Back to a bumper birthday bundle! And sneaky peeks…

Had yet another birthday treat from my wonderful sister Linda, when she took me to see the Sally Morgan show at Epsom theatre this week. Nothing came through to us like it did when we went in 2009 (the videos are still on YouTube and we made it onto her TV series!), But it was very entertaining and good fun. I love all that esoteric stuff! Nice to spend some sister time as well, as I did in the high street this week too, although she might have wished she’d left me at home… see the ‘funny’ below!

Bumper Bundle

My goodness did I come back to lots of cards after my two weeks away for my 60th birthday celebrations – see last week’s blogs! This is what met me at home:

And this is what I came into at work on my first day back this week! Thank you to everybody who sent one in, I felt very spoilt!

I would say the birthday fun is more or less over, but I’ve got other things planned for later in the year, so watch this space! It’s been a watershed birthday to remember though, that’s for sure :-).


One of the things that was waiting for me when I got back was this ‘Beauty Steal’ for May, from Gatineau. The Hydra Aura cream/mask/serum is multi-purpose and especially good for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skins. It says that amongst other things, you can use it as an extra layer of hydration all over your face and neck which I shall be doing, especially after this recent sunshine!

When I was away, I met a lovely lady who likes QVC, in a shop in the Center Parcs complex, and we were discussing my skincare routine. I said Gatineau is my go-to for problem-solving, and that’s just what this product does! Don’t miss it in May.

Had a flying visit to my niece Jodie‘s birthday bonanza in Ilfracombe whilst I popped back to Devon for a few days, after I left Center Parcs on Friday. They had a kid’s party on Sunday morning and I managed to get there at the end. She and her two boys all have their birthdays within a week of each other so it was lovely to spend a little bit of time by the seaside, see them all, and give them the little gifts. Our family have lots of birthdays in May! More to come as well – I’m not the only one!

Well, what a lot of lovely colour I came back to on the balcony as well. Mum had looked after my plants superbly, and they had blossomed and bloomed. Obviously Richard Jackson’s plant food played a big role. Nearly put this pic as my top photograph this week, as all of these flowers were from my pots. Going to minimise what’s on my balcony this year though as I’m going away for nearly a month in the summer and giving the gooseberries and raspberries to my daughter for her place in Wales – which she is quite chuffed about! And am going to give her a couple of house plants as well.

This is the plant I’m going to give to Lauren, partly because of the history. Believe it or not I have had this about 24 years. It started off as two little embellishments I got as part of a bouquet of flowers from my ex-husband Tony, way before we split up, at the end of the 90s when I was at QVC the first time round! I stuck them in water and they sprouted, so I planted them. And all these years later (and five house moves later), this is what they look like.

She’s well chuffed as it will fit nicely in her new house. Let’s face it, I’ve got more than enough greenery in my lounge, as regulars to my #Thursdaybantz Facebook Live will know!


OMG, OMG! You just have to watch Ten Per Cent on Amazon Prime, if you can. Based on the French series Call My Agent which lots of people loved, this follows the fortunes of their British counterparts, and features real life actors playing themselves in funny situations in this make-believe London talent agency.

I especially loved the actress playing Julia – put-upon assistant to the main boss, who loves him but he doesn’t know it. She is a comic genius! And man, can she dance! But I found the characters living with me a long time after it was over, and I miss them! I hope there are more series in the future.

Also watched more This is Us and Outlander, two of my absolutely favourite series ever. But it’s the last season of This is Us and I know I will miss them as well, so I’m trying to pace myself! Also, there’s a new series of Grace on ITV as well, and as I love John Simm, that’s next on my list.


Got back and had some sister time and got caught out by the hot sun when I forgot my sun hat. All I had was a screwed up Bo Peep bonnet in the back of my car. Still, I had to wear it and must have looked a right state! Sister thought it was funny when we had a coffee in Banstead High Street! #BadLadyLOL


Absolutely loved Craig’s one last week. Please listen if you can! Next week Will Gowing speaks to Stephanie Metkus, Vice President and Brand Ambassador at Korres skincare. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


I finally got to use a product I’ve been waiting to use for ages! Plus, lots of vlogs from the holiday! Take a look here and don’t forget to follow my social media to see it all in advance!


An unusual one for me, as a recommendation from a friend I listened to the audiobook of Recovery by Russell Brand. I had mentioned that someone I know was having problems with alcohol and my friend recommended this book. Now I would normally not touch Russell Brand with a barge pole. But having listened to this, I’ve changed my mind. He is so eloquent, articulate and intelligent in his writing, very poetic in parts. And very spiritual.

It’s about his journey out of dependency into freedom and self-loving rather than self-loathing. And his own version of 12 steps which is quite funny. Really worth a listen if you find you are repeating patterns, whatever the problem you face, or someone you know faces. Highly recommended and I have bought it for several people I know!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the lovely coloured button-down dress with tabbed elbow sleeves and side seam pockets by Nina Leonard, super affordable!

Saturday – time for tech, with a Galaxy Tablet from Samsung! Unusual that we should do one of these, so do join us. Also for my 9pm launch of the…

Sunday – …Liz Earle Ultimate Daily Routine five-piece collection, already online, go here to see and buy it early. Looks great! And features the new Cleanse & Glow. (See it early by joining me the night before, for the launch). Then another 9pm launch for me of the Monday deal from Nails Inc!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Lock & Lock oven safe glass container six-piece collection
Modern Bedroom MAX pillow pair
Laura Geller Tahitian Glow four-piece collection
Amanda Harrington Three-Step Tanning Method Face Kit
Skinsense three-piece Night Routine Collection
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White Stuff Rosie jersey dress
Denim & Co. beach wrap front swim dress
JPE Fitover Juliette sunglasses

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 22nd at midnight:

Masai Copenhagen printed short sleeve swing jersey dress
NassifMD three-piece Night Time Routine
Mia Tui Laura cross-body bag with interchangeable straps
Silk’n USB rechargeable Pedi Vacuum Callus Remover with additional heads

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Nails Inc return with a seven-piece Hey Sunshine collection in two different options. You are lucky because this is already online, so do go here to see the colour choices and buy it early! Plus, on Monday night not only do I have diamonds at 8pm, there are also top offers with Tempur bedding at 10pm and crafting with Anna Griffin, unusually at 11pm!

Tuesday – time for the Finery London printed Rosie dress with tie-sleeve detail.

Plus, look out for the Diamonique Outlet at 8pm, who knows you may see some of my Bee designs! Go here meanwhile to see and buy them early!

Wednesday – Korres are back with a four-piece Pure Greek Olive Complete Bodycare Collection. And join me at midnight for the launch of the…

Thursday – …JM by Julien Macdonald deco style sequin bedding six-piece set! How very decadent!

Friday – sort out your summer sandals with the Moda in Pelle Organtia slider sandal!

Friday 9pm – and Dyson are back, going on sale mid-week, with a V10 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner, again at a really good price.

Next week – a couple of dos – one garden get-together with my association which I have helped to organise, and a gala dinner I’m going to with a friend who wants to be an MP. (I admire her greatly as I have put paid to any such ideas!). Will report back next week. 🙂

Have a super week yourself!

Best wishes,


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  1. Debbie – in the picture of you plant that Lauren is going to look after – there is a piece of furniture with blue ferns on it – where di that come from – I am looking for similar material – Thanks! !

  2. I love your blogs saw you and Alison O’Reilly on Diamonique show last night (20th) and you were talking about your love of bees, when I finished watching the show I switched to Sky nature programme and it was called My garden of a thousand bees it was amazing if you can catch up with it you will love it, I didn’t realise just how many different bees there actually were and how this guy had made his garden bee friendly amazing. You are so lucky to have such an amazing family I am a little envious. So glad you are feeling so much better and it is a pleasure to watch you on QVC.

  3. Debbie,
    I too loved Ten Per Cent, which prompted me to find the original French series it is based on. Call My Agent ran for four series’ and is wonderful. I think it’s on Netflix

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