Blake is four! And this week’s sneaky peeks!

Firstly, I have to say how lovely this colour was when I did a MarlaWynne show this week. If it is still in stock, snap it up! (item 184219), on clearance as well, and this colour, Basil, is still in lots of sizes if you’re quick! Only £35 down from £56!

Blake’s birthday

Secondly. I have to say a big happy birthday to my eldest granddaughter, who had her party at the weekend – a pirate party and with all her little friends. On Wednesday, her actual birthday, I went and got her from nursery and we opened all of her presents when we got home. She is into jigsaws at the moment, so that was a nice easy choice. She was very non-plussed about the not-yet-assembled hairband holder (well, it did just look like lots of bits of plastic laid flat!) But she liked it when we put it together and she could tidy up her hairbands! She is insisting on doing everything herself at the moment, which is adorable, including trying to unscrew tiny screws with tiny screwdrivers for her toys, for instance, the remote control puddle-proof car she loved playing with when she was at her cousins in Devon at Christmas.

Looking forward to lots of lovely times with my little girl, as she is getting so articulate and grown-up now. They suddenly turn a corner at that age don’t they, and can start doing things. She wrote her name easily and wrote Nan Nan as well! We had a nice babyccino and a chat and that’s when she did this picture using the functions on my phone. She thought it was very funny! A lovely day. I’m looking forward to seeing them this Friday as well when I go and babysit after an afternoon shift. Little Kaleb screamed his head off at me, so they said they would get him asleep before I arrive and I’ll play with him the next morning when they are around. At 4 1/2 months old, he is at the stage where he doesn’t like new people, he just wants mummy and daddy! And food. He cheered up once he’d had his bedtime feed, like most of us. 🙂


Mudlarking update

For those who didn’t read the last couple of blogs, this is my new hobby. Going down on the foreshore and looking at what I can find when the river Thames deposits a new treasure trove every low tide. This is a Georgian buckle – that’s what the guy said who was with me when we found it. I’m going to put it in some cola and see what a difference it makes! I hope next time I go out, which I hope will be soon so I can use all my new equipment, I get the chance to find a coin or two! I’ve even got a little handheld metal detector! If anyone has the link for the old Alec Guinness film Mudlark (apparently,) somewhere online, let me know 🙂 and I’m gradually wading through my many books about the hobby! Love it.

Product of the week – Hollywood Browzer

In honour of our lovely guest Amy who is currently on The Apprentice, her regular beauty device, the Hollywood Browzer face razor, and this is what I got off my cheeks this week. This, believe it or not, is what I got off the side of my face, #PeachFuzz. I thought I would give it a go, since my face skin is getting a little bit older. It really made a difference, especially with how to make-up went on afterwards, as you can imagine! Imagine putting something on a nectarine versus a peach! They were in a really good deal in a pack of four as well. I finally took the plunge and ordered this because I want to get back to lasering using my IPL machine but you have to have hair in the follicle. Therefore using this device is the best thing as it cuts the hair off level with the skin, really neatly! I’m not sure I will use it all the time, but hopefully if the laser thing does its job, I won’t need to! I have been loving Amy on the program, I hope you have too! And I’m really looking forward to Monday 24th when I will be going to see an episode of The Apprentice You’re Fired, being recorded in London before going to work and then heading down to Wales to see my Lolly Pop!

Phoebe the photographer

Bless her little heart, after taking a selfie of her left eye, she said to my daughter Lauren, “Mummy can I take a photo of you?” Then took this! She is a little snapper in the making. 🙂 Can’t wait to see her on Monday or Tuesday. Not long now and my daughter will be having her second baby, as you can see she is nearly ready to pop! Exciting times.


Well it might have been Cyrano at the movies as my niece Becky was working on it when they filmed in Sicily or Corsica (a remake of Cyrano de Bergerac, named Roxanne, when Steve Martin did his inimitable genius version years ago) but instead I’m going to mention Afterlife on Netflix. This is Ricky Gervais third and final series of his highly original and sometimes very coarse comedy/drama, playing the same character he always plays but on steroids. In the third season we see familiar characters and the degree of pathos is turned up  high. I love the characters he brings to life in this short series. (They’re only about half hour long so it’s easy to binge watch!). I particularly love Kath, the office singelton who can’t find love. Some of her scenes are the most touching. And I adore  the mother of the would be drama queen, who has a particular scene halfway through that got me reaching for the tissues. Some critics hate it, but if you like painful comedy, this is absolutely genius. 9 out of 10.


Charlie you do make us laugh!


Did you hear Will’s chat with Davina McCall? Next week on the podcast, he sits down Dr. Seaweed! You can listen to all the podcasts here.

Vlog – crazy dog and Daisy dog!

A quick update video on my lovely Daisy who is now 11, she will be 12 in March. This is Beau who she lives with in Kent and as you can see she is very happy albeit getting old. But aren’t we all! LOL.

Book of the Week

Well I am still reading Go Tell the Bees I am Gone, by Diana Gabeldon. No surprises given that it is 49 hours long! So I thought I would mention one of my favourite authors who has her new book out on pre-order this week, published Feb. Katie Forde’s A Wedding in Provence:

“1963, Alexandra arrives at a gorgeous chateau in Provence to look after three young charges. Fresh from London and a recent cookery course, Alexandra has always loved a challenge and feels equipped to deal with most things life throws her. What she is a good deal less sure about is whether she’ll be able to deal with their father – an impossibly good-looking, entirely unsuitable French count with whom she is trying very hard not to fall in love…”

In typical Mills & Boon style, this novel is a wonderful Katie Forde romp, where you get really involved with the characters and route for them big-time. Looking forward to reading it when it is out on the 17th February! Well I thought it would make a change from all the deeply dramatic ones I’ve been reading of late!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

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Sunday – I’m really really looking forward to my shift on Saturday night late, not only a Sealy show at 11 but also at midnight I will be launching the Lenovo IdeaPad flex 311. 6″ Chrome Book in Platinum Grey. Just 32GB in size but you can upload to the Cloud. And it is super affordable. So if you want a proper keyboard look out for this equivalent of a laptop/tablet cross. On all day Sunday. Check out our fab tech expert, Lee Hohbein‘s social media to find out more.

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – practical ideas and another chance to get the two-in-one Dyson heater and fan AM09! I swear by the AMO9. Mainly because the thermostat is so reliable I can leave them on all the time at a low heat, and my rooms never get freezing cold. I don’t use my storage heaters much in the flat in Surrey as a result. Brilliant remote control, and so reliable. It’s the safety element more than anything, where other heaters might not quite give you the confidence to walk away and leave them on, plus the timer which means you can easily decide how long they need to be on for. Hot flushes in the middle of the night can be solved with this as well, by blasting the fan directly towards yourself (if you use the directional button, it doesn’t even need to touch the person next to you in bed!), and it turns it self off 15 minutes later when you’ve cooled down and gone back to sleep. Genius! Don’t miss it when it is TSV pricing, so try it for your 60 days by paying the first instalment only. Well worth a go!

TuesdayDannii is back with her fashion range for petites, the pull-on twill jeans, already online here!

Wednesday – another huge Perricone super value TSV, with a supersize trio, and wait to see how big the firming moisturiser is!

ThursdayCook’s Essentials are back with 1 1/2L compact touchscreen digital air fryer with preset programs, really low-end pricing if you just want something simple and compact!

Friday – and it’s time for gardening, yay! It always makes me happy when spring is in the air and our green-fingered gurus return. Plants2Gardens bring us the Penstemon Phoenix collection. And loads of lovely gardening shows all day.

Friday 9pm – going on sale earlier in the week, time for Doris to bring us magnificent cosmetics with her Doll 10 five-piece TCE Luminous Collection at a magnificent price.

Next week – watching The Apprentice You’re Fired, being recorded in London, a flying visit to Wales before my first retreat in Devon of 2022! Really looking forward to a busy week doing something completely different! And Sunday is Beauty Day, in fact it’s a whole weekend of fabulous beauty with some big brands, join us!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debs, love your blogs. I like to see he upcoming tsv’s and Big Deals for the week ahead (so I am prepared). Never a week goes by when I don’t purchase at least one item from QVC. Every week I try to resist but it is impossible as I am sure you know.

    I cannot believe that Blake is 4. It only seems like yesterday that you were welcoming your first grandchild and now you have 3 and the 4th coming soon.

    Enjoy your week and I look forward to your next blog.
    Best Wishes, Mags

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with the upcoming deals each week.

    Please can you let me know if item no 402808 will be coming back into stock?
    TSV on this item would be even better!

    Thank you,
    Helen X

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