Dog vlog! And massive Dyson and Elemis deals

Well, what can I say! Ziggy the puppy is having a crash course in squeaky toys and loves his mini space hopper! Go here to my vlog of the week and watch him play. Awwwww.

(And ‘Like’ the page to see more updates going forward!) He greets me with a wag each time I come in and gives great cuddles, he still has that puppy smell too, awwww! My kids’ first dog Holly had eight puppies (we kept one, Patch, as regulars will recall, who went on to have two small litters) and my mum bred pedigree poodles, so I’m very at home with a dog! One day, when I’m in one place, I’d like to do so. But no more in Devon for now!! More dog vlogs next week, or on my social media! And go here to see our little selection of animal products and pet beds et cetera. Although Ziggy was very at home on the Cozee Home rug that I’m launching!

Big week ahead

I must just point you towards the highlights below, since QVC has some awesome deals coming up. The Elemis Peptide4 24/7 bundle goes on presell on Tuesday (11th). The huge Dyson V10 BEST EVER OFFER happens on Saturday (8th) launching tonight at 9pm. You will not believe the price we are offering! Tune in at 9pm to see it!


Blake’s big outburst

Had a lovely time getting my baby girl, two-year-old Blake, from nursery again on Monday before work. We had fun in the park where she insisted, as usual, that I sit on the swing and swing along next to her. 🙂

She helped me choose her supper and enjoyed some chicken, mixed veg and mash. My son’s girl is starting to put more words together now, so when she’d eaten all her favourite bits, she exclaimed, ‘Nan-Nan! More… mash!’ So cute. Very clever little girl. So nice to spend time with her. And eat the rest of the mash…!

Chiswick outdoor meeting pods

Some of the best things about where QVC is located are the less orthodox aspects of Chiswick Park. If you want to get a breath of fresh(er) air and be nearer to nature, next to the birds, trees and mini waterfall, you can go sit in an outdoor pod! Cool, eh? Still need your coat in this weather, but what a nice idea. Plus lots of wildlife – like in the top pic if you’re reading this on our website (as opposed to the email, which you can subscribe for.)

Book of the week

I’m still reading Sweet Sorrow on audio at the moment, but this week I bought myself a book from top author Miranda Dickinson. Searching for a Silver Lining teams up two unlikely friends, one a former singing star, on an incredible journey to find lost friends, uncover secrets from the glamorous 1950s and put right a 60-year-old wrong… looks fab! I’ll be doing far more train journeys and getting more steps in, so the audiobook, as usual, will be perfect!


Like box sets? Here’s a catch up TV suggestion for you this week, prompted by my brother Glenn binge-watching it when he was poorly before Xmas, but also by meeting one of the UK’s top TV and film editors last week. Nick Arthurs did a retreat with us down in Devon while writing his own script and I thoroughly enjoyed our chats about TV and film plus his work on some huge productions. His IMDB record is impressive. One series he is responsible for is The Witcher.

“A monster-hunter makes his way in a world where people can be more wicked than beasts.” Perfect to fill that Game of Thrones-shaped gap. Looking forward to watching it! Netflix have some great shows and the next time I get chance, it will be this one.

P.S. Hi to Donna, Nick’s sis-in-law who is apparently a big QVC fan!

Saturday night bit of a do

Have been super busy of late as the big dinner I organised was last Saturday in Tavistock. We were oversubscribed, the speakers were wonderful, (thank you MPs Selaine, Geoffrey and Alison the PCC) and the food was lovely. Jennie, my pal, helped out with the raffle and pal Barry MC’d for me. We were running out of time so I announced that the Q&A would be a ‘two-minute challenge’! And everyone had a great time!


Our new jewellery guest Hannah kept Charlie on his toes last week!

Will’s next big listen will feature our lovely pal and Kipling guest Marie-Francoise Wolff! Go here to see all the latest ones and note the new look to our blog pages!! Love finding out about our regular guests’ backgrounds.

This week’s highlights on QVC

Friday (7th) go here to see and buy Today’s Special Value, the super-soft Cozee Home Aurora shaggy rug. Ziggy loves it!!

SaturdayDyson return with the unbeatable (I think) V10 Animal Cordless – available in SIX interest-free instalments! If you’ve always wanted one, this is going to be so affordable, do not miss it 🙂

SundayGatineau are back with a four-piece Melatogenine MorphoBiotique collection – I’m sorry to miss it because I will be at the conference and not on ’til later! And Sunday night at 9pm and midnight, I have Monday’s Mr Max deal – printed straight leg stretch trousers, in different lengths.

Big Deals old and new

Vionic orthotic Remi Delmar lace up trainers with FMT technology

Liz Earle The Power of 3 Superskin Regime

Skullcandy Indy Truly Wireless

Kim & Co croc pleather bomber jacket with pockets

Go here to see and shop them all

Michele Hope swing hemline shirt with pockets

Prai three-piece 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Collection

Thermapulse Relief Wrap

8Greens effervescent drink tablets

Plus on Monday, the Elemis deal goes on sale… see above! A great big bundle of day and night treatments from their Peptide4 range. Amazing value to revamp your skin. On all day on 16th – if it lasts!

TuesdayK by Kelly Hoppen bedding gives us the chance to get another high-end six-piece duvet set from the famous designer.

Wednesday SBC feature Propolis in a massive value four-piece set.

Thursday – Marie-Francoise brings us the all-day deal from Kipling – the Adila large triple compartment multiway bag.

Friday – and in a week’s time on Valentine’s Day, Wet and Forget is back in a sniper nozzle format, ready to spray via attaching a hose. So good!

Friday 9pmRuth Langsford’s jersey shirt is here – very smart!

Next week – a big conference weekend down in Devon for me and how I’ve been tackling the train instead of the car. I’m getting so much done!! Have a great week!

Best wishes,


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11 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Great you’re using the train! I enjoy train travel. I like it to zone out though rather than read. Me time.
    I have to say as I said to Anne I’m not keen at all on this new blog site! We can’t click on your faces as far as I see! Very hard to keep up!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Susan x

  2. Hello Debbie, what a lovely video of Ziggy, he loves that orange thingy. I have to agree with other comments about the new blog site….I am not liking it at all.

  3. Not been on the website for a while but was too impatient to see your blog was up. First thing I noticed is that the web has been tweaked. QVC is now Q logo and QVC community has disappeared and been replaced by presenter Stories. Interesting.

  4. Hi Debbie
    So funny, played the video of Ziggy and his squeaky and had my two dogs checking around the room searching for the squeak. Still giggling to myself xx

  5. Hi Debbie, i always look forward to reading your blog, extremely interesting and informative.
    It has reminded me seeing the new QVC jewellery guest that i haven’t seen Alison O’Reilly for a while. Is she no longer with QVC.
    I also have to agree with other comments about the new blog site. I am also not liking it at all.
    Love and best wishes

    1. Hi Debbie finally tracked down your blog (doesn’t take a lot to confuse me!)
      I love reading your blog and catching up with all your news about yourself and friends &family.
      I also love getting an insight into forthcoming Today’s special value.
      I had a costly dog walk this week with my daughters Cockapoo – someone had left a polystyrene takeaway box in the street and Honey thought all her birthdays had come at once. She was not only interested in the food but also the polystyrene so as I tried to get her off her lead came off too so I grabbed her collar and got her away in the end. But later that evening I noticed a small diamond in my emerald ring had come out!! I retraced my steps but to no avail so I will call at a jewellers tomorrow to get an estimate!!! Take care love Julia (minus my 45 year engagement ring …) xx

  6. I also look forward to your blog but agree with above comments and not keen on the changes re access.

  7. you always make me smile and doggy stories are a joy but I love the advice you give about all the different array of items always great and I feel I know you so down to earth and fun a joy xpamela

  8. Hello Debbie, another great blog. Trying to get use to the new site. Thank you so much for sharing all your stories with us. I look forward to reading them. Wouldn’t want to miss them. The new puppy is absolutely beautiful. Have a great weekend. Antoinette x

  9. I really enjoy reading all your news and from all the other presenters too. That’s been spoilt by someone, yet again, changing something that didn’t need changing. I don’t like the new format, and am unable to click on to any other presenters . Very disappointing. Ps love your puppy, he’s adorable, and all your news always cheers me up.

  10. Hi debbie happy new year to you hope you had agood xmas and new year how are your 2grandchildren getting along how old are they .iam now on a 2weeklazy holiday from work at mcdonalds in aberdeen doing nothing iam well.

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