Packed week in Devon

Two weeks of annual leave for me meant a week in Devon with six guests and a packed itinerary involving catching up with all my favourite people. Barry Parsons is moving away sadly, so we had what will probably be the last catch up while he is still living in his house in Devon. I love Barry to bits and his partner Tom, and I pledged to keep in touch and I will visit him in his new place, assuming it all goes through, in the Lake District somewhere. I hit it off with Barry when I was manning our Association office during the 2017 election, and we realised we both sang and immediately arranged a concert in Sheepwash together! We’ve chewed each other’s ears off moaning about our woes, politics (he was a councillor) and celebrated our successes (he was very proud of me when I held my first Association Zoom meeting this week with Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccine minister). Barry is a really good friend and I will miss him a lot. Thank goodness for video calls!!

Saw lots of other people, including my lovely neighbour Linda who was back from Portugal, finally. We had a right old gossip and a catch-up! She’s going to be on slug duty for me to help protect the hostas with Richard Jackson’s plant food, which I’ve left a good supply of. 🙂 Assuming her house doesn’t sell too quickly. I will have a new next door neighbour in Sheepwash when “Luke’s Cottage” sells!

I cooked some lovely meals, as usual! I managed on my own quite well, I thought. I was doing over 12,000 steps per day however, and that’s without going for a walk (no dog, Daisy is with brother in Kent, don’t forget) or doing gardening! Forgot to take my charger so Fitbit ran out of charge before the end of the week, so I probably did more than that. I need to, I have my health scan coming up next week, the annual one with Nuffield. Eek!

The weather was nice on quite a few of the days, which meant alfresco dining on one of the lunchtimes for my retreat guests! I was very happy for them! It was a great week and they are all wonderful people and talented writers. It always inspires me to finish my book, but I told them I’m not talking about doing it anymore because I just need to get it done and everyone is sick of me saying I’m going to! (But I will, one day!) #FrenchOrDutch


Vlog – Baa, Baa ‘back, sheep!’  

Look what happened when I went to visit my lovely friend Alix in Belstone. The local sheep had been chewing their way around the village and did this! Go here to see it on my latest video blog (vlog), on my Facebook page. No wonder everyone has to keep their gates closed! Search around on my social media for more videos from my week in Devon.

Building site

Remember when I used to post pictures from a really busy Hatherleigh Market? Look back on my social media to 2017. Every Tuesday I would go and it was heaving with stalls and people with lots of places to park. Well, now it’s a building site. There is one sad little hut with some of my favourite suppliers still in there. Whether I’m getting plants from Madewell or jam from Pauline, and fresh local eggs, cheese from the little cheese shop and bread from the bread man… it makes such a difference to have this local touch. I really hope they find somewhere for them all to go but Hatherleigh market as we all knew it is no more. Very sad. Sheena, one of my best besties, came with me and we had a delightful lunch in the café down the main high street though, as the George was closed because their boiler was broken! It was lovely to have a catch up with one of my best friends as we talked grandbabies, trials and tribulations!


Don’t you just love it! Dear friend Sheila (Holsworthy-Sheila!) is pictured here in the main square of her hometown, as we walked around the town before we grabbed a cup of tea in the new posh Totty‘s café. Thing is, she had to have a sit down as she kept saying hello to so many people – by name – it never ceases to amaze me! She’ll always know someone, who knows someone, who knows the person we’re talking to! It was always the same when she used to come into our tea room at my place, half an hour away from her home! The beauty of having local roots. Lovely to see her again as usual. Holsworthy is another town where the market is disappearing before your very eyes. Used to be busy on a Wednesday but now just the few stalls in the background. Lots of cafés though, so that’s nice!


Didn’t have time to watch anything! One thing I will be watching from Sunday 13th though is the new news channel GB News, run by Andrew Neil. Cannot wait! Also eyed up some films – would love to see Cruella with the two famous Emmas, the Anthony Hopkins movie called The Father, and one or two others. Must get back into the habit of going to the cinema though!! You?


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Carrying on with the beauty theme for June, Will sat down with Dr Esho for a chat. Next week, he’s catching up with Bareminerals‘ Daniel Smythe and Hayley Wicks. You can listen to them all here.

Book of the week

Trisha Ashley’s ‘Garden of Forgotten Wishes’ has been keeping me amused, it is very charming and you learn a lot about plants! Easy listening, gentle storyline, some interesting characters. Not particularly fond of the wrong intonation inflicted on the listener by the narrator though. But well written, recommended! I was going to mention ‘The Bench’, but I decided against it… 🙂 I do like to recommend well-written books on here! What are you reading at the moment?

QVC top deals for the next seven days

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Saturday – it’s here at last! the Gatineau Age Benefit Regenerating Skincare five-piece collection, with the brand-new serum launch. They know a thing or two about serums this company, so the new one has been eagerly anticipated. Here is my take on it.

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Sunday – it’s a lighting one with a set of eight Bell & Howell eight lumen swivel solar disc lights. Michael Perry has several shows too, as it is a big gardening morning! Yay.

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Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – we have the Denim & Co. jersey wide leg trousers with an elasticated waistband in petite and regular.

TuesdayYankee Candle return with the six-piece fragrance collection, ready for summer.

Wednesday – going on sale early in the week, Davina returns with a Total Body Training System – getting you fit for your summer break. 🙂

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And going on sale mid-week, another fabulous Liz Earle TSV, the Power of Botanicals Firm and Smooth Superskin collection at a really, really low price! Looking forward to seeing this, as I won’t be back ’til the day after, having had a weekend full of fabulous family.

Next week –  I’ve got annual leave this weekend and I am not back until Monday 20th! I will be with my granddaughter Blake again this weekend! Probably will be watching for some bargains though, when she’s asleep. 🙂 Then the Nuffield health scan next week, as well as a catch up with my lovely Devon friend Jennie, who will be in… London! Well, that’s the plan anyway!

By the way, over the last few weeks, I have been replying to any comments you want to leave below, especially people who can get on the internet but they don’t do social media. So, comment away!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie. I love Trisha Ashley, particularly Good Husband Material and Every Woman for Herself. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down they are my go to. Don’t know if they’re available as audiobooks, but the are definitely worth a read.

  2. I’m really enjoying reading a year in Provence. I know it’s pretty old but I found it in my book stash and I’m loving it. 😃

    1. Yes I’ve heard a lot of good things about it! The idea of escaping 🙂 . Will add to ‘take a look at some stage ‘ list!

  3. Hello debbie have always followed you on qvc read your blogs on here, i dont do social media but i do enjoy reading about all you do and of course all the great deals on qvc i have been shopping on qvc since the beginning take care

    1. Wowwww! One of our originals! Yes I think it’s good to remember that IMO up to half of our audience don’t do social media and you are proof, cheryl! Thank goodness for blogs, at least you do online stuff 🙂 X

  4. Debbie are you aware your Facebook page is coming up error and can’t be opened. Has been like this since the start of your holiday. There is a message saying they are looking into it but it is now nearly two weeks.

    Best wishes
    Ruth Mansfield
    (I am a member of your association but in the North)

    1. How annoying that must have been, I do hope you got to see it in the end, really not sure why, perhaps it’s the cash on a particular computer or an ISP provider? It’s okay now isn’t it? Hope so X ps Which constituency? X

  5. Hi Debbie
    Thank You for your “stories” and info regarding upcoming TSV`s. It is really appreciated as I do not go onto any of the media platforms and look forward to reading your blog every week end.
    You are a great presenter and the shows you do are most enjoyable.
    Thank You
    Beverley Riley

    1. Awwww thanks Bev, really kind of you. Lovely to know you are there, and as I say elsewhere on these replies, I know there are lots of people in a similar position to you. We must always bear that in mind 🙂 X

  6. About a week ago you mentioned about a box filled with bargains from different brands but I cannot find it . Have you got any more info please

  7. Hi debbie hope you and family are well iam not bad hope your daughter and son are well also hope you dont mind measking how old is your grandchildren now.iam now back to work off furlough back to work a mcdonalds aberdeen since 19th of april .hopefully no more lockdown’s

    1. Hopefully not Martin! No more lockdowns thank you! Good luck back at your job, it will be weird I’m sure. Yes everyone well. Blake was three in January and Phoebe is three in October. X

  8. Hi Debbie, Reading The Dream Weavers by Barbara Erskine at the moment, brilliant author, I’ve read all of her books, absolutely love them xx

    1. Ahhh famous Barbara Erskine, never read any of hers, the Dreamweaver sounds good though I will look into it X

  9. Hi Debbie been a fan since qvc started I live in mid Devon I love qvc use it so much especially in lockdown luv all the banter I’m a keen gardener got some lovely plants from rRichsrd Jackson Busy Lizzie s and Cosmos doing well luv Christinexx

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