Celebrating Mum’s day and sneaky peeks!

Love this Frank Usher interlocking hearts top, don’t you? And check out the eyelashes using the new They’re Real! Magnet Mascara from Benefit!

Mum’s Day fun

Had a really nice Mother’s Day with my bubble – son, daughter-in-law and Blake, last weekend. My son decided to try some of the fab Gatineau Anti-Ageing Gommage, and Blake thought she would help him with the peeling off bit! His face looked lovely afterwards. 🙂

Plus, I managed to see my Mum, who lives next door! This is a picture from a while ago, and we had a nice catch-up over the balcony this week. She wanted some more fish oil for her Mother’s Day pressie from me! I got lots of compliments about my mum from this picture, as you can imagine. 🙂

Miss Lolly lots. We did a FaceTime while opening her presents for me, which was a Cozee Home robe that matches my living room, and a lovely cushion with Nan Nan on it. Can’t wait to see them again, hopefully in April.


Longer days

We’re not far away from the clocks going forward – woo hoo! Cannot wait, when evening walks will be more easy. Went out with my sis on a long hour and a quarter walk, near me in Banstead recently, up hills and down dales. On a make-up free day! The sky was a dream for landscape artists. It has been one of the longest winters ever, so days like this with a bit of sunshine makes them more bearable, don’t you think?

Did you get your sticker?

Another Tuesday, another session at Epsom vaccine centre, and this time I was volunteering on the side of the already-vaccinated. They need to sit there for 15 minutes after the injection usually if they are driving, so they know they won’t have any reactions. Then I give them a sticker! Really funny seeing grown-ups’ eyes light up at getting a sticker! Another good week. They have Epsom grandstand until the middle of May apparently, then the GP hub side is moving to Leatherhead hospital, and the mass vaccination side will move to Sandown racecourse apparently. I will hope to do it ’til then!

Throwback Friday

Obviously lots of Mother’s Day posts went up on social media this week, and it included this picture of me, my mum, dad and sister when we were little, which has been colourised by my niece Stephanie as a pressie from its original black and white. 🙂 How lovely. 🙂

Top frock – Nina Leonard TSV Monday


One of my favourite silhouettes is our daily deal on Monday – the super Nina Leonard trapeze dress, in a colour-block style. I’ve got several of these in different patterns and I love the shape – so flattering, especially if you’ve got bigger hips like me! Love the pockets as well, so don’t miss it, launching Sunday 9pm & midnight.


Had a binge watch of Unforgotten series two and three this week. Historical crimes solved, and lots of relationship dramas to make it compelling. Very watchable, all on Netflix.  Plus more Ginny and Georgia – a multi-layered family drama for a dropout southern belle single mum of two kids with different dads trying to give them the life she never had. Funny and original.

I have started watching a couple of other shows too, but I’ve found myself feeling drawn towards the ones that are shorter – ‘limited series’ as they call them! Otherwise, I get completely sucked into the long, drawn out series. Although I am tempted by Line of Duty’.  Any recommendations, let me know!


This week, Will sat down with Dr Paul Nassif, and next week, its the turn of Grumpy Gardener, Joe Smith. You can listen to them all here.


Check out this sky! And see my social media for lots more including #Thursdaybantz Facebook live, I did an extra one this week, as well behind-the-scenes at QVC!

Book of the week

Home on Folly Farm by Jane Lovering is just out. Jane is an author on my regulars list. I always follow and buy her books. This latest one is all about a retreat to the Yorkshire Dales where the heroine Dora is escaping her ex, her troublesome family, and her old routines… Until the past catches up with her! Just acquired this latest one on audiobook and it looks good!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see what’s left of the Elemis four-piece Dynamic Resurfacing skincare collection (if there is any!). Such incredible value given how much just the SPF Day Cream is on its own! Catch it while you can, and if you’re in time, there’s a whole Elemis hour at 6pm with me.

Saturday – also already online is Lola Rose’s semi-precious double strand heart necklace, in lots of different colours and again a really good price, ready for jewellery day tomorrow. Catch the colours by clicking here.

SundaySaturday night at midnight I’m back in the garden with Michael Perry! This time with a 5 × 9cm Dianthus Million kisses collection – the new TSV for Sunday. 🙂

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Nina Leonard high tech crepe ankle length trousers with zip pocket details and side slits
Judith Williams four-piece Targeted Face Collection
Yankee Sleep Diffuser with three refills
Together printed dip hem blouse
Foreo Mini Luna 2 with serum cleanse bundle
Prime Fifty Immunity Health trio pack 90 days supply
Cozee Paws Rectangle two-in-one Plush Pet Bed with Odourology
Contour two-in-one Leg Relief Wedge

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 22nd at midnight:

Dannii Minogue high waisted pull-on jeans
Bareminerals Complexion Rescue 3 Piece Summer Collection
Naked Pharmacy 60 day bundle
The Real Pie Company eight-piece Pies, Pasties and Rolls Discovery Selection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – another super opportunity to stock up on the famous silhouette, the Nina Leonard trapeze dress in several block colour options.


TuesdayWynneLayers return with a crepe unstructured colour-block top.

Wednesday – hair styling time as Babyliss bring us the Rotating Air Style 1000, a best seller – useful while the hairdressers aren’t open!

Thursday – going on sale earlier in the week, the Ninja Foodi Max 7.5 L Multi-Cooker is back, one of my best buys from last year. It’s a pressure cooker, an air fryer, a steamer, a slow cooker, and I absolutely love it and use it all the time!

FridayTweak’d Volumise & Restore five-piece set with gift bags. Check out Denis’ fabulous garage studio in Canada!

Friday 9pm – the Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner is back with extras!

Next week – look out for a brilliant Gatineau deal if you are needing a bit of lifting around the gills, and I will be off from the 22nd March until 2nd April! Using up annual leave and having a well earned break. 🙂 Have a great time.

Best wishes,


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18 Responses

  1. Love the photo you, your sister, Mum and Dad. Your son is the spitting image of your Dad, Debbie. I got my sticker from the vaccination centre at New Malden and wore it with pride!

  2. Your mum is beautiful Debbie so young looking, I love catching up with what you been doing. Very handsome son brave of him to let you take photo of the face mask. Love watching you presenting, very down to earth with a touch of humour.

  3. Have so enjoyed reading your blog this week, packed full as usual, so lovely to see what offers and TSV are coming up for the coming week as well, I think you would enjoy watching Line of Duty, you will be hooked, from the start, cannot wait for the new series starting on Sunday have a good week love Marion xx

  4. One to watch, well I loved it on netflix. Designated Survivor with Keifer Sutherland. Longer series but enjoyable. You look just like your dad.
    Love Karen xx

  5. What a beautiful family photo of you, your sister and Mum and Dad. You all look very happy and blessed with the good looking genes and your Mum looks terrific now. Stay safe and not long now until you see your daughter and family….fingers crossed xxxx

  6. Hi Debbie
    I look forward to reading your blog every Friday, the photo of you with your Mom Dad and Sister is beautiful and I must say Brad looks so much like your Dad. Have a lovely break and take care x

  7. Hi, Debs! I can’t remember if you’ve said you’ve read the Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. If not…that’s my recommendation for you! Best, SheMag ps no wonder you love the trapeze dress; it suits you wonderfully. So much so that I have a wardrobe full of them and it’s all your fault!

  8. Gosh Debbie, doesn’t your son look like your Dad! How nice to see the genes being passed down. Thanks for the audio and film recommendations. Just watched Holiday in the Wild, and it was nice for a Saturday afternoon session. Felt quite guilty watching films in the middle of the day! Take care. Good job you are doing at Epsom. Not surprised the patients’ eyes light up with a sticker from you!

  9. Lovely read Debbie,I recommend the line of duty it is brilliant,but start with series 1,I’ve been really looking forward to the new series starting tomorrow.Thankyou for letting me know what is coming up on qvc .

  10. Thanks Debbie. Looks good. Love pic of you and yr Mum.

    Looking to buy a Nina Leonard dress and the Judith Williams set. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Thank you Debbie for your weekly blog, in particular information on the the Deals and TSVs. I love your new home. The flat looks great and the surroundings are stunning. Good on you.

    The best Netflix dramas I’ve seen recently are, and in order, The One and Behind her Eyes. The most compelling documentaries, Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal and Nevenka: Breaking the Silence, the victim of the first successful sexual harassment prosecution against a politician in Spain reflects twenty years. Years later we have #me too. So not sure much has changed when it comes to people exploiting their wealth and power. Marriage or Mortgage looks interesting. Oldies but goodies, though not limited series, are the bold and brilliant Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy.

  12. Lovely photos Debbie. Your mum looks absolutely fabulous. Love watching young QVC, especially when you are having a good laugh.

  13. Hi Debbie,

    You haven’t changed a bit since that lovley piccie with your parents and sister! It did make me smile especially as I’m the younger sister of two (I see you’re the older of two). What handsome looking parents too.
    Please keep being the wonderful, bouncy, jolly presenter that you are – you do help brighter these dark Covid days. Thank you.

  14. Not sure who is presenting Ninja Foodi TSV but I see that there are several negative comments about recipes books being too US orientated. Can recommend The Big Metric Ninja Foodi Cookbook by David Small. Colour Version. Recipes including Yorkshire pudding Victoria Sponge Thai green curry to name a few and metric measures. Available from a online shopping retailer £15 paperback or £9 kindle version.

  15. Hi Debbie read your blogs all the time, they are always fantastic very informative and true. Your one of my favourite presenters, the way you describe items totally honest. Well done for your wonderful volunteering at the vaccine centre. You mention your last blog about watching line of duty, well I am being totally honest it’s the most fantastic drama the bbc has ever made, I’ve watched it from series one, which you need to do as the series interact. You will be HOOKED.
    Keep up the good work Debbie take care.
    Carole x

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