Gift Surprises! And the week ahead on QVC

The Christmas cards keep coming in thick and fast to us presenters here at QVC, so thank you so much everybody who is caring enough to send one: QVC, Chiswick, W4 usually gets there LOL. Thank you again to the lovely lady who made this for me – it’s a Debbie doll! I assume it’s a Debbie doll, looking at the Lola Rose beads (I love Moroccan mix!), and the curly hair. 🙂 What a lot of work you have done, 1 million thank yous!

Thank you to Carol from Sunderland who loves my Thursday bantz, says I make her laugh and it’s great when people are feeling down. She was also a fan of my singing sessions during lockdown. And you never know, there might be one next Thursday 23rd when I do my live Facebook on my page in the evening. So try and catch it if you can.

Sibling day out

Went for an early celebration – a sibling Sunday lunch, with sister Linda and brothers Glenn and David, (Derek was poorly again), for Linda’s birthday. It was the White Hart in Godstone again, one of the best Sunday lunches ever! I also did a super sharing platter pudding and put candles in it so we could sing her a happy birthday! Her hubby came as well and it was a really enjoyable lunch. One of the best I’ve known actually. So nice to see my family. Better enjoy it while we can, right!

Blake day out

Also had a nice day out on Saturday when I took Blake to see the Narnia production, done by Putney arts theatre children’s troop. It was very basic but she watched avidly all the way through, which was a great achievement! Laura came as well, so did sister Linda and we had a really nice day, even though it was drizzling most of the day. And I spent two hours and 50 minutes in the car just going to pick people up and then go to work! Eek. Will be seeing Blake and little baby Kaleb, Brad and Kari one more time before Christmas and then they go to see Kari’s parents this year. Looking forward to it!


Eye eye

Had my check-up at the eye experts and the professor said that my retina was in good condition. For those who missed it, I had a detached retina operation at the end of September. But there’s already sign of a cataract, which means I will have to get that done probably next summer, I would imagine. I’m noticing how much worse my vision is in my left eye and have had new glasses recently. Oh well, I’m sure it will go okay!  When I got into work, the drops they put in to dilate the pupil so they could do the examination of the back of my eye were still in play, and this one was taken! I walked around scaring everyone with my spooky eye! ha ha!

Dahlia rescue

Made sure I got in and dug up some dahlias last week, don’t want to waste them, and one of them was like a bunch of massive grapes! Should get some good flowers off those next year! Glad I remembered to get them out of the ground before the frost ruined them. Been listening to Richard Jackson! Talking of home, just got delivery of some new bird food, new improved recipe and everything, look out for that in the next few weeks!


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Here’s a little boomerang of my lovely Alison Cork tree, I have it on the glisten/colour change feature! Don’t you love it?! It’s only 5 foot but it’s up on the platform, which makes it ample for my lounge. Can you see the Alison Cork dangly decorations that I got this year, the beaded ones that look like bunches of grapes? I bought them the other day when I was on there with her, go here to see more of her range. Now just got to finish wrapping up all the presents that are filling the rest of the floor space!

Watch – The Time of our Lives, with Pauline Collins and Joan Collins, on Prime

Just out, this is a hilarious and quite original premise, where Joan plays an ex-A-list movie star now in an old people’s home, and Pauline plays a down-trodden wife who gets a chance to go abroad and escape. (Ahem!!) This really appealed to me and Joan Collins is absolutely excellent, I must say. Watch out for the end scene… Pauline excels as ever with her ability to play pathos better than most. Very highly recommended and I’ll probably watch it again sometime! Eight out of 10.

Two more Christmassy ones for you – first, Single All the Way. A bit of an alternative movie but the title caught my eye, for obvious reasons ha ha. But actually this is a charming film about two gay roommates who realise after a fraught visit home for a family Christmas for one of them, when they are supposed to pretend to be a couple to save face, that feelings run deep… Very funny cameos, and a very watchable script!

Spirit of Christmas – and the second one, again I think on Amazon Prime – revolves around a girl trying to sell a hotel that’s haunted, and OBVIOUSLY finding true love at last. But I liked it because it was quite unpredictable. However, spoiler alert, I thought I’d guessed the ending, as I wanted the descendant to come back and be exactly like the ghost, but that wasn’t the ending. Actually, it’s kind of like an anti-spoiler! See what you think.

Any other Christmas recommendations for me? Not the big ones but some of the Hallmark ones or movies or other films that are not necessarily well-known? This year, I’m trying not to watch just the ones that I always see every Yuletide! Mind you, I did have a big movies and wrapping session the other night, after I had abandoned my plan to go to Devon because I was feeling a bit rundown. I stayed in bed till 1:45pm on Wednesday, my first day off for 10 days, believe it or not! Then the next day, the cold was virtually gone (negative tests all the way, don’t worry). There’s a lot of filling-in needed at work at the moment as you can imagine, with lots of bugs going round, and I’ve done extra shifts as a result, so apologies if you see too much of me! But at least I got some good time at home to watch the films.

Also watched some of my all-time favourites, including White Christmas, Groundhog Day and The Holiday again this week… and will probably have watched It’s a Wonderful Life by the time you read this… Okay, I’m a sucker for an old classic!


Did you hear Will’s chat with Abby Horne and TT Hart from Dyson this week? Next week, he sits down with QVC’s own Alex Kramer! You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Had a little ‘ta-daaaaahhhh!’ moment at work in the make-up room this week! Funny. 🙂 You can watch it here. Thank you to Olivia and Jordan for make-up and hair. And Julien McDonald for the fabulous jumper which is still available (item number 191155). Don’t forget to check out my social media on a regular basis for updates and behind-the-scenes videos of QVC antics!

Book – The Guilty Ones

Book four in the series featuring Jackman and Marie, from Joy Ellis. I quite like spending time with these characters, so after last week I was very keen to get into another gritty crime book. It’s not too graphic, so more of a cosy crime really. This time it gets personal for Jackman when his sister-in-law disappears, and he finds he knew absolutely nothing about her past. Linked to local murders, the situation gets serious and dangerous. We get to find out a bit more about some of the other characters in this one as well. Very enjoyable. I’ll probably go for a Christmas one next – you can’t have too much snow! LOL.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Blowdry styling tool from Revamp, and watch Alison Young‘s launch.

Saturday – going back to basics with a twist for the Liz Earle four-piece Gift of Great Skin collection, launches tonight at 9pm (Friday 17th) and through the day Saturday. Already on sale, go here to see and buy it, hopefully it will still be around in my Christmas Gift Ideas show at 10pm, which follows Practical Ideas with the Shark launch at nine with the…

Sunday – corded stick vacuum cleaner with anti-hair wrap and Flexology!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

Spotlight Oral Care whitening water flosser
Cook’s Essentials four-piece non-stick metallic cookware set with silicone handles
Set of five reading glasses including one pair of arnti-blue light readers
Elemis five-piece Indulgent Face & Body collection
Rieker water-resistant lace-up boot
Carole Hochman honeycomb fleece cowl neck lounger
Cozee Home metallic dot Velvetsoft four-piece duvet set
OPI six-piece Celebration collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 19th at midnight:

Carole Hochman honeycomb fleece cowl neck lounger
Hairfix two-piece Follicle Treatment & Volumising collection
Zwilling Fresh & Save 14-piece Vacuum Food Storage System
Cozee Home lavender weighted Hot & Cold shoulder wrap

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – please don’t miss this if you want more shiny hair that is easier to style. It’s the new Philip Kingsley Mayan Vanilla and Orange Blossom collection, big shampoo, big conditioner, and the fabulous Elasticizer Booster conditioner, which works in harmony with the original. I use Elasticizer original beforehand whenever I wash, and now I use this as my conditioner at the end. I really notice a difference! Stock up! Already on sale, go check it out here and see the incredible price, just £39.98.

TuesdaySBC Skincare return with products for the New Year based on their famous arnica in a supersize Targeted Body Collection, four-pieces!

Plus, time for my bee jewellery to return in the 8pm Diamonique show, some of the world’s finest simulated diamonds, don’t miss it! Go and see what’s already available right now, here.

Wednesday – the Luxform Dual-Powered Wildlife Lamp Post is here, buy now, pay later with this clever deal. And look out for my 11pm Bareminerals hour.

Thursday – the focus turns to Algenist with a three-piece Anti-Ageing Heroes collection, this premium brand will be at an excellent price so perhaps a good time to trial it out. I will have the midnight launch the night before, which will be repeated ’til 9am if you want to be the first to see it.

Friday – and Cozee Home bring us the Juno soft twist shaggy rug, if you’re ever going to get a rug this is the time to do it because it is such good value as a TSV!

Friday is of course Christmas Eve, and from 2pm we go to recorded hours right the way through until 11am on Boxing Day! If you’re reading this over yuletide, hope you are having a wonderful time!

Friday 9pm – look ahead to the Cook’s Essentials 2.8L fryer, this time, touchscreen! And a really good low price if you want a second oven, a replacement oven or an energy-saving oven!

Next week, the Christmas Eve blog, and a look back at 2021! Have a great week ahead, remember to breathe, give yourself some me-time, and remember everything doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be. Big hugs.

Best wishes,


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  1. My left eye is like yours in the picture with the large pupil mine is like this because i have something called aides pupil. It went like that when my daughter was knocked down by a van. I nearly combusted with terror. That was 27 years ago so I guess I have it forever.

  2. Hi Debbie Hope you have a merry Christmas and a safe healthy and peaceful New Year. Thanks for these wonderful blogs. I always enjoy hearing your news.
    Best wishes

  3. So nice to hear about your family days out, Debs, glad you have enjoyed them – as you say, while we still can! Wonderful day out yesterday – Christmas tea at the Ritz with daughter, daughter-in-law, her mum and her sister. Fabulous! Looking forward to the final run-up to the big day on QVC. Lots of love xx

  4. Thank you for your blog I do look forward to reading it I don’t have social media platforms but I feel I’ve kept in touch . Devon looking a bit dull at moment rather misty but looking forward to next year hopefully a better one I hope all your family keep well and you all have a marvellous Christmas and Healthy New Year keep up the good work Debbie love and hugs xxxx

  5. Hi debbie merry xma sand happy new yeat tpo you and your family
    i got your xma scard onthursday 23rd december in th epost thank you hope you got mine.

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