Blake and Phoebe come to stay, plus sneaky peeks

You may have noticed I’ve been off this week, as I took some annual leave for my little granddaughter’s birthday weekend! Oh my goodness, what a lovely time we all had. Blake and Phoebe came for a sleepover, I had the most wonderful time with my gorgeous daughter, and the adorable little Phoebe celebrated her second birthday. Already two-years-old! Then cousin Blake joined us for one night (probably a good job it was only one, she screamed the house down when she woke up after a couple of hours of kip! But she was okay after I told her a story about Tinkerbell the fairy at the bottom of the garden!) We obviously had to be careful how many people were in the house at any one time. But with Mum living next door, it was easy to keep the numbers correct as people went to see her as well. We had a lovely walk (see the featured picture above.)

Lauren and Nick made the most amazing cake too, a multi-coloured rainbow/mermaid/unicorn cake! Delicious! Even survived me dropping it on the floor, (yes, really!) Although, I caught it with my foot and turned it the right way up so it only got bashed on one edge and was slightly wonky thereafter! Still got completely demolished by everyone though over the course of three days.

The girls loved the roominess of my lounge.  Phoebe kept running around the whole time! I got them two little rocking chairs, and they loved sitting in them. Plus the massive rug (Cozee Home, Vapour Blue colour!) made a wonderful play mat on which to do tea parties. We had a lovely day and by the time the sun was setting, Phoebe was getting very tired – as was Nick!! A great time was had by all.


Lolly’s no fan


…of my style of top! She was hot so took her jumper off, but her face says it all about the top I gave her to wear from my wardrobe. I love it, and it doesn’t fit me. It fits her quite well, but she hated it and took it off as soon as she cooled down! Hopefully one day I’ll be slim enough to wear it again ha ha. Check our little ginger mop top who is now up to her hips. Phoebe is actually quite small for her age apparently. She is two-years-old but still fitting into 18-month-old clothes, although she is so articulate and verbose, people are surprised to hear her with her whole sentences. She says things like “doing it myself”, and “we can do xxx OR we can do this,” or “one each, mummy”. Love her to bits.

Dyson does it better

Goodness me, I only vacuumed round twice, and look, the V11 canister is completely full. The flat looks clean as well. Mind you, it was after the kids’ party. So glad I bought myself a V11 . More from Dyson on soon but check out the range here. This is the time to buy one, because if it’s a present, you get until the end of January with our Christmas extended Money-Back Guarantee to try it!

Dave’s birthday

Another birthday for one of my brothers, (not pictured, he’s not a social media fan!) But Mum’s partner David got in on the act with a birthday hat that we pinched from Phoebe’s party! I bought my brother one of her balloons to – it was pink! He didn’t take it home with him, can’t think why. 🙂

Watch – “Blitz – The Bombs That Changed Britain”
I have to say, considering how restricted some things feel right now, watching this pithy mini-series on iPlayer puts things into perspective. If you’re fascinated by WW2 and the spirit of the Brits who lived through unspeakable terror and hardship, watch this and marvel as 200 bombs fell on one area (e.g. Bristol or Clydebank), and changed lives forever. But the Blitz spirit – and the need to earn a crust – kept people going. Certainly makes you feel a bit more appreciative of how easy most of our lives are now. At least five episodes, see it on catch up.


Not quite a blooper, but loving this funny gif of Craig!


It’s all about Christmas this week, with three of our key guests, and, James Murden has one of the best gift ideas on Saturday 10th – the Rush Charge Trident 4000 MaH portable charger, which fits both Apple and Android and just sits on the end of your phone. This is a truly genius device, and really deserves a lot of attention. Follow his social media for his clever little videos. Plus, don’t forget to buy yours tonight when it launches! Listen to the podcast here.


Back to walking in the woods! Here is the first of my Banstead Woods wanderings. Plus, my Thursday night Facebook live, which was at just before midnight last week as I was just driving back from Devon! And this week was from Devon itself! Search Debbieflintqvcchat on Facebook and look through my posts for the link.

Book of the week – Merryn Allingham, Caribbean Evil

Another one from one of my favourite authors and writer colleagues, Merryn is so prolific! This is book three in the series. and what an amazing cover! Beautiful colours.

“Nancy Tremayne has landed the job of her dreams in London. But this is 1955 and her art expert husband, Leo, has a project in the Caribbean and expects her to travel with him. Reluctantly, she packs her suitcase for Malfuego, but almost as soon as she arrives on the island, witnesses a brutal attack on a defenceless young man. She and her husbands assistant are asked to help find the killer, but there is worse to come.
Much worse…”

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Lambertz 108 piece traditional German gingerbread set of two in lovely stag tins as we continue a whole day of the wonderful Taste of Christmas food event!

Saturday – Time for that fab mobile phone and tablet charger, see above, and get it nice and early just in case it sells out! The Saturday morning gift show is back, as we are full speed ahead with our Christmas programming now (Christmas trees on every set!) I hope if you are an early shopper, you are enjoying some of our wonderful deals.

SundaySkechers return with the high top lace-up Hiker Trail boots.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Le Creuset two-piece 26cm cast iron multi-functional pan set
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Sunny Valley Apple Cider Vinegar Cleaning trio
Emu Explorer Yancoal water-resistant boots
Bobbi Brown Complexion Essentials three-piece collection
Gatineau Melatogenine four-piece Smoothing Radiance collection
Periea set of two round storage boxes

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 11th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Michele Hope velvet swing hem shirt
OPI six-piece Time to Shine collection with glitter bag
Peony RHS set of three roses in tall white vases
L’Occitane six-piece Protect On The Go collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – I’m delighted to be launching (on Sunday night at 9pm) the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Pore Refiner, an ultrasonic cleansing system. Great value for what it is. What’s the point of putting on expensive creams if you are not going to put them onto really clean skin. Try this for 60 days and see what a difference it makes and remember, if it’s a present, the Money-Back Guarantee is extended until the end of January 2021!

TuesdayHome Reflections are here with a set of four indoor/outdoor lights with remote, a busy day for Gill Gauntlett!

Wednesday – going on sale early, the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better collection with bag.

Thursday – a rare Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV – the set of three landscaped wire light glass lamps with timer function, which Craig will be bringing you at 9pm and midnight on Wednesday!

FridayJoules return with a lovely padded faux fur trim hooded coat called the Cherrington! Cosy. 🙂

Friday 9pm – again, going on sale earlier in the week, the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is here as a TSV at a brilliant price, including 20 sachets. What a wonderful present.

Plus on early bird link from mid week, the Liz Earle big Today’s Special Value, the Bourbon Vanilla and Clove Bud Botanical Face and Body collection. Loads of people stock up on this one so buy early!

Next week – back to work for one day on Sunday (11th) then another week using up annual leave, when I was supposed to be going to France for a writing holiday, which was cancelled, obviously. So I’m going to have my own writing holiday at home, because it’s time I finish my book, French or Dutch. It’s only been five years! It’s my fifth novel, too. Watch out for daily updates on walks in the woods as I get fit with my new little home gym as well.

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi agree with your thoughts on “BLITZ”…. during our difficult time, I’m always saying think back to what everyone had to endure for years!!!
    Enjoy your lovely new home & family wish I had family nearby …

    1. Hope you’re ok linda. It’s really sad all being split up especially across countries. But as you say hopefully won’t go on as long as the wars. Take care x

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