Mum: 31 descendants & counting! And sneaky peeks galore

Had a couple of family events last week – a lovely close family event and then an extended family one afterwards. It was our annual get-together of Mum’s 31 descendants, plus other relations, family and friends. How amazing it was too to see last year’s little babies all walking around now.

Mum now has 10 great-grandchildren and another two on the way, the cousins are popping them out, that’s for sure! Two of them are of course my granddaughters, Blake, aged nearly two-years-old, and Phoebe aged 14-months-old. What an utter delight they are. Blake is saying so many more words now, and acting all grown-up. She knows what you are saying most of the time and has started saying ‘Danta’ for Santa! She loved my light up earrings!

I am looking forward to taking Blake along to our little secret Santa event on the 21st for babies in our family, which my sister Linda organises each year. I wonder what Blake’s reaction will be.

I also had much joy with lots of cuddles from baby Phoebe. She is now going doing peek-a-boo, covering up her eyes with her fists and then popping out from behind them, and knows ‘shut your eyes’, loves her food, loves singing songs and dancing. She is really getting to grips with walking as well. She has the most vivid ginger hair, bright blue eyes, and little pink cheeks and nose, it is adorable. We took a picture of all four gingers among the cousins and it was quite funny seeing them all together. It obviously runs in the family somehow.

My mum is so proud of everyone. It’s so lovely to have these annual get-togethers with our massive family. And while I like a little bit of ‘me time’ as well, this is the stuff that makes the world go round, isn’t it?

This weekend on QVC

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Sunday – its hi-tech time with the Amazon Fire 32GB tablet with extras, looking forward to my 9pm show with my lovely telly hubby Lee Hohbein, and hoping it lasts until then!

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Santa in Chiswick Park

How lovely are these decorations? Santa on his reindeer – minus the red nose – lights up the entrance to where we work. The Chiswick QVC building is in a wonderful location, as regulars will know. They have some beautiful decorations all around the site this Christmas. Including some massive six foot presents, photos, illuminated trees and more. Makes me joyous every time I turn into the car park when I arrive for work. What are your decorations like?

Guess the most Christmas songs in 30 seconds

Here is the latest one of our fun videos on social media, recorded specially for you guys by one of our talented promo team called Milan. Charlie won this one but, question, do you think Charlie should have been given the points just for saying the name of the band, when the question was name a Christmas song?! Ha ha ha, that was the argument amongst presenters, only in jest, obviously. What do you think? By the way, if you missed the first one last week, the Christmas quiz question was guess the Christmas films go here to see it. Watch out for others in the next two weeks.

Vlog and pod of the week

Will has done it again with an amazingly insightful interview on his latest pod (podcast) when our beauty expert Alison Young gets the Gowing treatment, go here to listen. And look out next time for Simon from Butler & Wilson – it will be absolutely fascinating I’m sure, with so much history to go through, coming here on Monday 16th.

Vlog – thought you might appreciate this video of Oreo the killer cat in action!!

Watch – Elizabeth is Missing, starring Glenda Jackson, on iPlayer. I really enjoyed this made-for-TV film from the BBC, which is on catch up. Glenda Jackson plays an old lady with dementia, and her mixed memories confuse her as characters from the past overlap with the current day in her mind, while she tries to solve a missing person/murder case from decades ago. In some respects it’s thought-provoking, and in others a bit depressing, but the payoff is worth it, Glenda Jackson is absolutely outstanding. She’s always been a favourite of mine. When I was on the Generation Game with my dad in 1981, one of the questions they asked in the interview chat was “who is the person you would most like to meet?” and I said Glenda Jackson. Not because she is, or has been a politician, but because of her outstanding acting ability, which is on full show in this new film. Marvellous. Catch it on iPlayer. 9 out of 10.

Book of the week – Go vegan – A Guide to Delicious Everyday Food for the Health of Your Family and the Planet, by Marlene Watson Tara.

A very hot topic right now, vegan eating, and having discussed with lovely Catherine, my colleague, how many Christmas gift boxes or edibles do not accommodate vegan ingredients, how about making your own? Marlene is one of my fave writers on the topic of food helping health, and this would make a lovely present I think. It is an innovative approach too, not just another cookery book, and the five star reviews help understand why she has such amazing success stories. I’m going to do a vegan dish as a couple of my relatives on Christmas Day will need it, usually a lovely spring greens, Brussel sprouts, soy sauce and seeds combo, slow cooked and delicious. Yum!

Next week on QVC

MondayIT Cosmetics return with the six-piece Discover IT, Love IT collection, always great value and going on sale early.

Tuesday – fragrance time with Homeworx by Harry Slatkin, the two-piece set of large seasonal scents for a great price.

WednesdayRadley are back with the Crownhill large flap-over matinee bag at a very affordable price, and don’t forget all of these will be with you in time for Christmas, our last shopping day I think is the 20th this year!

ThursdayBabyliss bring us a new styler, the Easy Air Curler.

Friday – and again, going on sale by the middle of the week, Lulu Guinness’s new Annie medium tote bag with removable zip pouch set, for designer bag lovers everywhere.

Friday 9pm, Saturday’s TSV is from Perricone, also going on sale around mid-week, the five-piece Anti-age Renewal collection on interest-free instalments.

Next week, just me and Bradley time, my annual Christmas shopping trip out with my own son who is now 32-years-old. How did that even happen? And a flying visit back to Devon on Thursday, then my last two days before a long extended trip to London over Christmas and New Year. Not long now! Plus our Christmas present to lunch! Busy week. What are your plans?

Best wishes,


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  1. Anther great blog Debbie. Love reading all your news and seeing the sneaky-peaks of upcoming TSV products. I just wanted to ask you if you have tried out the Babyliss ‘Easy Air Curler’? It looks fascinating. I have so many hair curlers straighteners already, is this any different?

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