Devon delights and inside stories

Had a lovely get together this week with some of my buddies and neighbours in Sheepwash. I call it my annual ladies lunch, but a couple of the guys came along with other regulars to our tea rooms and loyal visitors from the past 12 months here in deepest Devon.

My amazing friend Sheena helped, and also took me out for a treat of supper after going to the cinema. See below. Nice week off!

Festive fun

Here is the first of our presenter quiz compilations, featuring festive questions! See how many you can get.

This weekend’s highlights

Friday 6th – go here to see and buy the lovely Emu boots in the latest incarnation, a lovely lace up called the Explorer Biricet ankle boot.

Saturday 7thGtech are back with a Power Floor K9 cordless vac, always sells well!

Sunday 8th – go here to see and buy the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and Holiday Blockbuster Today’s Special Value, already on offer and selling well! A super beauty extravaganza all day on Sunday. I’m sorry I’m missing it, but we have our big annual family get-together 🙂 Plus look out for the beauty gift finale with Alison at 11 pm.

Big Deals old and new

L’Occitane four-piece Luxury Fragrance collection

Bronx stud ankle boots

Radley umbrella and foldaway bag set

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals

Gatineau four-piece Anti-Ageing Indulgence collection

Mr Max soft touch longline duster with side slits

Lifeprint photo and video printer with ten-pack of paper

Amazon set of two Echo Dot Gen 3 Smart Speakers with Alexa

See below for more fabulous offers and sneaky pics from next week on QVC


Sheepwash Chronicle

One of my projects here in Devon is to create a little book of history about the 1600s thatched house I live in and where my business is. 400 years of history and most of it unknown, however the last few decades are fascinating and I am gradually amassing a list of events, owners, changes et cetera that will eventually make it into the book. One source of research is the local magazine for the parish of Sheepwash. The Chronicle is a really comprehensive local guide, and is also online on their website. With tons and tons of pictures from years gone by! I am hoping to complete the book this year at some stage. 🙂

Ancestors and rellys

Went to the sad funeral of my lovely auntie Jean, my dad’s sister, on Monday. She was such a lovely person and the get-together provided lots of reminiscing. My late dad Derek, who died in 1992, would have been 80 this year, so Jean was about 86 I think. The remaining sister who attended, auntie Eileen, looks amazing and is in this photo with my Mum, Jean’s hubby Dick, and auntie Angela. There was much talk about ancestry and with so many cousins and second cousins there, we added a few more photos to the records. Looking forward to a big family reunion in April. Charles and Elsie Flint married not long after World War I, and had seven children, who had about 16 children, who have had countless more! I love all that stuff. First though, this Sunday, we have our annual Flint family do, with Mum’s descendants. 31 and counting!

Watch – Le Mans ‘66

I absolutely love Christian Bale, and Matt Damon is pretty good too, so this was an easy choice. Sheena and I went along and enjoyed every minute. Based on real life, the story of an incredible Brummie race nut living in America, and the battle between Ford and Ferrari in the early 60s. Catriona Balfe from Outlander is super as well. Had me on the edge of my seat. 8.5 out of ten.

Book of the week – The Perfect Couple

Hot on the heels of Am I Guilty, her first proper thriller, our own Jackie Kabler has got a second book out. “Why has no one apart from Gemma seen or heard from Danny in weeks? Why is there barely a trace of him in their flat? With a serial killer on the loose, is she telling them the truth, or are there more secrets and lies in this marriage than meets the eye?” I have loved the books that I have already read from Jackie’s library, and can’t wait for these to be out on audiobook.

Vlog of the week

After a long absence (!), another meander down the lanes in Devon this week, and a Christmas question… Go and watch it over on my Facebook page and see the other social media below.

Podcast of the week

Will has been at it again, here is his lovely interview with Tova Borgnine, what a life this lady has led. And of course if you are a beauty fan, it’s a must-listen podcast here on Monday too, when Will gets to grips with Alison Young! Ooer!


Serious modelling happening at QVC!


Next week on QVC

Monday – it’s the turn of K by Kelly Hoppen with a six-piece classic bedding collection.

Tuesday – join me for the midnight Monday launch of the Micro by No!No!, the famous hair removal system, back for another TSV.

Wednesday – Abi Cleeve is here with her superb Skinsense beauty range, the five-piece Day to Night skincare collection, including intensive treatments for your tired skin and neck and a brilliant price. If your skin needs a break from your existing range, or your pocket does, I would highly recommend this collection. I regularly use Skinsense as part of my pallette of choices (obviously as QVC presenters we have many brands to test but this is one I reorder regularly.)

Thursday – going on sale nice and early is the Molton Brown four-piece Luxurious gift collection, plus it’ll be available from the start of the week, so don’t miss it.

And about now, also look out for Saturday‘s Decleor TSV, going on early bird order link. It is the four-piece Hydrate and Firm Christmas collection that launches on Friday at 9 pm. I have the midnight show on Friday, can’t wait.

FridayLola Rose return with a printed infinity scarf with pouch for one of the lowest prices I have ever seen for one of these!

Next week – how many people will turn up to this Sunday‘s annual cousins do, plus a weekend with both of my babies! Granddaughter Blake on Friday night, and granddaughter Phoebe on Saturday. They are both so funny, I will give you an update next week on what happened.

Best wishes for a lovely week,


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  1. I love reading all your story’s especially about Devon I will defiantly come and see you when I come home to Bideford next year I wonder if my Aunty knows any story’s my gran was born in woolfarworthy sorry about the spelling can’t wait for next blog take care god bless caz x

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