Anyone for brunch? And 1987 flashback!

What a lovely time we had  last weekend when family friends Alison and Jo joined myself, my sister and my niece for brunch. I was very tired as it was quite early (for me) on the Sunday morning. But worth seeing everybody as we rarely get together like this. Two of the girls were asking about potentially going speed dating, but it’s a night that I will need to work. Having run out of holiday, I’m needing to save it for seeing the granddaughters. Never enough hours in the day! Maybe a long sabbatical is in order ha ha. I wish. Anyway… It was held in the Woodcote garden centre near us, and they do a lovely spread of food. Since it was early, we were comparing notes about sleep. I must say that I was on my soapbox again about the Sealy mattresses. I’m gradually buying them as housewarming presents (or contributing) for my sister’s family. Well, they are more like my second children really, as we are so close. Plus I get to sleep on them – the mattresses, not the children ha ha – when I take turns to stay at their houses when I am in London. I have been having a right old spend up lately, for Christmas and birthdays – Mum wants the Dyson fan, which is going to be a joint gift from all of us children, and I am getting the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, I think, for my brother and his family, hope stocks last longer than my budget does!

After my QVC shift, later that night I went off to see one of the most lovely films I have seen in a long time, and I was completely suckered in. Last Christmas, its brilliant, see below.

This weekend’s deals

In case you didn’t know, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Today’s Special Value for Saturday is on early bird link already today! Go here to see and buy it now, six interest-free instalment payments available and a brilliant price! #BestEver

Look out tonight for the launch of tomorrow’s (Friday 22nd) TSV – another spectacular offer from Shay & Blue! The four-piece collection with a choice of Atropa Belladonna, Blood Orange or Black Tulip.

Sunday’s is the brilliant five-piece Age Benefit Regenerating Face & Body collection from Gatineau.

Big deals old and new

Michele Hope faux suede biker jacket

Cozee Home Baxter shaggy rug

Skechers Cosy Campfire Team Toasty slippers

Revitalash three-piece Essentials Collection

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Next week’s Big Deals

Ashwood leather Katie triple compartment cross-body bag

Silentnight Posturepedic pet bed

Judith Williams Royal Collagen Targeted skincare collection

Jabra Elite Active wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and charging case

Please feel free to stock up, if it is still available, on the Big Deal from Revitalash that ends this Sunday night at midnight (24th). There are no guarantees any more stock will be available after this one is finished, and it has a long shelf life. Go here to see the demonstration of the supersize Revitabrow, full size Revitalash and double ended mascara/primer. Fab value!

See below for even more sneaky peaks and super deals for next week.


1987 flashback

My lovely friend Dawn sent me this on Facebook this week, reminding me how slim I was in 1987 when I got married. Sharon and Dawn were my oldest childhood friends and went to Morden Farm Middle School in lower Morden, sorry, with me. We had some great times. It’s lovely reminiscing about those days, as we do on some of the Facebook groups actually, Morden Farm Middle school group, and ‘I grew up in Merton’ group. As I said on my Debbie Flint Devon group, I had just had Bradley five months beforehand, (still quite unusual back in the day!) and this was a massive achievement of organisation! Not a lot of people know, but I trained to be an operations manager with a Prince 2 (professional) qualification in my years away from QVC. One of the best jobs I ever had was handling an office move for a mortgage company in around 2006. I’m just a little organisation geek. One of the most enjoyable things I’m currently doing is helping organise some fundraising events for my favourite parties down in Devon, getting to know more local people and helping campaigns et cetera. Very good fun. Just wish I had time to do more. Although, if I had time to do anything more, it would be to see the grandchildren. I had to say no to both my son and my daughter more than I would like to this year, because of my commitments. Still working out how to clone myself!

Ruth bonanza

Very much enjoyed my hour with Ruth Langsford on the weekend, my first one for a long while. Followed immediately over on the other channel by another one with Ruth! Jackie had the pleasure of that one as usual. Lots of lovely Ruth bargains available at the moment, do check them all out here. She is such a lovely lady and is also trialing the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and is a big fan of the brand. (Don’t forget to see if there’s any left if you’re reading this early enough.)

Himalayan balsam

I’ve been talking to Richard Jackson about how best to tackle this invasive intruder from foreign climes, which is gradually taking over many of our countryside verges and green areas. The Devon wildlife trust is going to work with me and my CWO women’s group next year in Devon to remove a large proportion of it on a big clearing day in June. I remember when I was in Dorking, my back garden was absolutely full of it. If you left it long enough, by the autumn, the seeds would create a little pod that popped if you just touched it, scattering the seed far away, thereby proliferating. Just like the grey squirrel, this is not a welcome addition. More news on my social media as our plans progress, and if you see any in June, feel free to pull it up. It’s very satisfying because all of the roots, because they are very shallow. Quite therapeutic ha ha. Meanwhile, go here to see Richard Jackson’s whole range of fab garden products.

And go here for the last few days of November to see the gardening Product of the Month, the cute little garden bouncers in Santa or snowman!

Another thing getting me in the mood for Christmas at the moment is… Christmas radioooo!

I have found one that plays exclusively Christmas music! I know… already! I think it’s something like ‘Heart Always Christmas’ or something like that. Via DAB on the car radio it’s perfect, especially on the long journeys. One day, I won’t have so many hours in the car, I’m sure, but for now I will continue enjoying super audiobooks, politics podcasts (geek!) and songs I can sing along to. What do you do on long journeys if you have any?


Who knew a group of unicorns was called a blessing?


Book of the week

‘Talking to the Dead’ by Harry Bingham. This guy runs the very successful Jericho writers organisation – one of his talented editors is running a retreat in Devon next May and he put together the annual writers’ yearbook and ‘getting published’ manuals, so he should know a thing or two about how to write books!

His character is Fiona Griffiths, a flawed detective, who is challenged by her first case – is it another lady of the streets who came to a sticky end, or is there a connection with the millionaire’s credit card, even though he died six months before? Brilliant narrator as well, I’m told. Looking forward to this one, as soon as I finish reading our Julia’s ‘What He Did’, which I’m very much enjoying so far!


Apart from the look behind the scenes at QVC one evening, last week, on my vlog of the week (which is here), two lovely films at the cinema this week.

Last Christmas – one of my favourite films and one I’m sure I will watch over and over again. Some superb comic terms. Usually with a cameo role, the characters are not very well fleshed out. But they were in this. Comedy romance starring Emelia Clarke, the girl from Game of Thrones, Henry Golding, a handsome hero who reminds me of my son Brad, lots of moralising, and superb George Michael music. I loved it. Especially the pregnant character. Some people don’t like it, but I loved it. And no, I did not see the twist coming. Sometimes I like to guess, sometimes I like to just wrap myself up in the tale and enjoy it rather than trying to work it all out. Particularly considering the hectic time I’ve been having lately. Highly recommended. 9.25 out of 10. Take a tissue. I will when I see it again.

The Good Liar. Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen on finest form in this interesting tale of older love and a devious conman, in more ways than one. Some people commented on my Facebook post that they found the plot a bit far-fetched. But I thought that the performances more than made up for that. Very well worth seeing. 8 out of 10.

PS – A quick mention also for the superb theatre production I saw at the cinema with my lovely friend Sheena recently, called ‘Hansard’. Such incredible performances including from Lindsay Duncan, in a one act intense emotional bittersweet play. Catch it if it comes back around.

Next week on QVC

Monday we have a snake print embellished jumper from Frank Usher.

Vionic are here on Tuesday with the orthotic Vera ankle boots.

Wednesday see’s the exciting return of the Chair Gym!

Garmin will be showing us the DriveSMart 65 sat nav with lifetime maps on Thursday, and be on the lookout for the launch of the Philosophy six-piece Luxurious Fragrance Layering collection at 9pm ahead of Friday.

It even goes on early bird sale at the start of the week, so keep an eye out.

Look out for more wonderful news and views and information, best place to check my antics out is on social media, listed below.

Let me know what you were up to in 1987 and I will have great fun reading them!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Flip you are so lucky you work for qvc with those expensive purchases! Sealy and dyson?! I hope you get a massive discount!
    Can’t wait to see last Christmas so glad it’s good.
    Hope you’re going cruising again next Feb? You loved it clearly x

  2. Debs how do you all have the zest and energy I feel all these wonderful items QVC do is the energy boost to making all our lives easier I have you to thank very informative its made my life easier due to my S.L.E Lupus Your blogs have kept me going and my granddaughter Sophie 8 and Nyla 4 who informed me while playing Spa that my cracks are going ha ha

  3. Hi Debbie
    This is from one of your Top Fans!
    Just to let you know I went to see The Good Liar film you recommended and I thought it was brilliant. Helen Mirren is such a good actor, and a nice twist to the tale. I went with my daughter on a Meerkat Tuesday midday screening, 2 for 1, as she had a day off, and so it was nice to spend that time together. By the way, I had some really good luck this week as I won the Dyson prizes!!!! How amazing is that??

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