Living churchyards and sneaky peeks!

Had a lovely time last weekend, finishing off my 10 day break away in the south-west and in Wales, staying at my friend Sheena‘s house with her hubby Alan and dog Riley as well. We had a really good catch up and it was so nice to spend so much time putting the world to rights, including at a barbecue in their little hamlet. This was Alan with dog Riley, who looks like the ‘His Master’s Voice‘ dog, doesn’t he?! Bless him.

We always have some really good chats and I was so glad to be able to stay. Plus, I zipped out on Saturday afternoon in the heat to go to visit an interesting church with one of my other best friends, Jennie.

In the top photo, we are standing next to the Saint Swithin’s church on the way to Bude. It has the most fascinating wildlife area, which they have just allowed to grow across half of the graveyard, helping insects and plants alike. They call it a living churchyard, really interesting 🙂

Then we had a super lunch in the new Homeleigh garden centre, where they had some gorgeous little puppies – I had to drag Jennie away. 🙂 Plus, I saw Alix again when she kindly did a lovely lunch for me on my way home on Sunday, and caught up with Caitlin for a coffee too. Busy, busy. 🙂 We were supposed to do the balsam bash, but it was too hot so it’s been postponed. But I’m really happy that we had such a lovely time together, me and my wonderful Devon friends.

Top Elemis offer

Must just mention the massive summer Elemis offer, already online and going live this weekend. Please don’t miss it if you love a bargain. It’s less than half price and will save a fortune if you stock up now, as many people do. Choice of Pro-Collagen regular or Ultra Rich, our most awarded moisturiser, plus the rose set for bodycare as well. And a lovely bag for the summer. 🙂 Go here to see and buy it before the offer ends!


Gooseberry time

My Thompson & Morgan gooseberries, which I planted last year when I was staying in the little lockdown house, are doing really well on my balcony. I’ve had at least six! But no wonder they like it, it reached 48°C according to one of the thermometers in the sunshine this week. No wonder everything needs watering so much. Thank goodness my family are nearby to do it for me when I go away! I do like seeing all the plants growing well, particularly well after I add some Richard Jackson’s plant food, that’s for sure! I’ll try to put a picture of my mum‘s balcony next week, so you can see how amazing it is. Fortunately, when I got back from my long break, other residents had been helping to water my flower bed too. Phew!

Ziggy the lodger

The Zigster is here for a few weeks while my brother Glenn is on holiday! I will enjoy walking him with Mum on a regular basis. He is such a lovely boy, and so intelligent. My brother Derek, who has my labrador Daisy nowadays, said he needs me to look after her for a few days when they go away as well. Goodness, it will be a full house!


Can you guess what this is a picture of? No, it wasn’t my daughter (hers was a completely different scan! 🙂 ), it was… my foot! I have a fatty lump which gets in the shot every now and then when I’m doing shoes, so I went to have a scan done at the hospital. Thank goodness for health insurance. Hopefully I can have it seen to at some stage, possibly while I’m getting my little lump on my finger done at the same time! The things we do for our jobs. 🙂

Watch – Lady Boss, The Jackie Collins Story

I meant to post about this a while ago, which I went to see at the cinema. The reason was because my mentor and friend, author Julie Cohen, was taking part in the live Q & A afterwards. The film follows Jackie Collins’s career and charts how she was such a pioneer of strong confident women in fiction and in real life. I used to like her books and I think she came into QVC at one point, does anyone remember? If you were also a fan and remember how she helped to define an era, with her big glasses and leopard print, it’s well worth seeing!


Craig cracks us up!



This week, Will sat down with Charlotte Knight from Ciate. Next week, he chats to guest Thomas Frake who shares his story of winning Masterchef 2020. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


A quick one for you this week, have a look at this post I did on my Facebook QVC page, with a timelapse recording of drying my hair with the new Dyson Supersonic! Less than two minutes to get it 80% dry, ready for the Airwrap! Incredible. I really do recommend their premium products as an investment in your hair, they have certainly helped my hair keep in good condition over the last year or so. And do watch out for the two new attachments included for the same price, one to help with flyaway hair and one is an afro comb attachment to help tame curly locks. Plus, the Dyson Airwrap is currently in stock, go here to see their hair styling devices on our website.

Book of the week

Absolutely loved The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follett, he is such a good storyteller, finished it last week. Now getting stuck into The Diary of a Provincial Lady, it is absolutely brilliant! Very Bridget Jones, but in the 1930s. She is so funny. If you fancy a really good book that’s lighthearted and will make you smile, my book of the week this week is my favourite Bridget Jones – Mad About the Boy. Technically Helen Fielding’s book three, it takes place several years after the film Bridget Jones’ Baby is set. It takes a different turn, but in the end had me smiling, laughing and crying in the same way the originals did. And the narrator Samantha Bond is excellent. Highly recommended. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – it’s Christmas in July! Go here to see and buy what’s left of fabulous Luxeform indoor/outdoor 3D effect LED rotating pyramid light! And look out for loads of other super present ideas throughout the day including candles, chocolate, food with Andi Peters, decorations and loads more.

Saturday – it’s time for the Kitchenaid mini chopper at a brilliant price, considering how premium this brand is, used by top cooks!

Sunday – as mentioned above, it’s the Elemis six-piece Pro-Collagen Rose Face and Body collection, Buy More, Save More, and on four Easy Pay, with a huge reduction considering what you get!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Hollywood Smoother with four additional replacement heads with puff and Brow Perfector
Amanda Wakeley The Deneuve cross-body bag
Alpha-H four-piece Liquid Gold collection
Philip Kingsley three-piece Flaky Itchy Scalp Hydrating collection
Bell & Howell set of two Radical Racers Remote Control Cars

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 25th at midnight:

WynneLayers jersey overlay top
Nails Inc six-piece In the Tropics Collection and bag
Le Creuset cast iron 26cm round Grillit with accessories
Heys Ecotex set of five Packing & Organisation cubes

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Monday is mid-season sale day, and we will see Mr Max return with a printed straight leg modern stretch trouser offer!

Tuesday – haircare time with Tweak’d, featuring a supersize shampoo and conditioner in no less than seven different fragrance options! I’m doing an extra shift this day so I will see you in the afternoon.

Wednesday – on Wednesday it’s the turn of the Earth Spirit shoe brand, with the Oleen three-strap comfort sandal.

Thursday – time for a television, from the brand Hisense, a 50″ or 55″ top of the range latest smart TV!

Friday – the Babyliss Curl Styler Luxe is back to help tame your locks.

Friday 9pm – Alison Young will bring you the latest offer from Perricone. Our most premium skincare brand, with the five-piece Heroes collection.

And do join me in the afternoon, as I present two hours of wonderful simulated diamonds in our Festival of Diamonique miniseries.

Next week – Brad and Blake accompany me back to Wales for our annual get together for the two little cousins, my two kids and me!

Best wishes


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