Deluge at Chessington! And seven days of deals

You know that amazing hot weather that we had last week? The first half of the week? Well, guess what happened at the end of the week… That’s when we all planned to Chessington with the kids – the heavens opened, and kept opening all day long! Still, we had a good time. Phoebe had her waterproof raincoat, which was a great idea. Blake decided to turn up in a little sundress, trainers and socks, so got through three dresses before the end of the day. However, some of the rides were water chutes et cetera, so we would have got wet anyway! One thing she and Brad were particularly impressed with was the tiger enclosure, all part of their conservation project.

Chessington are part of an endangered species scheme. With less than 500 Amur tigers left in the wild, Chessington Conservation Fund has committed £20,000 to support endangered tiger conservation efforts, specifically to WildCats Conservation Alliance. They have taken four completely different types of this endangered species to help conserve these beautiful creatures. There is a lot goes on behind the scenes regarding supporting animals in the wild, please do some research on it, you may be very impressed.

Fortunately, there is a rainy weather guarantee, so hopefully we will be back for a complimentary return visit sometime soon. The rest of the weekend was lovely, as delightful little Phoebe stayed with me and her mummy and daddy, and we had lots of lovely games and a nice time together.

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It was super to see Phoebe playing with Blake, there is nine months between them, but Phoebe is quite small for her age (even though my daughter Lauren is 5’9″), and Brad’s daughter Blake is quite tall for her age (even though her mum is only 5′ tall!). They really played well, including skipping up the road after getting a babychino near where Brad lives in Fulham!

I was very pleased to use up my annual leave over the last two weeks, spending it with my super family.


Health scan

Had my annual 360 Nuffield Health Scan this week and persuaded sister to come with me. Her results were very good, given she spent a year getting really fit. Mine were better than expected! Most of the key markers had improved, and once again my risk for heart problems was very low and I have a heart age of 55 (I’m 59), not to be sniffed at! Need to lose weight, as usual. But nothing else major, quite relieved to be honest! Let’s see how well I can do between now and next year!

Fancy that, she’s walking a cat!

One of the most unusual sites I’ve seen near where we live is a lady walking… a cat! Must be a new arrival! She let it off when they’ve got inside the tennis courts, and it had a little run around. How cute!

Airwrap video

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Did you see this on my social media this week? I’ve created a Reel! (if you don’t do Instagram, it’s a new thing where you put a collection of clips to music, and thank you to June from the Makeup Junkies team for helping me with this one!). She and her team are so talented and can create so many different styles. I know which one I like, and have had for the last year or so, it’s all courtesy of this amazing little device from Dyson. Well worth the investment because my hair has never been in such good condition. Absence of really high heat during styling, you see. Pricey, but worth the investment in my opinion. 🙂


TV – Lupin season two

Lighthearted, very silly, but thoroughly enjoyable. I watch it with the English dubbed voices, but you can watch it with the French voices and English subtitles if you choose. Another Netflix success, season one follows the fortunes of a son, Assane Diop, trying to avenge his wronged father. Assane takes the famous literary gentleman thief and master of disguise, Arsène Lupin, as his inspiration. It is a an easy watch and did make me want to keep on to the next one, so they are doing something right! There will be series 3, I’m sure.

Film – The Outpost on Netflix

A harrowing ‘good guys/ bad guys’ action film, with a heavy dose of realism, but very well made. Based on a true story of the last remaining indefensible outpost in Afghanistan, US soldiers facing the Taliban. I was relieved at the ending. By the way, keep watching it ’til the very end after the credits when they focus on the real life heroes decorated for their bravery and show them against the well-cast actors playing their roles. Very eye-opening account of some of the horrors of war. Not for the faint hearted. 8 out of 10.

Permission to Pry

Don’t forget to have a gander at the little live interview on Instagram that Julia does every week, called Permission to Pry. This week it was me! Go here to watch it all over again and don’t forget to leave her a comment and follow us both!


Some on-set fun with Miceal and Davina!


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This week, Will caught up with Lara Morgan from wellbeing brand, Scentered. Next week, he’s chatting to OPI guest, Daisie Smith. You can listen to them all here.


A walk in the heat and a funny story. 🙂 You can watch here.

Book of the week – Home on Folly Farm by Jane Lovering

You can’t imagine how delighted I am that there is another Jane Lovering book for me to devour. She is so flipping funny and witty. All I’m going to say is, read the first sentence and you’ll understand why I love her writing so much. “There are some people whose voices go straight through you. Even if you are horizontal, with your face in a bucket and your arm in a sheep…” !!!! Love it!! Have listened to several of Jane’s audiobooks in the past and will always buy her new ones. I love her well-drawn characters and unusual situations. I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well, just like I will. Excellent!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the MarlaWynne five pocket flatter fit melange capri pants in different lengths.

Saturday – the Grumpy Gardner Wonder Shovel and Dirt Buddy are here! I’m looking forward to my Gardening Inspirations show at 7pm. And don’t forget our gardening Pick of the Month from Plants2Gardens, the Hydrangea Hi-Fire.

Sunday – already online here is a Molton Brown supersize bathing duo, it’s going to fly! And join me at 9pm and midnight for Monday is Silentnight offer. See below.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Attitudes by Renee two-piece Como jersey solid print dress set
VibroSlim Radial Plus 3D fitness vibration plate
Nina Leonard printed chiffon tunic and camisole set
Lock & Lock 16-piece 170ml – 2.1l food storage containers
Ecoegg Bamboo Towels with 750ml Orange Oil cleaner and degreaser spray and cloths
Wilfred’s Pies set of 12 Welsh Pie & Pasty Tasting Selection
Ultrasun three-piece Tinted Glow collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 27th at midnight:
Kim & Co Brazil jersey culottes with pockets
Revamp Progloss Perfect Blow Dry
Silk’n Infinity 400k IPL hair removal device
Protect a Bed cooling cotton mattress and pillow protector set

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – launched by me at midnight, Silentnight bring us the Air Max super support pillow two pack for a really good price.

Tuesday – the Ninja dual zone air fryer is back. I use my Ninja air fryer at home all the time, the nine-in-one version, and I love it!

Wednesday – going on sale earlier in the week, the OPI six-piece Anniversary Nail Envy collection and box.

Thursday – and Thursday’s is a Nina Leonard circle skirt stretch denim dress!

FridayFriday sees the Lola Rose semi-precious bracelets return in a set of two. And it’s a big jewellery day, so look out for some of your favourites returning. I have Bibi Bijoux at 9 pm, when Eilidh will also be popping up to launch the Gymform slim fold electric treadmill. I have the pleasure of using it on the midnight show. Watch out next week for the video of a bit of a workout I did on it, which I will also post on my social media! So worth getting at home, given the price it will be, and how compact it folds up. I think it will be really popular.

Next week – my first appointment back at the hairdressers for absolutely ages! Yay!

Best wishes,


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    1. Thank you my lovely, that’s okay there are 200 different properties where I live 🙂 . Will get it adjusted though X

  1. Thanks Debbie. Great fun. Loved seeing grand kids. Growing beautifully. Want three ot four things.. Nina Leonard, Molton Brown, Ultrasun, Renee. My poor bank account lol.

  2. I loved permission to pry and am a big fan of Lupin.
    Glad that you got to spend time with phoebe and Blake.
    I love Lola Rose and Bibi, so will look out for those.
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