Charlie’s clover pendant goes on sale!

Just had to write about this one! Charlie sent me the info last week on the new design he has chosen for Diamonique, a four leaf clover! It’s beautiful, and very good for people who want to send something different to a loved one or friend, that doesn’t involve hearts, flowers or classic designs. Made with our famous simulated diamonds, set in rhodium and gold-plated sterling silver, in different colours. Well worth it. Well done mate! Very comfortable to wear and I love the little shortening mechanism on the clasp! Get yours here.

Brad’s birthday

Had a lovely bit of bubble time with my son on his 34th birthday this week. 34, my goodness! Obviously, we couldn’t do very much but I gave him a cupcake and stuck loads of candles in it, which Blake thought was hilarious. Always nice to spend time with my boy. Looking forward to Mother’s Day as well!


Litter picker

Have been quite a good Samaritan recently, looking out for rubbish on my walks. Well, the new grounds of my new flat are just amazing, so it’s really important to keep it nice, don’t you think?

Water winner

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Several times this week, I played this video of my dehumidifier reservoir emptying. It’s the Meaco one, and this was just after a few hours. Since then, having hung up my wet coat after the walk I mention below, it was 2/3 full after just putting it on twice (it turns itself off after a few hours). One of my best purchases and I’m using the water for the plants. Well, you can’t get much purer than condensed water vapour, can you? Waste not, want not…!

Eye eye

I was going to post a picture, but then decided against it as it is so horrendous! My poor left eye flared up again and was virtually red across the whole of the white bit. Had to go back to the expert three times who gave me a whole host of different treatments. The different thing this time is some antibiotics for the actual lashes which I have to rub in, and a weak steroid twice a day. Ho-hum. It went down again quite quickly, but it’s a real pain in the… eye!

Wet walk

My sister and I did a very long walk in the rain recently and this was the end product. Ironically, it was the day after I had my hair done fresh for the Philip Kingsley Today’s Special Value, see the top picture where I’m wearing Charlie’s necklace. So having woken up in the morning, my hair looked okay, this is what I went to work like! LOL. Oh well, it was worth it, and nice to spend time with my sis.

Becky’s bouncy locks are Airwrapped!

I had to include this picture this week, of my niece Becky using the Dyson Airwrap on her gorgeous long locks. She was very impressed. So are you guys, the fab styler is selling extremely well here on QVC and it was only just back in stock recently and has already sold out! Check out the Dyson hair care range here on our website. If you have one, persevere with it. I attribute the long, shiny finish of my hair over the last year to having the Airwrap to style it with, as it doesn’t damage it as much as my previous methods of styling. You can see the great effect it has in the top picture! What with the Dyson hairdryer as well, it’s made a massive difference, including to the length. Give it a go while you might have time to spare at home to get used to it – because it does take a little effort!

Watch – Firefly Lane

My new obsession! Well, I must admit I’ve binge-watched most of it, as I loved it so much. Two childhood friends with a story told in parallel from the point of their childhood, in their 20s and in their 30s. In that respect, it’s a bit like my favourite series from 2020, This is Us, and a format that works really well for me. I absolutely love the characters and the way they were cast. It’s all very well done, including in their 20s and how they make them look unlined and so much younger, (impressive, can we sell it on QVC? Ha ha.) The main character, Tully, is a famous TV show host with a troubled background, and we follow her shenanigans and mishaps in her friendship with Kate. Kate is adorable and has a very hot partner, erratic TV producer Johnny. Can’t wait for the next series, they left it on such a cliffhanger! Highly recommended.


There are no less than three different blogs on our Stories section in our website about the wonderful Miss Dannii Minogue, who joins us for a TSV on Monday! Don’t miss it! Meanwhile, go here to listen to the latest Inside QVC podcast where she tells all to Will Gowing. On Monday, it’s the turn of stylist and guest, Evey Kurlander.

Vlog – although it’s supposed to be worse again soon, the weather was wonderful last week, wasn’t it? Here is just a little sample from one of my walks in the woods.

Book of the week

It was #worldbookday on 4th and we had a right old chat about it on my Facebook page.  So instead of one recommendation, I’m giving you several.

My top books over the last few years have included:

  • Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (now on telly, but the book does it even better.)
  • The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman
  • Bullets and Blood – The Dramatised Story of the Warner Brothers Hollywood Drama
  • The Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch
  • The Robert Galbraith ‘Cormoran Strike’ stories (J K Rowling)
  • Spirited by Julie Cohen (or anything by Julie Cohen, to be honest.)
  • The Jack Reacher books by Lee Child
  • Recently, I also really liked Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake and The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler.

What would you recommend as the one book for World Book Day?

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the super Amazon Fire stick deal, guested by my telly hubby Lee Hohbein. The latest one and such an incredible deal, don’t miss it, and don’t miss him. 🙂

Saturday – it’s a big Molton Brown TSV day, and I’m looking forward to doing it on Friday at midnight! Already online, go here to see and buy it.

Sunday – it’s a big gardening weekend across all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Michael Perry brings us the Thompson & Morgan Tall, Dark and Handsome geranium pots with a tower planter, might be good for my hot balcony in my new flat! I’m looking forward to 7pm Gardening Inspirations followed by my ‘must-have’ Vionic footwear at eight!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Cozee Paws Rectangle two-in-one Plush Pet Bed with Odourology
Moda in Pelle Loella heeled shoe
L’Occitane five-piece Osmanthus Fragrance collection
Gatineau Age Benefit 4 Piece Daily Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection
Hotel Chocolat 96 piece Easter chocolate selectors
Michele Hope buttoned cardigan with back dip hem
Printed drawstring cosmetic bag
Contour two-in-one Leg Relief Wedge

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 28th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Nina Leonard high tech crepe ankle length Ttousers with zip pocket details and side slits
Judith Williams four-piece Targeted Face Collection
Sealy Select Response pillow pair
Yankee Sleep Diffuser with three refills

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s here at last! The Dannii Minogue TSV for petite people. Check out her range including TSV already online here, it includes jewellery as well. It is Inspirational Women’s Day as well, including some of our most famous experts. There’s also a couple of shows on Tuesday with Dannii.

Tuesday – it’s the turn of the Tarte Most Coveted collection, four pieces with bag, already online, go here to see and buy it. Also, watch out for the 8pm diamonds show with myself and Laurie Wickwire. I love being on with Laurie. Here is our range of real diamonds

Wednesday – back in the kitchen with the Gotham Steel smokeless indoor non-stick electric grill. Interesting!

Thursday – Abi Cleeve brings us her first Skinsense five-piece Anti-Ageing Targeted Results skincare collection this year – another incredible offer from this highly affordable range.

Friday – then on Friday it’s the Aqua Laser three-piece duster set with extendable handle and four microfibre cloths. Perfect for spring cleaning.

Friday 9pm and going on sale early in the week, the L’Occitane three-piece Immortelle Pillars collection. Their wonderful skincare that is as popular as their body care. 

All ahead of another super weekend of gardening expertise. Watch out for a wonderful whole day of it on Sunday, I get the launch on Saturday night 9pm.

Next week – back at the vaccine centre, and more lovely walks.

Best wishes


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9 Responses

  1. So enjoyed reading what you have been up to hope you have no more trouble with your eye, your nieces hair looks beautiful the Dyson is amazing best ever, my friends have been watching Firefly Lane and loved it they hope they will make another series, I found a really good author called Lisa Reagan her books are real page turners you have to read the first 8 in order, but one book by Patricia Gibney is called Buried Angels that’s a good book, glad you saw your son hope you have a Lovly Mother’s Day. The design of Charlie’s pendant is beautiful x

  2. Hi Debbie,
    That’s lovely you got to see brad for his birthday. Very nice. Hope you can manage your eye and I do have sympathy. I have to say I’m a bit fed up with all the dyson stuff as really so many of us just do not have that sort of disposable income at the best of times let alone now to have the luxury of purchasing these items. Same can be said about the shoes you sell. I’ve said before could you please make things cheaper as in choose cheaper ranges.
    Thank you.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Susan,
      I always enjoy Debbie’s post as so informative and fun.
      I couldn’t agree with you more about shoes and boots on QVC. I have knee high boots from years ago and they were really affordable and great quality. They are now well without my price range! Thank you for bringing this up.
      Take care,

    2. Some good points, Susan. Happily the Meaco fans and Shark vacs are much more affordable, I find, but I understand what u mean.
      The eye is ok again thank gawd!
      Keep safe

  3. Can I recommend anything by Rachel Abbott. Her books are set in Manchester. Psychological thrillers with a twist or cliffhanger. I’ve read 8 books in a fortnight. Jackie Kabler next

    1. You’ll love Jackie Kabler! Maybe try Julia’s too!
      Noted re Manchester books – used to live there after uni, so it’s dear to my heart!

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