Invading space and sneaky peeks!

Not long now ’til we see this coat… And more walks in the woods for me this week, proving how warm it keeps me, including walking past some of the Narnia-themed installations in Banstead Woods… Can you see the “coats” swinging in the wardrobe? They are made of wood as well. 🙂 Brad visited with Blake this week and we had a lovely walk past some of the icons from this amazing children’s book series. I can’t wait ’til she is older when I will be able to read her all the stories.

Standby for a brilliant Christmas gifting weekend, with a big Black Friday feel already. Lots of early bird links below, and look out for the video of me playing the new arcade game Today’s Special Value, which I launch on Saturday night 9pm (21st). But first… Looks like lockdown is sending Linda a bit loopy…

My sister is cray cray

You thought Mally had the monopoly on cray cray. This is my sister Linda (you may remember her from being a nail guest a while back on QVC, she now works in a spa in Carshalton for those who wonder.) She has two granddaughters like I do, and she is putting on a Nativity. Yes, a Nativity. She sent off for the song sheets and scripts and everything. 🙂 The little ones are going to do their parts on video and they are going to edit them all together. The thing is… She’s got well into it! She keeps sending off for little age five to six-year-old Nativity fancy dress costumes, and tries them on and practices the singing. I would not put you through the video she sent me of her singing. It’s a song for a modern Nativity where it’s all about the mouse that’s being chased out of the stable (in case you wondered what the crazy grey costume was.) Linda was Mary when she was at Morden Farm Primary School all those years ago, and I think she’s never got it out of her system! Bless her heart. But there is no record of it…

The great thing is with technology, not only can we do all this, we can also put together snippets of videos, which they will have for years to come… including when they get married and these embarrassing childhood clips will reappear – you can count on it ha ha.


Monstera problem

I got given this plant to look after so it gets some sunlight in my bright flat while its owner is away, and my goodness me it is truly suffering! It’s a monstera (cheese plant) and apparently this brown marking might be something to do with root rot, but the roots are really dry. Any ideas anyone?

Longer hair

Like this picture? Rachael the stylist was back doing make-up this week and hadn’t seen my hair for quite a while, and she commented how long it’s gotten! The Dyson Airwrap is really helping to keep it in good condition nowadays I have to say, and with far less heat damage than ever before it’s growing longer. What do you think?

Marie Francoise’s second bundle

Yes, she’s announced it! Marie Francoise Wolff, our lovely Kipling guest is expecting her second baby. They will be quite close, but not quite as close as me and my sister who are 18 months apart. Lucky girl!


Well what can I say, ‘The Crown’ was superb. I binge watched all ten hours, yes, ten hours, late into the night last week, while doing lots of admin, newsletters and cards. This fourth series stretches well into living memory, and of course some of it is fictionalised. But it does make you wonder what happened with the relationship between Charles and our beloved Di. Highly, highly recommended. 🙂 Also if you want something compelling, featuring a royal of a different kind, look out for ‘Queen’s Gambit’, high up on the Netflix charts. Based on a girl breaking into the man’s world of chess, wonderful period details and a feisty heroine, stretching from her early years upwards. Lots of people have talked about this and have said they are watching it so it is another one to watch!



Alison got the giggles with this one!

Also this week, something that really made me chuckle: check out on Clare Edmondson’s Instagram if you can (or on my Facebook page where I linked to her Instagram post)… A typo on the screen that made Claire do a double take and we both lost it! Involving a faux fur item, only the ‘r’ was accidentally replaced by another letter in the on-screen description! LOL. 🙂

Secondly, I was on with Carla Laszlo, back after her holidays and after being a bit poorly, doing a Kim & Co show on the Style channel. Ninety minutes in and we got to talking about tattoos, because Jennifer the model has one on her arm that we could see when she wore a short-sleeved top. So, I said that my tattoo is three Chinese symbols at the base of my spine so no one really sees them, although if they find out about them, I said, “they think that they are funny when they ask ‘does it stand for quality, value and convenience!’” She misheard me and thought I was serious! Hilarity ensued… They actually stand for destiny, honesty and passion and I’ve had them checked out so, no, they don’t stand for egg fried rice ha ha. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has said that though. 🙂


Will brings us a chat with Ruth Langsford, talking about how she is so hands-on with her designing and how much she loves bringing us fashion she wears herself on QVC! And next week it will be our very own Dale Franklin! Out every Monday via our website or podcast platforms.


I did a big “Black Friday countdown” Facebook live for QVC UK on Monday at 8pm. Had a good old chinwag as well, it was a bit like an extra #thursdayBantz! And just before it, I did a little tiny extra Facebook live on my own page, which you can see here, with a bit of behind-the-scenes scenery as I walked through to the social media studio at QVC – check it out. 🙂 Don’t forget to follow my social media, links are below, for lots of extra through the weeks.

Book of the week

Well, The Sentinel didn’t last me long! Loved it. I must say Lee Child has made a wise decision to let his brother carry on writing, rather than stop creating more Jack Reacher books. There were a couple of little plot twists I thought a bit far-fetched, which don’t normally get through in a standard Reacher novel. But certainly good enough to come back for more next time as well.

So this week, I started reading a book by one of our regulars down at the retreat in Devon – bestselling author CL Taylor’s ‘Strangers’. Three strangers, another thriller that grips you from the start. Looking forward to this, watch out for my review next week!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Garmin smartwatch TSV!

Saturday – already on sale, go here to see and buy the Bareminerals massive Christmas set with superb value. Selling well already. 🙂

Sunday – the Arcade1Up four-in-one huge retro game is here. What a brilliant present for a whole family, someone who loves nostalgia , or a collector. Space Invaders was my thing back in the day, and it’s kind of included in one of four games, in an old-fashioned style. We thought that was so cutting edge back in the late 70s! Join me 9pm and midnight Saturday night to find out more. 🙂

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Halo set of three Telescoping Torches with batteries and giftboxes
Perfect Formula five-piece Strength and Care Manicure collection
Lulu Guinness Fiona large holdall weekend bag
Emu Sharky Mini water-resistant sheepskin ankle boot
Vizmaxx Magnibrite Glasses, a set of two with batteries
Vagabond extra large 2.75 litre hot water bottle with safety handle
SBC four-piece collection
Cozee Paws fluffie odorology pet bed
Weaveright Quick Drying four-piece towel bale

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 22nd at midnight and lasting only one week:

Rieker ankle boots with tassel trim
Prai Ageless Supersize Throat & Decolletage Night Creme with Retinol
Homedics Comfort Pro heated Transform Throw
Silentnight Snugsie sleeved blanket

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – the amazing Ninja Multi-Cooker is back – pressure cook, slow fry, steamer and more. (Join me Sunday night 9 pm as I’m launching it too!)

Tuesday – time for Price’s Candles. A 66-piece collection that actually includes sets of tea-lights. Basically, there are six boxed gifts within it, and for a cracking price, so get some stocking fillers sorted early!

Wednesday – Denis is back on our screens with the latest bumper bundle from his haircare range Tweak’d.

Thursday – the Gotham three-piece hammered cookware set with copper non stick – durable and good looking!

Friday – Greek olive oil-based brand Korres bring us their Christmas gift pack including super-sized Anti-Ageing Hydration Wash and Body Cream – fab value.

Friday 9pm – It’s finally here, the coat I have been promoting, a lot! From Centigrade, filled with faux down, with a brilliant zipped insert called a fooler that makes it super comfortable around the chest and tummy, and even an internal pocket for your mobile. Zip-up pockets on the outside, and a removable hood with faux fur. Ticks so many boxes. Tremendously warm too. It goes on sale Friday 9pm and will sell quickly I’m sure! I can’t believe the price!

Next week – more about that coat! And some surprises from my ancestry!

Best wishes,


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  1. Love reading your blogs Debbie – they’re so full of lovely news & funny stories! Thank you for sharing so much of your life. You really are such a happy, upbeat lady☺️. A book recommendation for you if you’ve not already read it, The Familiars by Stacey Hall. It’s a historical novel. I’m not usually keen on this genre but really enjoyed this read!

    1. Thank you so much Caroline, how lovely to hear from you and thank you for the book recommendation! I’ve heard of the Familiars before, and I’ve looked at the reviews. Based on what people say, I’ve ordered it on audiobook! Thank you so much! I will give you a mention as and when I review it 🙂 keep reading and keep enjoying… 🙂 x

  2. Really look forward to reading your blog Debbie. Your hair is gorgeous an really suits you longer, very feminine. I also like to know the upcoming TSVs. Will be purchasing the Prices Candles on Tuesday, always lovely scents and not overpowering. Those saucepans look good to. Have a good week.

  3. Debbie what size coat are you wearing as no one else seems to tell what size they are unlike yourself and I’m a similar size and always go by you (Luv the blogs )

  4. Thank you Debbie merry Christmas to you all I love lots of things but one small thingy that no one does this time of year is about the food selection could acc do packages for one or two people they are lots of people like me that live on there now and I don’t drive so I have been on my own from 2009 when I lost my mum and there is going to be lots more people like that this chi because of the virus so please see want they can do for us please from a very happy customer been with you for around 17 years again merry Christmas and hopefully a virus free spring for next year keep safe and well😍😍😍🎇🎆

  5. I really look forward to your weekly stories my interest was first sparked by your life in Devon as my husband and I retired to North Devon near Westward Ho! In 1999. Earlier this year we made the decision to move back to the South East nearer to our family as the journey up to visit was getting a bit much to cope with. I miss my walks on the beach but lovely to see more of the family and now walk on a nearby footpath through orchards. Interested in your new home having good walking nearby too especially valuable at this moment in time. Keep up the good work. ☺️

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Love reading your stories as regards the Monstera they don’t like direct sunlight and you have to spray the leaves with water as they dry out with central heating and direct light.
    Hope that helps
    Liz xx

  7. Hi Debbie, I love your vlogs they are ace. And also a look at this week’s tsv”s!
    Cheers lass you are a star ⭐🌟⭐
    Hayley xox

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