Blake and me, and lawn mania!

Last week I had precious grandbaby time. Then, in Devon, made the ultimate sacrifice – I lent my dog to an old lady who is living on her own, who recently lost her little westie (see below). Also, look out for the wonderful Lawn Magic from Richard Jackson. Many of us will have more time in the garden this summer I’m sure, so it’s well worth getting some of Richard’s amazing products. Go here to see his range.

But first, I got together with my lovely kids last week and on the way there, I enjoyed watching ‘Frozen’ from the back seat, whilst two-year-old Blake held my hand. Little Blake and baby Phoebe (17 months) borrowed my bracelets, and it wasn’t till the end of the day that I realised that Blake had gone home with my new Lola Rose watch on her wrist still. (My substitute present was in my Kipling bag, which was left on the train – see last week!) Beautiful watch though. I will have to pick it up when I see them next. Another thing that made me laugh was Blake borrowing the pad from the middle of the watch box, as a pillow for her dolly. So cute.

Very glad we got together while we could. I’m thinking of all of you for Mother’s Day this weekend – some people will be doing things very differently this year, I’m sure.



Regulars will know I’ve been worried about poor Daisy dog since her sister Gracie died last May. Well, she was going to stay with my friend, but now for various reasons that can’t happen. So I was a bit stuck. Guess what! A lovely lady called Maureen is having her this weekend, with a view to a permanent dog share! Maureen was introduced to me by my lovely friend Barry in Devon, and she lost her dear little westie four weeks ago. She is on her own and it sounds like she and Daisy will be the perfect match, since Daisy loves nothing more than sitting at somebody’s feet in the lounge and having company all day long. Meanwhile, here is Daisy getting up to tricks! This is on my Facebook page, where you will see lots more information regularly about what I get up to and about QVC. Come join me and ’like’ the page!


Siena in the make-up team did my hair beautifully this week, with wonderful ringlets and waves. It seems to be the rage amongst the presenters on QVC right now. And since I have missed two hair appointments (one my fault), I was delighted with this style! Will try to keep it from now on I think! Color Wow products are doing me proud, however. Even though it’s over eight weeks since I had my colour, it’s not too dull where it has been highlighted, partly due to the gentle shampoo and conditioner. Also using the Root Cover Up has made a massive difference! Check out the range here.

Wake up and smell the coffee & walnut

Amber the intern/house guest had to cut short her stay and went back to the USA this week, back to Tucson, Arizona. But before she went, she made the most delicious cake! She said she’s not even very good at cakes, but I think she’s good at most things! And what a delightful houseguest she has been. Hoping to see her next year, and all the best for the future, Amber. By the way, we do cakes and chocolates and popcorn and lots of other food; not sure what’s still in stock, but worth a look at the range here.

Tearoom heaven

Just had to include this one because it makes me so happy whenever I look at this picture. Not sure when I’ll be able to do this again at Dotty’s in Carshalton, but I love it every single time. Hope you have some pictures that make you happy whenever you see them.


Obviously the cinemas are mostly closed, as are all the theatres now, so no Tutankhamun, Tina Turner, (or probably holidays) for me… like with most people. But that means getting to grips with some amazing TV, though, doesn’t it! Thanks to those lovely people out there who have been sending very kind messages thanking QVC for being familiar and comforting, it’s our pleasure and nice to know you are there.

Anyway,  I would recommend watching ‘Outlander’ on Amazon Prime – right from the start, and it’s currently on season five! That’s my box set recommendation of the week! Also The Lion King remake from Disney is out online too – just right for keeping the kids amused!

I must say that there is a fabulous comprehensive post on my official QVC Facebook page this week, do go find it. It features many, many links and resource recommendations for kids whilst they’re at home. Perfect from now till Easter, and beyond.

Book of the Week

Searching for a Silver Lining by Miranda Dickinson

Had an interesting evening Twitter exchange this week with the lovely Miranda, as she posted some of her songs, and I didn’t even you know she could sing so well! She’s been posting them frequently to cheer people up. Well, I would like to recommend her book catalogue this week – she is very prolific. This one is the next to be read on my Audible app. Touchingly warm and funny, this is about giving people second chances, and I’m covering 60-year-old secrets. It was on my list quite a while ago, but it’s going to be my next one!

This week on QVC

Saturday – Already on pre-sell, go here to see and buy the Doll 10 six-piece collection – wonderful make-up and a really affordable price. I’m looking forward to launching it and having a big beauty special tonight (Fri 20th) from 9pm – 11pm, and also at midnight.

Sunday – Yay, it’s here! Richard Jackson’s 5kg Feed, Weed and Moss Lawn Treatment. Superbly priced to cover a large area, and so, so easy. This all-in-one will get your garden looking wonderful, ready for some nice weather when everyone will want to be sitting in their back gardens enjoying the sunshine. I will be launching it on Saturday night at 9pm and midnight on the 21st.

Monday – A super Ultrasun five-piece collection. Always the best way to stock up on your once-a-day sun protection from this fabulous brand.

Tuesday – Mr Max returns with the Hollywood knit straight-leg trousers Today’s Special Value, in different lengths and colours, and highly, highly affordable.

Wednesday – Margaret Dabbs brings us her three-piece shoe fresh and foot hygiene set. Lots of time to pamper yourself? Definitely get your tootsies in great shape.

Thursday – Lulu Guinness brings us the Winslet small flap-over chain cross-body bag. Another winner from Lulu!

Friday – Premium skincare time, with the bestseller from Prai – the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Day and Night Collection. The same goes for your neck – isn’t it worth a go at getting this on your neck to see if it will make a massive difference? With our 30 day money back guarantee, you can.

Big Deals, old and new

Orly seven-piece Cuticles, Colour and Care collection

Silentnight six-piece reversible duvet set

Clean Spin 360 Spin Mop with wheels

MarlaWynne luxe crepe side drape colour-block dress

Go here to see and shop them all

And from Sunday midnight, here are the new ones…

WynneLayers unconstructed kimono shirt

Imedeen + 2 Prime Renewal Hair & Nails

Radley leather Border watch

Homedics Travel Stretch Mat XS

At 9pm on Friday 27th, Dyson are back with a V7 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner. Another great deal from this megabrand, with a tryout period!

Next week – more amazing bargains and a big tech day on Sunday 29th, I can’t wait!

Debs X

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  1. Hello Debbie, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Where does time go. I can’t believe your lovely grandchildren are growing up so quickly. It only seems like yesterday. Please do keep the blogs coming. I am 69 years old. And it great reading and doing all the things that I love. Happy mothers day for Sunday. God bless you. Antoinette x

  2. Hi Debbie,
    How lovely you got to see the children and grandchildren too. It’s very difficult for many families facing not seeing each other for months and who are living in different countries. I have nothing but admiration for the people on the forefront making all these horrendous decisions every day and who are just being criticised. I cannot stand that. Take care for now x

  3. Hi debs, I look forward to your blog every week and have been with QVC since the very start! My guy dog Michelle and I especially love to hear about Daisy! We must’ve spent £1 million on QVC in the time we’ve been watching! Lots of love, Annabel and Michelle.

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