Beach with my babies, sneaky peeks and early bird links

Last weekend I went to Wales with Brad, my son, and two and a half-year-old Blake (sneaking into the picture above Brad’s shoulder in the top photo.) We stayed with my daughter Lolly and her beautiful girl Phoebe, 20 months-old, and hubby Nick. I stayed in the shepherd’s hut, and did a special extended vlog from inside for my regular #thursdayBantz night!

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When London was sweltering, I was in relative tolerable temperatures, 24 degrees-ish. We went to the beach on Saturday and it was overcast but warm, before it then turned much brighter in the afternoon. Blake and Phoebe loved making sandcastles, but not as much as the two daddies did, enthusiastically digging arm-wide tunnels under the sand ’til their hands met!

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We managed some lovely walks around the grounds on the smallholding, and managed to avoid the field that has their holiday let, the Hiveaway, as they had visitors at the time. The babies were fascinated by the cows and the cows were fascinated by the babies!

Had some lovely meals, most of which Lauren cooked, but we did go out for one or two and had the most beautiful riverside walk on the Sunday morning as the weather got warmer. Took probably 100 photos, but as you know the little ones are not social media babies, so this one will have to do!

Lauren has also grown the most enormous vegetables in her poly tunnel and they are doing very well down there in Wales. I’m very proud of my kids. Phoebe is so grown-up now. She wanted her fingernails trimmed and pointed to the scissors. When Lauren said no, Phoebe said “too, sharp, for, Phoebe.” Adorable at that age, aren’t they?

Blake was terribly grown-up and kept looking after little Phoebe, although they did have their share of spats. Precious times. I can’t wait until Lauren and Phoebe come to stay at the start of October for Phoebe’s second birthday, hopefully in my new place! At time of writing, everything is falling into place, so we will arrange completion either the end of August or beginning of September. 🙂


Story plots…

Thought this would make you smile. One of my friends posted it online this week, with the comment “one of the four basic story plots…” Made me laugh…

Bruce’s Zoominar

Had a great time this week while in my brother’s back garden joining in on the Bodyblade Ohana Facebook group’s live Zoom session, all of us using the brilliant Bodyblade devices in our own homes with Bruce in LA. He is still in a tighter lockdown over there, but took time out to help everybody and answer lots of questions afterwards. Well done Bruce! His genius fitness device is available online here. And thanks to the girls for organising: Anne, Sue and Helen.

Fab gifts!

OMG I am very excited to be bringing you the Bell & Howell set of four magnifying ballpoint pens with light, on with me at 9pm and midnight Sunday. They come in boxes so they are perfect for presents. Works out around £4 each, plus a smidge of postage. I’d say they are going to absolutely fly, so please be prepared to get in nice and early. In a choice of colours (including my favourites, purple and turquoise), this is a really high-quality ballpoint, whose body becomes a magnifying light! Check out this video, and join Gill Gauntlett and myself Sunday night!

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I’m still gripped by ‘This is Us’, only halfway through season two and there are four seasons. But something I will take a break to watch is Knives Out. I missed it at the cinema (last year?) and now it’s available online, with a stellar cast including Daniel Craig playing the inquisitive detective Blanc. It’s a modern take on the classic whodunnit mystery and a tribute to people like Agatha Christie. My kids watched it and thought it was really good.

Another film that’s on Prime is Official Secrets, based on world-shaking true events. It tells the gripping story of a whistleblower in British intelligence who leaks info to the press at the time of the Iraq war. Matt Smith also stars, as does Ralph Fiennes. Really good and I’ll probably watch it again!


A special tribute this week to the lovely Michelle from Alpha H, from Will and Tom Ogden. Do catch it here. Plus, spin down to see this Sunday’s Today’s Special Value sneaky-peak. It’s a new three-piece Liquid Gold set from your favourite problem-solving brand.

And, update! Will has asked me to do the one year anniversary podcast episode, including some of the highlights! I’m thrilled, as it means I get to talk about other stuff, not just me! I love his weekly insights into the world behind the faces you see on our QVC screens. You can look back on dozens here and they make great entertainment. I do love a good podcast. 🙂 There are some amazing ones on Inside QVC. You guys agree as well, because they were celebrating over 50,000 downloads last week.

Book of the week

Well, what a week it’s been. I have started downloading other audiobooks I want to get into, but obviously I’m not driving so much now so I’m not getting through them so quickly, especially as I listen to podcasts. However, I had a splurge! I’ve ordered on pre-sell several of my favourites, including the new Lee Child for November, the new Robert Galbraith for September, and the new ‘Tales From the Folly’ by Ben Aaronovitch for the end of August.

However, for now, I just downloaded ‘The Sandman’, an Audible original featuring lots of actors rather than one narrator, including Taron Egerton and James McAvoy, among others. It’s a superheroes story, drawing on real world history, myths, and DC comic book characters. Following the king of dreams imprisoned on Earth until he fulfills a task and can rebuild his dominion. Michael Sheen plays the devil. Can’t wait to get stuck into it!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – it’s fashion event time on both Friday and Saturday 15th, and if they are still available, go here to see and buy the Moda in Pelle Lori ankle boots with trim on three easy payments, and look out for much more fashion, including an extra shift from me doing 4pm Kim & Co and 6pm Skechers, as well as three tea-time hours Saturday.

Saturday – when we will be bringing you the Ruth Langsford jersey shirt jumpsuit in different lengths – great price as well! Go here to see and buy it as it is already online prior to its launch tonight at 9pm with Jackie and Ruth.

Sunday – the Alpha H three-piece Liquid Gold Firming and Hydrating collection is here. Featuring the most wonderful treatment Liquid Gold Eye product for firming, and just what we need with all the hot weather – the new Hydration cream, as well as a large size Liquid Gold. (And don’t forget to listen to the podcast remembering lovely Michelle, see above.)

Plus, on Sunday night I launch the latest Christmas gifts, see below.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

LA Tweeze three-piece Pro Collection
VibroSlim Radial Plus 3D firness vibration plate
Liz Earle British Beauty Icons collection
Ninja Dual Zone Airfryer
Prime Fifty Total Health Gut and Immunity, Omega 3 and Multi Vitamins
Michele Hope swing hem shirt

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 16th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Elemis three-piece Dynamic Resurfacing Essentials collection
Hardwall Takker 59-piece multi-purpose hanging kit
Protect A Bed cooling cotton mattress and pillow protector

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – the four-piece gift pen set – see above!

Tuesday – the most lovely L’occitane floral Shower and Liquid Soap Eco-Refill trio, going on sale early, go here to see and buy it. I love the rose one. And it’s good to use the bottles again, I think! These plastic bags are much easier to get rid of and don’t take up so much space. A great price as well considering it’s 500ml!

WednesdayLulu Guinness, top designer handbag brand, returns with the Winslet small flap-over chain cross-body bag.

And don’t forget to join me at 9pm for the…

ThursdayJoules Cora jersey cropped jacket (jersey, not denim eh?), according to the write up! Looking forward to trying this one.

FridayEcoegg bring us a really economical and eco-friendly washing machine set. Instead of using washing powders and fluids, how about trying these clever pellet-filled eggs you can refill. You get over 1000 washes and they come with stain remover and two machine detox tablets. Great for light loads or for frequent washes, and amazing for anybody that suffers from reactions to washing powders et cetera on clothes. Imagine how many washes you could do in your 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, just don’t forget to use the stain remover for a heavy wash.

Friday 9pmFriday at 9pm I bring you the T’weaked three-piece Dhatelo Restorative Shampoo, Conditioner and Coconutty Body Cream, which is also a face cream. Saturday’s TSV. Live from his garage studio in Canada, I wonder who Dennis will pull on with him to show off to us this time! The cream smells amazing and is very, very soothing and comforting, so it’s really good value if it’s included with his famous shampoo and conditioners as well.

Plus, watch out for the new Decleor four-piece Ultimate Hydration Skincare collection, which goes on sale mid-week. A massive Prolagene Gel, which is useful for all sorts of things, (just look at the write-ups and check out the price of the regular size!) Plus, a full size face cream, it’s worth it just for one of them! And the rich shower jelly in my favourite neroli. What a week ahead of us on QVC!

Next week – oh my goodness, my first trip back to the hairdressers! I cannot believe it! 🙂

Best wishes,


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7 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie another jam packed blog to read. Lovely to see your family get together. Ithink the one thing this year has taught us is the importance of our family & friends.
    Thank you for all the info re offers coming up on QVC it’s great to get a heads up on them. I really like Joules products & look forward to seeing the TSV.
    I live in Lancashire by the sea & our weather has been full of impressive thunder storms – although my daughter’s cockerpoo & granddaughter Eve got in bed with her they weren’t very keen!!
    We have our daughter & granddaughter coming up from London next week we haven’t seen them since Christmas so will be lovely to see them. Take care & stay safe with love from Julia (Smith) xx

  2. Hi Debbie! 😊
    I happened across your vlog yesterday and was so interested about your book club and then through your FB page I found out you have books too so I will be buying those shortly .. they look interesting 😉
    I also love love love crime novels and currently reading through all of David Baldacci books … if you haven’t read him start with Will Robbie series .. he’s great ! I also love Lee Child and Jack Reacher in particular.
    Also one last little note… I met you years and years ago (probably about 26/27 years ago) at a Kirks Folly QVC function in London. You’re as lovely now as you were then. Carry on the good work 😊
    Stay safe and well and …. cool lol
    Kind regards
    Jackie Reade

  3. Hi Debbie, great blog, really informative and good to read what’s coming up on qvc. Can I ask you as one of the presenters to ask mode in pelle if they could do their range in a size 9 as I can never buy these great shoes and boots. I miss out all the time😢😢😤, ladies with larger feet want fashionable shoes too.
    Thanks for being such a great presenter and always look forward to you’re shows as I know we always get great tips on buying from you.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Lovely photos of phoebe and Blake. They’re so opposite but both gorgeous! I can’t work out this social distancing bubble stuff. I thought the only people we were allowed to be close to was the people in our house, or one other household if you live on your own. Then everyone else is 2m away. But I keep seeing photo after photo of big family gatherings all side by side! Anyway, glad you enjoyed your hols and nice hair!x

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Love seeing you on qvc, so informative on sizes especially Skechers, as I am the same size as you and it so helps to make the correct sizing. I missed out on Bell and Howell 4 pen set…..gutted! Do you know……or if Gill knows if they are coming back as another tsv as I know that has happened before, or if they are going to be coming back anyway as Christmas is on the horizon. Keep up the great job you do!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    I just want to thank you for the way you describe the fashion items. I have bought many items of clothing and shoes based purely on your very detailed descriptions. It’s risky buying fashion on television but not when you’re on. If it’s an item with sleeves, you’ll mention important things like whether there’s any stretch and how much or if it’s shoes, whether is it slightly narrow or too wide. Over the 10 + years that I have been buying from QVC, I’ve never sent back any fashion that you have presented. No other presenter goes into quite as much detail as you so thank you very much once again.xx

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