I met the puppy! And sneaky peeks ahead!

First, if you are on time and it’s not sold out, why not look up the Liz Earle Today’s Special Value. It goes live on air on Saturday night at 9pm and I hope it’s still around for my show on Sunday afternoon! I am delighted that the new Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser fragrance is none other than neroli. I have fallen in love with this of late! It is utterly delightful. Also featured is the Neroli Superskin moisturiser, so a perfect combination. More details here, where you can see and buy it now.

Dogs day out

Vlog of the week featured both my Daisy dog and the new puppy, Beau, who now lives with her. Go here to see it, where you will also see links to my nightly #Singalongadebbie, where we have a cheery sing-song to keep you entertained in these weird times! Last week’s themes included Bee Gees, 80s, Tom Jones and more!

I went out to meet (from a distance) my sis-in-law Amanda and the new puppy Beau, who is now Daisy’s companion at their house in Kent. Daisy loves her, and who wouldn’t! It was so wonderful to have a little cuddle of both pogs, and a lovely long walk. Even though it absolutely poured down with rain at one point. Not sure if Daisy will want to come back with me in the future at this rate!

Beau is only around 12-weeks-old, but I don’t think she will get that much bigger, being a cross between a cocker spaniel, a poodle, and a bichon frise. This picture was taken just after she had completely rearranged her toys and then went and cuddled up to Daisy dog. So glad they all get along so well! It’s a relief I can tell you.


True blue… lips?!

Watch out for the arrival of Wonder Lips, a long-lasting lip stain product, which has a very interesting and fascinating application technique! I will be bringing it to you on Monday night in a two hour beauty month launch show, between 10 pm and midnight. Many guests, lots of new products, I can’t wait. Another range is Melanie Mills with an impressive Three-In-One glow cream. Look out for it!

Exciting Elemis

I predict a riot! This is the brand new gel cleanser from the Pro-Collagen Marine range from our loved Elemis range. It launches soon and I have been using it as a double cleanse. Very gentle yet extremely effective. I’m very impressed!

Bean bonanza

At this rate, I will be needing to ask people if they want some of my runner bean crop! They seem to be thriving in the sunshine, are yours? I’ve even managed to grow a nasturtium from seed! Okay just one, but I’m getting there. Loving the time in the garden at the moment, aren’t you?

Well, I have to own up that I have been binge watching Ashes to Ashes, but there are some wicked films available, especially on Amazon Prime. One that I am determined to watch is Bombshell. Starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, it looks outstanding! Focusing on the #metoo scandals, but based in the media world in the USA, it was nominated for lots of awards as well. Can’t wait!
PS – I’ve just got myself a little Amazon Fire TV ‘cube‘, the one that is a speaker, an Alexa, and hooks up to your TV and makes it a smart TV as well. A perfect purchase while I’m in a different place than normal and have not been back to Devon much at all to my home. Highly recommended.

Check out Will Gowing’s latest episode with Lisa Caddy from Philip Kingsley, and while you’re there, don’t forget to listen back to the wonderful Caroline Archer one from earlier in the year, given the amazing Liz Earle TSV that is on this Sunday!

Book of the week, and it’s from Jemma Forte, yes our lovely Molton Brown guest – did you know she has published several books? Well her new one is out and has a brilliant title. ‘Be Careful What You Swipe For’ – genius, eh?! It’s now available online and focuses on the ups and downs of internet dating… love, bad dates, scandal, betrayal, will there be a happy ending for Charlotte? I heard one of our cameramen talking to Gemma about the book and saying how much he loved it, so I thought I would give it a go! I can get my Alexa to read my Kindle book, so even though there is not an audiobook, let’s see how we go with it! And well done to Jemma Forte!

This week on QVC :
Friday – go here to see and buy Althams Butchers 2.6 kg premium British barbecue meat selection, featuring 30 pieces!
SaturdayKorres – as you will have seen on my social media, if you follow it (and if you don’t, see below!). This is a wonderful Hydrating and Firming collection with anti-ageing ingredients and seven different fragrance options, SEVEN! From this top notch, olive oil-based Greek skincare brand. This range has amazing powers of hydration and this spray cream sinks in really really well. Check out my Instagram et cetera for updates.
Sunday – the super duper Superskin Liz Earle TSV as mentioned above, the four-piece Brighten and Boost Superskin Facial collection. Don’t miss it, on sale now! (You can find the link above!)

Big Deals old and new
Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…
L’Occitane Liquid Soap duo with matching Eco Refill
Prices Candles 54-piece Odour Eliminating set
Lulu Guinness Fiona holdall with shoulder and grab handles
This Works AM and PM two-piece Skin Boosting collection
Polaroid Pop Instant Print digital camera with extra 20-piece pack of prints
Sensica Sensilight Mini RPL 50k Pulses hair removal system
Mia Tui Sue Shopper set of three
Go here to see and shop them all
And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 31st at midnight and lasting only one week:
Silk’n LED transforming mirror with speaker and magnetic 5x mirror
Thermapulse Relief Wrap
JML Chillmax Air personal space cooler and humidifier

Back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week –
Monday – a very timely Ultrasun four-piece collection! And don’t forget the two hour beauty month grand opening at 10pm.

TuesdayModa in Pelle Periar wedge sandals – lovely! And really affordable prices, for this brand.
Wednesday – We will be getting organised and Lock & Lock help us with this 15-piece air-tight food storage container set for a really affordable price. A big beauty evening as well.
ThursdayBeauty Bio are back with their amazing Glo Pro micro stimulation tool in a marble design. It’s one of the most unusual and innovative ways of helping your skin to help itself. The micro stimulation needles really feel like they are working on the skin. It’s distinctly different. I have found myself reaching for this on a regular basis as of all the things you can do out there at the moment, this one has the most unusual science behind it, I think.

Also join me Friday night at 9pm for the really exciting launch of the Dyson deal!
Friday – Monsoon – yes, none other than Monsoon bring us a new TSV linen top with button detail at another very affordable price. And look out for Gok’s Closet with Alex Kramer at 8pm, just before this…
FANFARE!! Well, considering my hair has been done mostly by the Dyson Air Wrap, recently, I am really looking forward to bringing you the new… Today’s Special Value Dyson Air Wrap complete bundle! It goes on sale very early so look out for it early in the week, it will probably absolutely fly out as it is a TSV and they don’t often happen! Plus lots of easy pays as well. I’ve also got the final hour at 10pm… if it lasts.

Friday 9pm – more amazing skincare with Gatineau four-piece Collagen Hydrate and Glow collection for Sunday. Great value!

Next week – I’m due to return to my home in Devon, so maybe there will be another lovely countryside walk… maybe. Watch this space. 🙂
Best wishes,
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6 Responses

  1. Hi, Debbie, what a gorgeous Puppy, I could eat her, just gorgeous, she and Daisy look so cute together! Thank you for all the info for the up and coming week, so much to watch! Mind you, it has been lovely having QVC, on during the day, very comforting during lockdown. The Airwrap looks fantastic, have thrown a few hints around, it’s amazing, so I shall have to wait and see. Have been locked in since the end of Feb, and I gather and month, or so, due to having COPD, I’m waiting to have a cataract op, when the coast is clear of this wretched Virus, my Husband is also waiting to have an Aortic Aneurism, sorted, so we have slightly taken root!!! Anyway Debbie love your singalongs, have a safe journey back to Devon.
    Love, Wendy xx

    1. Hi Debbie

      Do you still use the Red Carpet Manicure, if so do you think it is good

      Hope you are well, love the new puppy…

      Lynn xx

  2. Glad you get to see Buea the new puppy.with Gracie. Love how you give us sneaky peaks of what is going to be on QVC in the week ahead, Debbie, the Moda and Pele shows, do you know if would fit a wider foot. Looking forward to beauty week and seeing what new products come along. Thank you for your nightly singalong, gives lots of us something to end our evenings on, you take care x

  3. Hi Debbie, thank you for your lovely blog. Daisy dog looks very happy with her new friend Beau. They both look so happy together.
    It must be a relief for you knowing that she is happy. I have already place my order for the Liz Earle collection. Never used it before. Great to try with the easy pays. Have a great weekend. Antoinette

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Such a gorgeous puppy. Hope she’s settling. Not sure about that lipstick!! But just had to say I still love your hair natural, straight. It’s nice to have a change but I love it straight on you. Enjoy your week!

  5. Hi Deb
    You are my favourite presenter, just love the dogs I am an animal lover. We have a gorgeous rescue dog.
    You looked lovely wearing a very nice blue dress recently the colour suited you and it made you look very slim, isn’t that something that’s we all want to hear.

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