Doing my bit at the local vaccine centre and huge deals ahoy!

This week, I went along to do my bit and volunteer at the mass vaccination centre in Epsom with my sister Linda. She had volunteered several times and they were a little bit short of people that day, so I decided to go and  learn the ropes.

I was so impressed at a couple of things: firstly how clean it all was, how warm it was, (well, not cold and draughty!), and how well organised it was. The atmosphere was amazing, almost every person coming in was overjoyed to be there and get the vaccine.

My sister and I were responsible for seeing people from the reception to the waiting area, giving them their seat (which they stayed on, rather than moving up one every time someone was called) until a vaccine desk became free. Then, we waved them over towards the nurse or doctor, and left them in good hands.

Our job was also to wipe down all of the chairs and surfaces in between each person and reassure people with some gentle chit-chat.  I really quite enjoyed it. I’m going to go back next week if needed. One of the most rewarding things was the relief on some peoples faces, most were over 70-years-old and some much older.

We also took advantage of some of the tasty treats that were delivered into the staff area from local shops, et cetera. How kind people are.

At time of writing, it’s reached 7 million vaccinations, so who knows, by the end of next week it could even be nearer 10 million. Well done everybody concerned and to all the Epsom volunteers (they have enough now), and to all the other volunteers everywhere else, whoever you are.


Snow time like the past

Well, obviously there was loads of snow last week and I thought my blog might be about that today, but by the time you read this, or by the time it’s replaced with another one approximately 4th February, the snow will be but a distant memory, no doubt! There was loads of it, but nothing prepared me for the view out of my door-mid morning on the day the snow came down. (See vlog below.)


Well, the Debbie Flint Diamonique bee jewellery was on… and then it was gone. All three, earrings, necklace and brooch – very swiftly! 🙂 So well done if you got yours. I’m told they are going to try to re-order some for Diamonique day, which won’t be far away. In the meantime check out lots of other types of bee offerings online here – even if it’s not these ones!  Plus, here is the video I posted just before the show. It features, in full, the song I made up about the buzzy, buzzy bee for my granddaughters. Enjoy 🙂

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page


Had a plethora of Zoom meetings again this week, on all sorts of topics. I learned about the micro-biome, I listened to a very clever doctor from the East Surrey Hospital doing a talk with some brilliant graphs and charts about how they have handled the last couple of months, and I also spearheaded a policy ideas meeting (pictured) called TNT.

One idea I also put forward this week was that they should create two new bank holidays, on a Friday and a Monday in July, so that everybody could have the weekend of festive celebrations that they didn’t have in December 2020. I said we could call it… Christmas in July 🙂 LOL . So we just need to tell Number 10 and cross our fingers ha ha.


Well, I finally finished watching ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ (three long series!), and I have to say that ‘This is Us’ is now back, continuing with series five on Prime, one episode a week. But it’s time to get into something new.

So, I’ve turned my attention to ‘It’s a Sin’, new from Channel 4, set in the 1980s. I’ll let you know how I get on, but a friend of mine said she was crying for ages after watching one of the episodes and I often like what she likes. So I thought I would give it a try!

Are you watching anything gritty? I fancy some sort of legal or political series that I can binge watch for a while. 🙂 Leave me a comment below!


Our very own Ali Keenan has shared her heart-rending stories of family tragedy and personal challenge in the latest episode, so if you haven’t heard it please go here to listen. Otherwise, Will Gowing is here with the new one next week, chatting to Liz Folce from Korres.


As promised, here is the vlog in the snow. Look at it! Wowwww. Had a lovely walk the next day before it all melted away, and it was amazing. Do follow my social media for all my updates and videos and vlogs!

Book of the week – A Time for Mercy, by John Grisham

Jake Brigance is a powerful lawyer in a small town, whose commitment to the truth sometimes puts his career and family at risk. Following on from the massively successful “A Time to Kill’, and “Sycamore Row” novels, Jake is back defending another unlikely criminal, determined that the truth will out. The thing I love about John Grisham books is that they suck you in almost immediately. Very cleverly done, with a really good narrator. I love his novels. You always feel in safe hands with a Grisham!

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Next week

Walks, Zoom meetings, working at the vaccine centre, what else will I get up to! LOL. And don’t forget to join me on my Thursday night Facebook live called #thursdayBantz. We are building up quite a wonderful little group of regulars, why don’t you come and be one. 🙂

Best wishes,


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21 Responses

  1. Well done for volunteering, I work at a GP surgery and we are busy vaccinating the over 75s having completed the over 80’s last week. Most people are delighted to be getting it. A few of the usual suspects declined but most got themselves dressed up and down to the surgery for their first outing for months. Some of them who were supposedly housebound came!

    1. I know Anne, it’s a wonderful sight to see the lovely people so relieved and grateful to be there. Such an honour to be helping! X

  2. Hi Debbie, you have probably already watched this series (well first 5 episodes). Lupin, the gentlemen burglar.
    I enjoyed it, gutted when I found out it only had 5 episodes, as I went to watch the next one. Had not realised, but part 2 starts in the summer. Season 2 has been commissioned too.

  3. Debbie just finished a great series on Netflix
    Resurrection etrugral it’s so so good!
    Bit lost now lol xxx

  4. Great V/blog. Loved the song. I will save it for my nieces. The snow was cute. I missed the Bee’s but getting the set next time for my birthday from my hubs.

    Lots of good products my poor bank account. Lol. Marie Bryant Felix (a Bantzers).

  5. Hi Debbie

    I can recommend “Spooks” on BBC i player if you want something in the political spy thriller genre to watch. 10 series to watch and really sucks you in. Loved the original series but happily watched it again even though it is some years since it came out some of the plots are so relevant to today. Somethings never change!!! Stay safe.

    1. Really? I do like a political drama or two!
      Will bear it in mind. Ten series is a bit daunting tho! Lol.
      Glad u enjoyed it.

  6. Hello Deb-Like you I’m waiting for my call up for volunteering at the vaccine centre, I’ve been volunteering since early last year as an NHS GoodSam, my first call made me cry because the recipient was so grateful, it gave me immense satisfaction and the realisation that we really need to help each other more than ever. Im about to start a criminology degree in Feb, my brain had become dormant and needed a challenge. I was therefore going to recommend the following before I read that you were looking for something legal/political, I strongly recommend Designated Survivor on Netflix, followed by Jack Ryan on Amazon.
    I do love a bit of political corruption in high office and my recommendations have just that.
    Stay safe and well everyone.

    1. Hi Ellen. Both noted. Netflix has some super shows atm doesn’t it.
      I’m just enjoying the John Grisham audiobook right now!

      Well done you for getting back into education! If I could wave a wand I’d do a degree in the gut and its connection to the brain. Or archaeology. Love learning!

  7. Well done Debbie to you for volunteereering. I would have loved to have done that last year, after being furloughed for 8 months. I found it extremely difficult to cope mentally because after working since age 18, I felt rejected. But I did think that I was going to be made redundant. Thankfully I returned on 2nd December, for two days a week until furlough ends. I did volunteer locally lad year, but had to take care because my husband was self isolating for months, and I didn’t want to pass anything on to hm. But I just needed to communicate with people. Since I returned to work, I have regular Covid-19 tests which gives me peace of mind, until I’m invited for a jab.

    Thanks for giving me a heads up on TSV’s and Big Deals. I would love to see a picture of the Kipling cross body bag, because I’m a big fan of Kip!ing. Hope it’s on easy pay.

    1. Hi Heather, so glad you are managing to do some work and enjoying it. And staying safe.

      Did you manage to get the Kipling bag? I hope so!

      I liked it a lot 🙂

      Well done you for doing your bit.

      Best wishes

    1. Hi Dorothy. I’m not quite sure, do you remember what it look like? Do email me info at my, and I’ll see what I can do to find out for you 🙂 X

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