Center Parcs video and crazy good beauty deals!

First thing to say is that I think the decision to put me on the telly at Christmas and then have New Year off was a great one in retrospect! I spent New Year having a really relaxed time in Devon, and went straight to a badly-needed weekend break with the extended family in Elvedon, near Cambridge.

We cycled, we swam and we sat in Starbucks overlooking the beautiful lake. Here’s one of the vlogs I did walking through the park, with a cool first!

Sooooo calming there… I read, I wrote, I slept… Played some great games with my siblings and their kids who came, as well as Mum and her partner. It was sister-in-law Boki’s birthday and we had a lovely meal in one of the restaurants. One of the best things about Center Parcs is that we switch off completely, and I came back raring to go to a new week’s shift.

The wildlife is extraordinary there, all manner of birds, squirrels that come right up to your patio door, and these tiny little creatures that you see all through the forest, muntjac deer!

We have been going to these unique UK resorts more than anywhere else in the world actually, ever since the kids were small. As soon as I get back, I want to go again! Enjoy a little montage of the photographs.

Now I’m planning my next holiday, which will be the big one – the cruise to the south Caribbean in May! So lucky I have people looking after my place in Devon when I’m not here and of course, dogsitting Daisy!

See below for this week’s sneaky peeks and highlights!

Alpha H bumper pack, including new lip balm!

How about this for a wonderful Alpha H set – our favourite Balancing Cleanser, plus the gentle exfoliator Liquid Gold Rose and a lovely new lip balm!

It feels very moisturising, protective, and gives a plumping effect! And the chance to get a value version of the famous skin brightener and hydrator, Liquid Gold, is very welcome! Goes on sale early, but can’t wait to launch it with Tom Ogden on the 9pm show on Friday 17th – do join us!

And join me for the five out of following seven Today’s Special Values that I will be launching from then onwards! Look out for more about next weeks, below.


Bruce and company

Bodyblade Bruce returned, had a great visit and afterwards we went out to dinner. Lovely Sue Stuart joined us, as she had been modelling for him. She has a great story, having lost eight stone then needed something to tone up with, and Bodyblade was it for her! We had a super Italian meal in Richmond and a good old chinwag – another word Bruce has now learned 🙂 Looking forward to seeing him in April when he returns. And fingers crossed, my health plan will mean by then I’m a lot fitter! I’ve joined together with a couple of my siblings to challenge each other – my challenge is to do no-sugar January. Wish me luck!

Luca the sensitive cat

Look at this pussycat! He has a whole room full of carpet to lie on at my sister’s house, and he decides not to sully his fur with the woollen strands, but instead finds the only bit covered with envelopes and sits on that! So funny. Just like Oreo my brother’s cat. Not long now till Oreo gets to meet the brand new puppy… More on that soon 🙂


Several choices this week I could say! I have discovered a new series to binge watch. James May, Our Man in Japan on Amazon Prime. It’s absolutely fascinating what he discovers, and he reports on various aspects of life in Japan in his own inimitable style, and I discovered it while my brother Glenn was watching it one evening when I came home and I joined in.  Or I could mention Gavin and Stacey, because I was subjected to… I mean I joined in watching… several episodes on DVD when we were at Center Parcs! It’s never been my thing but I can see the appeal 🙂

But instead I am making this week’s feature another big film at the cinema. The Gentlemen stars Matthew McConaughey, Lady Mary from Downton Abbey as his cockney wife, and some brilliant turns from Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell in particular. Yes it is a typical Guy Ritchie film, what can I say. But I must admit it was worth going to see as it’s quite a feast for the eyes, albeit slightly violent. Boys will love it I think, on the whole, and obviously some ladies. But it’s not a ‘girly’ movie. It tips into an 8 out of 10, just – the score I give to something I will probably see again at some point; mainly because of the star comic turn from Colin Farrell. Superb.

If you want a good romance, do go and see Little Women. Packed with stars and brilliant performances. I really enjoyed that film last week as well. Really amazingly directed too by a woman! Superbly done and absolutely worth seeing. It’s a variation on the classic by the way, so you may be surprised rather than bored.

On the note of women, yes the director should have been included in the nominations at the Golden Globes, I think. But if you want to watch something online that is the buzz of the internet, look at Ricky Gervais’s speech at the Golden Globe awards. In his own in imitable style, he leads the fight back against “snowflakery”… Priceless!

Book of the week

I wouldn’t normally go for Ben Elton, but the subject matter really fascinated me. Regulars will know, I adore anything about time travel. So his book Time and Time Again was my latest listen on Audible. The narrator does some superb accents, firstly. Secondly, I really loved the premise of his book: Sir Isaac Newton discovers time travel and leaves a note for his successors in 2024 to travel back to 1914 and change history. Really original, I think. Loved the attention to detail regarding period details. Not the most accomplished prose, but a good plot nonetheless. Recommended. Also, glad to see the latest Lucy Dillon novel is now out – can’t wait!


Fun and games on set!


This week on QVC

Today (Friday 10th) – go here to see and buy the new Centigrade faux leather biker jacket – if it is still available! (And join me with Nikki Gewirtz on the Lola Rose show at 10pm if it’s not too late!)

Saturday – the Vionic orthotic trainers are back with lots of choices at a great price. I live in these and I’m looking forward to getting my new pair! Plus, look out for a whole hour at 6pm with Dr Max and Prime Fifty supplements if you want to make a difference to your feel good factor this year.

Sunday – go here to see and buy the Liz Earle TSV – the five-piece Overnight Restore skincare collection featuring Cica Paste for the first time. Always incredible value, but this exceeds expectations, I think. A good way to stock up and to buy for presents as well!

Big Deals old and new

MarlaWynne stripe jersey v-neckline balloon dress

Algenist three-piece Secrets of Algae Anti-Ageing collection

Copper Stone set of two frying pans

Silk’n Toothwave electric toothbrush with DentalRF technology and six heads

Go here to see and shop them all

Radley Canonbury Villas medium flap-over shoulder bag

SBC six-piece Ultimate Collagen Skincare collection

Ninja Blender and Soup Maker

California Innovations set of four insulated Market totes

Next week

Monday (13th) – Yankee Candle are back with a 53-piece Tea-light and Votive Holder set. I am on mid-afternoon with Orly nails and Kim & Co. That’s because in the evening I hope to go to a QVC party hosted by James Murden and Lee Hohbein, my lovely friends. Should be fun!

TuesdayJudith Williams returns with a bumper value four-piece Life Long Beauty Heroes collection.

WednesdayMarlaWynne premium flatter fit trouser with a side slit are the daily deal – the come in different lengths too! I will definitely be getting a couple of pairs of these for the year ahead!

Plus, look out for the first of three nights worth of two hour shows with Elemis and our own Alison Young, fresh from another of her double page beauty spreads in a weekly magazine! See her Instagram for details!

Thursday it’s time to stock up on Australian Body Care again, with the three-piece Skinwash and Tea Tree Oil collection, including massive savings.

Then Friday is the new Ashwood leather Clara flap-over cross-body bag.

As mentioned above, on Friday at 9pm join us, for the Alpha H Rose Gold Hydration collection that goes on sale mid-week I think.

Next week – I will report back from the aforementioned QVC party, another lovely afternoon with my granddaughter Blake and a fabulous house full of guests down in Devon, the first retreat of 2020. Have a great week and speak soon,

Best wishes


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  1. Hello Debbie, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Always a pleasure reading them and you keep us fully informed bless you. Have a great weekend. Antoinette x

  2. Hi Debbie love the video of the Muntjac. We have these little creatures in our garden everyday that come right up to the windows sometimes whole families, Mummy, Daddy & baby. They live in the wood at the bottom of my garden together with the red deer but they rarely cme into the garden The Muntjacs can get a bit aggressive so make sure Daisy does’t go near.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Happy new year Debbie! I can’t find the time to read your blogs all in one go but I dip in and out! I am not surprised to hear that you had an exhaustion period. You have lots of things on the go. Maybe this next year you can cut back and prioritise. Maybe you don’t want to give anything up though! Take care anyway x

  4. Hi Debbie what is the name of the super green drink you mentioned in your recent newsletter that you liked
    Thank you
    Lynn xx

  5. Hi Debbie, always a pleasure to read your blogs, you are the best and I would love to meet you someday, it’s on my bucket list xxxxx

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