Fun family times and Last Christmas – fab film!

It’s that time of year again, and this is an unapologetically Christmas themed blog. I know – already? But I love it. Firstly, I went to see Father Christmas… I mean, I went to get niece Lara from school and nipped into the end of their school fete. Found Santa. But could not sit on his knee, I wonder why. Not sure what Father Christmas is going to be bringing me this year and I find myself asking pals and family for sister time, daughter time, son time, friend time, et cetera!  But something I would recommend is Last Christmas, the movie. I absolutely loved it. See below.

Fab family fun

Also popped along to a nice get together for two of my sister-in-law‘s birthdays, always nice to see my big family. Most of them came along. I showed off my new Vionic boots, which I was very happy with. For Mrs Hobbit foot here, they are making a big difference to the comfort of my feet and I’ve noticed the lack of problems with my bony bits ha ha, not that I’ve got many bony bits 🙂 lol.

Last Christmas, the movie

I absolutely adored this film this week at the cinema. I must highly recommend it. It had the most wonderful twist, I won’t say when it happened though, as I don’t want to spoil it! And I already want to see it again. In fact, I’m planning to do so soon, down in Devon with one of my best pals, Sheena. One of the girls from Game of Thrones was in it, and several cameos you will recognise. However, almost all of the subsidiary characters were wonderful, or hilarious. Some people say the plot was obvious, but not for me. I love to hear the George Michael music as well. And Emma Thompson had one of my favourite moments – if you go see it, guess which one it was. 8.75 out of 10.

Also saw Frozen 2 with the nieces and it was really wonderful to see them laugh so much at Olaf the snowman’s antics. Hearing children’s laughter in a packed cinema was a real joy and food for the soul. Every bit as good as the first film, in my opinion, some will say they liked it better. 8.25 out of 10.

This weekend’s highlights

Today, Friday, what a brilliant value Philosophy set this is. The six-piece Luxurious Grace Fragrance Layering collection. Go here to see and buy it if it is still available! Grace lovers everywhere will rejoice!

Centigrade are back Saturday with a really warm faux down padded chevron coat with faux fur hood, super affordable as well! Join me at 10pm and 11pm though for Cuddl Duds and Diamonique. Feeling a bit better after my break! #exhausted!

Sunday’s Today’s Special Value is from Doris and the superb cosmetics collection from Doll 10: the five-piece Hydralux collection, great value as usual!

Also Sunday night at 9pm join Charlie for the launch of the new Cozee Home’s TSV for Monday. It’s a lovely set of two velvet soft embossed duvet sets. Yes two duvet sets! Don’t miss them if you are tired of sheet shock in a freezing cold bed when you get in at night. People love this brand and how warm and cosy it is, welcoming, comforting, and fabulous as presents too.

Also watch out for the early appearance of Nails Inc seven-piece Nail Your Fortune collection and gift box, on sale now. Yay!

Big deals old and new

Ashwood leather Katie triple compartment cross-body bag

Silentnight Posturepedic pet bed

Judith Williams Royal Collagen Targeted skincare collection

Jabra Elite Active wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and charging case

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals

L’Occitane four-piece Luxury Fragrance collection

Contours RX five-piece kit including lids by design 80 assorted strips and accessories

Bronx stud ankle boots

Radley umbrella and foldaway bag set

See below for other sneaky peaks from next week



Silly Debbie. Had a long day in Devon and felt I needed a lovely warming cup of coffee. Went out of my way to get one, put it in the car, nipped out to post a letter, got back in and this is what met my eye. Oh my goodness, what a klutz! And what a waste. The car smelled of gingerbread latte for hours afterwards though!

Xmas tree gang

Put the Christmas tree up this week down in Devon, just in time for some lovely writer friends to visit. I’m never as happy as when I have spent a whole day writing. I’ve been quite stressed out with my punishing schedule of late, and miss writing enormously. I always feel better when I have spent some time with writer friends though, thanks to Julie Cohen for organising! And helping to walk Daisy dog this week 🙂

Xmas socks

Decided to pull out my collection of Christmas socks again, which would you have chosen? The winner is… the turquoise ones. Chosen by my Facebook friends. And Daisy dog approved. Join my social media for such show-stopping posts as this one ha ha, and help me choose my socks LOL. Go on you know you want to…

Antthony’s anniversary

Another big anniversary for one of our favourites. My friend Antthony, whose fabulous fashion designs you can find on QVC here, posted this earlier in the week. He has not changed much has he! Congratulations to the great man. This is my Facebook feed of the week, but visit my Facebook page where you will see regular updates, sign up and like it here.

Book of the week

I must admit I just finished reading What He Did by Julia Roberts, yes, our Julia! And I was very impressed. Her writing gets better and better, and in this, her sixth novel (yes, six!) she does really well. The narrator is a bit whiny when people are supposed to be upset, but it’s a good enough story to get past it. A big dash of originality, I thought.

Next week on QVC

Monday – as above, another lovely high value bedding set from Cozee Home!

TuesdayNails Inc return with a seven-piece set called Nail Your Fortune, and it comes with a gift box, so you can cherry pick what you want to give and maybe keep the rest ha ha. It’s on an early bird link and available now! Click here to get yours.

An unusual one on Wednesday the eTape electronic tape measure in gift box. Great budget for maybe a dad or son, or for the person in your life who likes to measure things the easy way. I used a laser tape measure when I measured my own house and drew up the plans for my en suite rooms, they are super accurate! Saved myself a fortune. Highly recommended.

Elemis are back on Thursday, this time with a four-piece Pro-Collagen Definition Collection, also going on sale a few days early!

Friday sees the return of Emu, this time the Explorer Biricet lace up ankle boots, great brand and perfect for keeping your feet toasty this winter.

Look out for the early bird order link for one of the most highly rated concealers, the Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte, together with the Holiday Blockbuster set. Its Sunday’s Today’s Special Value but will likely go on sale this week.

Also Friday night at midnight, Gtech give you another opportunity to buy their Power Floor K9 cordless vacuum cleaner.

Have a great week! Very busy for me, trying to get out in the fresh air a lot more, delivering leaflets, walking the dog, seeing friends, and relaxing a bit more! And getting more sleep ha ha. Have a great week.

Best wishes


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  1. Debbie, an amazing marathon of news! I’m exhausted now but so well informed.
    Thanks! You’re zest for all things is 👍🌹.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Lovely to see your Christmas tree up. I’m sure more will go up this weekend! Your aims sound the same as most of our aims! We are all just trying to survive these days. It’s relentless and for most it’s not as if we’ve got a lot in the bank to show for it! Hope you get your book finished in 2020 x

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