Beautiful walks and sneaky peeks!

Needless to say, lots more walking for me last week and my legs and bottom are now really appreciating the exercise, even if my hair is suffering sometimes in the damp! Well, you’ve got to wear a woolly hat in winter, haven’t you?! I found a different part of the woods to walk in, and beyond the path was this wonderful kaleidoscope of colour one evening as the sun went down. It looked much more vivid in real life than the photograph, so I enhanced it a tiny bit. I do love a beautiful sunset, don’t you?

Olaf comes to Banstead

There was also a snowy morning on one of the days last weekend, and I woke to find this! I slept through the snowfall – obviously – makes a change! I was on air late but was amused to find that not only was there still a sledge out next to one of the slopes in our grounds, but somebody had built this! He lasted a good few days as well, because it was so cold. Must get ready with a sledge next time there is snow. Banstead is quite high up in Surrey and does get the cold weather occasionally, so we may be lucky. Or unlucky, depending how deep it is. 🙂 I hope you’re staying safe and snug where you are.

We have some super deals on QVC to help keep you warm, including heated throws. I’ve been using mine a lot, while I sit in front of the TV (see below for my routine!) I must admit, I could get used to this life!

Spin it to win it

Fingers crossed QVC is keeping you company and if you find yourself buying yourself some treats, remember you can have up to three entries a day in our “Spin it to win it” great QVC giveaway! Go here for more details, but basically when you get your email with the order number, you enter it plus your personal identifiers on a different web page, listed on the page linked previously. Instant prizes, some really big ones too, plus, an entry into the draw at the end of January for £10,000! Don’t miss out! See below for some of the winter warmer treats you could choose for yourself from our food section.


Simon’s big blooms

Looking forward to a bit of sunshine later in the summer and hopefully the return of these! What whoppers! Giant lily bulbs, fresh back in stock from our Richard Jackson, online now. How lovely to get some of these ordered now, ready to bloom by the spring.

Although, obviously, I have not got a huge amount of places to grow my bulbs in the flat this year, we buried some in the woods when I emptied the pots from last summer, and you never know what might come up! I will keep my eye out. 🙂

Make your own popcorn

Need something to do? Check this out. Oh my gosh, I had the food show on Monday and it included not only the pies from Wilfred’s Pies, but Joe & Seph’s amazing popcorn! The “Make Your Own Popcorn” set, available here, was included, which, if you picked out the best kernels after you popped them, coated them in the four jars of salted caramel sauce and baked them as recommended, then put them in a giant bag, you would create this much! (More than that, but this was the best.) Joe was very proud to hold it up and show everybody. The most delicious popcorn in the world – believe me, I know, according to my taste buds anyway! 🙂  Go here to see a wonderful selection of food stuffs. Many people don’t realise it all comes with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee! Godminster Cheese was another hit, including the four-piece truckle set. Wonderful that when you’re stuck indoors you can still order treats for yourself from QVC to be delivered to your door.

Be like Debbie

Saw this on the way to work this week, on one of the posters. I took a photo because it’s so unusual to see my name being used anywhere nowadays, apart from old slightly dippy women on TV shows! LOL.

A quick reminder that my bee jewellery should be in stock soon, and on an afternoon Diamonique show with me on Monday 25th! And don’t you know, Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew!


My recent routine, given that I have just finished so many days at work, has been: wake up late, sort emails and admin, read, then walk in the woods, home for some food, then go to work. Come back, supper, and watch another episode of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix, while massaging my feet on the Revitive!! Bath, bed, repeat. Given there are currently about 40 episodes to wade through, and I’m only around episode 15 or 16, maybe it will last me ’til the end of lockdown. 🙂

I don’t know, I just love the supernatural stuff I must say. Although some of it is very silly, there is enough grittiness and surprisingly pertinent subplots to keep me interested. They are all really good actors and actresses, and some of the effects are fabulous. Not really anything like the teenage version from years ago! Very enjoyable.


Charlie’s latest funny this week was on Twitter, hilarious!


The health and wellbeing theme continues. This week’s new podcast, out on Monday 18th, is with Marjolein, the guest from the Pilates Reformer, see below for details about when it is a Today’s Special Value. If you can do this regularly it is guaranteed, in my opinion, to make the most massive difference. Discover her own story and how she got involved, when Will Gowing talks to her with his brilliant Inside QVC podcast. Click here to see the current podcast library.


I’ve been putting my vlogs on Twitter and Instagram this week, because sadly my Facebook page has had a technical problem. Fingers crossed it will be sorted soon! It follows a fake account issue I had (again!), which had used my photographs and set itself up as me with a slightly different spelling that loads of people reported as a fake account in December. It may be tied in with that. I hope! 🙂 Anyway, so keep in touch with me via everything else in the meantime. 🙂 Here’s one I recorded just for this blog, so it’s not too long!

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Book of the week

Still enjoying “Talk To Me” from Jules Week, but found out this week that one of my favourite authors, Samantha Shannon, has book four in her “Bone Season” series coming out in a week or so! I’m very excited! It’s a supernatural setting which, you will remember if you’re a regular, has featured on my book of the week several times. It’s called “The Mask Falling”, it is the fourth to follow Paige the clairvoyant in a world where people with those abilities are outlawed and an unnatural force governs the underworld. Exiled, she and her former nemesis work side-by-side. But just as the uprising began with them, will it end with them?! Can’t wait! Looking forward to it. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the superb deal, a duo of the big 3ml UKLash eyelash conditioning serum. I will definitely be stocking up. I have noticed that this has more or less the same effect on my lashes as other well-known brands I’ve tried, but it is a much lower price. So, if you are missing your eyelash conditioner, stock up on this one!

Saturday – Jemma Fenton returns with a super Morphy Richards Steam Generator iron deal, with latest thermostat technology, Intellitemp! So many people rely on making massive savings on QVC, whenever they need a new iron. Do give this one a go.

Sunday – time to sort your block paving out with a Blitz treatment starter kit. I will be launching it on Saturday night at midnight. You know spring is on its way. Plus join me Sunday at midnight for the new Vionic trainer deal, see below.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Bell & Howell Paw Perfect and Trimmer grooming set
Easiyo set of 10 Every Day Favourites yoghurt sachets
Vercella Vita pack of three bras
Orbitrek X17 Multi-Path Trainer
Periea set of six printed Compression bags
Benefit Filling Good Brow & Eye collection
L’Occitane Eco Refill Body and Hand trio
Mr Max rib knit longline cardigan

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 17th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Mr Max rib knit longline cardigan
Elemis four-piece Peptide4 Skin Recovery collection
Aftershokz Trekz titanium wireless bone conduction headphones
Prime Fifty Skin, Hair, Nails 1m with Collagen Shots

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayVionic bring us their Jojo trainer, in lots of brighter colours but also including a white and also a black/black sole. This brand with their super built-in orthotics are a must-have for me with my flat right foot. 🙂 Plus, it’s an incredible low price as well, considering all the technology built in.

TuesdayPerricone return with another way to build up your premium skincare collection. It’s a five-piece Ultimate Anti-Ageing set. The best way to buy Perricone is with a deal like this!

WednesdaySilentnight are back with a super support pillow with Air Max technology, in a twin pack. It will be very affordable too, and where else can you get pillows with a 60 day trial!

Thursday – time to sort out your hair removal with a Finishing Touch flawless USB rechargeable hair remover with additional head, great gift-giving budget as well.

Friday – it’s WynneLayers time, with a V-neck sweater with front seam and pockets. Some people have only WynneLayers in their wardrobe and I can see why. I have lots too.

Friday 9pm – do join us when we will have the AeroPilates reformer back on offer. It’s the four cord Reformer 435, complete with DVD library and on easy payments that make it a dream to start your 2021 exercise regime, even if you can’t go outdoors! I will have it at midnight, leotard beware! (Just kidding!)

Next week – more lovely walks in the woods. I’m getting used to my daily dose of exercise – with or without coffee cup 🙂 lol. Have a great week.

Best wishes,


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  1. Thanks Debbie. Really useful info. Defo added another couple of items to my shopping list. Will be looking at the Big Deals…. love shopping. Thank God for QVC.
    Marie B-F. (A Thursday Bantzer)

  2. Lovely read Debbie & great to see you on your walks ::Charlie was hilarious on QVC with the leg pillow I saw that live & he had me in stitches .See you Thursday Debbie ❣️⛸⛸xxx

  3. happy new year debbie hope you and family had agood xmas and new year i had aquiet family time thanks for the xmas card
    hope you got mine .

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