Deb, Daisy and daffs! Plus new Shark vac offer

So lovely to see the bright yellow daffodils out along the lane in Sheepwash in Devon, this week. Still a bit cold, but it means we’re nearer spring. They always brighten up your life don’t they? Plus yellow is very trendy at the moment, lol. Was glad of some lovely countryside walks again this week. I did several vlogs, including new ones called “Let the Train Take the Strain”. Go here to see one of them. It’s really helping me get lots of steps done! I do need a big summer stretch out every evening though. Loving having a hot water bottle in my bed too. Gosh, I love sleep. 🙂 I have a sleep show coming up soon, don’t forget we do mattresses, pillows and lovely bedding. 🙂


Phase Eight show

Had a lovely hour of fabulous Phase Eight fashion with the talented stylist Jenny Blackhurst during the two day event (all in interest-free instalment deals). I was delighted to say we have 15 different items under the Studio 8 range, which means Curve sizes, 20 through to 26! Check out the range here.

Ziggy doggy

What a cute little fluff ball, what more can I say, beautiful, beautiful dog, really inquisitive, funny and intelligent. 13-weeks-old and counting. #BrothersDog. Not Long and I’ll be able to take him for long walks! Getting lots of steps in nowadays 🙂

Shark vac

Shark is back with an early bird link on 21st February, meaning another chance to get this amazing machine for a brilliant price, allowing people to go cordless yet still get powerful vacuum action. Hopefully stocks will last! Tune into the 9pm on air launch of the Shark TSV on Monday to find out how you can win a selection of fantastic Shark products worth over £1000!

This month I’ve been using…

I looked in my toiletries cupboard at my brothers this week and thought I would show you my regular routine. I have the following regular staples to my collection:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (I double cleanse with Elemis Neroli Cleansing Balm, which is currently out of stock)

Decleor Aromessence

A quick spritz of Elemis Toner then Marine Cream or Oxygenating Night Cream. Sometimes Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial or Dynamic Defence Day Cream, or Skinesis serum. Or lazy girl night with Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Gatineau Melatogenine Eye Cream and DefiLift Neck Cream, plus regular use of Gommage and Melatogenine overnight mask and their Vitamina hand cream.

You could just see at the top of the cabinet where I also have Elasticiser! And my favourite SBC Collagen Shower Cream. You can’t see my Margaret Dabbs London foot cream!

There you go, for those people that ask what I use on my skin! 🙂

Bread boo-boo

Oh dear, just when I thought I was getting better at all this stuff, out pops a loaf of bread that looks like this. Goodness me, what did I do? I think it might be something to do with yeast… What do you think? 🙂 Thank goodness I had another bread mix for our guests in Devon 🙂


It’s back! Cannot wait to watch Outlander, season 5! Jamie and Claire return with the story of a time travelling doctor who accidentally goes back to the 1700s and builds a life there. It’s long awaited and some really key things happen this season. If you’re looking for a new box set, this is an excellent one, as some of the series are 20 episodes long! And hour a time. Bliss!

Also found out that my favourite show with my favourite soundtrack ever, City of Angels, is back in the West End! Coincidentally, I’m sure, but with Nicola Roberts, the ginger singer from Girls Aloud who just won The Masked Singer! It is at the theatre from early March. Squeeee!

Book of the week

This week successful author Cathy Bramley came to stay and I was delighted that she made herself so comfy in the biggest bedroom. My other guest Amy was delighted, she confided to me that Cathy is one of her favourite authors! So this week’s book of the week is the latest one I have bought from Cathy, being released soon. I love her romantic comedies, great characters and compelling storylines. A Patchwork Family is the latest. Stand-alone books all. Highly recommended.


Behind the scenes fun!

This week on QVC

Today, Friday 21stLAB’s Eye & Lip Focus Tool with eye and lip masks

Saturday – more beauty with the fabulous Retinol R45 Anti-Age Day and Night collection, building on the Big Deal we had recently from BioBeauty.

Sunday – gardening time! Plants2Gardens 10 x 9cm garden-ready plants collection, can’t wait, it means spring is on the way!

Monday – beauty continues with a new facial cleanser device, from Pop Sonic called the Leafbud silicone facial cleanser.

Big Deals old and new

Monsoon jersey printed midi dress

It Works Spray & Clean Flip to Dry Multi-Surface Mop

Ecozone Limescale Remover Kit with Machine Cleaner, Appliance Descaler and Limescale Remover

Doll10 six-piece Lip Halo Lipstick, Liner and Gloss collection

Go here to see and shop them all

Phase Eight spot overlay top

L’Occitane supersize Eco Refill Shower Oil trio

Le Creuset set of two Toughened Non-Stick Frying Pans

Thigh Perfect Exerciser

Tuesday’s Today’s Special Value is already on sale, go here to see and buy the Shark cordless vacuum with anti-hair wrap, flexology, and more. On an amazing value deal with a huge interest-free instalment offer.

WednesdayKorres moves centre stage with the pure Greek Olive oil Nourishing and Plumping Top to Toe system.

Already on offer early in the week, the Thursday TSV is the Samsung Galaxy phone, sim free, 6.7 inches, this smart phone comes with super wireless headphones.

And Friday’s is again on offer early in the week, time to sort out your hair with the Percy & Reed five-piece Eau My Goodness Volume collection.

And 9pm Friday you will see the Skechers ArchFit engineered mesh lace up trainers, Saturday’s deal.

Also going on offer early, the new six-piece Luxury Home and Away collection from Molton Brown. Watch out for it going online around mid week.

Next week – two London agents visit Sheepwash, good news for those looking for a publishing deal – like me! And more letting the train take the strain :-). Hugs.

Best wishes,


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2 Responses

  1. According to google the first day of spring was yesterday, must be why it’s freezing today !!!!! That’s
    one heck of a ball of fluff you have there – who will be taking who for a walk? I have just bought that
    bread mix from w8rose, will cheat & use my bread maker and let you know if it works.
    Thanks for your blogs – always full of good things

  2. The only breadmaker disasters I have had have been caused by the dried yeast I use going “off”. Although still within the use by date, I thinks once air gets in, the yeast becomes “stale”. I have used the bread mix you feature and it has been lovely. Good luck with the next one.

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