The nieces come to stay! And massive early bird bargains!

Isn’t this beautiful? This is near the pond and koi carp area of our complex, right next to where you can have a barbecue in the summer. I do love living in my new flat. Banstead Woods is so beautiful and when the nieces come to stay, we had such a great time. They actually came a little while back, but I wanted to report on it this week. Have been so busy lately, I couldn’t fit it all in!

Lara and Izzy took advantage of my new loft bed, and Lara thought it was “well cool!” (or “bare cool”, or some other vernacular…!) They stayed over while their parents went away for the night, and I’m very glad to return the favour – they put me up for long enough! Or put up with me, which ever way you look at it. 🙂 It was easy to be with my brother’s two lovely girls, however, because they help out!

After the long walk, they helped me make dinner, then we settled down for a wonderful evening watching some great programs. We watched the Daniel Craig whodunnit, “Knives Out”. I mentioned it a while back, remember? I even got a lie in the next morning! 🙂 A bit of a change from when baby Blake came to stay! More of that next week. A great time was had by all.


Phoebe pumpkin

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? And I had to include this one, my lovely little Phoebe in Wales, as daughter Lauren took the little two-year-old granddaughter to find a pumpkin. What a beautiful, colourful display. Some of their other photos on the farm were amazing. They are locked-down for a while now, but hopefully I’ll get to see her as soon as they’re released. 🙂 Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Guy’s trip

No, nothing to do with Mr Fawkes. I was summoned by my dermatologist to Guys Hospital London last week, for an appointment about my skin condition. (For those who don’t know, it’s EPP – a rare DNA problem, where my blood doesn’t have a certain enzyme, so some ingredients are leftover and build up. I can’t basically go in the sun for a long time, or my capillaries in my hands explode and they puff up!) Anyway, I went to have my liver functions checked to make sure it was okay, and it was. I also found out some very exciting news. There may be a trial for a new drug next year for EPP- a first! – which I’ve put my name down for. If successful, it means I may be able to go on a proper sun holiday for the first time in my life! We are a long way off knowing if it works yet though. Just as well, since no one is going anywhere at the moment! Afterwards, I explored a bit and enjoyed a little time-out reading some of their historical display cases when I went to drop my prescription off at the pharmacy. Some artefacts from the original Dr. Guy! Very interesting. Even if I did go for a coffee and then go straight home without picking up the prescription! Oh well, I will get it next time.

Brussels challenge of a different kind…

I thought this one would make you smile this week. 🙂 I really fancied Brussels sprouts, so I bought two packs and cooked them one night, then had them again for brunch the next day. Later on, when I had two people round, guess what, they actually said yes to a plate of Brussels each as a snack! Never let it be said that I am not really thoughtful and generous to my visitors ha ha. They are really good for you though, although I did think later on in the day that I’m glad I live alone… 😉

Watch – The Social Dilemma, on Netflix

I finally got round to watching this expose as to how the algorithms on the internet and on social media sites target you for advertising, voting, opinion-forming, and also how they help to spread fake news. A couple of my friends said “you really have to watch this, you really have to watch this.” And I did. But to be honest, it wasn’t anything I would not have already thought took place anyway. Some of it’s unexpected, some of it completely expected. I think it depends on your awareness of how social media works powerfully to influence people, and how we must rise above it to form our own opinions. My view on things like this are that everyone should seek first to understand. I never personally believe anything I see, unless I can corroborate it. A good lesson to remember, I think – especially if you watch this!

So, instead, how about Collateral – on iPlayer catch up. A crime procedural thriller, featuring some massive stars. John Simm, Billie Piper, Carey Mulligan and more. If you can excuse the wooden acting in a couple of the more minor roles, this is actually quite gripping! Give it a go.

I actually got sucked into a bit of a Blackadder funnel as well, when I finally worked out how to get YouTube on my new QVC Samsung telly! And I solved the issue of just audio coming out of the terrestrial TV channels. How? With difficulty.

James Murden eventually sent me a “how to fix it” video clip. But the very first thing they stated, before anything else, was “have you unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in again?” No, of course I haven’t? I had turned it on and off again, but not that way. Believe it or not, it worked! James thought I was hilarious. I won’t live that one down in a hurry. Lol.

Plus, Harlots, series 3 is here!!! More next week…

Podcast – Sara Davies

She’s one of the dragons from Dragon’s Den and of massively successful craft company fame, telling us yet another wonderful female entrepreneur success story. I loved it! Go here to listen to them all.


Here are more of my meanderings in the wonderful greenery near where I live. 🙂

And don’t forget Thursday night’s #ThursdayBantz over on my Facebook page –  live – which for the last couple of weeks has just been basically me talking to over 150 people for an hour or so, all about my week. Great that so many of you are watching nowadays!

By the way, I’m also very excited that I have been asked by my local association to co-present a Zoom “how-to” social media session. It’s on ‘Facebook page content for councillors’. Well, I’m easily pleased. 🙂

Book – very pleased with Audible this week! There is a freebie from some of my erstwhile favourites, French and Saunders! Three hours of them basically “t**ting about”!! Looking forward to this immensely!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the super chain-bedecked Moda in Pelle Lizeth knee boots… sassyyy!!!

Saturday – already on sale here, what an amazing deal! The five-piece Holiday Collection from Laura Geller (they mean Christmas!) It went on sale earlier in the week, and believe me it is flying out! Featuring the fabulous Balance ‘n’ Brighten, this time in the Balance ‘n’ Glow formulation, their award-winning foundation, never been beaten here at QVC in our annual customer awards. Plus, a brand-new mascara everyone on social media is raving about. My personal favourites are the gold colour cream eyeshadow in what looks like a lip gloss applicator, and a beautiful, easy-to-apply eyeliner. Add the super blush and you have the kit, at an unbelievable price! I may well get a second one! Go online quickly to see and buy it right now!

Sunday – join me Saturday night at midnight to launch the new Bose Sound Touch Wave music system IV in a choice of colours, and at one of the best prices it has ever been on QVC. If you want to transform your audio entertainment at home, definitely have a think about this one.

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And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 25th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Skechers Cosy Campfire Team Toasty Slippers
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Molton Brown three-piece Luxurious Handwash and Refill collection

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s the Prai Beauty Today’s Special Value, on all day Monday. They are renowned for their award-winning, highly-effective neck products, but this is different. It’s the Scent of a Woman two-piece Eau de Parfum collection. Super!

Tuesday – massive brand time again, as Silentnight return to bring us the 10.5 tog Anti-Allergen duvet with Comfort Control.

WednesdayKipling are back with the Orazio premium large shoulder bag. It’s fab!

Thursday – it’s a rare outing for Kitchenaid! Buy early for Crimbo, with the Artisan 125 stand mixer with 4.8L bowl. Watch out for it going on sale earlier in the week!

FridayPerricone Today’s Special Values are always popular because this is such a premium range. Well, there are five pieces in the Classics Anti-Ageing collection, which has its outing on Friday. I have been trialing this and I must say, after just a few days something’s definitely different. People say it makes skin more flawless. The Nutritive Cleanser is a gel, and leaves skin squeaky-clean. Really smooth afterwards as well. Plus the Plasma product for the eye, a supersize night cream and more. Get it and try it with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and see what happens to your skin. Also if it’s a present opened on Christmas Day, if you buy it now, you still have till the end of January on our extended Money Back Guarantee.

Friday 9pm – beed a new vacuum cleaner? Must be cordless? Don’t want to pay the Earth? Standby for the Shark IZ201UKTQ, with Flexology and Tru-Pet technology. Goes on sale mid-week!

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Plus, again going on sale around mid-week, the Tarte five-piece Shape Tape Dream Team collection, a super new make-up set, with bag. Unbelievably priced as well. Shanna does it again!

Next week – it’s November! And we kick it off with Beauty Day. Plus – Blake-sitting!! Also, watch out for details of my effort for this year’s NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month (usually happens every November) to see if I can finally get that novel finished! And Harlots, series 3… can’t wait!!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie WONDERFUL how you bring us into your Life, and so much information so I am ready for my week ahead with a feeling of, I am going to enjoy even tho here in Wales we are in Lockdown!! but Q.V.C. at my Finger Tips I look forward , Thank- you xx Pamela

    1. My pleasure Pamela. I know how you feel kind of, via my daughter. She is locked in as well although they are in Ceredigion which as you may know is least affected. I was supposed to be there this week. Boo. X

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