Brad’s day out and a week’s sneaky peeks!

As we all know, once a year at Christmas, I take my boy out and we have a mummy and Bradley afternoon/evening of shopping, lunch and a catch-up. I’m so proud of my son, for so, so many reasons, and I always enjoy being with him and spending time having a good old chinwag. He is a chip off the old block in many ways, and now has the most lovely little family and makes me so proud. Anyway, enough of the gushing. I met him in Wimbledon and we had something to eat, a catch-up, a mooch around the shops, and bought some Christmas presents. I always look forward to this event every year.

One quirky thing that happened was that in one shop, I won’t say which one, they had the jumper I wanted, the only one left was on a mannequin. And the lady in the shop said “I’m really sorry we can’t take it off – the visuals have to do it.” “Who are the visuals then?” “The people who come in and have a list of what can go on a mannequin.” “But you can’t sell it and you haven’t got any more left, so what a waste of space that is, isn’t it? Is there no way you can find out if we could have it? Because my daughter really wanted a warm jumper to keep her tummy covered now she’s coming up seven months pregnant!” But no, the red tape won the day. I must admit it didn’t make sense to me, and I left the store feeling all disappointed and like I wouldn’t go there again. At least with QVC you know if somethings in stock, you are going to get it! And right now, still in time for the big day…

Don’t forget that our Christmas delivery is promised right the way up to 20th December! So buy with confidence from QVC 🙂 and leave the mannequins alone in the shops!

Anyway, Brad and Kari are providing Christmas dinner for me, Lauren and Nick and the children (I love saying that, the children) this weekend, at the lovely house in Fulham. They will be cooking everything, the decorations are up, and it’s our early family Christmas as my kids spend Christmas day in different places – so we always have a get together just before, a few weekends before. So I’ve had Bradley day, now I’m going to have Lauren and Brad weekend, excellent! Can’t wait! It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Dinner at Strawberry Fields

I also had a nice dinner function in Strawberry Fields in Lifton, with special guests and about 70 attendees, a raffle and auction, and I organised it all on my own! Everyone was very pleased and a good night was had by all.

It was a lot of flying visits for me though, recently, I’m even supposed to be going back down to Devon briefly again next week, to get everything ready for the visitors who will be staying there and renting it out at Christmas. Sometimes I wish I could fly! And of course, we don’t know how the restrictions might change. Who knows what it will be like in the near future. I’ve just had one poor group from Canada cancel their writing retreat with me in Devon next April, because they just don’t think things will be back to normal by then. Who knew that it would take this long?

Really annoying, isn’t it?! And to think that I would have been organising an around the world cruise for my 60th next May… Oh well, we’ll just have to go to Center Parcs instead and that will be fun with the kids. Both Brad and Lauren and their families are coming there too – I will have four grandchildren by then! Exciting times, right?!

Winner of bee jewellery

Thank you all of you who took part in my competition last week to win two pieces of my Diamonique simulated diamond sterling silver bee jewellery, it was very popular. The winner is…… Christiane Groombridge! We will be in touch to get your address and send you the prize!


First Christmas card

Got my first Christmas card of the year last week, from the ever efficient Dawn Hart. Thank you again Dawn, and I will endeavour as usual to send you one back as you have put your address in it! It amazes me sometimes when cards get to us if someone just writes Debbie Flint, QVC, Chiswick! LOL, hi! I have put aside a few days next week when I can sit down and do some presents, and watch the Christmas films I’ve always loved to revisit every single yuletide! Really need a couple of days to myself!


I love a good meeting, me, as well you know if you’re a regular! Anyway… You know I have been sorting out some research for electric vehicle charge points to be installed at our block of flats in Banstead? Well, it was time for the AGM and they asked me to do a little presentation about it, and voted me onto the board of directors. Good job I love organising. Mum and sister came with me and with masks on we all sat and listened to the presentation and had a bit of a catch-up. We will be all together at Christmas, but at my niece Steph’s house, because she’s now got a table that seats 12! And I can’t wait. 🙂

Tweet of the Week – Marie Francoise’s kids watch their mum on the telly!

How cute is this! MF posted this photograph showing her two little ones watching her whilst she was on QVC selling Kipling bags! I remember the days when Lauren and Brad did the same, when I was first on QVC between 1994 and 2000. They even came on-air once or twice back in the old days. It would never be allowed now. Does anyone remember?


Another trip to the cinema for me, and on the day I came back from the event in Devon I went to see House of Gucci. Lady Gaga is outstanding, and Adam Driver no less so. Based on the real story of the founders of the fashion house and their self-destructive relationships. Excellent I must say, probably 8.6 out of 10, go see it while you can. 🙂


Did you listen to Will’s catch-up with Helene Berman? Next week, he sits down with cooking expert and presenter, Simon Brown. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


I’ve been doing a couple of behind-the-scenes videos just prior to our shows this week, here is a link to one of them, and look out once you are there for some of the others I have posted on my Facebook page! (Don’t forget to follow my social media as I post lots of stuff in between these weekly blogs!)

Book of the week – The Girl at the Window

Rowan Coleman’s latest is a ‘time-slip,’ set partly in the past and partly in more or less modern day. After a tragedy strikes at the heart of their family, Trudy Heaton and her son will return to run-down Ponden Hall, where her family has lived since the 16th century. The past reaches a ghostly hand towards the present and Trudy attempts to balance hope and love for the sake of her son. Vivid characters and descriptions, with several threads coming together harmoniously. Loved the relationship with the mother. Highly recommended.

I’ve also just downloaded the audiobook for the next Diana Gabledon, book nine from her Outlander series, Go Tell the Bees I am Gone. Long-awaited and brings us the next instalment of Jamie and time-travelling Claire. It’s 45 hours long! Can’t wait!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Carole Hochman silky fleece PJ set!

Saturday – and staying with the bedding theme, Cozee Home has a Velvetsoft and Ultra Fluffy filled bedspread on Saturday!

Sunday – on sale already, the Laura Geller five-piece Christmas collection (they call it holiday collection) is already online – go here to order it nice and early because these are some of the most popular foundations that we ever do!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

My Home Stories velvet palm leaf embroidered bedspread
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Korres three-piece Mediterranean Miracle Milk collection
K by Kelly Hoppen ripple waved mirror
Cozee Home Fluffie hooded cape wrap

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 5th at midnight:

Rieker water-resistant lace-up boot
L’Occitane five-piece Shea gift selection
Spotlight Oral Care whitening water flosser
Cook’s Essentials four-piece non-stick metallic cookware set with silicone handles

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday –  Stylpro returns with the Stylpro Original with 500ml cleanser for easy brush-cleaning this winter.

Tuesday – get warm with the JM by Julien Macdonald reversible faux fur throw.

WednesdayLola Rose is here! I am looking forward to the midnight Tuesday launch of the semi-precious 15″ – 25″ Joseph necklace! Very affordable as well!

Thursday – time for a Frank Usher faux fur ribbed gilet, I love a nice gilet! Specially when I’m wearing a top with no pockets because it gives me somewhere for my phone!

Friday – Molton Brown are back within unbeatable four-piece Body & Hand collection at a ridiculously low price, considering how much you get! Going on sale earlier in the week as well. Don’t miss it and I’m looking forward to having the midnight launch the night before!

Friday 9pm – the Amazon all new Fire HD 10 tablet with SD card and voucher, it’s a big one!

Next week – the family early Christmas with my kids and their kids! Can’t wait 🙂

Best wishes,


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9 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie love Reading your blogs and seeing what doing on days off. Glad you had a lovely time with your son ive got my korres stuff I miss going to Greece but all I can say is am glad QVC is selling Korres got my TSV Carol hochman pj set I got 2 and ive order my Laura galler as well x

    1. Well done Karen, sounds like quite a haul!

      So glad we play our role in making your Christmas complete 🙂 thank you for commenting X

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Every time I read your blogs I think how lucky you are! We know you’re proud of your children. You’re so lucky to have children and that it’s worked out for them too. And of course also grandchildren and a big supportive family. A lot of you at qvc are actually. Some things you can’t buy, support, luck and finances. I hope you enjoy your Christmas this weekend.
    I’m sorry about your cruise and yes frustrating but trust me there’s no one more exhausted than us healthcare staff. I think everyone feels worried and depressed.
    Happy Christmas to you x

    1. I’d like to thank Susan for her raising our awareness to the hard work and pressures faced by healthcare staff. I am lucky to have a wonderful family and to be enjoying retirement after a long demanding career. I quietly celebrate Christmas with my family and the key word here is quietly. Christmas time can be hard for some people and Covid has made things even harder depending on peoples’ personal circumstances, stress of work etc. So merry Christmas Debbie and to all reading this. But let’s celebrate quietly and with sensitivity. Debbie, I am sure that you will join me in a big thank you to Jabs Army who have modestly and tirelessly got on with the job and to those volunteers who have remobilised to press ahead with the booster jabs!

      1. H
        Couldn’t agree more! Let’s continue to all do our part in this pandemic and hopefully on the other side we can all look back and be thankful for all these things.

        Big hugs X

    2. Susan
      I applaud you for everything you are doing, and I’ll be at tiny, I was glad to play my little role earlier in the year when I volunteered at the vaccine centre 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words and how true they are, I do feel very blessed. It was a fab weekend, look out for the next blog! Thank you so much for your nice comment X

  3. Hi Debbie. Lovely blog as usual. Plenty of good information. H and Susan special thanks to you. Yes let us celebrate Christmas in a good wholesome way. Still plenty of fun, laughter and cheer but let us spare a thought for those who have given so much for the country over the past 2 years and before. I wish you all a healthy peaceful 2022 xxjude

    1. Agree Jude! Thank you for being one of my regulars and nice to know you are there. Hear here to all you say! Hugs x

  4. Hi debbie hope you an family are wel iam not bad how old are your grandchildren now
    merry xma shappy new year hope you got my xmas card in the post.

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