Don’t read on if you’re squeamish!

For those who don’t follow me on social media, you may be thinking that I was just in the middle of my annual leave for a fortnight. But no, you would be wrong! I actually got a detached retina just before Gok Wan’s last show, and everything went blurry for the three hours I was on air Tuesday last week. I spent the next three days sorting it out and on Friday, they had me in for an emergency operation. Fortunately, they said they got it early and the rip in the back of my eye wasn’t as bad as some. “Why did it happen?” I asked. “Well, you are the right age,” he said, “Otherwise, it’s just bad luck. “

“That means you are both old and unlucky,” said my brother Derek. Brothers eh!

I had some right old shenanigans I must say, and if you’re interested in finding out more, check out this weeks vlog link below, when I told everybody about it on Thursday night during my regular #thursdaybantz on a Facebook Live.

This is what my eye looks like two days later – don’t blink and don’t read on if you are squeamish! 🙂

As I was recovering at the weekend, my son came to visit with little Blake, aged four. When she got home, she was so fascinated by my poorly eye that she drew a picture of me, quite a detailed one, bless her! The first one she’s ever drawn of me ironically, and it has to be with a big red blob in my left eye ha ha. I will frame it for sure! Funny.

Recovery will consist of not being able to drive for a few weeks, lots of drops and cleansing and not lifting weights. Can’t fly for six weeks, etc. Vision should gradually return by around three weeks, and the meniscus – the horizontal line denoting the bottom of the gas bubble they’ve inserted in my eye to push the retina back – is already working its way vertically down my eye. It was right at the top of my vision on Saturday, and now, at time of writing (Wednesday), it’s about halfway. Apparently, when it goes all the way down that means you can start to see again.

Amazing technology isn’t it! Thank goodness for modern medicine. And thanks to the team at Saint Thomas’s for rectifying this problem… of old age! LOL.

The meals were lovely actually, thank goodness for health insurance as well :-). And the view was not bad either.

It’s made me realise I need to really book my ideas up though, about getting a bit fitter. Alison Cork has been a real inspiration to me – have you seen her lately? Go here to shop her range on QVC – some lovely stuff including Christmassy things 🙂 I’m due to meet up with her soon. Just hard work and lots of exercise and sensible eating and a new determined outlook, by all accounts. So let’s see what happens over the next year. I definitely don’t want to be this shape when I’m 60! In May next year that is, before you ask :-). And don’t forget to listen to Alison Cork’s latest interview with Will, where she talks about her weight loss and her new range, on Inside QVC.

Apparently I should be back on Sunday the 10th all being well, and let me know if you ever have had the same operation as me and how long before you can see well afterwards – just comment below.

While I’m off in Wales for my granddaughter’s third birthday weekend, going by train obviously, the Molton Brown Today’s Special Value will launch and be on all day Sunday. I must say this though, it’s a big Christmas deal since it’s now October – and that means it will sell bucketloads beforehand. So don’t delay. It’s a mega bundle, buy more save more, and you can go here to see and buy it right now!

I often use Molton Brown when I am away. I have some little 100ml sizes to use up, and I’m currently using an unusual one, Kamudu – it’s a light aqua colour – at least that’s what I think it’s called, can’t really see well with this eye, ha ha!


The train took me to Devon, where I relaxed and had lots of help. Wendy, my lovely friend who used to help me run the retreats, came and got me and took me to Hatherleigh, and we met up with my delightful pal Barbara Laughton. As regulars will know, she is a legend around Sheepwash, and is the lady whose mum used to work in my Devon house when it was a shop in the mid 1900s. We had a lovely catch up and a nice lunch in The George! I would say a bit like old times, but the market has buildings that have completely gone now, being replaced gradually by houses. End of an era, for sure.

Check out the video I put on my Facebook page this week. It’s quite sad, really.

But what made me happy this week was seeing some lovely friends and having a lift from, and a coffee with, several – thank you to Caitlin and Jennie and Alex and of course Sheena. Get well soon Sheila, and her hubby Philip too. Back in October for my next retreat, fingers crossed I can drive by then!

How exciting is this! The new probiotic range from Liz Earle! And a new cleanser to boot! It takes a lot to launch a new cleanser, the first one since 1995, and it is supposed to help strengthen your skin without stripping. Looking at the skin’s balance at a micro level, helping protect and strengthen the moisture barrier and restoring the look of health to it. There is a seven day challenge – do look out for it – and the other items in the new range, containing a naturally active blend of pre-biotics, probiotics, and one that is new to me – postbiotics. Can’t wait to sell this one. There is a massive deal coming from them later in October as well. Exciting times 🙂

One person who loves Liz Earle – as it saved her skin when she was 15 and we discovered that the new body wash didn’t make her itch after she showered (turned out she was allergic to sodium laurel sulphate), is my lovely daughter Lauren. I posted this picture of her with me recently, for last week was National Daughters Day. Some lovely pictures online of everybody’s progeny! Anyway, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with her and little Phoebe, who will be three. Lolly is passed the sickness stage now and only has another four months to go. Over halfway, exciting!


It has to be the new Bond movie, doesn’t it! But before I talk about that, which will hopefully be next week, do look out for the ITV documentary about Daniel Craig’s time as Bond. Very illuminating – from when Barbara Broccoli approached him and he didn’t initially want to do it, through how he made the role his own and had input on the plots and character foibles, thereby creating his distinct, more real, version of 007, to what happened on his final day of shooting and all the injuries he sustained doing his own stunts. I have loved him as James Bond I must say, probably my favourite of all of them. Wonder who the next one will be! Who would you like to see as Britain’s top spy?


To give us our fashion fix this week, Will sat down to talk to Miranda Holder, a stylist who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business! Next week, we’re celebrating QVC’s birthday and Inside QVC’s second birthday, so tune in for a special interview with Jilly Halliday – spoiler alert: I do get a little mention, as me and Jilly started working at QVC in the same year! You can listen to them all here.


This weeks vlog over on my Facebook page is last night’s #Thursdaybantz – where I shared the ins and outs of the eye operation and showed them some scary photos! Go here to watch it! Also explore the rest of my Facebook posts recently, to see updates of what I get up to, away from QVC – to keep abreast of it all, just follow my social media, links below.

Book – The Darkwater Bride – an Audible original

One of the actors was on Line of Duty I believe, and I quite fancied a Victorian mystery, so I started listening to this one. Obviously, listening is easier than reading at the moment and I am an audiobook fanatic, as you may know!

Late Victorian London. When James Miller, the most respectable of Scottish businessmen, is pulled, dead, from the Thames, his daughter is drawn into an investigation which reveals a whole world of secrets and corruption. Alongside local detective Culley, Catriona’s search for her father’s killer leads all the way to the tragic truth behind the ghostly legend of The Darkwater Bride and the power of her deadly kiss…

I’ve got a long journey coming up to Wales, and from Wales, so I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this one!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Cozee Home hooded fluffy lounger – these are ideal presents if you’re not sure what someone’s size is!

Saturday – Time for a fabulous new Christmas tree – Santa’s Best bring us the 16 function pre-lit frosted dewdrop Christmas tree with remote control, in lots of different heights and lots of different finishes. I’m seriously tempted!

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week –

Monday – The Theragun mini massage device appears, with supersoft attachment head, worth investing in because these were the originals and definitely beat cheaper copies in my opinion!

Tuesday – JM Fashion comes to QVC, with Julien McDonald’s jersey military shirt with pockets. ‘Star by Julien McDonald’ from Debenhams was one of my earliest designer brands that I bought for myself when I was a lot slimmer. Looking forward to seeing this one!

Thursday – It’s the Percy & Reed 10 year anniversary and they bring us a 10-piece collection with three gift bags – perfect for thinking about all those gift occasions between now and Christmas! After all, we are in the countdown now, since QVC regularly features Christmas present ideas from early October, right the way through till yuletide!

Friday – Fashion time again, with the Joules Newdale quilted coat. A great brand and a brilliant opportunity to buy into it at the one-day only price.

Friday 9pm – standby for the launch of the Le Creuset cast iron casserole and grill pan set with cookbook. Going on sale earlier in the week and will be popular, because it always is. These items usually come in separate boxes, so keep one and gift one!

Next week – what happened at my granddaughter’s third birthday party in Wales! How the eye is getting on, nearly 2 weeks after the operation. And a conference in Manchester… If I make it! As mentioned, I’m due back at QVC around Sunday the 10th!

Best wishes,


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19 Responses

    1. My husband had the same op in Torbay hospital 2 yrs ago. It wasn’t long before his eye cleared and all was well again. So I wish you well Debbie I have missed you. Xx

  1. Hi Debbie hope you well. I love reading your blogs. I had a detached retina last year and got black shadows floating. I had to have laser treatment to fuse the eye back together it was very scary but got through it. You do not realise how much you need your eyes until something goes wrong. I eye specialist told me the same It’s your age. Hope you get better soon. Take care. Love and best wishes. Xx

  2. Hi Deb’s. Regarding your retina op, I had the same op January 2019, gas bubble like you. Although you will get your sight back it won’t be the same and you will, at some point, need a cataract op. I have just had my cataract op, no longer fuzzy vision and optician tomorrow for new glasses! After the Retina op I was off work for 5 weeks as didn’t feel confident driving with gas bubble sloshing about! I hope you recover soon, we are both very lucky the problem was fixed and sight restored. Take care x

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Hope you recover well after your eye op. Thank goodness you were able to get it seen and fixed early! How lovely you have health insurance and could avail of a beautiful view and fancy breakfast! Yum! Have a lovely break and stay away with Lauren x

  4. Poor you Debbie eyesight so special. I had a stroke in my 40s it left me with a black line across my eye at the time 30 years ago no treatment available. I’m glad things have moved on for you and you are in safe hands. Rest plenty and return when you are ready you will be missed but health important..Enjoy family time. Take care lots of love xxxx

  5. I have just returned from my hols to a very cold UK, so sorry to hear you have had a problem with your eye.
    I wish you a speedy recovery, enjoy your family weekend.
    Regards Jean Given

  6. Oh Debbie that was such bad luck. It must have been such a shock and really frightening for you. I’m amazed you carried on regardless, like the boy on the burning deck! Shows your professionalism and I’m sure noted.
    I was diagnosed with PVD some years ago and the risk of the retina becoming detached at the beginning and even now was/is nail-biting.
    Sending all good wishes and healing for your complete recovery.
    Your blogs are always fun and interesting to read…thanks!
    Go gently.
    Angela x

  7. Hi Debbie,
    So sorry to hear of your eye trouble and I hope that all goes to plan with your recovery. This is very close to my heart as I have had three retainal tears lasered in the same eye recently. It certainly brings home how fragile our eyesight is. The doctor also said it was due to my age and luck!
    I love your blogs and your cheery attitude shines through.
    Take care

  8. I am glad your eye got sorted out. I was worried when you were on with Gok and you said you could not read the cards. I have a detached posterior vitreous humour in my right eye which was query detached retina at one point. Unfortunately they cannot treat it but it does put me at increased risk of a detached retina especially as I am very short sighted in that eye. Look forward to seeing you later on this month. I am 60 on Oct 9th this year but am helping out in a COVID booster clinic on the 10th so have to rein it in somewhat on the 9th!!

  9. Sorry to read about your eye Debbie. Looks nasty but it’s great they were able to fix it for you. Although not the same thing as you I went for an eye test just to get new reading glasses and they found I have a retinal vein occlusion in my left eye. Like you I am ‘unlucky’ as I do not have any underlying issues with my health such as diabetes. It came as quite a shock as my partial vision loss is permanent. I had a bit of blurry vision but thought it was hay fever … just goes to show we should always go for eye tests but it has not been easy getting appointments during the past couple of years due to covid. Take care and best wishes.

  10. Hi Debbie, I did not realise you were off with eye problems. I do hope you are feeling better. I had a similar experience a few years ago, when I had a macular hole in one eye rather than a detached retina. Probably similar surgery as an eye op similar to removal of cataract is done, and then a gas bubble to press on the eye lining inserted. Yes, it is a funny experience with the gas bubble, especially when it starts to reduce in size, and sometimes you can see above it, or other times the sight is blocked depending on the position of your head. I was told not to bend down for a time, so that extra pressure was not put on the eye. Make sure you apply the various eye drops regularly and for the period advised to avoid getting an eye infection, but you will know that! I did not drive for about a month (very unusual for me!) but the gas absorbed in about that time, and once fully dissolved, I was told I could drive. You sound like you have been quite active, but I would say it is important to get plenty of rest so that you can heal quickly. By the way I have not been on Facebook for some some weeks as I got hacked several times on there, so unfortunately have been missing your Thursdaybantz sessions. Long comments, but I do hope you soon feel well again, and that your eye and eyesight gets restored fully. Take care of yourself.

  11. Dear Debs
    I wish you and your eye a speedy recovery. Time to chill out in the mean time . All the very best Fayx

  12. Hi Debbie.
    My wife sends her love as she had a detached retina four years ago. She was asked by the surgeon if she had hit her head, nothing about age, she was 57 at the time. This was done as a day surgery. Please be aware there are different forms of this and not everyone’s the same. My wife had to posture which involved keeping her head down for 45 minutes every hour, 15 to wash,eat etc for a week, hard to do at night when you have to hang your head. After effects for her was she now wears glasses, never had to before and lost some sight. Fabulous surgeon at Swindons Great Western Hospital and she is Now very well. Take care Debbie. X

  13. Hello everybody, just wanted to say thank you for your kind thoughtful comments. And to everybody who gave me their own experiences, food for thought. Yes it just shows how much we value our eyesight doesn’t it! At time of writing, literally two weeks after the Op, I’m lucky that there is the tiniest little gas bubble in the bottom of my line of vision, which is of course at the top of the eye (the eye turns things upside down obvs). But apart from that I can see close up as well as I ever could, in the left eye. And I can read some things at distance, hopefully I will be okay back on air on QVC on Monday evening!
    Isn’t modern medicine and technology wonderful!

    Even though I may need a cataract operation in six months also, I’m going to enjoy my eyesight for the time being.


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