Another year older…

Well what a birthday week it has been, and I do mean week! I ended up having four celebrations, basically outdoor lunches each time, for my 59th on Monday. Thank you to everybody who sent me some lovely cards, including these, sent to QVC.

I had some time with my friend Gill, a lovely catch up with my former sis in law Niki as well as mum and sister Linda, then finally a very nice lunch with brother Glenn and co on the actual day. But the best of all has to be getting together with the bubble, including Blake my oldest granddaughter.

Brad my son treated me to lunch on Sunday and they bought me some lovely stuff – even if the balloon they brought popped just as we sat down! Blake made me the most delightful bee ornaments, check these out! Thank you to mummy Kari as well because I’m sure you had more than a little to do with them! See also the top photo! As you know, Blake is not a social media baby, so I hid her behind the plate!

I had tons of flowers and vouchers for massages et cetera, and… my new Shark handheld cordless kitchen vacuum cleaner and some huge pots for my balcony! Very happy bunny.

This weekend is my daughter’s turn to take me for lunch, they are at Centre Parcs this week and I’m looking forward to seeing them around the Bristol area next Saturday just before they go back to Wales!


Bye bye vaccine centre!

This week was my last shift at the Epsom grandstand as they are moving it to Sandown once the racing season begins with my side, the GP hub, going to Leatherhead hospital. They are changing the requirements so it will be quite difficult to do some more although I will try if I can. On the last day my mum’s partner once again cooked a lovely fruitcake, which some of the wonderful nurses and doctors, pictured here, enjoyed! It was a great experience and I’m really glad I did it. Here is the last video from my final day.

Lovely lunch

I made myself a smashing kedgeree this week, this is the meal of the week – and it was very nice even if I say so myself. Gusto Gastro! I saved enough for the next day too!

Balcony lights

I talked about these on here this week: the lovely set of four colour changing, glass solar lights, which Gabriel presents from her back garden at night! I’m not sure if they sold out but go here to check out our whole solar range. I left them charging before turning them on for two whole days. They created a wonderful light display from dusk – some were still alight by 3am! Very good value 😊

My balcony is getting there. Now I have my nice pots, I just need to sort out the rest of the plants! I have 72 plug plants waiting to be planted! Eek! 😊 oh well, at least I can put some in the flower beds around the gardens, even if I have enough for the balcony 😊


Well it has to be In Pursuit of Love, doesn’t it! The new BBC series starring Lily James looks fabulous. I will report back on it next week, still ploughing through the final season of Line of Duty as we speak.

However, have a look at this video from Katy Pullinger as this week’s ‘watch’. She made another wonderful video reel, charting her behind-the-scenes day on the shoot for her new regular Wednesday morning fashion slot – she is taking over from Kathy Tayler. Katy is also in this week’s Inside QVC podcast! You can listen to them all here. If anyone is perfect for this job, Katy is! So stylish!

By the way, I promised I would mention for Kathryn G as well, her new jewellery focus, which she is going to be doing not only on her blog but her Instagram as well! I had mine last week, but Kathryn is going to be a regular slot! Well, we do have some amazing jewellery.

Standby, incidentally, on the last Tuesday in May, for the return of my Diamonique bee jewellery! Meanwhile, if you search the word ‘bee’ on our website you can see what comes up here.


An unusual one this week. I find myself buying a certain book as a gift for the third time, this time for my two-year-old nephew (okay, great nephew), Wilfy, whose birthday was also this week. It is Captain Sir Tom Moore’s children’s book: One Hundred Steps. It’s not only about the end of his life when he completed the famous charity walk around his garden, but it’s about the beginning when he was a child, as well as his time in the war. Written in a really easy to understand way, it also has great illustrations. Lovely! By the way, his adult stuff is really good as well, including his ‘life lessons’ – highly recommended!

QVC Top Deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the super rocking chair I launched last night at midnight.

Saturday – already on sale, the Benefit Mascara Masters trio 244169, featuring the top sellers at a ridiculously low price given how much they normally are each! It’s in a nice little gift box too.

Go here to see and buy them early.

Sunday – our king of tech, Lee Hohbein Has been excitedly posting about the new Amazon Echo Show 5 offer, which comes with a TP Link Smart Plug and is at a brilliant low price!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Marc Fisher leather strappy sandals with blocked heels and buckle fastenings

Tili metallic make-up organiser with a two-tiered design

Luxform set of two triple function solar stake lights

Perricone three-piece calming collection

Skinsense five-piece Hydranet collection with a cosmetic bag

Bell & Howell set of four double sided Alien Tapee

Nina Leonard 3/4 length sleeve crochet knit cardigan with a V-neckline and coconut button fastenings

Go here and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 16th at midnight:

Attitudes by Renee jersey sleeveless maxi dress and solid jersey cardigan set

M.Asam four-piece 24h Hour Concentrated Retinol collection

Home Reflections Intricate Border Indoor & Outdoor Reversible Rug

Mia Tui five-piece set of packing cubes with a laundry bag

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – another Nails Inc Today’s Special Value and it’s all about pink! Don’t miss it. It features a deep burgundy shade not dissimilar to the one I always wear.

Tuesday – a printed jersey painter shirt from the brilliant Gok Wan is already on sale – go here to see and buy it early.

Wednesday – silent night return with an anti-allergen mattress topper with a ‘down touch!’

Thursday – Skechers are back with the on the go 600 Slider Sandal at a very affordable price

Friday – we bring you the California Innovation set of five foldable insulated market totes.

Friday 9pm – and going on sale mid-week is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever known, the Dyson V 11 Animal, at an incredible price! You’ll never need an upright again!

Next week – a belated birthday singalong in my Thursday night Facebook live ‘bantz’, a super trip to see my daughter for a belated birthday lunch with two-year-old Phoebe of course! Plus, I’m back in Devon running a retreat for the first time in over a year! Follow me on social media, links below, for some of my Devon country walks!

Best wishes,


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12 Responses

  1. Hi Debs,
    Always interesting to read your blog.
    Do you know if there will be a Kipling tsv anytime soon ?
    Thank you
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Debbie, I love your blogs! I’m not on social media so this is my only catch up – especially love your sneaky peaks, helps me to decide on and keep track of my spending. We also have a very long balcony like yours – I planted hundreds of pots and window boxes the first few years we were here, but eventually there was hardly room for table and chairs, etc. So I’ve cut it down a bit now and focus on colour and quality rather than quantity. Have some lovely solar lights I bought from QVC a couple of years ago.
    Glad you had such a happy birthday … need to start planning the big one next year now! xxx

  3. Thanks for the blog and the updates. Received some plants yesterday and planted them out in pots as garden needs weeding. Glad I did not wait until today as weather awful. We managed a walk with my dog first thing, 7am so already on 6000 steps!

  4. Hi Debbie

    Love the blogs and I have already bought my Nails Inc, I love the colour you always wear and I have asked you a couple of times for the colour and make all to no avail as you never answer. Your blog is always great and I love reading about your family and all the new TSV’s and Big Deals, have a great time with your family.

  5. Have a brilliant birthday Debbie, you bring so much happiness, you deserve to have some, too. xx

  6. hi debbie just to say that you are one of my favourite presenters i watch a lot of qvc especialy gardener shows and dimoneque have had pieces from since over twenty years and they are still as good as new since losing my husband gardening has helped me with my grief,hope you receive this ok from janet

  7. Hello Debbie

    What was the make of the lovely dress you were wearing on Sundays 12am tsv show? Its multicoloured I can’t find it on qvc website

  8. It was so funny tonight, as you were on with Lee doing the echo TSV, and my lamps were going on and off.
    Everything Lee told Elexa to do, mine woke up it was a giggle.

  9. Hi Debbie, I look forward to your weekly blogs, they are so interesting and love the heads up on the coming TSV’s. You are such a busy lady I have no idea how you fit it all in. Thank you for explaining and giving useful information on all the products you present , over the years we have found you have guided us to buy the correct products as you point out things that others may not think about. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday and hope you can get to see your daughter really soon. Take care x

  10. Hi Debbie
    Sorry I missed your Birthday. After over a year not being able to celebrate, so you deserve four separate celebrations. You look like you’re having a great time with your family. I celebrated mine on the 1st, but it was quieter. I met up with my friend having lunch in her garden and catching up.

    Enjoy your week in Devon.

    Stay safe and well

    Heather Blaberx😊

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