My birthday surprise and sneaky peeks!

Debbie in front of birthday balloons

You’ll never guess what happened to me on Saturday… Here’s the link to my vlog of the week where you can find out!

What a surprise. Yes, having expected to see just my siblings at my early 60th birthday get together in Godstone on Saturday afternoon, it turned out lots of my family were there waiting and yelled ‘surprise’! Including all of my descendants and their kin. Even my daughter Lauren from Wales and her two children and hubby were there too, having come down specially! Well you can imagine my reaction. and I had no idea till the very last minute. I knew something was up when we got quite close to the venue and mum was on the phone constantly to brother Glenn about our arrival time – just a little bit too eager!

Birthday cake

Nick excelled himself as usual and created this wonderful cake for me. So delicious I could eat it again right now! And how thoughtful, covered in marzipan bees (Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew, if you’ve not got fed up of me saying it! Hence my range of Bee jewellery on QVC – go here to see it).

We got some lovely family photos and I took a few myself – this is one of my favourites from the day, with Blake the tallest and Phoebe only nine months younger but much shorter, enjoying the balloons and the sunshine!

Two young girls with balloons

I went back to Brad‘s afterwards where they were all staying and had a lovely evening, lots of hugs and love with everyone and I am now full up of baby-cuddle-oxytocin! And only a couple of weeks and I will be with them for a whole week at Center Parcs, can’t wait.


Debbie and a friend stood in front of a sign for the musical Come From Away

Come From Away at the theatre

What a brilliant play this is – utterly utterly brilliant. Just thought I’d mention it again because it was so good. If you get a chance to go and see it, please do. The premise is what happened when 38 jumbo plane loads of passengers made emergency landings in the small Canadian town in Newfoundland, after the events of 9/11 grounded every plane from the skies. It’s a semi-musical and the energy is amazing. Packed full of camaraderie, comedy, drama and emotion. It has everything. I will definitely go and see it again at some point!

Woman holding knitted baby clothes

Estee Elaine’s Nanny Knits

What a lovely surprise I had after our super Estee Lauder show with lovely guest Elaine. She produced three beautifully knitted little cardigans for my daughter Lauren’s new baby, Jasper! How adorable! ‘My nanny knits, it’s what she does, if she knows there’s a baby she wants to knit cardigans for it,’ she explained, and they are utterly beautiful! Thank you Elaine – and Elaine‘s nanny. We had such a successful show, there were lots of sell outs, but go here to see the whole Estee Lauder range – well, what’s left – on our website.

#DuckWatch – Debbie catches a glimpse of mummy duck’s babies to be

No Description


Look, she has been sitting on the nest all the way through every time I’ve looked out – until Tuesday when suddenly there was a glimpse of the eggs, when mummy duck got up to stretch her legs! Here’s a short clip showing her and her babies to be . I will keep you informed… #DuckWatch #ChiswickPark


Anatomy of a Scandal. What a brilliant Netflix series this is. Mum asked me what it was all about when I raved about it, and all I could say was, it’s a little bit court drama, a little bit politics going wrong, a little bit university antics, a little bit ‘me too’, a little bit relationships and a lot ‘The past catching up’, and … revenge. Catch it if you can! Starring Michelle Dockery (Mary from Downton Abbey) & Sienna Miller. (Mary shines, Sienna is fine). Been told Mindhunter is really good as well – Will report back.

At the Cinema

Fantastic Beasts – the Crimes of Grindelwald. With some very famous faces including Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law, this latest prequel from the J. K. Rowling stable is Very compelling with quite a gripping storyline and a really bad baddie. Great cast. A decent romp. Quite long, and will obviously be followed by another episode – worth going if you love special effects and the classic fight between good and evil. Timely, too, give me some of the symbology in the film. 8 out of ten.


Last week Will chatted to Anna Griffin. This week he’ll be talking to our very own Catherine Huntley about her early years, life and work before QVC and the importance of home. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Revisiting Hawaiian escape and Hawaiian retreat in advance of the writing retreat in the summer! What a discovery that Alexa is capable of reading kindle books! And you can even do it from within the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. Or my echo auto in the car. Gosh technology is amazing! And I intersperse it with listening to the audiobook ‘amongst our weapons’. That needs a bit more concentration though because of all the magical terms!

Talking of revisiting, I noticed on one of the trailers at the cinema that the big-screen version of a book I recently reviewed, ‘where the crawdads sing’ is already heading our way. I must say it looks brilliant! Oh and I’ve booked to go and see the new Downton Abbey movie at the end of next week as well! Exciting times ahead!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of Fire 732 GB tablet with extras and the echo dot in the same bundle, unbelievably low priced at under £50!

Oslo garden rocker in a garden setting

Saturday – and already online the Oslo oversized garden rocker, and a really good price for something so relaxing for the garden or balcony or courtyard or even conservatory!

Sunday – similarly already online, the Clinique moisture surge replenishing hydrating four piece collection – with a superb overnight mask as well as some of the best sellers. Once more incredible. Once more incredible value. Looking forward to launching this one at midnight on Saturday!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

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And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 1st at midnight:

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Discover QVC Day features the MarlaWynne wide leg jumpsuit with pockets! Looking forward to seeing this one, as this is one of my most favourite comfortable ranges.

Tuesday – For the first time in ages it’s a 128 gig smart phone — Sim free, from Motorola, the Edge 20, 6.7inch 5G smart phone.

WednesdayKim & Co return with a Brazil jersey short sleeve button front top with top detail.

BOnova sandals

Thursday – Summer sandal time with the BOnova Snake Double Strap shaped footbed sandal – very affordable.

FridayJM Fashion bring us the ever-popular military style twill jacket by Julien McDonald in a Today’s Special Value! Don’t miss it.

Friday 9pm – The Silentnight Miracoil zonal mattress is here, amazing you can buy a mattress with a try it out, money back guarantee!

And going on sale around mid week, the four piece complete Shea body collection from L’Occitane.

Next week- more 60th birthday celebrations – early ones – with a trip to Devon for another retreat, including get together with my lovely friends and hopefully cinema to see the new Downton movie! Then straight off on Friday the 6th to Longleat Center Parcs for a week-long birthday celebration with my two kids and their families, hurrah!

Best wishes,


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  1. Happy Birthday,how wonderful of your family to surprise you,hope you all enjoyed your time together.CENTRE parks will be precious time with your babies,enjoy every moment xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed your surprise get together they are always the best. I agree Anatomy of Scandal brilliant I had to binge watch couldn’t pull myself away. Have just ordered my rocking chair can’t wait. Sue xxx

  3. Hapcan you ask jill gauntlett what lovely green dress she was wearing last weekend it was a green long sleeve longline dress and also watching you now jills lovely white sequin top please help debbie ive no one else to ahappy birthday debbie you are an inspiration to us all x

  4. Hi debbie your rill been following your posts for a long time, debs can youfind out for me what gill gauntlet was wearing last saturday it was a green long sleeved ribbed dress also the top she was wearing with you last night white sequined , ive tried all other means im not on facebook or twitter, im 71yrs old could you help me . Kind regards

  5. Happy Birthday Debs, you definitely do not look or act like a 60 year old. You exude positivity.
    As always, I enjoy your blogs; you are my go to presenter for keeping us aware of upcoming items and deals, thank you.

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. 60 is a fabulous age to be; feels to me more like middle age than old age. Still young at heart and enjoying life every day; I would never have guessed you were 60 – you don’t look your age at all. Still glowing and looking really fit. Have a great day and a wonderful year. What a wonderful surprise your family gave you- and the cake looks amazing. I think I’ve put on weight just looking at it. I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked.
    Wishing you all you wish yourself. Lots of love Cathy xxx

  7. Congratulations on your 60th birthday Debbie ! . Enjoy all your celebrations with your lovely family 🍾 XXX

  8. Happy birthday pleased you had a good time
    Just wanted to know when is Kim& co leaving and why

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