Mum and me, grandbabies, and sneaky peeks!

It was time this week to do my duty and go and tend dad’s grave with mum. We really make an outing of it and it’s lovely to spend time with her. She does make me laugh with some of the things she says and does. There are three lovely rosebushes, fully established now, and mum loves roses, as did her father. My granddad was a keen gardener, and is buried right next door to dad, along with my Nan. So there’s a high bar, to make it all look nice! It’s so lovely to get it up to scratch again, although the Morden graveyard on the whole needed a bit of attention, they’re short-staffed apparently, but at least we strimmed around our bit!

Grave flowers

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I decided for fun and colour, that I would buy some of those little springy insect ornaments, bright and mobile – some with windmills, a frog, a bee and more. I left one on my granddad‘s grave – regulars know the bee is important to me (see my Diamonique bee jewellery here). But there was another reason I bought them….

I sent this picture to my son and daughter – saying “guess where these are going!” Just to tease them – I knew what the answer would be! Brad said “not in our garden I hope!”, And Lauren said “okay well maybe one…” My son is such spoilsport, so I do like to wind him up … just a little bit! My granddad and especially mydad, we are real practical jokers so Brad gets off lightly!

In the end, I put the rest out on my balcony. A good time was had by all 🙂  You have to have fun, don’t you – and mum certainly did, holding them out of the window as we drove out of the car park and giggling away to herself as the windmills span around! Never grow up mother, never grow up! #LikeMotherLikeDaughter


Bek helps out

My lovely niece Becky made the trip with me on day two of our gardening efforts, and we had a really lovely catch up as we completed the rest of the grave flowers. Even one of mum’s old partners’ plots got the Beki treatment – we put Cosmos and herbs on this one! Mum does her best to keep her eye on it and she was delighted with what we had done. We had a repeat visit to the local garden centre cafe, too. Whilst there, we talked about the effect of what we eat on our physiology. She is doing lots of reading about it at the moment, for health reasons, and I have been doing so for years. There’s so much out there now – one day everyone will know that much of your body’s functioning is based on gut health, for instance. Bek is doing a juice thing at the moment and, of course, it’s only a month until I go away on my long health retreat in Somerset! Can’t wait – including to see the effect it has on my body and on me!

Little Kaleb is standing!

Had to really use discipline to keep my hands off the Smarties this week, tho! Had an exhausting afternoon, after picking up Blake, 4, and little Kaleb, 9 months,  from nursery for the first time together! He is settling in nicely. We had a lovely time at the park, and I showed him the frog Windmill garden ornament I bought at the garden centre with mum and he loved watching the wind blow it round. He stands on his own now but it won’t be long before he’s walking, I’m sure! Blake and I did some weeding out in the garden, she learnt how to pull out the weeds from the roots. I love my time with my grandbabies. And I got a nice cup of tea and a catch up with Brad and Kari, to boot!

Swan coffee

This is one of the most clever coffee decorations I’ve ever seen! It was from the Blue Diamond garden centre cafe in Lower Morden Lane, my old stomping ground when I was growing up, and now somewhere I go regularly when it’s time to get dad’s grave flowers sorted! A nice guy called Frankie came up to me with his friend to say hello; he said his wife loves QVC and it was a pleasure to say ‘yes’ to a selfie!


Loving ‘Gaslit’ on prime. Such a stellar array of stars including Hollywood’s Julia Roberts in this dramatisation of the facts behind Watergate from a side not yet told – the people who bugs that brought Nixon down in the early 70s in America. Julia plays the wife of a key figure (Sean Penn) mixed up in the scandal. Really fabulous period piece, and utterly gripping. Amazing performances as well. Check it out!


There were several over the weekend, if you were lucky enough to see some of our half-past-teases during the Jubilee weekend. But this summed up my enjoyment of the weekend – that and Paddington with the Queen. Well done fellow presenter Simon Biagi! Hilarious 🙂 good on you ! #insta


This week, Will spoke to Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards about bringing her own Fashion Edit show to QVC in June. Next week he’ll be celebrating Pride Month with Craig Rowe and Michael Perry and finding out about their experiences and what Pride means to them. You can listen to all the Inside Q podcasts here.


Had a lovely trip out with my lovely mummy this week, as above! Go here to find out more 🙂

Book – Jackie Kabler Chat

“The Murder List” is my lovely fellow presenter Jackie’s seventh novel, currently riding high in the Amazon charts. I caught up with her this week having read it – it’s fantastic! And highly recommended by me, and loads of other five-star reviewers. So I thought it was time for a quick Q&A to find out more! See below in the last section of this blog for more intriguing insights into Jackie success as an author! And don’t forget to try the book if you’re looking for a new crime novel!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the fabulous Prai supersize Pearl throat and Decolletage cream and serum duo, amazing value.

Saturday – so excited for this! It’s already online now so go and see the Laura Geller beauty basics face, eye and lip five-piece collection on 3 Easy Pays. It includes a fabulous line-up – I use Laura Geller away from work nearly all the time – the super blusher; the famous award-winning Balance and Brighten, which gives amazing coverage and is so easy to apply; the eyeliner – which I currently have in my make-up bag at work, to do under my eyes (since I stopped using powder to help my dry eye condition) and more. Check out my social media for a full make-up demo including on my Facebook page. Or check out this short clip!

QVC Presenter Debbie Flint shares the upcoming Laura Geller TSV

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Sunday – Wow! It’s back! The Ninja Foodie max one lid 15-in -ne is here! It’s basically an air cooker that also bakes, dehydrates, is a slow cooker, could be a pressure cooker, and also steam food. It is genius. The capacity is 7.5 L. Now a lot of people will do elaborate stuff, and the demos from our lovely Gail are mouth-watering and inspirational, but what I use it for most of the time is as a mini oven. Heating up one or two portions, warming things, and if I have a lot of vegetables to cook, pressure cooking. It is so fast and will save electricity rather than heating up a big oven. There isn’t even really much to assemble: it’s really easy to set up and to control.

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayLuxform bring us a three headed 105L Kensington lamppost/planter – bigger than ever! Great for summer, and no wiring required!

Tuesday – tech time, with the return of HP – The offer is a fabulous 14” laptop computer with MD365 software built in.

WednesdayDavina is back! Going on sale earlier in the week, this super fitness offer is the magnetic walking treadmill – a manual one. Love her shows! And thank you Davina for all the information about HRT, there was a brilliant second program recently as well. Fabulous.

Thursday – The long-awaited shark hairdryer innovation is finally here, with styling brush. Catch it on sale online earlier in the week, it’s sure to be popular. With new technology they’ve been working on for ages, this is their entry into the premium beauty device market. Check out the demos and see what you think.

Friday – if you need an excellent outside light, how about a bright 300 lumen bionic floodlight with remote control from Bell & Howell? They produce some fabulous products and I will be looking out for this because we need more illumination around our car park area.

Friday 9 pmShark are back for yet another vacuum offer, this time the corded one. Phil Parker will be wowing with his demos as usual.

Next week – Another lovely week down in Devon for a writing retreat with some of my favourite people; tea with the girls; and changing to a new estate agent as the sale of my writing retreat continues. And hopefully an afternoon tea with lovely Sheila from Holsworthy, who I always talk about in my fashion hours because she wears it all so well!

Best wishes,


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Quickfire Q&A with Jackie Kabler

‘The Murder List,’ Jackie‘s seventh novel, is this week’s book of the week.


Q1. What made you choose Mary as the heroine for your book?

I needed somebody a bit different for this storyline – Mary has a very interesting background, and things may not be quite what they seem with her! That’s about all I can say without giving too much away…

Q2. She’s a crime writer – is it your favourite genre too? What books do you read?

Yes! I would say 80% of what I read is from the crime genre. Crime writers are my rock stars. I’ve read every single book by Ian Rankin, Peter James, Tess Gerritsen, Harlan Coben, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham – I could go on and on!

Q3. What’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to you about your novels?

Somebody sent me a message to tell me they hadn’t read for years until for some reason they picked up one of my books. They wanted to tell me that I had re-ignited their love of reading. That was just incredible to hear.

Q4. What’s your writing routine?

I’m at QVC three or four days every week, so I cram writing into the other days when I’m at home. I like to start early in the morning, usually after a workout or a run, and then finish about 4 o’clock. I’m not very good at writing in the evenings – I’m an early bird.

Q5. What’s in store?

I’ve recently signed a new four-book deal with HarperCollins – a book a year for the next four years – so I’m currently working on the next novel which will be released in 2023.

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