Long overdue moments, V11 and no more tech neck!

Had a lovely week in Devon, with yes, more catching up and clearing out. Plus, boy do we have some big offers in store for you this week! Including Gatineau.

But first, Dyson. I must just show you the demo I did, comparing the dirt from a supposedly clean carpet and how good the Dyson vacuum cleaner range is. Watch this clip and you’ll see what I mean.

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Impressed? Apart from when I dropped the dirt obviously, ha ha. Seriously, you will never need your upright again, and as for carpets, even really old ones, come up the best they’ve been in years. Try it on the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and four Easy Pay payments. What more could you want 🙂 A  great price? We’ve got that as well.

The Dyson V11 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner returns at a really good price for their top of the range model, tonight (31st July) with my lovely mate Miceal at 9pm, then with me at midnight, and through the day Saturday while stocks last. I hope we’ve got enough this time, it sells out so often!

Devon days

Where to start… This week, I spent two nights in Devon, in between lettings, when I went down once more to get done what had to be done. Blah blah…  I hope it’s one of the final stints of clearing out now, (apart from the scary evil office!) Gosh, my house has come such a long way, considering I had so much stuff! Now that I’ve had two lots of self-catering guests, it feels very strange. Definitely like it’s not got such a feeling of home anymore. So when I get the new flat at the end of August/beginning of September (I hope!), I will be very much ready for it. I need to move back to my brother’s for a month first to look after the dog while they are away, which I will be doing from this weekend – see below.

But it was lovely to be back and to finally see some of the beautiful lilies come out, even though I have missed seeing a lot of them blooming in the courtyard. I managed to also catch-up with some fabulous friends, including my super pal Sheila from Holsworthy, who I mention a lot, Eileen, my lovely little friend from Sheepwash, and even neighbour  and buddy Linda came over – all socially-distanced, of course. Ate cake for the first time in awhile, and my hands were aching the next day! #Arthritis. Serves me right, but it was nice to catch up.

Then my super neighbours Chris and Jane helped put together the hot tub. Guess what – we mended it with some S Bond! Well Chris did. He was very impressed at how well it sticks! I’ve got him using the Wet and Forget Rapid on the walls and fences as well. It’s funny when someone has never watched QVC really and you introduce them to all these new products 🙂 It’s a real awakening! I’m very lucky to have them, and Sian, who helped me no end, as usual. All because our next guests are… Julia and her family! They are down enjoying my house for two weeks. I’m very envious! It’s a nice place. Must go and relax there sometime ha ha.

I also managed to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. A computer detox! Steve from the computer shop in Holsworthy nearby came to help me work my way through no less than seven, yes, seven, laptops. Don’t ask! Why now? Well, my local association is helping Devon county councillor Linda Hellyer provide donations of laptops for needy families and I thought, why not donate some of them to such a good cause? I’m glad to say my ‘new laptop addiction’ is over, and I’m determined that the next one I get will last! But knowing that at least one of the old ones is going to go to a family with a 12-year-old and two younger children once it’s been refurbished warms the cockles of my heart!

At least the cockles were warm even if the rest of my body was aching – not only from eating delicious (but bad for me) cake, but also because I worked long hours again and did thousands and thousands of steps during the latest clear out! Think of the steps Deborah, think of the steps 🙂


Worst meal of the week

Thought this would make you laugh. Usually I post a picture of some delicious dinners, which I have been cooking using my recipe box. Well, this week I had good intentions. But back in Devon I slip into bad habits, and was so busy I just had to tuck into something straight away. So I finished yesterday’s vegetables and opened a can of beans. I’ll just have one or two spoonfuls, I told myself. Well, you can see what happened! Oh well, can’t be Chef all the time!

Brother Derek’s ‘kids’

Here is Daisy dog, for those who have wondered and asked! As you know, she now lives with my brother Derek and his family, including six year old Evie in Kent. Plus little puppy Beau, Daisy’s BFF companion. That day, Derek also had two of his grandsons in the picture. We are very proud of him. Having had five girls – yes, five – he has been repaid in full, as three of them had boys in the last year or so. Talk about hands full! Derek is a copper and retires in two months. Well, approximately one month, three weeks and two days. Not that he’s been counting… Much 🙂 That’s why I knew it was a good move if Daisy stayed with him, because she would have people with her longterm. I missed her in Devon this week though.


Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

We do have some genius products on QVC! Watch this one… The way to not get neck ache or tech neck, when you are using your smart device! Look for it coming to the website.  Mind you, if you do have tech neck and it needs a bit of attention, look out below for the new Gatineau Today’s Special Value coming on Saturday 8th!


They don’t capture them so often nowadays, so no clip, but I must say when I did the Elemis show the other night, Nalintha made me cry with laughter. During the previews, they asked her to lower her chair to be more central, and on my preview monitor I saw her shoot down out of the shot as she plummeted down too far. The look on her face was a picture! They were all laughing and it really tickled me! I had tears in my eyes and kept giggling for five minutes! Got to have fun, haven’t you!


Ever wondered how Kim from Kim & Co fashions became so successful, one of our biggest fashion brands? Well, have a listen to Will’s latest podcast interview with her, go here to see all of them. And check out the whole Kim & Co range here.

Book of the week

I’ve started reading Time and Again by Jack Finney, mentioned a while back. The audiobook is read by one of my regular narrators, Jeff Harding. He reads all of the Lee Child Jack Reacher books (which I devour.) The premise of this is time travel, which I love! Just started it and I will report back next week 🙂


Where do I begin? I’ve got into the habit of watching several shows late at night while unwinding. Seems like there are some benefits to lockdown! So:

Timeless – this Netflix series is so good, and concludes in two series, which is nice. It’s about… time travel. There is a theme emerging this week 🙂 Plus, I have a new crush in Matt Lanter who plays Logan, the hero of this troupe of time-travelling ‘changers of the past.’ Just love the concept, (they actually change history, among other things), love the second series, love the relationships and the subplots will blow your mind! 8.75 out of ten!

This is Us – my friend Krystal at work recommended this, she said it was four series long, so I nearly did not start watching it. But it sucked me in almost straight away. Just loving the three siblings and their very different lives – in more ways than one. It’s one of those where you find yourself thinking about the characters and wanting to spend time with them. And unusually, two timelines run concurrently, the siblings when they are in their mid 30s, and the siblings when they were young, so we see the parents’ story too. Very cleverly done. Amazon Prime are doing well with their homegrown series for sure, lots of brilliant ones. Anyway, This is Us is great so far, I’m finding myself suckered into a little bit of a mini binge-watch on a regular basis, including late nights in Devon… I saw the sunrise for the first time in ages! Watch this space, I’ll give it a mark at the end.

And don’t forget, if you like watching chats and reviews, we will all be joining in on my regular weekly live post on my Facebook page, where we will have a chat about the latest TV shows we have been watching, a book, and a sing-song. Continuing the #Singalongadebbie from my hundred nights of lockdown! It’s called #thursdaybantz. Search the hashtag!

Go here to see last night’s, it was another good one!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy the latest Kim & Co Today’s Special Value jumpsuit – or rather what is left of it!

And don’t miss…

SaturdayDyson’s V11 – returns as a TSV, such a good vacuum cleaner. Don’t miss my demo above!!

SundaySBC brings us the four-piece Collagen and Black Pearl skincare collection. Can’t wait to see this one, because I always restock on the Collagen shower cream. Look out for Adele guesting on Saturday night at nine.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Crafter’s Companion the Ultimate Christmas Compendium
Hay’ou Restore and Reset collection
Yankee Candle two Large Jars
KitchenAid seven-speed hand mixer
Spotlight Whitening 1 Hour Express teeth whitening strips and toothpaste
Sensica Sensilift Mini anti-ageing firming device with serum

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 2nd at midnight and lasting only one week:

LA Tweeze three-piece Pro Collection
Nokia 6.2 Android
Prime Fifty Total Health Gut and Immunity, Omega 3 and Multi Vitamins

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – on Sunday night, I will be launching the new Centigrade jacket. It is a faux leather biker jacket and looks really trendy. A superb low price as well. Do join us! Can’t wait to show you the beautiful burgundy shade called Oxblood, plus it’s in a range of other colours as well, and very affordable.

Tuesday – Gill Gauntlett brings us the latest set of storage boxes in a linen finish from the organiser brand called Periea. Considering how much sorting out everyone’s been doing, including me down in Devon last week, (I even washed the dog toys!) these are very handy.

Wednesday – it is the turn of one of our newest skincare ranges, Korres, back with pure Greek olive oil in a three-piece collection. It goes on sale earlier in the week, so look out for it.

ThursdayCoco Bianco step into the spotlight with a longline linen mix shirt. Very cool and very affordable.

Friday – time for the new set of four anti-blue light pairs of reading glasses. Great value as usual, well aren’t we working Gill Gauntlett hard this week!

Friday 9 pm – Saturday‘s big big deal from Gatineau, launches with Alison Young -the four-piece Defilift Toned skincare collection. It includes the amazing body oil, plus my favourite one ever, the neck gel. It’s the one I’ve used for many years and now I would say that my neck’s relatively unlined appearance is a lot to do with continuous use of this product. In addition, there is a new item – Radiance Drops, plus the old faithful, Defilift Night Cream for lifting and firming effects. The best way to reorder is in this set, especially considering how much the body oil is on its own! I won’t be on air next weekend, but will definitely be talking about it, big time!

Next week – it’s to say goodbye to my home of the last four months, the little two up two down near Surbiton, having stayed there for a month longer than we expected! I went there to help out my friend Gill and her mum Sheila during lockdown. No one was there to tend the house and garden so as you may know, I stepped up! Now Sheila is well enough to come home again. I have kept her plants and garden in really good repair as seen on some of the many photographs of the flowers and runner beans!

And I’m very proud of the way it made me realise, I need to make changes in my own life. As you will have read about on my website, on my social media posts, or on here, I’m getting my own place again. First time in three years I will have my own bathroom! (I had been sharing with brother and his family – and dog! – when I was in London, and when in Devon always shared with guests!) it’s all go! So expect updates on Ziggy dog! X

Best wishes,


PS – Keep in touch on TwitterFacebook or Instagram

PPS – Alpha H reminiscing

Just a footnote to say how much we all miss the lovely Michelle from Alpha H – who sadly passed away after two years of illness with cancer. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this tragic time, and thanks to Lorna Ko for posting this lovely reminder of us at the Alpha H 21st birthday celebrations in London with my friend, Back to You beauty blogger Sharon, as well, flanking a very glamorous Michelle, a couple of years ago. The world just got a little less bright and we will all miss her terribly.

17 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie

    Firstly how sad I was to read about Michelle in your blog.

    She seemed a really lovely lady and I am sure she will be missed immensely.

    May she rest in peace.

    I wish you all the very best in your new home.

  2. I am so sad at the passing of Michelle. She was such a beautiful woman and I would like to thank her for changing not only my skin but how I feel about it. My deepest condolences to her family, friends, all at Alpha H, all at QVC and to her friend Tom, I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. It used make me laugh when he mentioned he would ask Michelle for offers at QVC at ‘wine o’ clock’! “May the road rise up to meet her”.

  3. Hi debbie Such sad news about the lovely Michelle . Reminded me of Amica the lovely model who passed a few years ago. They seem so brave and we would never know from the way they carry on so professionally that anything is going on in their personal lives. Best wishes to you in your new home luv jilltx

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I’m shocked! Seriously, seven laptops?! How on earth could you even afford that many?! And why?! Surely one is enough debs?! I’m glad you’re giving them to families and people who can’t afford them. It’s such a world of two halves and so obvious nowadays.
    Love your pretty lilies. It’s such a shame you haven’t enjoyed the house but what can you do with lockdown. I’m sure julia etc will enjoy their holiday as you say. Hope you get a smooth transition to your new flat. It’ll be good to put down roots I’m sure.
    I hope the virus doesn’t resurge. It’s terrible these photos that people are posting with no social distancing, hugging in parties etc and of course the beaches. So disrespectful especially to the nhs. Take care over the next couple of months Debbie x

  5. How sad to hear that the lovely Michelle has passed away. Such a lovely classy lady who obviously was very proud of her products / company whose products really worked for us mature ladies. The world has once again lost a great human being. My thoughts are with her family at such a sad time as she will be sorely missed.

  6. Oh goodness, I had no idea Michelle was even ill. You must all be devastated. It was so clear that you were all extremely fond of her. I just assumed Tom had taken over presenting because Michelle had decided it was too far to travel. Tom must be beyond grief, and her family too…I’m sorry, I’m going on but I’m so shocked and so sorry. What a wonderful woman.

  7. Helen says:

    Hi Debbie,

    I am so sorry to hear of the sad passing of the lovely Michelle.

    May she rest in peace

  8. So shocked and saddened to hear of Michelle’s passing what a lovely lady! I have missed her on qvc recently didnt realise she was so poorly.

    Rest in peace Michelle and love and thoughts to her family.

  9. Hello Debbie,

    such sad news. Thank you for letting the QVC customers know.

    I loved going on your journey to Sheepwash with your doggies when you decided to make the move to Devon.
    I hope that you will enjoy your new flat but my heart remains in Devon.

    Take care
    Love Janet

  10. Oh no, the last time I saw Michelle on QVC I thought she didn’t look right, I didn’t know she had been ill. So sad to hear this.

  11. What shocking and very sad news to read this very lovely Lady has passed away.
    She was always so very knowledgeable about her products when presenting on qvc.
    Sincere Condolences to her family, friends and work colleagues.

  12. I can’t believe Michelle from Alpha H has passed away. She had twin baby grandchildren last time I saw her. Commuting from Australia to sell her skin care. It’s so sad. One of those very Likeable people onscreen. RIP

    Debbie Your like a whirlwind. Impressive.

  13. Very sad news about Michelle, I just thought she’d had enough of traveling,very very sad. Good luck in all you do, and your new house move,xx

  14. Hi Debbie

    So shocked, and very sad to hear that Michele has passed away with Cancer.

    She seemed such a lovely lady and always looked so well.

    My thoughts and condolences to her family.

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