Big wellness weekend and QVC night out!

How many QVC faces can you spot! See below for even more. Yes, this week, as you will know if you follow our social media, many of us went along to Lee Hohbein’s and James Murden’s big QVC night out. I went for a little while on Monday after doing my shift, collecting granddaughter Blake from nursery, then driving back to Devon! Flying visit but well worth it, lots of fun was had.

I almost never, and I mean never, go to things like this, so I’m glad I made myself go. Nice to see people outside of work and everyone looked lovely. What was it in aid of, someone asked me? The answer was… just for the sake of it! A post-Christmas event to brighten a dull January. Do you do anything in January to brighten things up? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or tell me on my social media.

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Just vlogging in the rain

Go here to see one such vlog, including a little bit about Monday night, as I walk the streets of Devon in the dark in the rain with the dog!


Debbie does sightseeing

One of my best friends in the world, Gill, and I went to London for a day of sightseeing on top of one of those open top buses last week. It was our belated Christmas get-together and it was such fun. Two and a half hours on an open-topped bus, after a lovely lunch in a pub next to Parliament. The bus took us on the blue route, if you’ve ever done that, and the commentary told us lots of interesting things that I never knew about places in London.

The problem with having lived on the outskirts, gone to university and worked in London, is that you never get to do the full tourist thing. So we have promised ourselves we will do it regularly from now on. We bought some matching bobble hats as well that we will wear every time we go out in future! Lovely to see her and what a lovely Christmas present it was.


The downpour, mentioned above, continued for so long that one of the roads out of Sheepwash was flooded again. This is the road to Black Torrington. It often floods. I posted a little video about it on my Facebook page.

So far, however, I have never yet been in Sheepwash when the Sheepwash bridge has flooded. Nor when it has snowed heavily (I was in London when the Beast from the East hit.) Nor when there was a mini earthquake, and Cynthia Dufty (whose family used to live in my house,) told me she felt the shake, and the plates on her dresser rattled! I suppose I should be grateful, but we all like a bit of weather drama don’t we, as long as it’s only a bit!

I tried to walk Daisy a bit more than usual this week because we have a new Fitbit on the way this weekend, it’s the Inspire HR fitness tracker and it’s an unbelievable low price. Do join me when I launch it on Saturday night at 9pm and at midnight.

I actually have four launches coming up! See the sneaky peeks below.


Okay I had to go and see it, didn’t I? Star Wars, the final instalment, at the cinema – it’s this week’s big film review. Firstly, I must say that the effects were amazing, the acting was excellent, and it was very nice to see some of the characters again. I laughed when one of them was called Baboo, that’s my nickname for little Phoebe, my 15-month-old granddaughter!  But after the movie was over, I felt a kind of sadness. Because that’s it, the series of films that has spanned most of my adult life, in fact all of my adult life, will not have another outing. I just hope that Solo gets a sequel, because I thought that was great (Han Solo shown as a youngster). 8.5 out of ten.

Book of the Week

The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris. It’s warming up, this week down in Devon. I had four guests at the retreat and we were discussing soporific audiobooks that help you sleep! The Strawberry Thief is not one yet, but I hope it gets a move on. I like the premise however, a lady with a special child (told in part from the child’s point of view) runs a chocolate shop in a village square, and trouble brews when an old neighbour leaves her a parcel of land and the angry relatives arrive. She also wrote the famous book Chocolat, and this one was a Sunday Times bestseller too, so I shall persevere! Marian Keyes says it’s beautifully written and atmospheric, so all good. I just hope it doesn’t join the list of soporific audiobooks!

I would actually say the best one to listen to if you want to go to sleep is Juliet Stevenson reading Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Now, Juliet Stevenson is one of the best narrators out there, but combined with the rhythmic prose, her mellifluous voice lulls you into dreamland. I’ve listened to it three times over the course of a couple of years, on and off, and I could not tell you what happened! Have been very, very busy helping to organise a big winter dinner on 1st February at a gorgeous hotel in Tavistock, with three guest speakers including local MPs, so I need all the sleep I can get!

The other thing I must do is finish my own fifth novel. So, this week I booked a writing retreat. Yes, I know I run one, but living in one does not mean that you end up writing anything! The opposite actually. I’ve decided I can only write when I go away, so go away I shall. First is the big one at the end of April, beginning of May, just before our big cruise holiday to the south Caribbean, which means hopefully I will continue to write when I am away. I’ve also got a mini one planned in February, to my friend Charlie from an urban retreats place not far from here in Devon. She came to mine this week, so I’ll be making a return visit and hopefully even though it’s only two nights, I will get a really good recap done. This is the year, gang, this is the year… French or Dutch must be finished by hook or by crook.


The challenge of live TV!


The next week on QVC

A plethora of launches for me this week…

Friday (17th). A lovely Ashwood bag, the Clara cross-body at a really good price – go here to see and buy it.

Saturday – Tom is back, and Alpha H celebrate another massive anniversary! I will be launching it tonight, Friday, in the beauty show at 9pm, then on again at midnight, so do join me if you can.

It’s the three-piece Alpha H Rose Gold Hydration collection, and you can already go and see it here. With Liquid Gold in the Rose variety, the Balancing Cleanser with rose fragrance for the first time, and an amazing little lip balm that plumps and zings and feels gorgeous. What more could you want to see? Except maybe Tom and me in sequins… Well as it is such a special occasion you may get your wish if you tune in at midnight!

Sunday – as mentioned above Fitbit return with a slim-line fitness tracker, the Inspire HR. I’m also launching this one, so join me Saturday night with top tech at 9pm, James and Lee will also be on, as well Abby Horne. I like how the slim strap doesn’t make my wrist sweat so much, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about it.

Big Deals old and new

Radley Canonbury Villas medium flap-over shoulder bag

SBC six-piece Ultimate Collagen Skincare collection

Ninja Blender and Soup Maker

California Innovations set of four insulated Market totes

Go here to see and shop them all

Kim & Co Brazil jersey comfort narrow-leg trousers with pockets

Elemis four-piece Superfood collection

Edensoles Dynamic customisable insoles

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser

Monday – Glenn Campbell returns from Denim & Co. with a supremely affordable waffle knit long sleeve tunic. Guess what, I’m also launching this one, so join me on Sunday night and at midnight! Very interesting fabric, and a really, really low price!

Tuesday – the wellbeing continues with the Powerfit vibrating Fitness Plate that comes with resistance bands. So if all you want to do is stand on something that helps do the exercise for you and makes it easier, this could be the answer. It’s always best to get one of these when it is on a Today’s Special Value, as it is usually a lot less than normal. Plus it’s easy to store away and won’t get in the way. It’s better to do something rather than nothing, so how about doing this thing? Plus you have your 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee as well!

WednesdayEcoegg are back with the Instant Stain Remover spray in a supersize duo. This will be very good for stocking up and making short work of those stains. (Jill will be launching this one!)

Thursday – Who ate all the pies? This time it’s Miceal!! The Real Pie Company return with ten steak, chicken or vegetable pies, the vegetable ones are every bit as nice as their meat ones, so they are highly recommended.

Friday – There is a super new elbow sleeves trapeze dress with pockets by Nina Leonard so yours truly here will definitely be getting it! I love them and they suit my shape so much, plus… Pockets! It’s a colour-block style so I can’t wait to see it. And guess who is doing the launch at 9pm and midnight Thursday!!

And at 9pm on Friday (24th January) Dennis will be back with the two-piece super-sized Restore, Cleanse and Strengthen hair collection from Tweak’d.

Next week – a fun meet up for women entrepreneurs with Lorna Ko and Alison Cork, and my little granddaughter Blake is two-years-old on Sunday! Can’t wait to celebrate. Have a great week!

Best wishes


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3 Responses

  1. Will definitely make a date for 9pm tonight! Absolutely love Alpha H, especially the Rose Liquid Gold. 🥇
    Give Tom my love!

  2. Love the look of Nina Leonard dress, have been looking for a new outfit for family suprise party in March, so this dtess may be what I buy. In January we have 4 family birthdays, 4, 13 22 and 26 so tomorrow we all meet up for a meal. Debbie, I cant beleive that Blake will be 2 on Sunday, hope you all enjoy celebrating her birthday. Look forward to your shows on QVC this coming week, take care

  3. Just ordered the Alpha-h TSV! Love your weekly blog and sneaky peaks, Debbie. To brighten up January, I have organised a murder mystery night with jacket potato supper at my local community library where I volunteer (even though I work). The mystery is from the Reading Agency and based on a book by Ann Cleeves. Should be good fun! Happy birthday to Blake – aw, 2 already, where does the time go!?

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