Heidi-ing in the Woods! Plus sneaky peeks

Well, what can I say? The weather this week has been incredible, beautiful, stifling, and rubbish in succession!! Had some lovely walks as usual, including this one, when the sun was just dappling through the trees. I had just been watering the new plants that I put in the ground in the little bed they gave me, and listening to the new GB News Andrew Neil show, and decided to sneak a quick walk in before the sun disappeared completely. Of course, it’s the shortest night/longest day this week… then it starts getting darker again! Better make the most of it…

Grave matters…

One thing I did this week was tidy up Dad’s grave for Father’s Day with Mum. She has put some lovely roses in there and they really shot up since we went there last, but so had the grass around it. Seriously high! Chatted to one of the gardeners and he said they had been so busy sadly digging twice as many graves as normal, they had not had time to keep everything down like they usually do. Normally, it’s about 250, but in the last year it’s been 500, for obvious reasons. Happily, we managed to get the grass around the graves that we tend looking nice enough and went away feeling contented. It’s been really nice to spend more time with Mum and I’m really glad I moved in next to her.


Welcome back meal

Silly me, forgot I had a recipe box arriving while I was down in Devon. So Mum had the prawns from the linguine and chilli prawns recipe, which meant I replaced mine with a bit of scampi. But it was absolutely delicious. First meal I had cooked for a while that was just for one person, not for seven! And very nice it was too!

Drying chair

Before the downpour at the end of the week, I used the opportunity of the hot weather to dry some of my washing… on my new egg chair! 🙂 I have loved having it, the double one that was a Today’s Special Value. It’s so comfortable. I sat there for about 2 1/2 hours one evening just listening to the birds and looking out over the balcony and enjoying the flowers. (And being on my phone obviously!!)

Hi Wendy!

Obviously Blake, my little granddaughter, came to stay as well and we had a lovely time as usual, including going to see Peter Rabbit the movie, which was hilarious (see below). One lunchtime, while we were in Dobbie’s Garden Centre for lunch near Carshalton, who should come and say hello, only Wendy Barnett, one of my lovely regulars on my weekly Facebook live #ThursdayBantz. She ‘ohmmed’ me, I told her, because apparently she said to her friend when driving up from the coast, I wonder if we’ll see Debbie. And they did! You couldn’t make it up! Lovely to have a quick chat. I said to her that I’m always glad when people come up and say hello rather than miss the opportunity, and I really don’t mind. Fortunately she waited ’til after we had eaten and Blake said hello as well!

Watch – The Father

Guess what! I went to the cinema, and I’m very glad I did. I went to see the latest film with Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman and Rufus Sewell playing her hubby. About a man descending into dementia but the best thing about it was the way they portrayed his journey, featuring segments where we see things from his view point. Very cleverly done and very emotional. No wonder it was nominated for awards. Highly recommended, 8.5 out of 10. I will probably see it again. Amazing performances all round.

Peter Rabbit – really, really funny. Excellent script, great performances, I laughed out loud loads of times, and Blake loved it as well and she’s only 3 1/2! Another fabulous outing from James Corden. 8 out of 10, bumped up because of the funny little in-jokes and asides specially for adults! Hoping to see Cruella soon. I do love that we can go to the cinema again, don’t you?! Have you seen anything recently?


A funny thing happened to me afterwards though as I went to a shop to get a new screen protector to replace the one I damaged on my iPhone, as I explain on this little vlog on my Facebook page this week! Do follow my social media for more updates like this!



This week, Will caught up with Daniel Smythe and Hayley Wicks from Bareminerals and don’t miss this Monday, when he speaks to Lara Morgan from wellness brand Scentered. You can listen to them all here.

Book of the week – Janet Gover’s Coorah Creek books

Janet is one of the ladies who came to my retreat last week, and I said I would look up her audiobooks. This short series of novels, set in the outback, features a lady who escapes a tangled love life to fly an air ambulance amongst other things, sounds really good!

Also look out for works by Alison May (who I have featured before). Very talented bunch.

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – I’m back after my two week break at 3pm with L’Occitane and at 5pm with a two-hour outdoor extravaganza with al fresco dining ’til 7 pm! Also don’t miss the Philip Kingsley Egyptian Jasmine and Wild Mandarin four-piece collection.

TuesdayKim & Co return with the Brazil jersey wrap front culotte jumpsuit. I’ve seen the price we are intending to go out at and for a Kim jumpsuit, it is unbeatable, so please don’t miss it! I’m also on at 9pm and midnight with the new…

Wednesday – … Northern Nights 400 threadcount Supima cotton, wrinkle-resistant, anti-microbial four-piece bedding set. Could they get any more words on the description?!! This is a long time coming so it will be nice to be on with it. I’m also back at 9 pm launching the…

Thursday -… new Kipling small cross-body bag TSV called Trista. Can’t wait to see Mary Françoise again at 9pm and midnight.

Friday – then on Friday, it’s time for the MarlaWynne five pocket flatter-fit melange capri pants in different lengths.

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Next week – what happened at my latest health check with the Nuffield… the one I get done every year… but I don’t usually like to talk about ha ha. Well, maybe I will next week. Plus Chessington world of Adventures, unless we are completely rained off, when Lolly Pop comes down to stay with her entourage, including little Phoebe. I can’t wait!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie!
    Could you do anything to persuade your fellow presenters to say something about width fittings when presenting footwear? I have wide, square feet with a high instep (size 5, E/EE) so need to know if there’s a possibility things will fit! I watched a whole hour of footwear today and not one mention of width in the whole show. You’re virtually the only one who ever addresses the subject.
    Do enjoy your blog every week, especially the sneaky peeks!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara it’s because I have such wise hobbit feet that I feel your pain 🙂 have passed it on to our manager X

  2. Hi Debbie
    Always look forward to your blogs I plan my qvc shop around them
    Wondered if you received picture for Blake ballet dancer
    Many thanks Julie

    1. Julie! Thank goodness, I lost all your contact details, don’t ask me how. Absolutely beautiful picture, just going to fix the hanging loop on the back, keeping it at mine, Blake loved it 🙂 you’re very kind. Glad you like my blogs and glad they help you with the viewing for the week :-)” I tell people secrets, it makes them like me… “ “From friends/chandler bing! LOLX

  3. Hi Debbie
    Always look forward to your blogs I plan my qvc shop around them
    Wondered if you received picture for Blake ballet dancer
    Many thanks Julie

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Love your blogs, like to see un advance what’s coming up and you make that possible, thank you. Also wanted to say Cruella is a brilliant film I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 👍 keep up the good work & enjoy your family time

    1. Oooo Cruella still on my list, just going to see in the Heights tonight with my young nieces, they had already seen Cruella! Will keep you informed, thank you for your comments 🙂 X

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