Cheers to a new mask! And videos of upcoming deals!

I have been using this super mug non-stop since I bought it. I gave one to my sister and kept the other one. It’s from the fabulous Lock & Lock insulated mug duo, I do hope they get it back soon. Now my tea is warm for ages, hurrah! I am a devil for drinking lukewarm tea! Check here for lots more Lock & Lock products – some of which I did last week with Gail, who always makes me buy stuff every time I’m on with her. Good job I don’t do many kitchen shows! Hilarity ensued however, when she got the giggles after I called rectangular Lock & Locks, ‘bowls’ (the ones made of glass with lids – very popular). I could not think of the right word, was definitely having a brain-dead moment! “Dishes, basins… anything but bowls – bowls are ROUND”, Gail laughed. Silly Debbie. Even the dictionary told me so! LOL. What a numpty.

Although, not as much hilarity as Kathryn Goldsmith on her jewellery shows this week, first with Kieron and then with Lee Clark – she was hilarious! See below for blooper. Anyway…

The Le Creuset pans Today’s Special Value that day sold out early as usual, followed on Tuesday by a Neom TSV candle and skincare set, which also sold out early (good job I got the Auto Delivery, because I love the happy fragrance. Check out Neom here). So I’m giving you a big heads up about this one…

A real Benefit – new launch mascara

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Well, what can I say, it makes me look like I’ve got false lashes on, goes on easily and separates the lashes really well. Very, very impressed. I think I may have found a new mascara that I will want to use all the time! Well done Benefit. Hope you saw the launch with Alex yesterday, and fingers crossed there is some left for my Saturday afternoon show, at 5pm. A whole Benefit make-up hour with Rachel, Lisa and gang, even if the new special “magnet” mascara does sell out. It should be fun!


Chickens run

Well they tried to… I was sent this lovely picture last week of my beautiful granddaughter Phoebe, with her long ginger locks (she’s really growing up – two and a half-years-old, and I’m missing it all, but then, I suppose we are all in the same boat.) Obviously, she’s not a social media baby, but the chickens can be on my blog! They are some rescue chickens that have started laying eggs again and Phoebe loves them! They come to her for their pellets and are not scared of her at all. They don’t even care much about the dogs. I do hope there is news soon that grandparents can see their grandchildren again, I can’t wait. (Newsflash – I can’t wait for September either, because Brad and Kari are expecting their second, so I will be a nanny for the third time, and little three-year-old Blake will have a baby to love! Exciting!)

Good for Ruth

Was at the vaccination centre volunteering again this Tuesday, and will be most Tuesday afternoons from now on. I’ve committed myself and taken some annual leave for the once a month I work on a Tuesday evening too so I can keep doing my bit. As did Ruth Langsford this week, when she posted online about getting her own vaccine. Well done Ruth, the more we can do to encourage people, the better, in my opinion.

I had a debate with one of my friends this week and forwarded her several program links, including two on Panorama, tackling the anti-vaccine myths being put out on social media at the moment. You think people would have better to things to do!  What great news for everybody that, nevertheless, the vast majority of people are going in for their jabs. In Devon, almost all of the 75 to 80-year-olds have had theirs done: 98%! And 96% of over 80s. The country is really doing well in general! If you have had yours, what happened?

Daisy on a pedestal

Had some lovely Valentine’s flowers from family and others I shared the love with, and took some across to my niece Becky, who had none! But one of the most joyous things I got on Sunday was this. My sister-in-law Amanda, who now looks after Daisy, showed me how she plonks herself on the Cozee Home cushion, rather than spread out in the lovely big dog bed I bought her! How funny is this. Admittedly, little Beau the cavapoo could have got there first, but Daisy chooses to do this regularly! It’s beyond me! Perhaps she likes to view things from higher up –  it’s hilarious. Bless her heart, looking forward to the days when I can go and see her regularly in Kent.


Been having a film fest again online lately, and I watched ‘An Eye For An Eye’, with John Travolta and several other famous faces, (on Netflix, I think) which was really well done. He plays a detective summoned back to his hometown after 20 years’ absence, it’s set in 1978, and he plays the role to perfection as usual. There is an emotional subplot, a couple of nice neat twists, and a mystery to solve. Well worth a watch, the characters stayed with me for a long time afterwards.

Then I watched Summerlands, on Prime. Gemma Arterton (whom I often get mixed up with Lily James, for some reason) is incredibly good as a bitter young spinster in the Second World War receiving a troublesome young evacuee who turns her world upside down, with a separate tale of unrequited love and some beautiful cinematography and period details, it’s a beautiful film. Loved it. Highly recommended.


Sometimes the giggles take over…


Well, Vonda is back with a big Skechers deal, and so she was the subject of Monday’s Inside QVC podcast with Will. But on the 22nd (when we are all supposed to be told our pathway out of lockdown hopefully!), the new interview will be with Tabitha Webb, talking about her exciting new bedding range. You can listen to them all here.


A fun one this week. I posted on my Facebook page “I am a happy bunny, and here’s why…”. Check out the video here to find out why, and don’t forget to follow my social media – there are lots more where this came from! (Links at the bottom.)

Book of the week

This week, I had a lovely catch up with my friends from the very first writing course that I went on in 2009, just before I came back to QVC. We call ourselves the ladies of Cassara (that’s where the writing workshop was, in Tuscany.) One of the girls has her fifth novel out right now, which is called ‘Hunted.’. Her name is Carolyn Mahony and it follows the Harry Briscombe series, a detective who specialises in mystery. There are four other books, many of which are really highly reviewed, people love this character and the way he solves the crimes. They are cosy crime reads but still compelling. The latest is a short story set in Tanzania, where a holiday to escape a stressful year ends up with Harry getting embroiled in another murder hunt. I love Carolyn’s books. I wish they were on audio! Check them out now online or paperback.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Doctor Seaweed Weed and Wonderful organic Scottish seaweed capsules, 180 in the pack. The single is on waitlist, is £17 and well-loved already. A good source of iodine, good for people with a vegan diet and diets low in fish and dairy. Craig Guest is also very knowledgeable.

Saturday – I get to launch this on Friday night 9pm and midnight – the Dyson V10 will be your TSV. It’s already online here. Check out my social media for the video of me using it up high on an 11 foot ceiling!*

Also, just chipping in to remind you I’m on with Benefit Cosmetics at 5 pm on Saturday, with my take on the brand new mascara (see above.)

Sunday – and Sunday is a massive gardening day. Yay! Whenever the gardening team are back for big events, it means spring is just around the corner and I am delighted to have the 2pm show, Richard Jackson’s Garden. Richard kindly recorded this video for me, with details about Sunday’s products, including the TSV garden-ready Busy Lizzie and Cosmos collection with Flower Power. It’s fabulous! I love Cosmos, because they just grow and grow and keep flowering. They will be good for my balcony this year! And those new lilies sound amazing, watch this…

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Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Denim & Co. Waffle Knit Stripe Tunic
Artscapes printed Georgette shirt
Shay & Blue three-piece Fragrance Layering collection
Gotham Steel Stackmaster three-piece Space Saving Non-Stick Cookware set
Cozee Home faux suede quilted furniture protector
OPI 6 Piece Hollywood Dreaming Collection & Box
Thompson & Morgan Colour Trends Collection 6 Pack with Grey Planter and Incredicompost
Made by Zen Sanctuary Diffuser with Day and Night Oils

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 21st at midnight and lasting only one week:

Moda in Pelle Loella heeled shoe
Gatineau Age Benefit 4 Piece Daily Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection
Contour two-in-one Leg Relief Wedge
Cozee Paws Rectangle two-in-one Plush Pet Bed with Odourology

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondaySkechers are back with the Microburst Be Iconic stretch fit pump, going on sale already here.

Tuesday – Melissa will be here with the wonderful MarlaWynne range, and the stretch peached twill (i.e, soft!) five pocket trousers in different lengths. Looking forward to the 9pm and midnight shows, Monday night.

Wednesday – also going on sale early: the Orly six-piece Professional Treatment and Colour collection, with bag. Sort out your nails the professional way with one of the biggest nail brands in the world.

Thursday – time for Spotlight, the Ultimate Whitening bundle, which I imagine is all about teeth! 🙂

Friday – it’s time for the Cook’s Essentials bread maker with 12 automatic programs, at a really good price, it’s been ages since we had one!

Friday 9pm – and also going on sale early, the Ruth Langsford contrast trim detail print tunic top, again very affordable.

Next week – look out for the early launch of the new Liz Earle collection, which goes on sale mid-week. Here’s my sneaky peek with a Liz Earle video focusing on one of the best new products, in my opinion!

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Best wishes,


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  1. Hi,
    Have you tried the yourzooki collagen range yourself ?
    No mention of it here although I might of missed the blog about it.
    I have purchased it but would really like to know your thoughts on it

  2. Look forward to reading your blog. You lead a very busy life. I am always happy to see your quick peeks at what is coming up, so I can tune in early and not miss TSV and big deals. Keep up the good work and take care 💜

  3. Love your artcles. Summarises the week ahead for QVC so well.
    So agree regarding mascara. I too look ill without it. Will purchase the black so hope it comes out in the blue.
    Keep up the good work .

    Juiie Derby x

  4. Hi debbie hope you and your family are well iam off work from mcdonalds aberdeen 2nd time once more on furlough at least iam getting paid by the government.
    If you dont mind me asking how old is your grandchildren now

  5. Hello Debbie
    I have got the benefit mascara can’t wait to try it, love to watch your Thursday night vlog even though I am not on Facebook it still lets me watch, I also like your walks through the woods keeps me going through this lockdown
    Carole Wigan x

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