

  4. Hi Debbie
    So sad you are planning to leave Devon! I do hope you change your mind. We relocated from Basingstoke to Brandis Corner ( not far from Sheepwash) last September and it’s the best thing we ever did! Yes it does rain here but when that sun comes out it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful part of the country but I can understand you wish to be near family. Anyhow I wish you all the best with your new house purchase – I’m pretty certain it will happen for you. You are by far my favourite presenter on QVC and I love reading your presenter blogs they are always so much fun to read!

    Love from Liz x

  5. Good luck in your.new home,hope you and your four legged friend will be very happy.Take care both and stay safe.

  6. Great info as always, Deb’s. I am so delighted, that Michéal is back on our screens. I love his easy but informed presentations. I may be biased ,as I live in Ireland but I know he is a gentleman ,to his fingertips. I would love to see more of his Fragrance and Style Tips on QVC.

  7. Fabulous read Debbie :: loved your singalong & hope all works out with your new home too::you live such an interesting & exciting life & you are so much fun to watch on QVC & on singalongadebbie it’s been so fantastic
    Lots of Love See you soon in tv & FB
    I’ve only missed about 4 singalongs due to clashing with something xxx⛸⛸❣️🐾😻🐶🐾

  8. Wishing you all the best for the Flat, hope it all goes well for you.

    Your Devon Living room photo looks good. A nice spacious well lit room. I’m sure you will get a lot of interest. And it should be very popular.

  9. It’s always good to hear your news Debbie and good luck with the purchase of your new home in Banstead, hope it all goes smoothly.
    I know one of your lovely labs passed away but haven’t heard you mention the other one is he/she still with you?
    Very best wishes, Ruth

  10. Hi Debbie
    Good to hear your news. A big decision, but I think it’s a sensible one. All the commuting you have to do weekly must be draining the life out of you. But you’re always so bubbly when on air, it doesn’t show. You’ll still have Sheepwash to return to, especially for the lovely weather.

    Wishing you the best of luck buying the flat, and hope everything runs smoothly.

    Stay safe and well


  11. So you move back to Banstead as I’m leaving it! Hard decision for us to make but it’s happened quickly so packing boxes are now filling every space😱thanks for the song nights – been belting some of them out with you much to husband’s annoyance!

  12. Hi Debbie

    You were wearing a lovely animal print scarf during your sing-a-long in Devon on 1st July. Is it from available
    from QVC to purchase?

    Many thanks, Ruthx

  13. Hi Debs

    Just returned from a beautiful holiday cottage in Bude…they are so in demand now, couldn’t book for 2021.. good move if you decide to holiday let, you could afford a whopper in Weybridge hehe!!

    Fingers crossed for Banstead, just up the mad mile from me…xxxx

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