Cheers to the daffodils! And sneaky peeks

They’re coming, they’re coming! The daffodils are coming! Thank goodness… It always means spring is not far away. And goodness me, hasn’t it been raining a lot? So I can’t wait for warmer times and less muddy walks in the woods (just check out the video in the vlog of the week below!) And look out for a big gardening weekend about to happen. Don’t forget to check out all of Richard Jackson’s garden products on our website here, the range is growing day by day!

Grandbaby update

Had a lovely time with my granddaughter Blake who came to stay overnight (she is in my bubble.) From excavating my jewellery collection, with which she is fascinated, and exploring all of my lotions and potions, to helping me make a scrambled egg breakfast, we had the most lovely time. She slept through the night as well! I was well chuffed! She is so clever now and very articulate. I was really exhausted afterwards though, as you can imagine!

Phoebe in Wales is also getting extremely articulate. Lauren made me laugh this week with a video of them out on their long walk in the fields and a little tired Phoebe decided to go on her ride-along tractor, but didn’t want to do the work herself, so this was the solution! Very, very funny. 🙂 I miss them millions.


Me and Sis

But it won’t be long now, given how quickly the vaccinations are going. I did another stint this week with my sis – doing my bit to volunteer and help the NHS in our local mass vaccination centre in Epsom. There’s something really satisfying about doing this and I’m down for another shift next week. 🙂

Daisy Dog update

For those who ask from time to time, here she is, my Daisy dog, now firmly established in a new home. She has even commandeered my sister-in-law Amanda‘s favourite Cozee Home cushion! She loves it, apparently. But it’s too small for her, even though she tries to balance on top of it. 🙂 We don’t do them anymore, but I wish I’d got two as we could have tied them together. 🙂 Bless her heart.

Meal of the week… not!

Mum decided to pass some leftover bolognese over the balcony this week (well, it makes a change from eternally eating Sunday roasts that are so big they last me half the week!) and with it she gave me some dry spaghetti that I needed to cook, some mushrooms, and for some reason, included some kale. Then I found I had some beetroot that needed eating, so I shoved that in the dish as well. Eclectic or what! I’m nothing if not experimental! It actually was really nice… What makes it worse is that I had already just had a little can of mackerel in tomato sauce… good job I’m not fussy! And probably a good job I live alone… 🙂

Watch – The Dig

I am so excited about this new new Netflix show. Many years ago, I bought an archaeology book from the English Heritage range, when I was doing my archaeology A-level. It was all about the Sutton Hoo discovery, a buried boat found in Suffolk complete with a wealth of Anglo-Saxon valuables. The spectacular artefacts are said to be the greatest treasure ever discovered in the UK, including metal work, dress fittings, gold and gems, a ceremonial helmet, and a silver plate from the Byzantine empire. Incredible right? I cannot wait to watch it!


On Monday it’s the turn of IT Cosmetics brand ambassador, Rose Gallagher. You can listen to them all here, including this week’s with Liz Folce from Korres.

Vlog of the week

Listen to how muddy this walk was! And look out for more videos and social media updates by following me, links are all below.

Also, you will find the link for my #ThursdayBantz, my weekly live catch-up with all of my regulars – and lurkers – on my Facebook page. 🙂

Book of the week

Time for one of our own, once more. Julia Roberts’ new book, ‘Her Mother’s Secret’, is out. I am delighted because it is on audiobook, so it’s on my Audible app waiting to be heard! The write-up says it is a completely heartbreaking and compelling story of families, secrets, and the love between mothers and children. One said “beautiful and heart-rending, I was enthralled from start to finish.”

Again, I’m really looking forward to this. It’s Julia‘s eighth book and our colleague has become a really strong writer. It’s currently number four in women’s popular fiction charts, amidst some of the massive authors of our time and is already getting rave reviews. What with Jackie’s success too, they are doing really well!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of something I’ve just bought three of! I cannot do without the It Works blocks. They are undoubtedly, in my opinion, superior to anything else I’ve ever tried from anywhere else online or in the shop. They are the original micro-scourers (as I call them, along the lines of a microfibre cloth but with stain removal power second to none, without using any water.) Fabulous for stainless steel sinks, grime around door handles and wall light switches, removing stains inside fridges, getting the grease off your hob, cleaning coffee cups and tea stains, UPVC windows, woodwork that has a buildup of grime, removing residue or sticky labels from crockery or jars… the list goes on and on and on. Don’t miss out!

Saturday – it’s a garden day with a full morning of shows out and about with our gardening experts. The Grumpy Gardener multi-headed rake broom is the Today’s Special Value. I just love it when gardening TSVs start again!

Sunday – it’s all about Korres, and their Grecian beauty range, this time the Instant Smoothing and Hydrating three-piece collection made for the body, but it can be used elsewhere. I have a whole hour of it at 7pm, assuming the stocks last. It features four different fragrance choices, a wash and two body creams that are designed to help to smooth and promote a more-toned look to your skin. The wash and body cream are both in a fragrance, then their Skin-Smoothing specialty cream is also included. It is from the same range as the Supersize of the Month. Don’t miss it 🙂 Also, I’m going to start trialing their eye treatment, because it looks rather appealing as in this picture.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Tili Rose Quartz dual-ended roller with box
Mally eight-piece Eye Opening collection
Centigrade chevron coatigan
Mr & Mrs Owl microwavable hotties
Women with Control slim leg trousers with side slits
Prai 24k Gold Wrinkle Repair Sparkle Bee collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 7th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Artscapes printed Georgette shirt
Shay & Blue three-piece Fragrance Layering collection
Gotham Steel Stackmaster three-piece Space Saving Non-Stick Cookware set
Cozee Home faux suede quilted furniture protector

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – a short sleeve printed dolman tunic with zipper detail and contrast yoke by Nina Leonard. And at 9pm I will be launching…

Tuesday – the Percy & Reed six-piece Turn Up the Volume collection, which goes on sale early here. This is an enormous set and really worth getting. I can’t quite believe the price to be honest 🙂 looking forward to doing this one. 🙂

Wednesday – Shark return with another vacuum offer, this time the cordless dual battery vacuum with Anti Hair Wrap, Flexology and True Pet technology. A bit more of an investment, but with the dual battery, you will never run out of charge.

Thursday – more fabulous cleaning ideas with a Spin Mop and bucket system featuring wheels and two additional microfibre heads. No more stinky mops!

FridayYour Zooki Marine Collagen Beauty and Health Supplements six week’s supply is here. It’s a big buzzword in the beauty industry at the moment to have collagen shots, and these are very affordable compare to some. Worth a try with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Friday 9pm – time for some technology, with the Blink indoor/outdoor Mini and One Camera home security bundle. Really affordable as well. I cannot wait for the 10pm show, as it’s ages since I did a tech hour. Love our tech guests as well.

Then afterwards I will have a whole hour with Kipling and hopefully Marie Francoise Wolff coming down the line on Skype again, like she did last time during this week’s TSV. 🙂

Finally, look out for the Elemis three-piece Pro-Collagen Powerhouse Skincare collection, which is going on sale earlier in the week, and will be here all day on Sunday. A brilliant way to stock up on this premium range at much more affordable prices when it is on our daily deal called Today’s Special Value.

Next week – walking, organising online meetings, Le Creuset cooking and helping out at the vaccination centre… Rinse and repeat 🙂

Best wishes,


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  1. How fantastic kind and thoughtful Debbie you have helped out with the nhs, doesn/t matter what the role it all helps and shows the publics appreciation, how lucky we are to hve such a brilliant nhs,

    1. Oh my gosh you are not kidding Christine. Such a great organisation. Most people commented on how well organised it was when they sat down. It was a pleasure to help out again this week. X

  2. Hi Debbie, I really enjoy reading your blogs every week. You look gorgeous and your skin looks amazing in the picture where you are holding the new Korres cream! Please do share which eyeshadow you are wearing; it looks so lovely. Take care, Parveen xxx

    1. Parveen
      How kind you are! Yes I’m very pleased with my skin at the moment, the routine is changing the whole time but he and Qvc presenters banter have a basic list we refer back to always! I have been trialling the new elemis miss set coming up this weekend!
      My make up series but I will often use a tart compact, there are some fabulous ones online at the moment, and it’s all about the blending on the brush I’m told 🙂
      It’s a brown in the socket line, and a lovely rose gold glimmer across the top of my lid, several of them do it, including Laura Geller, Dalton, that it’s a Laura Geller pallet I’m using most at the moment 🙂

  3. Nice to hear all your news & Well Done helping out at the vaccination centre
    You always seem to have lots going on but still find time to give back
    Love hearing your stories

  4. Hi Debs Always a Wonderful Story I like to call your Blog so Helpful and So Happy to see Daisy Looking Blissfully in her Dreams bet that was Wonderful seeing your Granddaughter a lovely Time Love that you give a Heads up on QVC what would I do without all you wonderful People making our Lives Easier ??this includes all the Backroom Staff ! What a Team !! Keep Safe Pamela xx

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