Preparing for the big day and the end of another year!

How ready are you for the big day? It’s fast approaching. To help make up your mind, I’ve selected a short list of last-minute gift ideas, which you will be able to find on the homepage this weekend (I say “last-minute” but you can shop up until 8pm on Wednesday 21st December [UPDATE: due to current conditions, the last date for ordering in time for Christmas has been changed] 17th December and get the vast majority of items in time for Christmas)! Don’t forget, there are some real bargains among our Clearance offers as well. See what you can find 🙂

I’ve been asked to write the first little post since our presenter blogs went on a hiatus in early summer. Just to let you know, the occasional presenter blog will now return but in this format, rather than underneath individual headings, and I’m happy to say I’ve been asked to do the first one for you.

My weekly blog still continues, by the way, and has done all the way through the summer – all you need to do is search “Debbie Flint QVC blog” and you should find links to it on my social media!

For me, I’ve got most of my pressies sorted already, mainly because my two children, their four children, and their partners and I always celebrate our Christmas a little early.

Lauren came down from Wales with her beautiful boy and girl, and Brad hosted at his place in Fulham with his wonderful boy and girl 🙂 Regulars of my social media will know that the girls are now four, and the boys are either side of one. Precious times, right? We enjoyed some wonderful times including a walk in the local park.

Debbie and her family walking down a high street

Have had lots of other get-togethers with friends, including an afternoon tea with family, some December birthdays to celebrate as well – poor them! At least it’s not on Christmas Day like my colleague, Dale Franklin!

Debbie posing with fellow diners at a restaurant

Looking ahead to the new year, we were doing some very special filming behind-the-scenes with the production team recently – you will see the results when they are announced in the second week of January! It’s going to be an exciting year. This is what it looks like from my point of view. Hopefully you will love what you see when you view it from the other way round when the footage is released! Watch out for it.

Debbie in a studio with QVC team members

In the meantime, my weekly blog still comes out on a Friday via my social media, and continues to include sneaky peeks at the next seven days on QVC!

Have fun and don’t forget to check out my last-minute gift picks on the QVCUK website this weekend.


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