Crazy family antics!

Somebody said to me the other day “you seem to be at QVC all the time at the moment”, and that is true. My London week was quickly followed by a week where I only had Tuesday off, right the way through until the Saturday again, having swapped a shift and then done an extra day (things keep being changed around all the time, as you can imagine at the moment.)

But I did enjoy launching the National Emergency Trust initiative, go here to see more and maybe join in. Already into double figures, so hopefully QVC will reach the £125,000 target donation. A great cause indeed in these days of nothing being normal.

For instance, you can imagine what it’s like being in a little ground floor flat with a 2 1/4-year-old! Well having been inspired by Lauren’s outdoor obstacle course, which daddy Nick created for Phoebe in one of the fields using bits of wooden planks and poles, (it was very impressive!), this one was what other granddaughter Blake got in response! Up, over, round, through, scooter, and under… using all the options available! Happily, all of her plastic ball pit balls fitted inside the cushion cave so she was a happy bunny!

Loving seeing all the videos from family at this point. There is a brilliant feeling of community, isn’t there? If you are not feeling it, come and join us on my Facebook live sing-a-long every evening, quite a little community building up there. See below. I even get people to march along to the various songs that we are playing, well every step counts, doesn’t it?

Had a brilliant keep fit show this week, with some excellent products for moving your body indoors. Go here to see our range, and look out for the return of lovely Lucinda (she went to school with my son Brad, if you remember) bringing us the Power Fit vibrating plate this Sunday. It really, really works! As does the Revitive foot massage plate using EMS technology, go here to see it and buy it – you won’t believe how your feet and legs feel afterwards, and all you have done is sat down and put your feet on it! We have so many fitness options online, I hope you can check them out here.

And also at the other extreme, do enjoy Saturday night fun, as the Andi Peters Food Fest reappears this Saturday evening (Easter Saturday) with Dale at 7pm for two hours. Again, don’t forget to check out all of our food selections on the website. Go here to have a look.

I must admit, I did also indulge in some nibbles of sweet stuff but not much (honest!), when I was on Wednesday night’s Eat, Taste, Love hour. The toppings pies were tasty – as was everything else. Give them a go! There’s even gin… all delivered to your door!


It Works! Floor cleaning time

I have actually moved out of my brother Glenn’s, whose family are all at home permanently at the moment, to allow them to not worry. For the time being, I have partially relocated into my friend’s mum’s empty house, where I am performing some major revamps, including the kitchen floor, using It Works magic sponge blocks! What a difference! I am partial to a bit of cleaning, and of course we are all cleaning a lot more aren’t we, at the moment. I hope Howard comes back with some more of these blocks soon, as I could not find any online! I hear lots of people talking about having decluttering sessions, and cleaning things that have not been cleaned for years! One upside of these times, I suppose!

Ziggy update

Glenn, my brother, is keeping me informed with little videos of Ziggy the dog. One day last week, he got so tired out chasing around the jet from the jet washer when my brother was cleaning the pavement, he needed a good rest afterwards! Reminds me of my Daisy dog in the sunshine 🙂 Here’s a little video of Ziggy and Oreo playing around.

Book of the week

Marie Kondo – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. The title says it all, and Marie is the queen of decluttering. I know so many people who feel their lives have changed since reading her book. So this week I downloaded it to have a little listen… while I clean and declutter! Let me know how you get on.

Vlog of the week –

I also sing a lot when I am cleaning, and it makes me feel a lot better. Here’s my theory – if J. K. Rowling says that breathing exercises made her feel a lot better, then it’s not surprising that taking deep breaths and giving your lungs a good workout with a singsong does the same for me.

Here is my Facebook Live from last week, with Michael Perry photobombing in the background, during this (long!!) sing-a-long with Debbie.

Keeping you company with nightly kitchen karaoke, I’ve made it a regular thing! Join me on my Facebook page to watch it live – most nights! (Look out for the little post earlier on each evening that says when it is likely to be taking place). It varies because of my schedule! It was two weeks on Thursday (9th) since I began this little nightly crooning (some might say caterwauling) session and we have many regulars all saying hello to each other now, as well as the names you will recognise – William from Charlie Bears joined us one night – so do come and listen in. Don’t forget to say hello! One of the songs I sung was Billy Don’t Be a Hero, and I mentioned when my sister and I did it in a talent contest when we were young in Hastings. Here is a picture from back in the day!

Mally podcast chat

Will Gowing is a busy boy, and his latest podcast features the wonderful Mally – it’s a scream! Go here to check out all of his weekly extended interviews if you’d like a bit of banter…

Happy Easter in Sheepwash

Well, I’m not there at the moment for obvious reasons, but hope to pop back in a couple of weeks. But meanwhile, my friend Pearl sent me this of this view in the square – especially for Easter. Hope you have a nice time at home this weekend with the family, apparently the weather is going to be lovely! Perfect for all the gardening shows that we will be bringing you!


Fleabag online!

Got a great one for you this week! The talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge is putting a theatre performance of the cult TV comedy ‘Fleabag’ online, to raise funds for charities hit by Coronavirus. It can be streamed from Soho Theatre’s on demand site for 48 hours for just £4. From today, it will also go on Amazon Prime, for charity. This was one of the most standout programs all year for me, last year, and we all love the hot priest! Don’t know if he gets a mention in this one, but I’ll be sure to watch it.

Otherwise, Audible have a free true crime series at the moment and lots of other options if you love audiobooks.

Facebook funny

Hahaaaa! Know that feeling?


Go here to see Jackie‘s tweet with a little clip of when she got her own back on Chloe Everton 🙂

The next seven days on QVC

Well, of course it is Easter weekend and we all know everyone will be staying in, right? So we have tons of Easter offers for you across the whole four days, including much from the garden catalogue. If you can’t go to the plants, let the plants come to you!

Friday (10th – today) – go here to see and buy Plants2Gardens 6 × 12cm Whetman Pinks (mini carnations) collection. Michael is on most days and looks like he’s being very, very busy so go here to see the whole gardening collection already online and available to order prior to the shows.

Saturday – I’m off! Had a day off because I swapped with Dale who has his Andi Peters Food Fest, as I mentioned. But there is also the latest Dyson Today’s Special Value offer – the iconic Hot and Cool quiet tower fan/heater with timer, the AM09. I absolutely swear by these and have got one in the new place already. Must remember to get my brother to post the remote control to me though!

Easter Sunday – A bit of a look good, feel good day again, including many supplements from Max Gowland – we all need to think carefully about what we are putting in our bodies to stay as healthy as possible, don’t we? Plus Sunday’s TSV sees the Power Fit vibrating fitness plate with resistance bands making a comeback. It is so easy to use as well. I also have a sleep soundly hour at 7 pm.

Big Deals old and new

L’Occitane Herbae L’Eau five-piece fragrance collection

Nourison textured floral indoor and outdoor rug

Bell and Howell flip support pillow and pillowcase

Lock & Lock 12-piece assorted nestable container set

Moda in Pelle Ettinia loafer

Hairfix two-piece Follicle Treatment & Volumising collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And from Sunday at midnight…

Peter Kaiser Nexy slingback court shoes

Gatineau five-piece Age Benefit Regenerating collection

Homedics Zen Meditation pillow

Hollywood Browzer four-piece dermaplaning kit plus travel case

Monday – a massive gardening event with tons to take your pick from all day long. The Yard Force cordless lawnmower and grass trimmer set is here, amazing value.

Look out for the Grow Your Garden two hour finale with Craigy just after the 9pm Monday show, when I launch the new L’Occitane TSV…

Tuesday – …which is the set of four 500ml liquid soaps in a collection, which you can get on Auto Delivery as well.

WednesdayKipling returns with the lovely Marie Francoise Wolff, bringing us the medium satchel shoulder bag called Hadiza.

Thursday – it’s all about feeling better with a bit of a tan, when Tan Luxe return with the three-piece Illuminating Self Tan collection.

Then on Friday it’s the turn of Cook’s Essentials with a five-piece metallic stainless steel cookware set.

9pm Friday 17th – join me and Fiona Brackenbury from Decleor for the four-piece Lift and Firm Lavender Fine Skincare collection TSV.

Next week – a superb way on getting online with Lee Hohbein and Amazon! Never miss a minute of QVC with our clever app and online programming.

Don’t forget to join me on my social media where I do lots of updates all week as well. Lots of cheery stuff!

Take care of yourself and stay safe,

Best wishes,


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10 Responses

  1. Enjoyed your blog as always Debbie, good to get a preview of whats happening at QVC in the coming week. Lovely photo of you at the top. Take care x

  2. A joy always your blogs leaves me with all the information I need and QVC what would we do without it a life saver at times like we are living in we are pulling together and that makes us stronger thank-you Debbie tale care xx Pamela

  3. Hi Debbie
    Many thanks for keeping us all entertained both here and on live TV.
    Please would you let me know where you got that gorgeous green dress with orange flowers on, I love green and orange they are both my favourite colours.
    Many thanks and stay safe.
    Debbie Bliss

  4. Hi Debbie always good to read your blog. Great to know what is coming up on QVC & all the cultural events to take our minds somewhere else if only for a short while. You have such a positive attitude & it definitely rubs off when catching up with you.
    We live in the Northwest by the seaside but I have a daughter whose husband is classed as vulnerable & although she is a key worker she has to stay in with him for 3 months. My other daughter is a key worker & is working at the after school club for key workers children. My youngest daughter is in London so I worry about all of us just as most people will. I came out of hospital after major surgery in March so I was lucky to be discharged & had excellent care from the district nurses.
    QVC is a great distraction & I have my eyes on the Decleor & L’occitane tsv. I ordered a Sealy mattress but that is on hold at the moment.
    My youngest Granddaughter who is 3yrs said it’s a shame the park is closed but she can still see the ducks from outside & she shouted hello & they quacked back!! Stay safe everyone & take care lots of love Julia xxx

  5. Hi Debs, Just read your fun, informative blog! I’ve been tuning into QVC a lot more recently during these crazy testing times! Great Idea that you’re singing your way through this madness…it keeps us sane and think you are fab! So keep up the good work and hopefully will be watching you later today! What can I buy now, LOL???

    Take Care and Stay Safe
    Karen xx

  6. Hi Debbie

    What a beautiful picture of you! For framing me thinks!
    Thank you for another wonderful, informative blog. So glad you are still on our screens, with your calm, easy going, friendly personality. I really enjoy all your shows. It must be hard for you with you living arrangements being disrupted while still continuing to work, but hopefully things will be back to normal in the not too distant future.

    Take care everyone in these v difficult times & be kind.
    Love Lindy Lou xx

  7. hi debbie always read your blog has it aways gives us a heads up on whats on the way at qvc alwas watch your shows always good fun keep safe maria

  8. Hi Debbie,
    Hope you are ok in the house you are in at the minute. Not fun being alone but at least you have your friends in work still. Better to be safe and not have too many bodies under one roof.
    Hope the children etc are all ok. Testing to not see them but at least you can see them when you are allowed to.
    I am glad qvc is still allowed to trade but I really love to support our high street and local stores so it’s just awful to think what might happen as a result of them closing. If qvc could in future bring cheaper brands it would be much appreciated by many who are so strapped for cash and don’t have the luxury of spending so much things. Food for thought. I hope people stop being judgmental as well coz too many people have too many opinions which are not helpful x

  9. Lovely blog Debbie.

    The photograph of you is stunning – you are a beautiful lady both inside and out.

    Keep up all the good work you are all doing at QVC, we all appreciate it. Thank you.

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