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Very happy to be getting this new coat, more details about it soon. Just right for the inclement weather we have been having lately. I’ve been walking most days and it really lifts my spirits. It’s incredible what a difference a long walk can make. Why don’t you give it a go and make yourself get out and about? Or even just march on the spot in front of the TV or YouTube, where there are some wonderful walks available. It’s been definitely helping my ability to fit into clothes again, a couple of people have noticed so thank you for that. Even though the Hotel Chocolat Today’s Special Value deal didn’t help this week ha ha. Hope you got yours in time, as everything has been selling so quickly. 🙂

Here’s one of the longest days, very impressed with myself! It was quite a bright, sunny, warm day as well. Beautiful. Getting colder, so that coat will be perfect… Watch this space.


Toniebox – an easy way for kids to be read a story

If you’re looking for something unusual, how about the Toniebox book reader device and Tonie characters for kids? It’s a very clever audio gift. Looks a little bit like a ‘picture box’ from years and years ago (who remembers that?) I will be bringing it to you on Friday evening at 10pm and I can’t wait. You just place the Tonie character on top of the box and the fun begins with bedtime songs, lullabies and stories. My little ones will love it!

Olde worlde under the carpet

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This is your exclusive this week – only posting it here on my blog.

One of the things I have been doing this week is researching old photographs of Banstead wood, near me. We have come up with some amazing shots online. It used to be a Prisoner of War camp, a mental hospital, and a children’s hospital. Originally apparently, the area belonged to a rich land owner. Some say there were royal connections, if you go back enough years. I love old olde worlde information, don’t you? Well, when my sister took up her whole carpet this week, there was a floor mosaic revealed, which probably dated back to the late 1800s. History right there! The new carpet will cover most of it, but they are keeping a bit exposed in the boot cupboard. Who knows what stories that floor could tell…

Gatineau in my trial corner

I’ve decided to make a corner of my bathroom in my new flat the trial corner. The Perricone set sat here recently, then some Elemis. Well now it’s the turn of the Pick of the Month from Gatineau. Michaela and I were on with this last week, and I read out some of the incredible reviews. People really say it makes a massive difference to their face the next morning. Considering some of their problem solvers are my all time favourites (DefiLift neck cream, Melato eye cream, Gommage and Melato mask) I was very keen to try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. I really believe I can see a difference the next morning. Why don’t you give it a go while it’s zero P&P? Get yours here.

PS. look out for their wonderful new cleanser in the pipeline too.

Watch – an unusual one this week if you fancy it, “Is This Coercive Control?”, on BBC catch up. I watched this because I have written about this topic on my blog in the past, and a friend of mine, Nigel, texted me to say it was on. It took me awhile to get into it, but basically there is a re-enactment of a specific scenario between a man and a woman that gets more and more intense and then two groups of people are asked whether they think there was a case for the woman to take the man to court. Worth a watch and definitely give it to somebody who you’re worried about who seems to be being controlled. Man or woman. Plus there’s so much stuff on the internet, go and have a Google if you’re concerned. You’re not alone. Anyway, the other thing I am very excited about is “The Crown”, series IV, coming out this weekend! Can’t wait.


A lot of giggles being had on set recently… Check out this hilarious food funny from Katy!

And Jackie and Eilidh were in stitches doing the Morning show today!



It’s Alexis from L’Occitane since Monday 9th, just in time for their TSV this weekend. The new one on Monday is going to be Ruth Langsford to celebrate her third anniversary here at QVC!


Another super chat session with my gang this week on Facebook live on a Thursday night #ThursdayBantz. Just pop onto Facebook and search that hashtag and you should find details about what time it will be on a Thursday evening (it varies, but I always post around teatime to warn you!) Here is this week’s.

Book of the week

Oo, oo, just finished The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, so another mention for it as it was so brilliant, it got better and better as the book went on! So I’ve now started reading The Sentinel, the latest one by Lee Child and his brother Andrew Child. (Lee is gradually handing over.) Anyone worried about changing style and voice, don’t be. It’s seamless compare to the last 24, (plus short stories), and as brilliant as ever. What I love about this storytelling is how you get pulled in straight away, caring about what happens to the characters. Jack Reacher is his trailblazing self as usual, and I’m really really looking forward to relishing every minute of it, as there is only one book released every year usually. Audiobook is read by Jeff Harding as usual – I love every second. A town in the midst of being hacked, very 21st-century, but the same old vintage Reacher set pieces – Lee Child and co never let us down! Highly recommended.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Securebrite set of three  magnifier twin packs with LED light.

Saturday – already on sale – it’s the L’Occitane six-piece Bath and Body gift collection with three fabulous options go here to see and buy nice and early. You know what’s been happening with all these types of gifts over the last few weekends!

Sunday – tech time with a backup solution and expansion device to increase your storage, not only for phone but for tablet and computer as well. Mat Trim returns with Datalogixx, featuring 128gb size.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Weaveright Quick Drying four-piece towel bale
Halo set of three Telescoping Torches with batteries and giftboxes
Carole Hochman silky fleece printed PJ set
Tili printed cosmetic compact mirror trio
Perfect Formula five-piece Strength & Care Manicure collection
Emu Sharky Mini water-resistant sheepskin ankle boot
Ahuhu Caffeine Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment
Vizmaxx Magnibrite Glasses, a set of two with batteries
Ashwood leather Katie triple compartment bag

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 15th at midnight and lasting only one week:
Lulu Guinness Fiiona large holdall weekend bag
SBC four-piece collection
Vagabond extra large 2.75 litre hot water bottle with safety handle
Cozee Paws fluffie odorology pet bed

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondaySealy return with a super gift of good sleep… the Activsleep Memory 1000 Mattress.

Tuesday – the Hollywood Smoother dermaplaning device with four additional heads and magnification mirror is here. At a very affordable price to help give you the airbrushed look with your make-up.

WednesdayVionic are back, the supportive footwear range I cannot live without. With a built-in orthotics, they make all the difference in the world and the Zoey Hiker lace up ankle boot is here, I shall be watching with interest. 🙂

Thursday – it’s a super Shay & Blue fragrance collection, a good time to stock up!

Friday – Time for another smart watch if you want to get exercising and track stuff. This time it’s Garmin, with the waterproof Venu sq.

Friday 9pm – going on sale earlier in the week, time for the Bareminerals Clean Make-up collection, six pieces and a really low price.

Also going on sale earlier in the week, the Arcade Oneup 4-1 partycade games machine including Pacman , Gallaga, Galaxian and Dig Dug et cetera. What a way to keep everyone amused with some retro gaming this Christmas. Wonder if they will have space invaders…

Next week – I would have been down in Devon for another retreat, but instead I will find something to amuse myself with here in London! If if you are in need of a little banter on Thursday nights, don’t forget to join me for #ThursdayBantz – on my Facebook page live 🙂 (social media is below.)

Best wishes,


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  1. I look forward to read your blog on a friday and also your vlog I don’t have face book but watch it on the link you send. Love to see the upcoming tsvs which there has been some good ones I got the Yankee candles the locitane in warm. Love Carole cooper from Wigan x

  2. Hi Debbie,
    It’s always nice to read your blog & hear what you are doing.
    I really like the black & white sparkly top you have been wearing on air recently, is it available from QVC? Thanks Liz

  3. I read your brief biog. You say that you have given up writing steamy novels and now read steamy novels. No!
    Based on your blogs, you are an LSE graduate, have research skills, read the best crime novels (and probably watch crime documentaries), and also have an interest in history, politics. I just know that you could write a brilliant crime novel drawing on your education, interest and skills.

  4. Marching on the spot…you and me both…10,000 steps a day wasn’t enough since I was spending the rest of the day on my bum! So now I walk through the adverts when I’m watching tv, instead of fast forwarding them. There you go, my tip for the day. You’re welcome!

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