At the fair, Wales, and the new Dyson!

What a lovely family day out I had, two days running, with my son and his family in Fulham. On the Friday I met him for a lovely lunch just round the corner from where he lives. It was really nice to spend time with just him, regulars with very long memories will remember my Bradley and mummy time outings from years ago, long before he was married. Really nice to catch up and have a one-to-one chat! Had a smashing lunch in the nearby pub.

Then I went and got his two little terrors from nursery. We went to the coffee shop where they both have got used to turning their faces away when I take a selfie of us all, since they are not social media babies, bless! Had a lovely time but I was really tired by now!

Then, the next day, I returned as it was time for the Parsons Green fair. And they had so many stalls and displays as well. Talk about lucky with the weather. After Blake and I went on the high up ride (see main photo), she had a go on the donkey ride, Brad took both of them on the little car roundabout, and we all, including Kari, set to watch the dancing displays in the main tent. It was a wonderful day, and little Kaleb did a bit of dancing to the music himself. So sweet! Got to make the most of days like this; even though I was really tired I forced myself to go. And I’m glad I did 🙂


Blowing Raspberries

On my flying trip to Devon on Tuesday for an evening meeting with my association executive, was followed up by a little bit of raspberry picking in the morning after. It had to be done! The bushes in the back garden are really prolific this year! It’s a joy to behold. Because I haven’t been there as much, I haven’t managed to keep away the greeblies from eating the lilies: about half of them have been munched, which is a real shame. But it’s a great year for wallflowers, don’t you think? Anyway I took this little container of raspberries to Wales and Phoebe loved them! She was well happy and had eaten about half of them by the time I took this picture! The little back garden plants are coming on well, and I took great delight in spending an evening and a very early morning with my grandkids and daughter and son-in-law, before driving back home to Surrey and an evening meeting with fellow residents/directors at my flats in Banstead! I collapsed into bed that night I can tell you!

Jasper Agog

Little grandson Jasper, he’s growing so quickly. Well they do at five months, don’t they? He just lays there looking deep into your eyes in wonder as if he’s trying to read your mind, so lovely. I played with him quite a lot when I went to Wales, even though it was a fleeting visit. Then just before his bedtime, he decided he was very interested in the television! Some Netflix thing with Melissa McCarthy that my daughter was watching. And he properly sat there watching it (bless him!) before he was whisked away for a feed and bed. I remember my lovely Daisy dog used to sit watching the television with me as well, whereas Gracie just didn’t even seem to realise there were pictures on the screen. I have just read Phoebe her bedtime stories too. She’s very much into the Tom Fletcher books at the moment and I’ve just ordered ‘There’s an elf in my book’! Had a lovely time with my babies. not long and I will be seeing them again on the weekend at the wedding!

Meet Ruth!

Thought I would give you a quick heads up that Ruth Langsford and QVC are getting together for a very special event! Details on this poster. If you remember our beauty bash events, I’m sure it will be along those lines and will feature some very famous faces as well from Ruth‘s TV world. It’s at the end of July so apply soon!


The Lincoln Lawyer, on Netflix, the TV series based on Michael Connelly‘s books. Yes, it was made into a film with Matthew McConaughey once, but I think this looks a much better option. I have loved his tales featuring these characters and I will definitely be looking this one up! To be honest there’s so much choice at the moment on the telly I don’t know where to start. Of course I was glued to all the developments mid-week when the political shenanigans were going on, and when I’m away I will definitely get back into watching something nightly. It will probably be this. Or Stranger Things, I keep hearing so much about it! Have you watched it? Why is it so popular?


Proper one! Go here to see what happened during one of my shows with one of our fab new behind-the-scenes people – getting used to what the on-air camera-light meant. Bless her!


Doorbell ding dong!! Hehe!! And don’t forget to follow my social media (listed below) for more funnies, updates, and behind-the-scenes insights. By the way I’m on TikTok now! Search debbie flint TV! I’m planning to do something every day during my retreat that starts… Next Tuesday! Haven’t mentioned it yet ?! he he !


This week, Will talks to Margot Grant Witz, third generation family member of beauty brand Elizabeth Grant about her grandmother’s story and what we can expect to see from the skincare range in the coming months. Next week he’ll be talking to a familiar face in writer, presenter and journalist, Jackie Kabler. Jackie will be telling Will all about Menopause Your Way, an exciting initiative at QVC. You can listen to all the Inside Q podcasts here.


One of the best books I have read all year! ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus. Bookshop tweeted asking what was your top book of the year, and this one got mentioned by so many responses I thought I’d get it. I’m so glad I did! You will absolutely love it. If you take one recommendation for me this year, make it this one. A feisty woman chemist who becomes a TV star in the 60s when women weren’t supposed to have an opinion, features a clever kid and a wise dog amongst others too. Absolutely loved every minute. Highly highly recommended!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the lovely Kelly Hoppen large indoor/outdoor Buddha statue.

Saturday – join me on Friday at 9pm and midnight, for the launch of the new Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner. I’m absolutely delighted you have another option from this range of incredible cordless Vacs. And the V8 is possibly the best lower-price multipurpose one. Big tip, please keep the filters clean. This one’s easier to empty as well. Check out my time-lapse video opening it, on my social media, and also what happened when I vacuumed a couch which had already been vacuumed, you won’t believe what came out of it. Go here to see more.

Sunday – already online it’s the Liz Earle Smooth and Firm four-piece Superskin collection, for skins that need more hydration or are more mature. go here to see and buy more

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Finery London Kira Multi Spot Print Tiered Midi Dress
SBC 3-Piece Resurfacing Acids Face & Body Collection
Easiyo 10-Piece Yoghurt Selection
KochBlume Set of 10 Assorted Extra Absorbent Microfibre Cloth
Nina Leonard Sleeveless Tiered Maxi Dress with Draw String
Tan-Luxe 2 Piece Anti-Age Hydrating Gradual Tan Set
Kim & Co Printed Brazil Jersey Short Sleeve with Shirring Dress
Cook’s Essentials 1.5L Compact Touch Screen Digital Air Fryer

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 10th at midnight:

Carole Hochman Tropical Cheetah Luxe Jersey Kaftan Regular/Petite
Gatineau Complete Hand & Body 5 Piece Summer Collection
Home Reflections Indoor/ Outdoor Twinkling Festoon Light Strand
OPI 6 Piece Power of Hue Summer Collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s fashion day and we are bringing you a Denim & Co. printed, jersey, smocked waist, pull-on trouser; sounds unusual! And join me the night before I go away on my long summer break, for the…

Tuesday – …Estee Lauder four-piece summer collection, already online, this will be an amazing success I’m sure, as so many of their sets have been in the past. Go here to see and buy more.

Wednesday – time for a new jumpsuit from Kim & Co, this time a wide-leg, twist-front version in different lengths! We love Kim‘s jumpsuits!

Thursday – my favourite range of footwear, for feet that are flat, Vionic, brings us the ‘Essence Mylie’ trainer. Really looking forward to this one and I will be getting a new pair!

Friday – please don’t miss a superb way of getting stronger, as my friend Fiona Summers returns with the Gym Magic fitness bar with wallchart and four DVDs for under £40. It’s a really good way of introducing resistance into an ordinary routine – you can do it seated as well. Please don’t miss out!

And a reminder that Jackie‘s chat show all about menopause is on at 4pm every Friday!

Friday 9pm Tweak’d by Nature return with a Jatamansi Cleanse & Volumise Supersize haircare collection!

Next week, my niece Chloe gets married and it will be a big family weekend! Plus my first few days at my long summer holiday in Somerset! Fitness and health and writing my fifth novel at last! All waiting for me, can’t wait!

Best wishes,


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  1. Will miss reading your blog but enjoy your break come back refreshed and dating to go best wishes Sue xx

  2. Please keep sending your weekly updates. You are part of my weekly routine, I suffer deeply from pain, anxiety & depression. You cheer me up no end, take care and have a ball x

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