Personalised jewellery gifts online now! And six sneaky peeks!

They are here! 18 different personalised jewellery items now available to order online. Well in time for Christmas! Oops, I said the word. Apologies if you are a last-minute person. Usually, I get a lot of presents bought in October. I then go on a couple of big shopping trips with relevant members of the family, like to Westfield with my son Brad. We have a big mummy and Brad day every year, and have done for ages! Then I tend to tidy up the loose ends after that. What about you?

Our beauty gift range kicked off last weekend with a big event day and I did the grand finale. I was very impressed with the Jane Scrivner range I must admit. If you have sensitive skin it’s really worth trying, like the Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum, because it has a very few limited but pure ingredients. Smells amazing too!

I look forward to lots more shows over the next few months, including gift ideas.

The personalised jewellery range is exceptional in my opinion, from earrings and signet rings to this lovely pendant, which I created with a very old picture of my mum and dad when they were young, as mentioned last week. You have to order it online, of course, and it takes a while so I would suggest you go and have a look at the whole collection, which is here on our website. Enjoy!

This weekend’s highlights

Friday 27th September – Go here to see and buy the K by Kelly Hoppen crinkled faux fur throw, Today’s Special Value, at the ridiculously low price of less than £35! I think you will be watching the midnight launch with me possibly! Assuming it is still available when you read this.

Saturday – Then tonight at midnight, I will also be on with the new L’Occitane four-piece Luxury Fragrance collection in a choice of L’Homme Cedrat or Herbae… again you can go here to see and buy it right now! I love an early bird order link, don’t you?

Sunday – I’m away from this weekend so I don’t get to bring you the latest Shark product, but it is here on Sunday, the DuoClean Powered Lift-Away True pet cordless vacuum cleaner!

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deal’s – ending Sunday

Emu Explorer Bourkle ankle boot

LA Tweeze three-piece Pro collection

Neom three-piece Luxury Home Layering Candle collection

Living Proof five-piece Ultimate Full Volume collection

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Monday

Perricone three-piece Complexion Heroes collection

Phase Eight asymmetric knitted jumper

Metallic make-up organiser vanity case

Energizer 20k Powerbank

See below for more sneaky peaks from next week! They are there this week 🙂 along with lots of pictures. Thanks to the web team for bearing with me through the glitches.


Time for tea

Had the loveliest group in this week, all writers on the verge of something big. Alison May was the tutor and she is so funny! She also has a worse laugh than me 🙂 my lovely lady Pat did the lunch for them, and they were all really impressed with the way everything looked and her beautiful cakes. Chocolate fudge cake was the most popular, although the Devon cream teas came in a close second! I’m so proud of how things are developing down in Devon and of my wonderful team who look after things when I’m not there. Daisy loves Pat as well, which is handy!

Cheeky cat

Cheeky Oreo, the black and white pussycat at my brother’s house where I stay when I’m working in London, decided to treat my bed as his bed this week! I was up there tidying up, because I was told to tidy my room! (Some things never change!) When suddenly Mr Cat came strutting by me, jumped up onto the windowsill, and would not move. So I thought, okay the door’s open and the Dyson purifier fan is on (I am allergic a bit), so I let him sit there watching the traffic. The next time I looked around, look what he was doing! Cheeky monkey. He knows he should not be in there but hey, he is a cat after all. They don’t behave themselves like a dog does. Actually, my brother is looking at getting an Australian shepherd dog… Have you heard of them? They want a puppy. I cannot wait. You can imagine what my blogs will be full of after Christmas can’t you! Lol.

Family fun

Had one of my most favourite weekends for ages last weekend, when I got together with my lovely Lauren and my handsome son Brad, their gorgeous babies, my mum plus my two nieces, and had a fabulous morning at the very impressive playground just behind a supermarket in Banstead. The tearoom was superb. I can see myself going there a lot more! They had a nice little indoor soft play area for the little ones as well. It was so wonderful to spend lots of time with them all, and to get lots of baby cuddles. In two weeks’ time I will be going to Wales again as Phoebe is turning one-year-old. Can you believe it a whole year since she was born! My poor daughter is still getting over it!

Vlog of the week

Find out what has happened to the local market in our nearby town… Go here to watch it on my Facebook page, and remember that’s where I put each night’s highlights just before I go on the telly!

Book of the week – Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Nothing Ventured’

Imagine having a bestselling series seven books long, where one of the characters is an author. Imagine that fictional author has a character who writes a bestselling series of fictional books. Then imagine the books becoming real! That’s ‘Nothing Ventured’, based on a character in the books written by the hero in Jeffrey’s blockbuster series, the Clifton Chronicles. I love Jeffrey Archer books because he is such a good storyteller. The Clifton Chronicles I listened to all around my house, in fact I had to continue listening to it even when I got out of my car, because it was so compelling in places. He is the kind of storyteller I would like to be! (Don’t all would-be best-selling authors say that!)

Anyway, this tells the first part of the tale about William Warwick, a family man and detective who will battle throughout his career, through twists and turns, against a daunting nemesis. This first one has a mystery self-contained within it as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how he spreads out the different story arcs. Great storytelling from a master.


Ad Astra – out this week at the cinema. Brad Pitt’s latest outing hits the big screen and I must admit, he is getting a better actor as years go by. I really enjoyed him in the Leonardo DiCaprio film I reviewed a few weeks ago, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and I’m looking forward to this one. Check out the trailer, it’s a big action film, an ‘end of the world is nigh’ type doom movie, and of course, he will save it in the end I’m sure. But worth a watch if you are a fan of the big tent pole type classics! I’m also looking forward to seeing ‘Judy’ soon too! I may go with Frank Usher guest, my friend June Pozner. She has a special cinema club so we will see! That will be a nice first for me for sure. Have you done any lately?


Sometimes that camera comes round too quickly!

The next week on QVC

MondayPeony are here once more with a super Floral Arrangement with greenery in decanter vase.

Tuesday – Choccy time! Lindt bring us their 1.5kg bag of assorted Lindor truffles – melt in the mouth! 130 little ones wrapped individually.

WednesdayEmu return with an all-weather pair of leather and suede zip mid length boots, the Latrobe.

Thursday – Going on sale next week, the faux-suede slim trouser in different lengths from new brand WULI:LUU by Gok Wan!

Friday – Also going on sale early next week, the latest Hello Kitty collection from top nail brand OPI, with seven pieces in it!

Plus at 9pm, see the first of our Santa’s Best Christmas trees, including 15 functions and pre-lit majestic starry lights.

In addition, watch out for the Molton Brown six-piece Luxurious Gift collection, the massive Christmas today’s special value, going on sale probably midweek. Check out my social media for more news as I hear it! Exciting week as we gear up towards the big festive period!

Next week

I’m almost on my annual leave, I’m going to a big conference in Manchester (I love politics!). Followed by a brief trip back to Devon, followed by a trip to London to pick up my family, followed by a lovely weekend up in Wales for baby Phoebe’s first birthday celebrations! There will be another blog before that, so I will keep you informed!

Best wishes, don’t forget that personalised jewellery order!


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  1. Enjoy your break. Can’t beleive that your youngest grandfaughter Phoebe is going to be 1, hope you all have a good time celebrating her birthday. As your visiting Manchester do bring your umbrella, it’s predicted to rain all weekend.

  2. Hi Debbie
    HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY to you all at QVC. Oh to be that age again!
    Joined QVC about 15 years ago. Never shop anywhere else. QVC just improves In style, quality and choice of products everyday!

    Enjoy your celebrations. You all deserve it.

    Best wishes

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