Fruity! But who for? Plus a new Benefit launch in the offing!

I helped out again at the Epsom Downs mass vaccination centre this week, and guess what was in the staffroom for all the nurses and staff – this fabulous mound of gifts from the charity that was set up to “nourish our nurses”. The nurses were overjoyed. It was not just fruit and veg, but cans and hand cream too. What a wonderful gesture.

My brother Glenn and sister-in-law came along as well to volunteer this week. The lady in charge has named us “Linda’s team”, because my sis, Lin, organises people! Very proud of my family. One lady I met, called Gabrielle, allowed me to take this photo, because she wanted to talk about QVC and said she was very proud of us too!

We worked really hard this week and my lower back is killing me! Lost the tips of two of my gel nails as well, because of the strong wipes used for sanitising the chairs once people have moved seat. But even though they had stepped up the amount of jabs being given to fit in as many people as possible, the operation worked like clockwork. People came in their droves, despite the snow that covered Epsom Downs.

I also got to say hello to Ziggy the dog, my brother Glenn’s hound who I used to live with. He went absolutely bananas to see me! It was really cute. And Daisy sent me a video (okay, Amanda, my sister-in-law, did!), of my old labrador having a right old waggy time in the snow, trying to eat it and rolling in it! How cute. (See below for more snow stories!)

Elemis Today’s Special Value

Very excited to be spearheading several key new deals this coming week. Join me this Saturday night at 9pm, for the brand-new Elemis TSV skincare launch. It’s on sale now, go here to get yours. Here is the demo that I recorded this week! It includes a large size of the wonderful award-winning original Cleansing Balm, the nourishing eye mask, and also, incredibly, the full size of the £90 Overnight Matrix! Wow! Get in quickly because it’s selling fast and it may not last through Sunday.…

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page


Robin bobbin’

Look at this fat little chap, who flew alongside me on one of my walks in the snow-bedecked woods this week. He seemed to be watching me! It was very cold, as many people will have experienced at sub-zero, so I was very happy to get back to my little flat afterwards. This little man had fluffed up his feathers to keep himself warm though. I made sure I put some Richard Jackson’s bird food out on the balcony to help them out in these cold times! I think the footprints are pigeons though, don’t you?

Bulb bouquet

Regulars will know that Valentine’s Day means nothing to me nowadays, basically since I got divorced in 2000! But post-menopause, I’m really not bothered… Have a nice time this weekend, if you are doing something, though. However, it was lovely to receive, out of nowhere and for no reason, this lovely bouquet this week from my gorgeous daughter, Lauren. It arrived with the bulbs on the tulips, which of course made them last longer. And you can plant the bulbs afterwards! How fabulous!

If you like bulbs, we have tons – check out our new gardening range available at the moment, do check out all of our offers here online. Remember, a big weekend of gardening coming up on Sunday 21st.

Watch – The Bay

Really loving this ITV series. Because of watching it on catch-up, I ended up going back to episode one, and working my way through to six, in a tale about a family firm gone bad. Then realised there was a series one that should’ve been watched before it! Just like I did with Dead to Me! What an idiot.

Anyway, although the script is a little bit clunky (‘on the nose’, as they will say) and some of the acting a tiny bit hammy, I’m enjoying it a lot. Our lovely fashion guest Kerry Farrell is actually one of the minor roles playing the chief‘s wife, so look out for her!

Very much enjoyed watching a Zoom webinar this week too, with a neuroscientist called Heather Berlin. She has all sorts of TED talks, so look out for them on Youtube, including one called ‘Who is Your Brain?’ The one I saw was all about “Impulse Control, Making Your Brain Work For You’. Don’t ask me for the details though! Lol.

Also had a delightful Zoom meeting this week with four young ladies from our association, incorporating female members, diversity, and youngsters, as two were doing their A-levels. Nice to talk about ideas for how the country should be run for the future.

If you like Zoom meetings, you may want to look up on YouTube the wonderful Jackie Weaver video, a local parish councillor who has become a national hero because of the way she handled some outrageous behaviour during a parochial zoom call. “You don’t have the authority, Jackie Weaver’ is now a meme!!

If you like a laugh look, at the corporate reactions on Twitter to the Weetabix tweet about serving it with baked beans! Lol.


Sometimes, technology gets the better of us…



A nice one from out on the snowy balcony this week here. 🙂 And don’t forget, our Thursday night #thursdaybantz Facebook live, a live catch up where my regulars tell us what they’ve been up to and I tell them some behind-the-scenes stuff! Follow my social media below.


This week, Will chats to IT Cosmetics brand ambassador Rose Gallagher, and next week, he sits down with fashion guests Vonda Barnes and Melissa Hardy. You can listen to all the podcasts here.

Book of the week

Well, I finished and really enjoyed A Time for Mercy by John Grisham. I’ve just started the latest Samantha Shannon – The Mask Falling, the forth book in her Bone Season series. A sci-fi, futuristic, good versus evil conflict featuring a psychic clairvoyant heroine Paige. Loved them, the narrator, and the unusual relationship between Paige and her former adversary. But if you fancy something different, how about A Springtime Affair, by top novelist Katie Fforde. She writes the most charming relationship stories and this one is no exception. I do have an eclectic mix of reading tastes, don’t I?

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Your Zooki Marine Collagen shots Today’s Special Value, the beauty and health supplements six week’s supply that I launched on Thursday night at midnight. I dilute them in a glass of water and they are very palatable!

Saturday – it’s time for the Blink indoor/outdoor mini and large camera home security bundle. The large camera has a battery for outside, but the mini plugs in indoors, and it is an unbelievably low price. Lee Hohbein is looking forward to this very much, as am I for my 10 pm show, as I have not done tech for ages. 🙂 But at 9pm I will be bringing you the launch of…

Sunday – …the new Elemis three-piece Pro-Collagen Powerhouse Skincare collection (see above), already on sale. And I am very excited about the brand new Le Creuset pan set I get to launch at 9pm Sunday!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Women with Control slim leg trousers with side slits
Mally eight-piece Eye Opening collection
Cozee Home faux suede quilted furniture protector
Mr & Mrs Owl microwavable hotties
Gotham Steel Stackmaster three-piece Space Saving Non-Stick Cookware set
Artscapes printed Georgette shirt
Shay & Blue three-piece Fragrance Layering collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 14th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Denim & Co. Waffle Knit Stripe Tunic
OPI 6 Piece Hollywood Dreaming Collection & Box
Thompson & Morgan Colour Trends Collection 6 Pack with Grey Planter and Incredicompost
Made by Zen Sanctuary Diffuser with Day and Night Oils

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – launched by me at 9pm and midnight on Sunday, this is a kitchen day, and features the Le Creuset set of two toughened non-stick 24cm shallow frying pan and 30cm deep stir fry pan at a ridiculously good price for this brand. I have been using it and I’m delighted with it. Look out for Craig’s social media countdown.

Here’s what I cooked in mine. Supremely easy to clean, great finish on the food, warms up fast on my induction hob, and not terribly heavy like some cast iron, as these are much lighter. Delighted is not the word. Over the moon probably is!

TuesdayEcozone time, a Clean and Descale kit that looks very effective. Love their products.

Wednesday – going on sale early, look out for the Neom Day to Night four-piece collection, my new favourite crush, a brand I have immediately fallen in love with. The candles and fragrances are absolutely gorgeous. I will be doing a bit of shopping for myself on Wednesday as a belated Valentine’s present!

Thursday – the Elite Theragun with additional super soft head attachment is here. It’s a real massive investment product… and I have no idea what it is! Looking forward to finding out, and to the Benefit cosmetics hour at 5 pm… watch out for Alex’s beauty show for a very special launch…

Friday– Craig Rose and his Doctor Seaweed range is back. This time with the original Weed and Wonderful Organic Scottish seaweed set of 180 capsules. So many people love this range. Look at some of the reviews already online for it here and remember that a TSV is one of the best ways to stock up.

Friday 9pm – finally, I’m bringing you another wonderful launch, this time the V10 Animal vacuum from Dyson, at an excellent price. We always offer you great Easy Pays, and a really good bundle of accessories, so join me if you can. My V11 is one of my favourite purchases of the last year and my housewarming treat to myself when I moved into my new flat, so I can highly recommend this range.

Next week – a visit from my granddaughter Blake (in my bubble), and… big news from Benefit! As you may have seen from their teases, a brand-new product is about to launch. My Friday blog on the 19th will have my before and afters, and my story about using it. Watch out for QVC helping to launch it next week, It’s going to be mega!

Best wishes,


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4 Responses

  1. Loving your blogs. Well done on the vacc centre helping. I am helping with the paperwork and admin at the GP surgery. Everyone doing well, great that it looks like the targets will be reached with room to spare.

  2. Hi Debbie a great and informative blog as always. I’m looking forward to seeing what the OPI Big Deal is.
    Please have you any idea what is happening to the Decleor Brand now that Fiona is no longer representing them on QVC. Also because it is a french brand and we are no longer part of the EU. My skin is extremely sensitive and i wouldn’t know what else to use.
    Well done to you and your family helping at the Vaccination Centre.
    I had first hand experience of the excellent volunteers in Barking Essex today when my husband and i had our first jabs.
    Kind regards

  3. Hey Deb
    I watched the new series of The Bay back to back. I finished thinking that was a waste of 6 hours of my life that can’t get back. The acting, though you word it differently was a little wooden. The character Andy, played by Joe Absolom, decent enough actor but other than a filler, what’s his point in the show? However what really irritated me was the unanswered question of who ran over and killed Med? If that’s their best effort to pull me back into series 3…not happening.
    I found Marcella dire and Broadchurch far worse. I like a thought provoking drama with an ending that makes sense. Viewing pleasure is subjective so some might enjoy what I didn’t, I am looking forward to the return of Silent Witness and Call Of Duty.

  4. Hi Debbie, I think you are fab volunteering THANK YOU! I’ve been shielding on and off since last March :0( and can’t wait for my vaccine doses. Love your blog, your positivity is inspiring and your viewing recommendations are great. Have you watched the film The Last Tree? It’s a beautiful film, based on a true story, about a boy who is fostered but then has to return to his biological mother in SE London . Check it out it’s really powerful. You looked amazing on Saturday’s Elemis TSV launch, loved your blue top – is it from a QVC range? Keep up the great posts and take care!

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