Surrey sisterly strolls and sneaky peeks!

Well, a different week for me this week than I expected – the surgeon due to do my cataract operation on Wednesday had Covid, so it got postponed – hopefully until next week. So on Wednesday and Thursday I had two days to myself out of the blue. Yay! Went for the most amazing walk with my sister, a full hour and a half in the local Surrey fields and roads, and we beat the weather even though some of these clouds looked scary from time to time!

It was lovely weather, and along the way I did masses of steps! My smart watch counts not only steps but other things as well and I went right round on all of the targets and exceeded them, woohoo! It’s been a long time since that happened, and I felt great the rest of the day. Really going to be making a concerted effort in the next few months in the lead up to my long retreat this summer, and in the run-up to going to Center Parcs with the kids in May for my birthday. Don’t want to be too unfit considering how active we are going to be on that holiday!

Check out our selection of fitness devices online at the moment as well, if you want to do it at home! I always recommend the fab Leg Master and the Bodyblade for economy and impact, however obviously the Pilates Machine is the big catch-all if you can extend to that budget :), there are lots of others as well though. Go here.


Had a lovely afternoon with the grandkids as well last week in Fulham – went to the park and the coffee shop as usual. Brad sent me this picture of Blake, who found a new sleeping place when they were out last week as well. He gave me permission to put the picture up. Bless her little heart. I remember the days when mine were little and we had those tiny buggies, but they all seem to have big weighty ones now don’t they? But at least it serves its purpose as well, with a little platform on the back too for the toddler!

One nice thing about having a mum next door in my flat in Surrey, is that sometimes I come home from work and I have a ready-made dinner in the kitchen waiting for me! Really needed it too when I got home after my last shift last week. When we were growing up, she always made us five kids the most delicious meat and two veg dinners. Although nowadays it’s meat and about six veg! Delicious. Also had a nice plateful from my sister and hubby last Sunday as well. Looking forward to my next roast – going out with my siblings for my birthday at some stage at the end of April :). Big roast fan, me. You?

Those who didn’t know I had my little lump removed from my finger, may have wondered why I was hiding the big white plaster on my right hand last week, well it’s healing nicely. This is what it looks like now. I won’t show you my foot however, because the same is not quite true of that! Hopefully it will be though! Thanks for those people who asked, all good! Don’t forget to join me on Thursday nights on my own Facebook page for the catch up we call #thursdaybantz, live – I tend to update people and show them stuff each week!

Watch – Operation Mincemeat at the cinema

Colin Firth is back as an officer in the forces once more, this time the navy. It’s 1943 and the allied forces are determined to distract Hitler from a surprise arrival in Sicily. They use a disinformation campaign involving a corpse washing up on a beach with some classified information, and Colin Firth plays the main officer in charge. Unbelievably, it’s based on a true story! Really looking forward to this, in cinemas this weekend!

I’ve also been avidly watching Hacks, so funny, on Amazon Prime, and only half an hour long each one, so I had a bit of a binge watch!


Next week Will Gowing sits down with the owner of de Jager flower and bulb specialists, George Clowes. George tells Will all about his time living and working in South Africa, the world of de Jager and a chance conversation with beauty entrepreneur, Liz Earle, that changed everything. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Had a lovely countryside walk with my sister this week, so I did this vlog including news of what didn’t happen but was supposed to! Take a look here.

Book of the Week – Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaronovitch

One of my favourite authors has a new book out from one of my favourite book series – the Rivers of London series. It features detective constable Peter Grant and the Falcon Unit (who deal with magic/supernatural events!), and the London Silver Vaults. The world’s largest retail silver outlet is so secure nothing strange should ever happen, but it does, a strange flash and a disappearing assailant in a murder case that stumps Peter, but not for long. I love the characters but most of all I love the narration by Kobna Holdbrook Smith. It’s an absolute delight to listen to these books and I’m really enjoying this latest one!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

It’s a big Easter offers weekend, with a major gardening theme running through it all!

Good Friday (today) – see and buy what’s left of the latest super prime stretch denim jeans from Women with Control.

Saturday – super Thompson & Morgan and a set of two 7cm Clematis Taiga with Flower Pot.

Easter Sunday – time for the return of the Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Powerfins, Flexology and TruPet.

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Dannii Minogue printed drawstring waist skirt
Liz Earle Botanical Beauty Regime five-piece collection
8Greens Daily Greens Effervescent Tablets in mixed flavours
JM Fashion by Julien Macdonald chiffon overlay tunic with trim detail

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 17th at midnight:

Monsoon Gelato striped print midi dress
Neom Mini Wellbeing Pod & Essential Oil thee-piece collection
Cozee Home Cozee Paws cooling pet bed
Prime Fifty Skin, Hair & Nails eight week supply

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Easter Monday – a huge garden day and a perfect Today’s Special Value in the form of a Luxform Westminster 200cm 80 lumen solar lamp post with planter, available at a really good price too.

Tuesday – going on sale earlier in the week, sort out your legs and feet and hands for summer with a new three-piece treatment trio from Margaret Dabbs. Stock up, fabulous value.

Wednesday – an unusual WynneLayers offer, the chiffon bomber is here.

Thursday – the Spa Rific Nano Etched Glass Mani-Pedi set, looking forward to seeing this one.

Friday – the Emma mattress brand returns this time with the hybrid. This is so comfortable and is my daughter’s favourite. It’s the mattress they bought for the little holiday let in Wales, which Nick built, and then loved it so much, they bought it for themselves. It’s amazing to sleep on and such a good offer once more. On sale already here. Try it with the 60-day money back guarantee.

Friday from 9pm – the dual zone Ninja Air Fryer returns, and this is a very affordable one as well. I use mine all the time and I mean all the time!

Plus also on sale from mid-week is next weekend’s Philip Kingsley offer – a new four piece collection.

Next week – maybe my eye op, or maybe not! Have a lovely week and have a great Easter! 🙂

Best wishes.


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  1. Hi Debbie

    Thank you for your blogs, always full of news and upcoming products; I especially like the book recommendations.

    I have read quite a few so far (courtesy of our mobile library) but the best for me has been the rivers of London series (novels, graphic novels, novellas and short stories). I am desperate to read the new book but it has been ordered for my birthday so will have to wait.

  2. Hi Debs your blogs are always refreshing, honest, interesting and fun to read! You say it as it is, brilliant.
    Good luck with your eye op and recovery.
    Keep sprinkling joy.

  3. Hi Debs, really enjoy your blogs. Just back from an Easter weekend caravanning near Hastings with the family, which I know you have done too. Hastings is such a quintessentially English seaside town – yes, I know it’s shabby in places but it has great charm. Love wandering around the Fisherman’s Quarter. Family enjoyed fish and chips at Maggie’s and there was a good veggie choice for me. Lovely to see grandchildren on the swan pedalos, remember my own children on the same ones forty years ago. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a great weekend.
    Back to reality now and just about to order my Danni Minogue midi skirt! Lots of love xx

  4. All the best for your surgery Debbie. Sure it will be a relief when it’s over. And thanks again for all the effort you put in for us to see all the up and coming offers. You are the best.

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