Bumper grandbaby time! And sorting out your neck ‘n’ dec!

How adorable is this, my little granddaughter popped by last weekend and decided to go outside to see the fake chicken in her Nan-Nan’s big old house shoes! It was a bright sunny day but fortunately had been raining so the garden is looking lovely.

Had a socially distanced get-together afterwards too, with my sister, Mum and son, as well as gorgeous little two-year-old Blake, who is currently going through terrible twos!

I have really enjoyed being with her once a week during these weird times. I do hope it continues, but she goes back to nursery in July. I know she is missing her friends and will love going back now she’s just that little bit more grown-up. It’s sad that I have not seen Phoebe in Wales so much but we have done lots of FaceTimes! Roll on next week!


Ziggy and Oreo bromance

Yes, these two playful boys are still the best of friends. But hasn’t he grown! Regulars will remember when he was a puppy and he wasn’t that much bigger than little Oreo the cat. Oreo laid on the grass and Ziggy went and played with him and the cat just loved it. It’s so wonderful to see. I was obviously at my brothers house to celebrate my nieces 11th birthday and it was nice to catch up with them, as well as collect a few more things from my old bedroom. No more news about the new place yet, but fingers crossed it won’t be long before I hear.

Dress of the week

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I had a few new dresses arrive lately, and I was well pleased to see this one which again is a trapeze dress from Nina Leonard. I am no match for the models but I thought this looked fab !

Prai neck ‘n’ dec

And I’ve been using one of the most popular neck creams from Prai. It’s a delight to use and I will often put it over the top of my other treatments. If you are using any special anti-ageing devices on your neck, this one gives good slip and allows even better penetration, if you use it in conjunction with e.g. the LAB device for the neck. This is the newest presentation – they specialise in limited run packaging, and this whopping great big size will look amazing on your shelf, especially for those who love rainbows and have been displaying them lately 🙂 it’s available for the month of July in the special configuration. Buy yours here.


Eurovision is a film on Netflix. I went to see my friend Jenny and she told me about this one, and I waxed lyrical about Ozark. I just finished watching the end of season three this week. Roll on season four! Anyway Eurovision, The Story of Fire Saga is a fictional global music competition starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, among others. Sounds like fun! She also mentioned The Politician, a comedy about an American kid born to be president… he thinks. Starring Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow among others. But next on my list maybe Madam President. Or possibly in the same vein, a gripping political thriller called Designated Survivor, which is also in three seasons on Netflix. Starring Kiefer Sutherland. So much to see, so little time!


Considering how much I love her clothes, it is nice to see that Marla Wynne will be on the podcast with Will, go here to listen to what happened when she lost her work and became a designer after having been a top Hollywood producer. 🙂


Friday,  3rd July (be quick or you will miss it) sees the final 100th – yes 100th –  #Singalongadebbie over on my Facebook page. I’m going to do them every Thursday from now on for as long as I can, as so many people said they were devastated they were going to end. It has been great to have the camaraderie of everybody and how lovely to have had that smashing feedback.

Meanwhile, go here to see night 97, songs from the shows, including my impressions of Louis Armstrong, Julie Andrews, and more!

The Facebook page is where I regularly post my blogs, there are several from Devon last week 🙂

Book of the Week

Time and again by Jack Finney.

If you are a regular you will know I love books about time slip , time travel , doing things again, Groundhog Day, sliding doors… that kind of thing. Well this one caught my eye. Its next on my list!

“Si Morley is marking time: he’s bored with his job as a commercial artist, and his social life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So when he’s approached by an affable ex-football star and told that he’s just what the government is looking for to be part of a top secret project, he doesn’t hesitate for long. And one night he steps out of his twentieth-century New York apartment into the winter of 1882, and finds a kind of Eden. Or does he?” Looks good! And it’s one of a series. So once I get into it, I will immediately have the chance to get a second one straight afterwards.

Actually, when I finish my hundredth night tonight (did I mention it?!) of my sing-a-longs, I will continue every Thursday to have a Debbie’s watch, read and sing Facebook live event. This will be one of the books we talk about! Enjoy.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – 3rd July: if there’s any left go here to see and buy the Ultrasun six-piece collection with something for everybody from this once-a-day suncare range.

SaturdayGtech AirRam MK2 Cordless vacuum cleaner, great vacuum power for a lower price.

SundayPerricone’s five-piece Hydrating and Brightening Anti-Age collection. Easy pays make this a simple solution. Our top, most premium, brand is often best-trialed with a Today’s Special Value offer. Some people only ever buy it this way. Don’t miss it!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Silk’n USB rechargable Pedi Vacuum Callous Remover
Powerbeats3 wireless in-ear sport headphones with microphone and remote
Decleor Supersize Prolagene Gel trio
Prices Candles 14-piece Citronella collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 5th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil Firm, Smooth and Plump three-piece collection
Greenworks 33cm lawnmower and 25cm grass trimmer with 24v battery
Margaret Dabbs London Ultimate Hand Cleanse and Care collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday 6th July – (means I can go off to Wales to see my daughter and her baby, yay! Even if it’s a flying visit it’s worth it!) But before I go I will be bringing you the Morphy Richards TSV, the Auto Clean Speed Steam Pro seven bar impressive steam generator iron. Don’t just use it to iron, remember that steam will kill most germs too.

TuesdayRio are back with the LED Anti-Ageing face mask, it’s an investment, but worth it with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Wednesday – most beautiful Lola Rose semi-precious necklace called the Brucie, with lots of choices. This is a wonderful way of marking the start of a special two week jewellery event, with an all day jewellery theme crowned by this lovely deal.

ThursdaySkinsense is here all day with an Anti-Ageing Retinol Face and Body collection, which launches earlier in the week so look out for it.

And don’t forget to join me for my first weekly #Singalongadebbie in the Thursday club over on my Facebook page.

Friday – and Friday it’s the new Nina Leonard elbow sleeve printed and solid godet hem midi dress in two different lengths and at a really affordable price. I may be wearing it for the Lola Rose jewellery hour at 11 pm if it has not sold out.

Friday 9pm – And it is a L’occitane TSV launching at 9pm on Friday (10th), which I will also then bring you at midnight. But once more it goes on sale early. It’s the Almond Supersize three-piece collection.

Watch out for it selling out early, and also for the start of a Gatineau mini series with some wonderful transformative skin solutions.

Next week – off to Wales for the day to be with my lovely girl and her gorgeous 21-month old, goodness me I have missed them!

Best wishes,


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6 Responses

  1. Just love your blogs and this is my first one to you. I always enjoy reading yours and your lovely family. You always look great in everything you wear on QVC(great taste). I am celebrating my 70th(gosh that sounds old but I don’t feel it and I was told I looked good too so I can’t be too bad).

    Have a good time in Wales and look forward to seeing you on QVC. Can you please tell me what the colour of your nail varnish is the dark one you wear most.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    That is a huge garden that your brother has! You have been so lucky with the dry and warm weather. Not so good for the ground though so good you had some rain too! Have you offered on the new house? Hope it goes through for you. Good luck with b&b too. It’s all very unsettling and worrying financially.
    Hope you get to wales ok. We miss our loved ones in different countries but you’re so lucky it’s just a drive away. Take care x

  3. Glad we have opened up Wales for you! I live in North Wales. Just made a provisional appt with hairdresser for 21st July. We think they might open 13th July but just to be on the safe side my hairdresser is only taking bookings for week beg 20th as things can change. All so complicated, I only live 7 miles from the English border.

  4. Hi Debbie, I look forward to reading your blogs every week. I think you will enjoy Designated Survivor; I don’t have Netflix, so have only seen the first series. Re Madam Secretary, Tea Leoni is amazing in the role, so down to earth yet coping with family and matters of State with lots of humour. As you are so interested in politics, you would probably have enjoyed a two-part programme on Discovery History last week, titled The President’s Gatekeepers, about the role played by Chiefs of Staff and interviewing many of these office bearers over the past 50 years or so. It was fascinating to hear some of the background to many of the crises faced. Hope you can maybe get it on catch-up if you have time. We haven’t managed to get to Wales this year due to the lockdown, so looking forward to seeing some of your photographs from lovely Carmarthenshire.

  5. I just wanted to know if Ruth. Denim skirt size16will be back in stock
    Sorry if I should not ask you
    Grateful Patricia

  6. Hello lovely lady, Julie. They’ll varnish I wear is called Black Cherry chutney and it is by OPI. However there are lots of other ranges which have similar shades, I just don’t know what they’re called. But if you get that one it is almost always there when I wear 🙂 unless we have a nail varnish today’s special value!

    Thank you so much for writing to me Julie. Yes the dresses we have on QVC are very flattering for my shape. I’ve got a little bit more round across the middle, since menopause a few years ago, it has to be said. So thank goodness for empire line and trapeze shaped roomy dresses 🙂 much love X

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