Heart jewellery! And sneaky peeks of big offers

Isn’t this lovely? We get given gorgeous jewellery to wear when we are on air, and I decided to wear the Michelle Mone big blue heart necklace and earrings set with lovely simulated diamonds, from the Diamonique range. Plus, I found out that my Diamonique bee range will be back on around the 26th May, together with… a watch with bees on! I am very happy. 🙂

Check out our wonderful jewellery here and see below for a lovely Lola Rose Today’s Special Value coming up soon.

I took ages to do this photograph. The problem is I’ve got a bit of a double chin going on at the moment, and getting close enough to the jewellery without getting any of my chin hairs in the way (!), while also trying to stretch out the waddle underneath my jawline was… a bit of a challenge. 🙂 The things we go through to bring you stuff on QVC! 🙂 I do love getting samples to wear though! It went very, very well with the Dannii Minogue range that launched successfully, check out her jewellery as well on our website here, especially if you get some money to spend on yourself for Mother’s Day. 🙂

Mum’s Day

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, if you are celebrating and thinking of you if you’re not. For me, I won’t see my little Phoebe or Lauren of course, but Brad will come over lunchtime on Saturday and I get to Blake-sit overnight as well. Then I’ll see my own mum on the Sunday and be in at QVC in the evening. Lovely. 🙂


So what about you, what do you love? Do you love our beauty? Would you like to join in? We would love to show your videos or audio clips. All you need to do is email the address above saying why you love QVC, give us any questions for Ali Young, favourite brands, or just why you’ve been shopping with QVC, the presenters banter, et cetera. Go for it!


Harp stays sharp

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Was once more at the vaccine centre this week helping out, although only for half a shift, as I had to do an extra shift at QVC on Tuesday night. Thought I would show you this little video that I took when they played some wonderful harp music to entertain all the volunteers. Apparently it is ramping up and will be extremely busy from next week onwards! I love being part of all this. Hope you have got your vaccine okay?

Twinkle twinkle little wheelbarrow

Thought I would send you this, this week. It’s just a screenshot from a video I got sent by my lovely Lauren. Little Phoebe, aged nearly two and a half-years-old, is getting used to nursery now, and came home singing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, including as they bounce her along in the wheelbarrow. How cute! She has stopped crying when she comes out now, and only needs a little push to go in. I think she will really excel, as she is very intelligent and loves the stimulation. Really looking forward to seeing her again. At least I have Blake coming to stay this week. #Bubble

Hair today

Another triumph for Rachael in make-up and the Dyson Airwrap. I have found the most perfect spray to use with it, though. The Philip Kingsley Perfect Prep Primer, which is sometimes in stock on our website here, and it really makes the style last, I love it!

Unusual words – take the test

Saw this on Facebook this week. How many did you get? I only only got four! One of them was aglet, which I knew from one of our shoe shows! Amazing what you pick up nowadays, isn’t it? I’ll never forget years ago telling people that I found out the gap between your collarbones was called the manubrium divide! 🙂 It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue or come up in conversation does it? 🙂


Okay, so this week I started watching Ginny and Georgia, but not before I had completely binge-watched The Stranger, the Harlan Coban TV series based on his book. It is very dark, a proper thriller, and some really amazing acting. Dervla Kerwen stars and Jennifer Saunders has a small part. It got me wanting to get home and watch the next bit in true blockbuster thriller fashion. Must look up some more of his books.

Ginny and Georgia again incorporates that popular combination of proper dramatised flashbacks linking earlier life with now, for a daughter who is 15-years-old, and her mother who is 30-years-old, from Alabama. Ginny is really intelligent and articulate, and within a short while had me hooked when she showed up the teacher who was trying to belittle her. I love the mother’s friend as well, and her love interest – the mayor is quite hot! It’s only one series and it’s 10 episodes, I’m on episode six. Loving it. 🙂



Another belter this week as it’s the turn of Evey Amery. Tune in next week to hear Will’s conversation with Dr Nassif. You can listen to them all here.


A little meander here and a reminder that every Thursday night I go live for #ThursdayBantz over on my Facebook page. For social media links, see below. 🙂

Book of the week

I’ve just started The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. But I also bought something very interesting. Malcolm Gladwell has been a favourite of mine since The Tipping Point, years ago, Outliers is also very interesting. Now his latest one is called Blink – Thinking Without Thinking. It’s all about making decisions on instincts and intuition. Now, what have I been saying for ages about gut instinct and basically about the gut? 🙂 Makes a change too, to have a little non-fiction. I am looking forward to reporting back on this one.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Aqua Laser three-piece duster set with extendable handle and four microfibre cloths. Just right for that spring clean! Go here to see my midnight launch.

Saturday – it’s L’Occitane time and the three-piece set featuring Immortelle goes on sale early, it should be online here, click to see and buy it.

Sunday – I’m really looking forward to the Saturday night launch, 9pm and midnight, of the new gardening TSV. It is six 2L hardy fuchsias from Plants2Gardens. Six! This will fly, I’m sure. 🙂 Plus, at 9pm, I launch the new Perfect Formula nails deal, see below.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Michele Hope buttoned cardigan with back dip hem
Judith Williams four-piece Targeted Face Collection
L’Occitane five-piece Osmanthus Fragrance collection
Hotel Chocolat 96 piece Easter chocolate selectors
Contour two-in-one Leg Relief Wedge
Nina Leonard high tech crepe ankle length trousers with zip pocket details and side slits
Yankee Sleep Diffuser with three refills
Printed drawstring cosmetic bag
Sealy Select Response pillow pair
Cozee Paws Rectangle two-in-one Plush Pet Bed with Odourology

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 14th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Together printed dip hem blouse
Foreo Mini Luna 2 with serum cleanse bundle
Shark Lift Away Klik n Flip Steam Mop Pro Steam Mop with four Dirt Grip Pockets, Carpet Glider and tools
Prime Fifty Immunity Health trio pack 90 days supply

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – a lovely opportunity to sort out your nails the natural way, if you soak off your gels and cannot get to a nail technician until 12th April. This is a paint on varnish with a gel look, which makes your nails feel stronger. Join us for the seven-piece Complete Gel Coat Nailcare collection from Perfect Formula featuring two colours AND their famous crystal file.

Tuesday – I have yet another launch on the Monday night at 9pm with the set of two trinket boxes from Julien Macdonald, looking forward to seeing Justine and co.

Wednesday – the Moda in Pelle Novello sandal is back with another version – look online to see what it looks like. 🙂

Thursday – and the Monsoon V-neck top with smock detail is here, really affordable, don’t miss it.

Plus there is a two hour Ruth Langsford show with Jackie and Ruth early evening.

Friday – it’s time for Elemis with the four-piece Dynamic Resurfacing collection, I’m looking forward to a whole hour at 6pm on Friday.

Friday 9pm – going on sale early, the Lola Rose semi-precious double strand heart necklace, and we have a gorgeous day of jewellery on the Saturday, which I will tell you about next week.

Next week – what happens this weekend when my lovely little granddaughter Blake comes to stay overnight as her mum and dad need time to themselves to start packing up the house for their imminent move in a couple of weeks. I love it when she is with me. Last time, I introduced her to Narnia and she won’t stop talking about it, reading the books and watching the film. Wonder what I can introduce her to this time – what do you recommend? A real children’s classic?

Best wishes,


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  1. Wow you hair looks amazing! So thick and a gorgeous colour. The perfect formula looks fab and I always love a Lola Rose tsv.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I love it when you tell us what is going to be the TSV during the week. Thanks so much.
    I thoroughly recommend the Heidi book by Joanna Spyri. I read it when I was six and it is still with me at 74!
    Take care of yourself and your lovely family. What a handsome boy your son is.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I like the top you’re wearing on the gardening show. Very nice. The monsoon one looks pretty too. I hope you ladies know just how incredibly fortunate you are to have jobs, fun jobs, routine and to be able to have your hair and make up done all the way through this year! Please pass on our regards to Kathy and hope she is recovering from this awful virus x

  4. Really good Stories edition Debbie! Yes you did extremely well with positioning to get the best views of your neck. Not sure you have a problem, as your face and neck look amazing in the photo. I am a regular for the Thursdaybantz sessions, so thank you very much for such a prolonged commitment. Hope you get you enjoy your Mother’s Day events, even if they take place over several days. Mine started out OK, but my car broke down on the M62 on my way to see my daughter, so I had to be ‘Recovered’ and brought back home!

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