Nice top, shame about the hat!

You know how we are supposed to help to show off our fashion with clever, model-like shots? You’ve probably seen the ones of some of the other girls, the tall, slim ones who always look brilliant in whatever they’re wearing? Well, this was my effort this week… Loved this Seasalt top from the fashion extravaganza. It’s so flattering – it fits neatly into the ribs then flows away from the body (handy!) and is a super, natural, breathable fabric! Cute print too. If it’s available, it is item 189333. Trouble is, I didn’t notice the plant behind my head! Ha ha. We have some lovely fashion still online, many pieces at special prices. Go here to have a look at the whole range with pictures online… and see how the professionals do it.

Best job ever

Talking of professionals, when I was helping out at the mass vaccine centre in Epsom again this week, I got a chance to interview a couple of the lovely nurses who administer the injections. Debbie is the head nurse and one of the regulars. She is a real character. She agreed to this clip and said something wonderful about her role in the national drive to make the country safe…

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Another lovely nurse called Justina. She jumps up from the chair and dances around a little bit when she’s calling people over to her, making them really at ease. Lovely people work there… we both agree!

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People really are making an effort to help the volunteers and staff lately. There was a whole batch of new treats and cakes delivered this week, thank you local people, especially those on the Facebook group – Banstead Today. Recently, there was even music!

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A proper community pulling together. Wonderful, so glad to be part of it. No shift next week on my usual day, as supplies are slightly lower for a week, then they will pick up again after that apparently. I’ll probably miss it next week!


Eye magnet

So, we had the launch of the new Benefit ‘magnet’ mascara last week, and in case you missed it, this was the before and after shot! Amazing, right? So, if you want it – if it’s still available – it’s here online. Really powerful building effect, almost like fake lashes, I would definitely recommend! Even though my Dry Eye problem came back this week, which meant another trip to the eye specialist, with a bright red eye on the left side again. Boo. Hope it’s gone by the time I’m back on QVC on Sunday night with the new charger TSV!

Blake and the big girls

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Oh bless her little heart! Went to the playground with my lovely little granddaughter, aged three-years-old, when I visited my bubble again last week. She was utterly fascinated by the bigger children and attached herself to a nice group of 10-year-old big girls who all thought she was super cute. She got them to let her squeeze right in the middle when they were on the roundabout, and they loved her to bits – kept saying how amazing and gregarious she is. So proud of her. They move into a new place in a month or so, plus, a new baby sister or brother in September!  Yes, it’s all go in her little world 🙂 and I’m so glad to be part of it.

Phoebe and the hose

Meanwhile, over in Wales, my lovely little two and a half–year-old Phoebe was learning the hard way about her daddy’s practical joking! “Look in the hose”, he said, and you can imagine what happened next! She thought it was hilarious, and kept on wanting him to do it again. Then she decided it was time to do it to the dogs! “Look in the hose, Luna, look in the hose, Baloo!” she was saying. Miss them so much. Hoping to see them as soon as we are able, whenever that will be. Still trying to work it out , as things are different in Wales!

Rosetta Deb

Thought this was really funny! Do you see the likeness? #CartoonDoppelgänger lol!!


This week, Will sits down with fashion designer Tabitha Webb, and look out for next week’s episode, where there will be a very special guest, a new face at QVC…  Don’t miss it on Monday! You can listen to them all here.


Heathcliff, Cathy has nothing to worry about! Antics out on a walk in the woods. 🙂 Watch here. Plus, plenty more where that came from, I post regularly on my social media, follow me below!

Book of the week

Well, I’m still in the middle of reading ‘The Mask Falling’, which is just getting really good. And my presenter colleague, Jackie Kabler, tweeted this week about her bestselling book ‘The Perfect Couple’ going back into the top 100… In America! What an amazing success. I don’t have a new one this week, but I’d like to recommend to you the book of the TV series I just binge watched…

You may remember my book of the year a couple of years ago was Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough. The best-selling drama has been made into a fab Netflix series and it’s number one in the UK at time of writing! The audiobook is really good, or watch the TV version. It’s a story of an affair which goes wrong, then horribly wrong… And people talk about not being able to guess the twist! I certainly did not see it coming when I listened to the book, I just kept smiling for days afterwards. 🙂 It’s highly recommended.


Oh, I had a little film fest… The Kingdom is a gritty film, alternative to if you don’t want dramas about affairs or a little bit of sci-fi. It’s an American-Intelligence-goodies fighting terrorist-baddies revenge film and maybe one for those who love a bit of adventure, “shoot them up and dodge them” style! Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. Fabulous cast.

Also watched News of the World, (nothing to do with the predecessor of the Sun on Sunday). It’s a Tom Hanks 1860s deep south western, where he plays a travelling ‘reader of the news’ who encounters a young orphan. It’s all about the relationship they develop as he tries to deliver her back to her only remaining family – against her will. Bit slow and ponderous at the start, but satisfying if you stick with it – worth it for some heart-string pulling moments.

Plus, I started watching Firefly Lane, more about that next week! Loving it so far.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Cook’s Essentials automatic Bread Maker for fresh crusty loaves.

Saturday – already online, tonight‘s new deal is from Ruth Langsford, a contrast trim print tunic – another winner! See it here.

Sunday – our big Liz Earle February Today’s Special Value featuring lavender is here. Not just with the new fragrance Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, but it’s also in the wonderful Instant Boost Skin Tonic! And the most fabulous mask – see last week’s blog for the video of me putting on the mask, but get in quickly and buy it because it’s going to be really popular!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Made by Zen Sanctuary Diffuser with Day and Night Oils
OPI 6 Piece Hollywood Dreaming Collection & Box
Denim & Co. Waffle Knit Stripe Tunic
Cozee Paws Rectangle two-in-one Plush Pet Bed with Odourology
Moda in Pelle Loella heeled shoe
Gatineau Age Benefit 4 Piece Daily Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection
Thompson & Morgan Colour Trends Collection 6 Pack with Grey Planter and Incredicompost
Contour two-in-one Leg Relief Wedge

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 28th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Michele Hope buttoned cardigan with back dip hem
L’Occitane five-piece Osmanthus Fragrance collection
Printed drawstring cosmetic bag
Hotel Chocolat 96 piece Easter chocolate selectors

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – on Sunday night at 9pm and midnight, I will be launching the Rush Charge Trident portable charger for Apple and Android Today’s Special Value that is a powerful 4000mAh to keep you going!

Tuesday – and I get a turn of Tuesday’s offer, midnight Monday – the latest set of five pairs of reading glasses, including one pair of anti-blue light readers. People love to stock up on these, so don’t miss out.

Wednesday – and on Tuesday at 9pm, I have a very special two hour show, Triple Day Preview. It includes the Philip Kingsley three-piece Supersize Essentials collection, which goes on sale early.

Thursday – and my lucky TSV streak continues when on Wednesday night at midnight I will also have the Cook’s Essentials 4L large capacity air fryer with digital display. I had a smaller version I used all the time last summer and highly recommend them!

Friday – then the all new Amazon HD fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote (includes TV controls), 2020 release, is Friday’s deal. I do love a bit of high-tech!

Friday 9pm – Alison Young is back with us and will be bringing you the new Molton Brown six-piece Luxury collection, which again goes on sale very early, with a choice of two lovely Fresh and Floral fragrances. And it’s a massive gardening weekend including  Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning!

Next week – my son is 34! My God, where does time go.

Best wishes,


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  1. Loved the clips from the vaccine centre, just shows how we can all pull together and a great tribute to the NHS, their comments brought a tier to my eye.

  2. Hi Debbie
    We watched news of the world this week, like you thought it was slow to start, but glad we stuck with it.
    I also had to agree with your comment regarding Liz Earle bringing out a fragrance of the instant boost skin tonic, I would buy.
    Really enjoy your blogs, and I look forward to the sneaky peeks of what’s coming.
    I do not usually leave a message, but felt compelled to.
    Have a good week. Jan x

  3. Must be great to help with the vaccine. We’ll done Debbie.
    My mum and I love the shows, Ruth Langford seems a lovely lady, such great clothes.
    Need qvc during lockdown as need something to stop the loneliness.

    1. Nice to know you’re there, Toni, and your lovely mum.
      Glad to be here, and happy to be volunteering – even if it’s just wiping down seats! X

  4. I look forward to you vlogs. Your the best presenter at giving us sneaky peeks and information about new TSV’s. Well done Debbie for helping with the vaccine. X

  5. Susan, Toni, Marie, Jan, Viv
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. It’s nice to know you guys are there. And a pleasure that we are here for you as well. Thank you for your comments, I don’t really get very many on these blogs as I’m so active on social media so it means a lot 🙂

    Ps Jan, i’m so glad you left a message for a change! You are always welcome 🙂

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