Doggy distancing – Daisy and Elvis the cat

I promised you a doggy update this week and here’s the first bit. In my absence, Daisy has become accustomed to Elvis the cat. If you didn’t know, my brother Derek and my six-year-old niece Evie are looking after Daisy during these weird times. And I’m beginning to think that I’ll never get her back! She looks right at home and has even made friends with Elvis. Albeit, practicing doggy social distancing… 🙂 The six-year-old not only loves covering Daisy up while she sleeps, she loves taking her for a walk and Daisy is so docile nowadays that she just trots along quite happily, wagging her tail. It’s so lovely to see. Although I miss her a lot, especially when I’m at home on my own, I know she’s in a really good place. And here’s a picture of her doing her usual relaxed pose on her back to prove it!

Ziggy has grown

Ziggy the dog at other brother Glenn’s however, still has to learn to completely ignore the cat, Oreo. Regulars will remember little videos of them play-fighting in months gone by, when Zig was smaller! In the latest encounter, which I saw on one of our family WhatsApp groups, Ziggy is now a full head and shoulders taller than the cat, but still knows Oreo is boss. Oreo still launches at him and clings to his neck to prove it! Ziggy has, however, become accustomed to the garden, where it seems he loves to attack the watering can. He got absolutely soaked and was put in the doghouse for awhile afterwards – check out the expression! Here is a picture after his latest escapades! Love him to bits!

Garden star

Loosely connected with the garden, Richard Jackson is going to be featured for his plant food among others in an upcoming gardening page special in the Sun, and he will be using one of his regular photographs that he shows when he talks about Flower Power – look out for it! I know who he has asked, but I’m not sure she realises, having given her permission, exactly how many people read that page! But I am chuffed for her… I’ve just done another watering session of the plants I’ve recently planted, using Richard Jackson’s Flower Power as well… then the heavens opened! Our gardens needed it though, didn’t they? I’ve also been using RJ’s Plant Invigorator, and managed to finally solve the problem of the little tiny green creatures, like greenflies but smaller, that attach themselves to my calla lilies, and now they are sprouting at such a pace! I’m not at all sure that I rescued them in time , they seem a little gnarled. But I’ve been entertaining people on my nightly sing-a-longs by showing them the latest growth spurt and it’s amazing! The tallest one was half the size only five days ago. I’m intrigued to see what they will look like. I will keep you informed.

Let me entertain you

And the nightly sing-a-longs this week reached day 37 (as of Friday, 1st May). Recently, we have done Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons night, Drifters night, 60s night (for the 60th birthday of lovely Tracy Krieger, our qvc guest) and Burt Bacharach night! This is a link to one I really enjoyed, Gilbert O’Sullivan night! They take place over on my Facebook page every single night at some stage, and I usually post in the afternoon to say when it will be. Come join us. And look out for Craig dancing, Alison Keenan starting to read short stories each week, and please go and say hello to lovely friend in isolation, Miceal, who has been doing some funny Insta vlogs, which he talks about in his latest blog here.


Debbie does dinner

I’ve impressed myself lately – yes okay, all the ingredients come already measured out in a box with a recipe booklet. But cooking from scratch was never my forte. I determined that I would bring myself a bit more up to speed on it during my downtime in this weird period, and I’m so glad I did. Flavours that I’m so unaccustomed to. I even made a thing with a fried egg on top called a shakshuka, with aubergine wedges (but without the really hot rose harrisa paste) and was very proud of myself. I’m going to keep it up and thanks to this great service for opening my imagination, as far as food is concerned. I tend to be stuck in a bit of a rut or be lazy if I’m on my own. Bit like Simon Wilson, who in this week’s shows, broadcast from his home, told us about what he had made for himself. One night it was cheese on toast, and the next night it was a ready meal! A man after my own heart… Until now 🙂


It means obviously that there is a lot of food peelings. Recently, a fox dragged the less than adequate food bin all over the path outside. So, I have created a temporary indoor one using a perfectly fitting pan lid and an old waste paper basket, as well as the food bin liner. Dragon’s Den has nothing on me… 🙂 Actually, I’ve started using the new Cooks Essentials Today’s Special Value pans I got in the lovely pale blue/duck egg colour recently. Makes everything easier if you have the right tools. It does mean you can’t blame them when it all goes wrong though ha ha. Mind you, I’ve been trying not to waste any food whatsoever. Since going to the supermarket is such a palaver nowadays, it’s wise to eat as much of it as possible, don’t you think?

Bodyblade Zoom

And I’ve been getting completely back into my Bodyblade lately, I’m very excited about how I feel, and my tummy is getting a little flatter – a little! Well the Bodyblade Ohana Facebook group, supported by Bruce, meet occasionally to do a Zoom exercise session! I was very chuffed to join them this week – well done everybody, it was great fun! If anyone has a Bodyblade at home and has not used it but wants to, just search Bodyblade on Google, and if you put in the word beach afterwards, i.e. ‘Bodyblade beach’ it will take you to the super-six video I did with Bruce near his home in LA a few years ago! Gosh, how time flies!

Facebook funny

Doing the rounds this week – I have to say it made me laugh! I don’t drink, but it still made me laugh 🙂

Podcast with Abi and Laura Geller!

Will Gowing’s latest podcast interviews on our page here, currently from lovely Abi Cleeve, and you’d never guess what she sport she played when she was younger! Go and have a listen. The next one will be the wonderful Laura Geller. Can’t wait. Laura took time out to be on my show last week and it was a sell-out success story. Go here though to see what’s left of her selections on our website! And well done well for another fascinating listen.


This week not so much of a blooper, more of a concerted effort to make fools of ourselves. QVC asked us to do little clips of dancing for National Dance Day… well, you’ve got to have a bit of fun haven’t you.


Quiz, mini-series on ITV catch up. Now, I remember seeing the theatre production of Quiz with my lovely theatre buddy Sara Brown, about the story of Major Charles Ingram and his wife Diana, who were accused of cheating when they won £1 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in the 90s. Well, this TV serial goes back further to the invention of the program, and gives more background to the case. Over four separate one-hour shows, they give first the case for the accusers, and second, the case for the defence. I have to say, it would not surprise me if he did NOT cheat because I know how much sound can be made to appear louder when you use capacitors in a TV studio microphone! The lawyer character representing them made the point there were nearly 200 coughs all the way through, yet the edited clip with its enhanced volume only showed the crucial ‘cough’ moments (someone in the audience was supposed to have coughed at the right answer giving the major a clue.) But then I’m always in favour of the underdog, as people who know me well will be aware. But there were just a few too many holes in the case for the prosecution. Very enjoyable, though, particularly for the impressions of the real-life people. Martin Sheen was outstanding as Chris Tarrant. I wonder what Ingrid thought! I must ask her. Was probably too busy to watch it, knowing Ingrid!

Book of the week

I’m still listening to Jackie Kabler’s book The Perfect Couple, which has gone up to the top 10 on Amazon in the UK! (Well done Jackie, so proud of you!), so here is one that is a big look ahead. My lovely mentor Julie Cohen’s first period drama, called Spirited, is being released in the next few months. And she did a big cover-reveal online this week when it went up on pre-order. I have already ordered mine. Can’t wait!

This week on QVC

Friday 1st May (today) – Ultrasun three-piece Supersize kit. Go here to see and buy it, assuming there is some left!
SaturdayAmazon Echo Show 8 plus Blink security – Craig launches this at 9pm and I have the midnight hour tonight (Friday 1st May). It is a really incredible offer. It’s also a great way of staying in touch, if you are not very good with technology. Once someone has set it up for you, you just talk to it and you can drop in and have a conversation with anybody else with the Echo device. Really worth watching out for this one! I’d buy it with someone you need to talk to, who you can’t see on a regular basis as you can always keep an eye on them with it as well. So much to say about it! Don’t miss it.
SundayLG Ultra HD 4K TV – James Murden brings us another wonderful television offer, this time from the massive brand of LG on Sunday. Delivered to your door, using an instalment plan, and also a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, what more could you ask for in these times when we are all at home watching more television!

Big Deals old and new
This week, ending Sunday at midnight
Huggable Hangers set of 40 slim hangers
Sun Joe portable spray washer
Elemis Pro-Collagen Definition three-piece collection
Prai two-piece Ageless Throat and Decolletage supersize collection
Kami indoor smart dome security camera
Go here to see and shop them all
And from Sunday at midnight…
Elemis Pro-Collagen Definition three-piece collection
Thompson & Morgan indoor Anthurium in 14cm Sierglass vase
Kipling Nosyla medium triple compartment multi-way bag

MondayLe Creuset Toughened non-stick frying pans – Looking forward to my Monday shows with the Le Creuset brand, it is top-notch and so are the pans!
TuesdayTarte Shape Tape and Glow six-piece collection – this includes a superb offer, a beautiful bag too, and some of their hero products. Really lovely quality ingredients well- as people will know if you have followed Tarte in the past. Plus, it’s on sale now here.

WednesdayVionic Pacific Raz metallic sandals – another special offer with the built-in orthotics, I can’t live without them now!

ThursdayEasiyo ten-piece Fruity Greek Favourites – what an occasion! Stock up on your homemade yoghurt supplies!
Friday – Abi Cleeve is such a busy bee! She may as well move in :-). Fresh from her months of beauty Products of the Month with Ultrasun. But on Friday 8th, she has a new Today Special Value for her skincare brand Skinsense – if you need hydration at the moment look out for the four-piece set from the Hydranet collection.
Friday 9pm – your chance to get the new gardening TSV early. Richard Jackson is here with his amazing Root Booster, which you put in the bottom of the soil before you plant your flowers and veggies. Really helps growth. Will definitely be stocking up!

Best wishes everyone and have another nice week. Won’t be long before the latest decision on what’s going to happen in the near future, and whatever happens QVC will be always with you!

Next week – a cracking new app helping me sleep!




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  1. Loving your glasses frames Debbie . Where are they from?
    Keep up the good work all at qvc keeping us entertained xx

  2. Great read, wasn’t expecting a name check. Thought the tv show was spot on and I agree they were innocent. In need of easiyo greek, might get two depending on price and trying to ignore the tarte offer.

  3. Thank you for your singalong with Debbie nights since the lockdown, it really help all of us on our own connected and gives us a chance to singalong and march, hope you and your family stay well and it wont be long before we can all see our family again, take care Theresa x

  4. Hi Debs
    Another very interesting & fun Blog! I always listen to your sing-a-longs later at night and think they are FAB!!!

    I received the SBC 5 piece kit and it’s amazing, the Aloe Vera Skincare Gel is a must in this sunny weather. The Citrus Caviar & Manadarin Shower Gel & Shampoo is simply gorgeous!!
    Keep up the great work, currently watching QVC a lot during these crazy times!!
    Take Care Karen xx

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