Doggy delights and deals galore

Awwwww! Well, Derek brought Daisy for a walk on one of the days when his daughter was having a get-together with her friends and he needed to be out of the house for numbers. Lucky me though, it meant I got to see my lovely labrador again. She really does have such a great time with his family now, including with her own little puppy Beau! Brother and I took both of the hounds for a meander through the woods. Poor Daisy can’t go very far nowadays, aged ten-years-old, because just like her sister Gracie used to struggle, she is also getting bad joints and struggles a little. But she wagged her tail off when she saw me and it made me very happy. She clearly dotes on my brother though, as Derek was walking away she had her eye on him the whole time. She is such a lovely dog.

When Daisy goes home, don’t forget that she has a lovely time with Evie the six-year-old. Evie was the first of our birthday people this week. We have several around this time in our family. She was exhausted after her Halloween birthday and parties with small groups of friends, so she relaxed by laying on Daisy’s back. Daisy doesn’t mind! Beau looks a bit left out though in this picture. 🙂


Happy birthday Mummy

We all had a final last-gasp lunch with me, my four siblings and Mum this week, on her 77th birthday – not that you would think she was 77! I was very pleased to be able to help set up her new iPhone, which we all clubbed together and got her. I seem to be the Mrs Fix-It at the moment! Living next door and all that… We’ve already planned our next get-together in December – let’s hope it’s not postponed!

My November guests have had to be postponed until next year, obviously, as well. Means I haven’t run any retreats down in Devon since March. Thank goodness for staycations, but even those are on hold right now. What a year it’s been…

Climbing frame Debbie

At least spending more time around family meant I got to see more of this little monkey. Granddaughter Blake, three-years-old in January, decided to treat me like a tree… during teatime! I was trying to finish supper when I looked after her recently and she thought it hilarious and laughed her head off! I always come away from spending time with my bubbas with that kind of repeat feeling. I filled up my granddaughter silo and I was very happy! The sweetcorn was quite nice too, when I eventually got it in my mouth. 🙂


A lady called Alexis Ashley on Facebook send this picture to me this week after I was on a jewellery hour and the necklace was so long, the only way I could hold it up and look at the camera was to peep under my arm! Funny! Mum was talking to me about buying jewellery gift this week, and I reminded her that our prices are a lot lower than a lot of other shops. Many of those shops won’t be open in the near future, so don’t forget to check out our whole jewellery range here.

No Vegas

We would’ve been in Vegas for my brother-in-law David’s 60th this month. Sadly not, obviously, so my sister and her family bought Vegas to him! Lots of balloons, clever wall decorations, and a succession of surprises for his birthday. One of the kids made a 17 minute long video of old footage – a kind of ‘This is Your Life’. And he was in tears bless him! He really is a wonderful person and we are lucky to have him in our family. One of the lads wrote in his card that he is the best man he has ever known, and apart from my own dad and probably my brother and maybe my son… I agree!

Watch – Roadkill

If you like Hugh Laurie, you will probably love this drama where he appears as a less than perfect MP getting caught up with dramas in his private life. I’m working my way through it gradually (as I’m almost finished ‘This is Us’ season four!) I can tell there will be lots of boxset catch-ups happening over the next month for most people! This series is a bit melodramatic and overplays the characterisations of some of the politicians. But given what’s been going on across the pond in the last week or so, real life is stranger than fiction! Well worth a watch, high entertainment value. Catch it on iPlayer.


The current one is all about the Elemis girls talking about the big imminent Christmas bonanza! The Today’s Special Value goes live this weekend obviously, and it’s on sale right now, don’t miss it whatever you do. It’s such a brilliant way of buying Christmas presents and stocking up for the future, especially with some of the key new fragrances. Neroli – my fave! See last week’s blog for my unveiling and unpacking. I’ve been using the skincare Balm and Papaya Enzyme Peel and my skin is looking great. Go here to see and buy the big offer, already tens of thousands have gone. Given non-essential shops are currently shut, I think this weekend it’s going to sell faster than ever.

Will catches up with L’Occitane brand ambassador, Alexis Murdoch, as we have their big Christmas offer coming up, plus a chat with their Director of Innovation and Sustainable Sourcing, Pascal Portes, to discover more about what is behind the L’Occitane magic.

Vlog – more beautiful mornings after all the rain, check out this view that greeted me from my flat this week! And don’t forget to follow me on my social media to see all the latest updates.

Plus, there will probably be a bit more to say on my social media during this next month or so. I’m not sure I will do a sing-song every single night like I did last time, I’m just too busy at the moment. But look out for those extra helpings of behind-the-scenes activity at work and walks in the woods where I live!

Book – The Midnight Library

Matt Haig is back and never ceases to surprise me. From the man who specialises in quirky time tales, this one is about a woman who gets the rare chance to live the lives she would have had if she’d made different decisions. I’m really enjoying this one! If you love a little bit of sci-fi and don’t mind suspending reality in tales of what might of been, try this one if you’re looking for a good book to read in the next few weeks.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Mr Max stretchy trousers that we all love. You may have seen many of the girls wearing them in the last few days. I love the Navy.

SaturdaySkechers return with another fabulous pair of trainers. This time, a little more sleek than some of the others, watch at 9pm tonight to see the pre-launch (Friday 6th). Watch out though, I managed to get my foot in a size 6! So go down if you’re not sure about sizing.

Sunday – it’s here at last! The massive Elemis deal. See below for more info, but don’t miss it! Go here to see and buy it now.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Weaveright Quick Drying four-piece towel bale
L’Occitane four-piece Fragrance Gift Box collection
Skechers Cosy Campfire Team Toasty Slippers
Carole Hochman silky fleece printed PJ set
Ahuhu Caffeine Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment
Neom three-piece Luxury Candle collection
Tili printed cosmetic compact mirror trio

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 8th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Emu Sharky Mini water-resistant sheepskin ankle boot
Perfect Formula five-piece Strength & Care Manicure collection
Vizmaxx Magnibrite Glasses, a set of two with batteries
Halo set of three Telescoping Torches with batteries and giftboxes

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s all about Cozee Home and I will be launching the new duvet sets at 9pm on Sunday night. The deal, on through Monday while stocks last, will keep you lovely and warm this winter! Just right now, the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder.

Tuesday – ooooh it’s a lovely Yankee Candle TSV just right for Christmas presents. And once more we are expecting this one to be very busy, since people can’t necessarily get out to buy this sort of thing. Online ordering has never been more important than nowadays. Looking forward to this one. 🙂

Wednesday – I’m part of the launch for the new Tili deal, which is another chance to get one of those very clever face massaging cleansers made of silicon. In lots of different colours! Very efficient for deep cleansing, and you can use them with whatever cleanser you own! A good gift budget too.

Thursday – it’s a huge food fest day, so look out for the Today’s Special Value from Hotel Chocolat, 130+ Piece Premium Chocolate Selectors in a Gift Box and Bag.

Friday – Kitchen gifts galore, plus a set of three twin pack 2x Magnifiers with LED lights from Securebrite!

Friday 9pm – more lovely L’occitane! It will almost certainly be on earlier in the week so look out for it and buy early!

Next week – Gearing up for more Facebook lives, and an update on my trip to the eye specialist.

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    How nice to see daisy again. She looks content. Your brother in laws puppy is soo cute too! Shame you couldn’t go to Vegas but fun to do it at home. What a year this would have been for you all and Vegas! Nice!
    Hope you’re ok for the month but at least you can join a family again. So many countries in the same boat. It’s very worrying in so many ways but it makes me sad too when people don’t seem to respect the professionals any more.
    Hope you have a nice weekend and good luck with the eye x

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