Away days in Devon with pal Gill and fab bee competition!

Had my long-awaited weekend away with one of my oldest friends, Gill from Essex (ex-photographer). Actually you may remember, she used to sell a pet skincare product on QVC a few years ago. Anyway, we have been going away together for many years for the odd weekend, some more odd than others ha ha. One year we went to Iceland, and swam in the Blue Lagoon, one of my favourites ever – even if we didn’t see the Northern Lights. Anyway, this week we spent two nights down in Devon with the intention of relaxing, and relax we did. One of the days we went on a really long walk across Dartmoor, which was very bracing given the November frosty weather has definitely kicked in!

Caught up with pal Alix in Belstone, had a nice lunch in the pub and went to the cinema amongst other things. Plus, we also bought some plants from Oliver Hood, who I used to buy them from when Hatherleigh Market was booming. He told us about his little Jack Russell puppy litter.

This one is seven-week-old Nellie, and they are just about to go to their new homes, only a couple left. The pups’ little dad is called Bob! Funny! Lovely natured little dogs. Nearly “bought up the farm” there, in terms of winter plants too, to revamp the pots on the balcony at home in Surrey and replace all the scraggy plants from the summer! That will be a job and a half! Anyway, had a lovely time and it felt like a proper break from work, which was nice. We are planning our next extravaganza and weekend away – maybe we will get to do the fossil hunting in Lyme Regis finally in the spring! Any suggestions?

Bee jewellery competition

As promised, here is the delightful bee jewellery competition. To win this lovely Diamonique sterling silver set with simulated diamonds, all you need to do is tell me, why do I like the bee emblem so much? (I repeat it several times in most of my shows when I do this jewellery!) Leave your answer in the comments below, before Thursday 2nd December at midday (full Terms and Conditions here). Winner will be mentioned in next week‘s blog!


Christmas ritual with fab family

That time of year again, this is about the 11th time I have written about my annual shopping trip with the girls! (I came back to QVC in 2009, you see.) Well, sister Linda, and Nikki and Alison came with me (Mum would have but she was a bit poorly), went off for our little march around Westfield shopping mall in Shepherd’s Bush, had lunch, put the world to rights, bought some nice things for each other, and a load of stocking filler presents. A nice day was had by all but we did miss Mum!

Behind the ‘behind the scenes!’

Last weekend we did the ‘QVC Unwrapped’ special, looking backstage during our Saturday programming to see what goes on. Well, my bit was in the guest lounge, and this was my view looking back the other way! It’s kind of a behind the “behind the scenes”! I also did an interesting piece from the gallery where the producer and the director sit, hope you got to see it! Fingers crossed we do more like this in the future. 🙂

Jacket of the week

Oooo what a lovely MarlaWynne jacket this is!! This week’s most commented on. It’s 185957 , and quite a lot in stock!


Went to see Ghostbusters at the cinema, the sequel! Didn’t see the female one, didn’t really look as appealing. But this one looked quite fun and I loved the original film, so we trotted along to the little Merlin cinema in Okehampton on Wednesday. The film is up to all my expectations – really good little actors playing the descendants of the original Ghostbusters, and quite a good plot, I have to say! Well worth seeing especially if you too loved the very first one in the 80s! 8.5 out of ten – a film gets an extra half a point from me whenever Paul Rudd is in it!


This week, Will caught up Michaela Taylor from Gatineau and next week he’s sitting down with fashion stylist Helene Berman. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Here are some more shenanigans from when we were in Dartmoor this week! Go here to see it, over on my Facebook page and follow me for updates like this, plus news of new products coming up on QVC! My social media links are below.

Book of the week – the Fourth Friend by Joy Ellis

Book three in the series – if you read them in the recommended order – featuring Jackman and Marie, the crime-busting duo from Norfolk. Police detective Carter McLean is the only survivor of a plane crash that kills his four best friends. He returns to work, but he is left full of guilt and terrible flashbacks. So for each of his four friends, he decides to complete something that they left unfinished, including incomplete investigations and that’s with Jackman and Marie Evans coming. Off to a blinding start, another good one from Joy!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Cozee Home Today’s Special Value, a new heated faux fur throw – just the right weather for it, isn’t it?

Saturday – time for another lovely Centigrade faux down coat with inner lining and fully detachable hood – we really are keeping you warm this winter!

SundayGatineau are back with the seven-piece Age Benefit Elixir Anti-Ageing collection, supremely good value given the usual prices of this premium top of the range category. I’m loving the new improved lip treatment which is also in this set! Don’t miss it, a great way to stock up. Looking forward to my 5pm show

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MondayKelly Hoppen home design is back with the Gatsby hundred percent cotton six-piece duvet set, on advanced orders and really well-priced for another premium range on QVC.

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Next week – winter dinners and posh do’s!! Time for Debbie to dress up! And the results of my bee jewellery competition, do check in next week!

Best wishes,


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65 Responses

  1. Hi Deb, So you love Bee because, Deborah is Bee in Hebrew and your two grandchildren are B=Blake and Phoebe(e) so that is why you love your Bee jewellery. Take care X

  2. Deborah means Bee in ancient Hebrew and bees overcome the impossible as they should not be able to fly!
    I love bees and have a number of jewellery bee pieces 🐝
    Your range is Fabee-lous xx

  3. Hi the answer to the bee competition is
    You love bees because Deborah means bee in Hebrew .
    Also a bee 🐝 symbolises overcoming the impossible as scientifically bees shouldn’t be able to fly.

    Your bee range is exquisite and I hope to be lucky enough to win the competition.

    Thank you

  4. Hi debs, always read your blog. The answer to the competition is that Bee means Deborah in Hebrew, and in Israel Deborah means honey bee! Love, Annabel. XX

  5. Debbie likes the bee emblem because it is symbolic of overcoming the impossible. Also Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew. Hear’s hoping l win this lovely jewellery.

    1. Hi Debbie – you love bees because Deborah means Bee in ancient Hebrew and also scientifically bees should not be able to fly -amazing. Please enter me for this fab competition. Best of luck everyone xx

  6. Hi debbie, have watched and loved qvc from the very start, and loved all my purchases, and always read your blogs, but for the life of me debbie , ive checked all your blogs again i do not know the answer to the competition, i guess its the beautiful shape and you just love bees and how they pollinate all around them and look beautiful, so i dont know what i do know is we love you and how you inspire us all thankyou debbie

  7. Hi

    Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew. Also, it shouldn’t be able to fly considering the size of its body and wings, so it signifies achieving the impossible.

    Thanks for letting us enter this competition. I really enjoy reading your weekly blogs and love anything to do with bees. I used to be so scared of them but decided to read up on them and now think they are the most clever, friendly, hard working insects.

  8. Hi Debbie what a lovely give away! I know you like the bee emblem so much because it’s your name sake, Deborah meaning Bee in ancient Hebrew.🌝🐝♥️X

  9. Hi Debbie
    you like the bee as the name Deborah means bee in Hebrew and also the sentiment that bee means you can achieve the impossible. As years ago the loveley Joan Rivers told us she named her daughter Melissa which is the Greek word for Bee.
    love Christiane x

    1. Hi Debbie I love your blog, Deborah means bee in Hebrew , if I was lucky enough to win this beautiful jewellery I would give it to my lovely sister as her nickname is Bee

  10. You love bees because they mean – over coming the impossible, Phoebee and Blake love the bee song you do together, wonderful stuff
    Fab blog as always, and thanks for the opportunity to win the Bee Jewellery, they are stunning x

  11. Hi Debbie like you I love the bee 🐝 it’s a sign off hope and new beautiful beginnings and I know you always tell everyone about it being Hebrew for Deborah.

  12. What is navy jumper Debbie was wearing Friday night come home broadcast. With silver leaf design on it please it was lovely

  13. Love your blogs Debbie, love to see them come out every Friday. Really appreciate the sneak peeks at the upcoming TSVs!
    For the Bee Jewellery collection competition – you love bees because your name Deborah in Hebrew means bee.
    I bought your bee drop earrings recently and love them – they’ve become my new daily earrings.

  14. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away. I can recommend Bath for a very short break – beautiful city, lots to do and see and the new Spa with the open rooftop pool is lovely. Looking at the new big deals, think the Kim and Co velour top will appeal to me. Hope it comes in a good red, very festive! Love xxx

  15. It is good to see you meeting up with your family and friends and having a great time. Time with them is precious. I love the bee and when I make a floral or any other type of card I always add a bee. They are lovely creatures and are so good for the environment too. Thank you for the chance to win a lovely bee collection, I would give them to my daughter and daughter in law as they are busy bees!

  16. Hi Debbie, I think the answer to you question is your Grandchildren’s names Phoebe and Blake, and also with the name bee is said to meaning to achieve the impossible love Marion xx

  17. Hi sweetie , Debbie or Deborah – the name means Bee

    All Debbie’s are lucky because of that fact. I named my daughter Debbie – precious like the Bee

  18. Hope you enjoyed your mini break in Devon with your friend Gill, your so busy these days I guess you need to re charge your batteries so to speak. The reason you like Bee jewellery etc is because Debbie means Bee and your DMQ designs are beauriful.

  19. Hi. Deborah is derived from the Hebrew word for bee. Also Debs you are a very busy person much like a busy bee👍
    Have a great day. Keep smiling and stay inspirational.

  20. Hi Debbie, great blog as always. I spent many happy times in Devon when family lived there, so I can understand why you love it so much.

    I’d love to enter the competition for your beautiful bee collection, I believe the answer is that Deborah means Bee (in Hebrew?)

    Thanks for the sneaky peaks for the upcoming week, something I always appreciate.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Debbie I love your blog, Deborah means bee in Hebrew , if I was lucky enough to win this beautiful jewellery I would give it to my lovely sister as her nickname is Bee

  21. I like the Bea emblem because i now have a Granddaughter Beatrice, the first girl in our family for 25 years so after having two boys i have lots of things with Beas on and also lots pink. 🙂

  22. Hi Debbie
    You like bees because Deborah means bee in Hebrew. Also every day the bee achieves the impossible when it flies because technically it shouldn’t be able to. It’s an inspiration to keep going and striving for your goal.

  23. Hi Debbie, love your blogs and sneaky peeks!
    Bee emblem, can achieve the impossible and Deborah means bee in ancient hebrew.

  24. Hi Debbie
    I would love to have some of your bee jewellery. Deborah means bee in Hebrew. Also the bee achieves the impossible every day when it flies because technically it shouldn’t be able to. It is a symbol of inspiration and encouragement to keep going because we can achieve our goals.

  25. Some say that scientifically the bee shouldn’t actually be able to fly. But the bee doesn’t know this so it flies anyway.
    A bee emblem is a symbol of achieving the impossible.
    Whatever anyone says, when they say you cannot do it then the bee reminds you that “Yes you can!”

  26. Pick me Debs I love bees too! Answer is Bee is Deborah in Hebrew and bees signify overcoming challenges because biologically they shouldn’t be able to fly but due to their perseverance they can! Xx

  27. Hi Debbie
    You love bees because they signify overcoming the impossible and also because Deborah means bee in Hebrew x

  28. Hi Debbie, you like the bee emblem so much because of the association with your name. As you say, your name (Deborah) is derived from and means ‘ BEE ‘ in Hebrew.

    I’m from and still live in North Devon not too far from your place. It is always interesting when you mention places I know including some of our unusual place names. May be I will ‘Bea – worthy’ of winning!
    I have your original Bee pendant and would be ‘ buzzing’ if I did win this ‘sapphire’ set.
    Take care x

  29. Hi Debbie I love your blog, Deborah means bee in Hebrew , if I was lucky enough to win this beautiful jewellery I would give it to my lovely sister as her nickname is Bee

  30. Hi
    The answer is that Deborah means bee in Hebrew. Bees are a wonderful creature to be associated with as they help spread life through pollination and work extremely hard

  31. Hi Debbie
    The Bee emblem signifies over coming the impossible, as the Bee should not be able to fly due to the dynamics of its large scale body and smaller sized wings.
    Deborah means Bee in ancient Hebrew. I love the song you made up and sing with Phiobe and Blake, I think you are full of fun and laughter Debbie and have over come the impossible at times. Xx

  32. Thank you everybody who took part and congratulations Christianne for being the winner! Of course you were alright when you said my name means bee in ancient Hebrew and the bee overcomes the impossible because they shouldn’t be able to fly but they do. And all things bee including the song that I wrote for my grandchildren!
    Look out for more shows featuring my Diamonique bee jewellery on the 21st of December and new designs coming in February!

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