Diamonique delight and Devon retreat

Just quickly before the week’s news, this is me with my latest sample from Diamonique, the earrings from the Vintage collection. You can just about see my Diamonique bee in this shot as well! Yes, it’s item number 347142 and is very Downton Abbey, don’t you think?! And check out all my bee jewellery here, plus news soon of some new designs coming your way. By the way, people also asked about my Frank Usher star Christmas jumper in navy, it’s 182339. Well worth looking up, there was also a pink V-neck one with pockets, which is 190652. A very busy week for people asking me about my lovely Frank Usher jumpers – hope they are not all sold out!

Devon retreat

What a busy week I had in Devon this week, with another packed retreat to run. At least this time I had both eyes! (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, look at my blog from three weeks ago, just after my eye operation!) LOL. (My eye is doing very well now, thank you everybody who has asked! I can still see close up very easily, distance is much less good though. Anyway…)

This week, I put on a five day stay for these lovely writers, so I was cooking for nine, including myself! We had different dishes every night (see below for my favourite of the week.) It was an interesting week to cook for, because one lady is dairy-free and two were gluten-free, so I used all my resources to accommodate them and they were really pleased, especially on the day I even made gluten-free Yorkshire puddings from scratch! I really am excelling myself nowadays. And I don’t mind saying so myself, especially considering what I used to be like – regulars will remember how terrified I was when I first started doing the retreats and had to get Wendy to help me do everything, even the shopping list, but it’s been five years now. Five years next month, in fact! I love hosting workshop weeks like this one, though, as someone else is organising everybody.

The talented Rebecca Horsfall was the tutor and she helps people develop their novels. She really is one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever met. I very much enjoyed meeting everyone and talking to the people in the group. But I also got up to lots of shenanigans outside of the retreat…

I visited Hatherleigh market (even smaller than ever, but it was pouring down) Then, joy of joys, had a throwback to fabulous days gone by with coffee and a catch-up with my friend Alix. Wednesday I went to Tavistock via Lifton farm shop, see below, then met up with two friends from my association, Angela who is going to be a councillor hopefully, and John, my chairman, who made me a lovely cup of tea while we looked out across the Devon countryside through his conservatory windows and discussed upcoming events that I’m helping to organise.  Last Thursday I also went to the committee meeting in the evening – I love meetings, I’m such a geek!

The weather was very changeable during the week, see vlog below, but it didn’t stop me going out and about. Then Thursday I stayed in, and did this – just like old times!

Tea room nostalgia

Okay, so I bought most of the cakes, but hey, at least I made the scones. 🙂 It was a very successful afternoon, kind of a swan song to the sort of days I used to have when I was living there more or less full time and we opened the doors to the public. This was just a little throwback to those times, just for a few people who wanted to use up vouchers they’ve never used, so I invited my pals. It was lovely to see the fabulous Sheila from Holsworthy, Sheena, one of my best friends there, and jolly pal Caitlin from Okehampton, dear friend Barbara, and wonderful yoga friend Jennie again.

Not sure when I’ll ever do one again, but it was a very packed week in Devon as you can imagine, so I was actually pleased to get home in the end for a rest! LOL.


Dish of the week

This was my favourite, I think, this week, Edward is the butcher, never lets us down with a honey roast sausages, they even had some gluten-free ones. Plus…

Strawberry Fields Forever

Had a very satisfying trip to this venue in Lifton near Tavistock in Devon, as they are putting on an event for us. I was very pleased to see that they also stock my favourite milk. I really cannot have rapeseed oil, either. So I have to ask everybody first if they do do oat milk and then if they say yes, (and more and more people are saying yes nowadays, which is great!), I then have to say but has it got rapeseed oil in? It really turns my tummy, gives me a jippy belly and a fuzzy head. But they had the best latte I’ve had in a long while! Thank you very much to Laura and co. Their farm shop is “farm shop of the year” as well, which was a delight to go round, with lots of gluten-free options. And so many local brands. I loved all their Halloween and pumpkin displays. A lovely day out with my friend Marion!

Blake’s babycino date

Next week I’ll be mentioning lovely Phoebe in Wales, so here’s a little mention for Blake, the nearly 4-year-old granddaughter. We regularly meet in Fulham when I get her from nursery and we go via the supermarket to get a magazine and then for a babychino together. I love our times together, she had drawn me some lovely pictures to take home so I was very happy! I also got to have a little cuddle with 6-week-old Kaleb. He’s got a proper little boy‘s face now and is smiling quite a lot. Who’d of thought a few years ago, that by January I will have four grandchildren! Four! Not me, that’s for sure!

Kirks Folly returns!

Look what I saw on social media this week! How lovely that Jenniefer and her quirky fantasy jewellery range returns! Look out for her on 2nd November at 10pm and 3rd November at 6pm. I still have my little genie in the bottle brooch that I bought myself years ago and I know lots of you will love it if you’ve never seen it before, so try to tune in if you’re looking for jewellery that inspires the imagination! And for anyone who loves mermaids and unicorns. 🙂

Watch – The Last Duel at the cinema

I really cannot wait to see this. Not just because it stars Jodie (Killing Eve) Comer but because it looks really well made. Based on real events in France in the 1300s, a wife betrayed and her husband’s revenge in the days of swords and armour. Ridley Scott, need I say more! Looking forward to it, probably see it next week!


Have you heard Will sit down with Dr Vanessa Creaven yet? Next week, he’ll be chatting to Rosa Speyer from Yankee Candle. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Isn’t it always the way?! Go here to see what happened when I was in Devon this week, trying to get a good clip 🙂

Book of the week – The Spirit Engineer by AJ West

This book by Andy West is doing the rounds amongst book clubs and fiction fans alike, with great word-of-mouth recommendations. And I’m not surprised why. Based on a real life series of characters, and events in the post First World War period, this is about a particular spiritualist, her seances and a specific angle on them. The hero is an engineer who sets out to prove her a fraud but with extraordinary consequences. So well written, and really gripping, and brilliant twists all the way through. Highly, highly recommended! One of the best so far this year. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Tarte five-piece makeup edit, the Shape Tape collection, on sale now!

SaturdaySkechers bring us a new waterproof boot, the Trego Alpine Trail design! Very timely!

Sunday – and Perricone are back with a five-piece Winter collection on Sunday. I’m back from my week off Sunday at 11, then at midnight with the Radley  TSV bag too – see below.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

Centigrade longline faux fur coat
Ninja two-piece hard anodised cookware set 24cm & 30cm frying pan
Alpha-H four-piece Rose Gold Glow collection
OPI six-piece Celebration collection
L’Occitane Four-Piece Fragrance Gift Set
White Stuff Olivia colour block jumper
Cozee Home embossed fleece four-piece duvet set

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 24th at midnight:

Skechers Mens Renten Palco Slipper
Philosophy 12-piece Mini Bath & Body Collection
Ninja two-piece hard anodised cookware set 24cm & 30cm frying pan
Molton Brown four-piece Hand Wash Collection with gift box

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayRadley return with the Arlington Court small multiway bag, a great price for a Radley, and you can buy now and pay later!

Then some really diverse deals for the rest of the week:

Tuesday – the Emma mattress brand comes to QVC with the hybrid mattress, it’s already available online here. I must say, this brand gets a lot of good feedback, including from my daughter, who bought one for herself and for her little holiday let, and the guests are very happy with it! Looking forward to seeing what you guys think if you need a new mattress, try this one and remember it is on a money-back guarantee!

WednesdayKitchenaid are here again, this time of the seven speed hand mixer and I am almost certainly going to get it because I’ve been making a lot of soup, and whilst my Vitamix in Devon does a great job on big quantities when I’m cooking for my retreat guests, I love to use a hand mixer in a saucepan. Looking forward to the demonstration on it.

ThursdayForeo debut with the UFO anti-ageing smart mask device and skincare bundle with 38 masks. It really is an incredible offer, check it out.

Friday – it’s going to be an expensive week for me because I also want this – the SFIXX hooks set of 25 pack, as they work so well and can go anywhere! I’m also back on in the evening including with ‘Your Christmas Garden Glow’ at 7 pm.

Friday 9pm – and it’s a tech one again, at 9pm Miceal launches the Fitbit Charge 5 health and fitness tracker with a six month subscription included. And I have to say I’m very excited about the latest sample I’ve been given, which is on on Sunday, something that had two lids before and now they’ve combined it into one – I’ll be in the kitchen with Gail. Can you guess what it is?! More next week 🙂

Next week –  flying visit to Wales – with a bath! Don’t ask…

Best wishes


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  1. Hello Debbie,

    Thank you for your very interesting blog, and can I say that I had to read and re-read the wonderful news that Jenniefer Kirk will be returning for two shows in November. In my opinion she has been one of the people I have missed most and I have been a QVC Customer almost from the beginning. I have many of her wonderful items and many Dreamkeeper outfits. Surely Dates for the diary!

    Thank you again.


  2. Great that your eye is getting better. Looking forward to seeing you back on qvc, love your enthusiasm for everything

  3. Wow lovely Lady I dont know how you fit everything in soo busy.
    I enjoy catching up with you on yr social media. In these days with not going out much its interesting to see what you are doing. Thank you for sharing💗
    Love watching QVC and you are a lovely friendly Presenter xx

  4. Gwen, Anne, Helen, Kaz
    Thank you so much for your little comments girls, it means a lot. Glad to know you’re there! XPS I’m looking forward to Kirks Folly as well – we need a little bit of magic in our lives don’t we! X

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